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Uganda Car Hire 

In Uganda, Tubes or rail transport system is widely not used as a means of  public transport so if you are used to the picadilly line way of traveling for the Londoners especially, there will be need to adjust while in Uganda. Other forms of transport are available as we will be breaking it down for you.

Boda-Bodas: These are motor bikes normally below 125cc which are supposed to help you move from point to point in and around Kampala. The charge for a km is around 1000 Uganda shillings but when they notice that you are a visitor and probably don't know your way around they will charge a relatively higher figure. You are advised to bargain. These are very helpful in places where taxis do not exist. By far and large Boda-Bodas are risky because in case of any accident your body is hurt first and then the bike.

Kampala Metered Taxis
Special Hires: In the past you could see a personal vehicle with open doors which meant that, that vehicle was available for hire. The law caught up with them and by law all special hire service vehicles were required to have black and white checkered straps on the body. Today on top of the above the industry has picked with about three entrants doing  a similar job this time round with new, air conditioned vehicles, metered taxis, English speaking name it. City Cab normally parks around Speke Hotel, Yellow taxi parks around Garden City. The other car hire service is blue cruise. Special airport taxis are available right outside Entebbe International Airport.

14 Seater Commuter Taxis: These are relatively cheap and have white and blue straps around them for town running. There only problem is that they will not be as fast as a Boda-Boda which will maneuver through traffic. The thing to note here is that they are cheaper than Boda Bodas and are safe except for some that are dirty. These are 14 seater mini buses so you have to put up with every one and in some cases ones luggage might be a pile of hens which have to be put on the very taxi.

      Commuter Taxis and Boda Bodas on Kampala road

Buses: - In the past buses were known for up country trips but that is not the case anymore. Buses Orange in color transport passengers to and out of the city for a nominal fee of 500 shillings per route. It's the cheapest so far and in most cases you have to line up or better still wait for it to make it's return journey. There is a stop or stage at the constitutional square. Buses like Akamba on Dewington road & Scandinavia on Lumumba avenue will move from border to border within East Africa.

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Self Drive: Having looked at the above options you may still not be comfortable with any of those and simply want to take care of your self. Most Uganda tour operators do provide the self drive service and the charges depend on the type of vehicle versing the number of days required. If traveling up country, a 4*4 might be a preferred option as the roads are not as good as they are in the city center.
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