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What Desire Luzinda  eats to keep in shape

The food that Desire Luzinda craves most will surprise you

05 MAY 2018 3:40 PM @ugandaonline


Desire Luzinda

Surprisingly, Desire Luzinda loves posho and she does not eat chicken...

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#4. The food that Desire Luzinda craves most will surprise you

As many are having uncontrollable food cravings mostly for junk foods, Desire Luzinda reveals that a meal without posho, rice and groundnut sauce is no meal at all, the singer adds that she ate too much chicken while growing up and as such, she does not eat chicken anymore..This is very good info for those who may be thinking of having her as their better half, these are very good pointers to her heart..Yes she talked of one being loaded before dating her, but her food cravings no doubt are light on the pocket.

Desire Luzinda - "I don't eat chicken, but I'm very good at preparing it..."

As seen in the above pic, Desire Luzinda is armed with a pizza that she will probally share the person taking the pic, but then again, this might reverse the gains made in her not eating chicken and doing more of groundnut sauce..

During her interview, yesterday, she kept on using prolly, the shortened version of probally making her fans very busy in the comments section as many seemed to suggest, she was mimicking Zari.


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