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Rio Ferdinand Visits Uganda

In the month of June, 2007 Uganda received England's Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand who came in with his father Julian Ferdinand on the invitation of Proline Soccer Academy Manager Mujib Kasule. This saw some Ugandan football players sharing a football pitch with London based Manchester United number 5, Rio Gavin Ferdinand. He also plays for the England national football team.

Apparently Ferdinand was invited to fundraise for a school, Proline Soccer Academy (PSA) whose focus is on sports and education and the target group would be a good number of children between the ages of 3 and 17 from underprivileged families.

Proline Soccer Academy should be complete before 2008 and in this way Uganda will be able to produce players similar to  Didier Drogba playing in Europe.

The fundraising dinner that was held at Serena Hotel on the 18/Jun/2007 and graced by artists like Blu*3 and Juliana Kanyomozi raised over 20 Million Uganda Shillings. This money was raised through various auction items and the proceeds passed on to Proline Soccer Academy.

Who is Mujib Kasule?

NB. This is an excerpt from the New Vision that ran in 2006

Mujib Kasule is the captain of KCC football club and the manager of Kasule Properties. He owns the great part of Wandegeya. The 28-year-old is single and not dating. He talked to Pidson Kareire and here are the excerpts:

What is your hidden talent ?
I am good at Koran citation. I actually do it as a hobby.

Is it true you are a pal to Ferdinand of Manchester United ?
(Laughs). Ferdinand? I won’t say he is my personal friend but I meet him regularly, talk and hang out with him. He is a personal friend to my friend. My friend Martin grew up with him in Beckham, London. They went to school together.

If KCC football club was up for grabs would you buy it ?
If I had money I would do anything for KCC because it is the only local football club I know. I grew up knowing KCC and now I am its captain.

Where would you get the money ?
I would refund what they have been paying me and add up my savings.

What do you do for a living ?
I’m a businessman. I own Goal Post magazine and a sports company for promoting football in Uganda.

Do you think you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth ?
My father may have money, but I don’t think I was born with a silver spoon. I spent a great time of my life outside Uganda and at school working on my own. I have learnt a lot the hard way. The money I have is not free; I work hard to earn it.

How does it feel to own Wandegeya ?
I don’t think I own the whole of Wandegeya. If someone owns it, it is not my business. I’m concentrating on my own businesses. So far I’m happy with my life and achievements. My mind is set on my own businesses.

What does managing Kasule Properties involve?
It’s just like any other business. I try to work hard, improve and maintain our properties.

Where are those properties ?
Some are in Wandegeya and others outside Kampala, but there are other people involved because the Kasule family is very big. I’m the manager of only my father’s properties.

Would you take your child to Chelsea Academy if he was given a place at 9 years ?
Yes. If I had such an opportunity I would take him. I have a nephew who is enrolling into either Westham or Arsenal next academic year. It is the best way to give Ugandan children a chance at professional football.

Who is your role model ?
In football I admire Mike Owen but overall it is definitely my parents. I like Owen because of his way of life. He became a star at 17 and managed to maintain the fans, the money and the pressure and has always been a very disciplined player.

Do you have a girlfriend ?
In my religion there is nothing like girlfriend. What I can say is that I’m not yet married. If I’m going to get married, the press will be the first to know.

How many wives would you be comfortable with ?
My religion allows four, but I don’t think I can handle more than one wife.

You have been linked to Sheila Nvannungi and Juliana Kanyomozi. What connects you to those divas ?
I’m not aware that I have been linked to Nvannungi. I only heard about Julianna Kanyomozi. Enough has been said about her and I but those stories were unfounded. She is just a friend.

What kind of woman would you like ?
I would look for compatibility in a woman. She has to be intelligent, social and the chemistry between us has to balance.

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