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Compa Uganda Limited

Is your one stop shop for all computer needs..Laptops, Scanners, Printers, HP Cartridges, CAT 6 Cables, Fibre Optic Cables, Fibre Modules, Software, Anti-Virus, Repairs and Maintenance of computers, Website development, You can also count on us for top brand computers and CCTV Installation.....!!!

For more:, Lugogo Bypass, Kampala, Uganda.

Website Design and Development Companies in Uganda. Scroll down for the top 10 Advantages of having a website.

A website or web site is a collection of web pages. For example Uganda Online Website Directory is a website comprising of various web pages like the one you are reading currently. This page and many others formulate the Uganda Online Web site. We actually give out our web pages for 300,000/- a year which is not a bad spend at 25,000/- per month in this current era. Let us know if you need a web page on Uganda Online Website Directory but for now let's again cross to those guys who can put your business, school, hospital, takeaway, hmmm anything online.

Why have a Website ?

Now that you know what a website is let's look at at only 10 points of having one

  1. Did you know that by having a web site you can reach millions of potential customers looking for your product or service
  2. Did you know that by having a website you can actually make savings from costs you could otherwise be making in print media for very simple announcements like price changes or news related to your product. Do you know the price of a 1/4 advert in the local daily?
  3. Your website can be linked to other networks like Uganda Online Website Directory and in this way you will be creating brand awareness.
  4. The web site will not go on Holiday. Do you remember the two Public Holidays during CHOGM. Your website will still be serving your potential clients during holidays, after office hours and by the way while you are asleep its a loyal servant working for you.No need of thumb monitoring system like in some organizations because it will always be there as and when you need it.
  5. On top of your sales team you now have another system taking orders on your behalf not only locally but Globally and yet you have paid it in most cases half the salary of one sales team for the entire year.
  6. Websites are easy to maintain at any time of the day. There;s nothing like I will update tomorrow. That has to be your choice but its a task that can be accomplished there and then.
  7. Websites make life very easy for customers who want to do business with you because they have all the time to go through all that you can offer, Profile, contacts as opposed to demanding for a meeting with someone constantly busy and when they get the time to see you they are tired.
  8. Do you have a business Card? If you do then you will be in position to appreciate a website because its an expanded version of a business card which will distribute itself to the world with your numbers, fax, services, location. The other problem with business cards is that in some instances you give them to people who are not interested in them at all. With a website a customer who comes to your site is looking out for your services and that is why they are there.
  9. For Individuals vying for certain things and present an email address like Yahoo or Hotmail are sometimes not taken serious in the same vein if a company has no website they will accord you the same treatment. Its not mandatory to have one for now but its only a matter of time and every company out there will be having a website. In 1999 to have an Ericsson 628 you could make sure you hold it for everyone to see & its now not ten years later and its "mandatory" to have a cell phone and the phone to carry for others to see is a Blackberry. Websites will certainly be less than half the period noted above.
  10. The earlier you get on board the better because it also takes a bit of time for your website to become popular on the Internet to achieve the desired goals. A website is like any other business, It grows.


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