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Saturday, December 24 2011

            Sylvia Owori and Judith Heard


  • Owori Opens War on Competitors
  • Snoops Believe She is Pointing At Heard

Ladies and gentlemen brace yourselves for the newest and most dangerous beef in town. Word whispered slowly around the streets is that accomplished city fashionista and boss of Sylvie's chain of boutiques, Sylvia Owori has ripped her competitors apart with a verbal rant.

According to snoops, Owori is not happy with 'fake' fashion designers who steal and copy her ideas. She posted her rant on her wall that; "Some small minded business people have the nerve to hire my former employees so they can have access to my clients database and company secrets.....

I am flattered that you're a fan and want to be like me when you grow up but slow down on the copying. You have to do the time in the Industry to earn the respect and name. I've done business for over 10 years, you?"

While, she was busy ranting, our snoops got down to the streets to inquire who Sylvie might be firing her missiles at. Though the results are not conclusive yet, our sources believe the most famous fashion designer in the city with over ten years experience in the industry was directing her veiled attack towards city socialite Judith Heard.

"It's possible that the barbed verbal assault could be directed to Judith Heard. The two of course have never been known to be best of friends." Remember, the former model recently opened up her JHFYS Boutique at Forest Mall, Lugogo and snoops say she is employing some of Owori's former models.

Meanwhile, Judith herself posted this on her wall a few minutes after the ex Miss Uganda boss had put hers. She wrote; The essence of competitiveness is liberated when we make people believe that what they think and do is important and then get out of their way while they do it."

Well the stage is set and open for the new beef - Just watch this space for who will win it!

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Sunday, October 16 2011

And that's what this list is all about. It's not that we don't find these babes attractive. We'd probably  take any of them out for one for the road at our local kafunda. But the reality is that they just aren't as deserving as the hype they receive from both the media and from fans.

Are they sexy? For the most part. Do they deserve all the attention they get? We don't think so.

Judith Heard - Honestly what has Judith Heard done to deserve any attention? Ok she drinks. And real bad. That's all.
Claim to fame: Mbu Fashion.
Verdict: We have heard that JH, as she is sometimes called, is a fashionista but honestly I don't see anything in her that is fashionable.

Sylvia Owori - The city fashionista is fast becoming a serious cougar. Over the years, she 's brought back a notable collection of younger men to her cougar den.
Claim to fame: Fashionista.
Verdict: Now, with stories surfacing that Sylvia is currently shacking up with kick boxer Kalisa Malik, it suggests that this legendary cougar may never give up the hunt.

Straka Mwezi - The plus sized TV presenter isn't shy about  mixing business with pleasure. Pamela Oti aka Straka Mwezi hosts 'The Late Show' on WBS a program that aims at promoting local talent. The show gives her the illusion of having to make or break careers.

Therefore she gets her pick of all the starry eyed young boys hoping to make it as performing artistes who believe that they will have to foot in the front door by bedding the presenter.

Angella Katatumba - Angella is attractive, sure, but not that attractive. Is it the willingness to do countless charity projects that still makes her a constant mention in media? I think she deserves to rest.
Claim to fame: Mbu singing for charity.
Verdict: Unless you're hoping to find a female celebrity replacement for a wall mounted singing fish, it is time to let her go, fellas.

Bad Black - Latifah Nalukenge is young and if anything catches her attention whether young or old it does not matter provided she gets her wants satisfied. She recently forked out $10,000 to Nigerian sensation, Mr. Flavour to give her a more intimate performance for one night.
Claim to fame: Spendthrift.
Verdict: We love the fact that she has a large set of boobies, but being a desperado at her age is a total turnoff.

Zari Hassan -Why is this woman still famous? No one seems to know what she sings or if she can actually do so. So it has to be her looks, right? That's the only explanation I can come up with. Which brings me back to my initial question: Why is this woman still famous?
Claim to fame: Splashing dime whenever she can.
Verdict: Zari 's best days appear to be behind her though we're still holding out hope for one more comeback. That hasn't stopped her from remaining in the spotlight though.

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Thursday, October 06 2011

Snoops have been informed that Sylvia Owori will be donating 250 pairs of her shoes to charity. The celebrated fashion guru through her Sylvia Owori foundation is organizing a charity event in which people shall also run in high heeled shoes.

If the rumour is anything to go by, the unusual event is slated for October  15, at Serena Hotel. It has also emerged that all the proceedings from the event will go to HIV/AIDS patients and that she expects to raise Shs 150,000,000 from the charity event that shall all go to Alive Medical Services(AMS) to help purchase the h=necessary drugs for AIDS patients.

The races are the most interesting bit about the whole event because men are also going to run in heels.

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Monday, September 19 2011

Malik and Sylvia Owori
City Fashionista Sylvie Owori proves everyday that passes that she is in love and would do anything to please her toyboy. The latest gesture is that Owori is pumping in more than $20,000 to see her lover Malik Kaliisa's dream of  knocking and silencing motor mouthed kick boxer Golola Moses come true.

