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Sheila in the Diary Room

Sheila is Kenya's representative in the current Big Brother Brother Africa 3 series. The text version of the diary session is after the video clip.
BB: Tell Big Brother a little bit about last night’s game
Sheila: (Laughs…) well as you know we were playing a concentration, yeah we were playing a concentration and it was like really cool and you know exciting and Latoya wasn’t in the game she suggested we play like in the bottle and Uh we went out and played. we had no alcohol which was like legal if it was played with alcohol it could have probably gone off the hinges, but you know we got everyone to play and yeah it just ended up the way it was ..a few people got upset, actually let me just say Latoya got upset..ummmh I mean I understand where she is coming from ummm but generally the game was good. We got to know a bit more about each other. Actually yeah!
BB: What did you learn about your fellow housemates?
Sheila: Well I, I we could see who uh like when Uti was asked Uhh what Uh Like name the order of the girls he liked to sleep with he like ordered he he named the order like Tawana was at the top uh uh I mean it got us to see what Uti’s mind is like when he sees the girls what he thinks and when uhh (laughs) Lucille skipped all the guys and went to kiss uh TK I mean that also was like Okay.. I mean if you are told to choose someone to kiss and you choose someone that means like out of all of them you drop the kiss to them that means uh you are attracted to them …. and uh It just and I also got to see that uh other people like Latoya is shy Okay she is not shy oh so she thinks I don’t know so she is like she is not sure of where she wants to be is like I won’t do this but I don wanna do this yeah. It was fun and I think I got to see what other people think and I think it was also good coz I was having almost good Its like a rocky I almost thought it was like Tawana didn’t like me and when we got to play we got to make her like a snake you know uh I didn’t do it like it was to get back at her It was like fun you know (Laughs) I can get money to eat grass it was awesome.
BB: What do you think fellow housemates learnt about you during the game?
Sheila: There quite daring I think .. I really do not like barking out there and I take games very seriously like if we are playing we better be playing well you start playing and somebody just starts Okay I’m out and it’s a game that every one is putting themselves on the line and we need like if you are going to be on the line let’s be all on the line I mean even if your lying just stand on the line with us you don’t leave in the middle of the game I think they learnt tat I’m very daring and devious
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Sheila in the Diary Room
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