Rumour around is that Malik, a black belt holder in taekwondo and kick boxing approached Golola for a fight after he had knocked down a Sudanese fighter in July. A snoop revealed; "He staked $2,000 to fight Golola but he chickened out."

When he approached Uganda Kick Boxing Federation , to pressurize them to reign on Golola, he was told he needed to first fight at least one before he can challenge the talkative boxer.

And as you read this, a fight with UPDF kick boxer Titus Tugme has been scheduled for October 29 at Kati Kati. We hear if he wins the contest, Malik will be eligible to take on Golola. Bring on the fight!

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Tuesday, August 02 2011

Fashion Guru dancing Pakachini Moves
Celebrated Fashion guru Sylvie Owori showed her bad girl image when she put up a dirty dancing shoe for revellers. This was at Garden City based Rooftop last Friday during one of Zari's parties.

In somewhat unseen bold moves, the Sylvie's Boutique boss went pakachini gyrating and moving her butt in a bend over style that left guys drooling.  "Guys would hardly believe she could dance like that. But it was a way off the hook."

In this exclusive picture, the mother of two is seen being cheered on by Zari and hubby Ivan, Beribo Fashion boss, Becky Beric. Bad Black and her new toyboy among other revellers.

However, there shouldn't be any surprise since Sylvie has been at the top of the city social scene for quite some years.

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Tuesday, April 12 2011

Fresh info coming in is that city designer and ex model, Sylvie Owori has landed a Tahi deal that will see hot city galz rake in millions of dollars. We are told teh deal of taking these girls was tabled to the fashion guru and Sylvie's Boutique CEO by a top investor from Thailand.

Apparently, this investor wants cute chics to work as cocktail waitress, hostesses, bartenders, cashiers, dealers, pit bosses and ''cage'' dancers. A source revealed to us; Babes are flocking Sylvia Owori's Boutiques in the hope of getting in contact with her sop that she can line them up for the big deal." More on Syliva Owori

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Monday, March 14 2011

Sylvia Owori in THINGS!

Top fashionista Sylvia Owori has been appointed the new AIDS ambassador for Uganda by music great Alicia Keys. United States singer Alicia is the founder of the keep the Child Alive NGO that mainly deals with supporting and encouraging the less privileged in the third world countries, Uganda inclusive.

Mainly keep the Child Alive deal with children  affected and infected with the killer disease AIDS. Owori joins international women celebrities' tennis ace Serena Williams, Iman. Jennifer Hudson, Queen Latifah and Alicia Keys herself.

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Tuesday, February 22 2011

Just last week we told you of how celebrated fashion guru and African Woman  boss, Sylvie Owori, after more than thirty dates and countless candle lit dinners, she had finally nailed a new guy.

We then went on to identify the fella as Malik, who is well known to pals as a kick boxer amd a karate star. Now according to Malik's pals whom he has been conversing with, he revealed that him and Sylvie are deeply and madly in love. We were told; "They can't get enough of each other. It's the reason why he shifted  his belongings to her rented pad in Kololo."

To cement their new found love, Sylvie and her new man are not about to keep their love life a secret and the two have been spotted countless times hanging out together, holding hands and laughing heartily like nothing around them matters.

The last sighting was at Serena last week.
Related: Sylvia Owori Now Moving Out with Young Fella

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Monday, February 14 2011

Sylvia and Malik
After more than thirty dates and countless candle lit dinners. Sylvie's  Boutique boss and fashion guru, Sylvia Owori has finally hooked a new guy. A source at the African Woman Magazine office exclusively told us that her boss has been close to this fella for sometime now.

The guy has positively been identified as Malik. To cement their closeness, the couple stormed Serena Hotel during a ceremony hosted by Uganda Breweries Limited as they unveiled Bell Beer new look bottle.

Although they were never snapped close to each other during the few hours they were there, snoops spotted them cutting glances across the tent to spot where each one was standing.

They later unsuspecting stormed out without our snoops noticing. In fact we are further told that Malik who is known to close pals as a kick boxer and a karate star has shifted his belongings and he now resides at Owori's plush apartment in Kololo.

The former Miss Uganda organiser fell out with Husband Per Munk late last year after almost a decade of romping. They had already produced two kids together.

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Thursday, February 03 2011

Glamour lady and Sylvie's Boutique Boss, Sylvia Owori might have quit her relationship with hubby Per Munk but this has not stopped her from having a good time. One snoop funnily commented recently that it's like she has never been in a relationship.

She is so full of life Well, that energy and zeal to party like a teenager was witnessed last Saturday when she stormed Charlie Lubega owned plush wing at the Industrial area based Ange Noir, Guvnor in company of five sey, skimpily dressed chics for a girls night out.

They booked a table and booze, spirits started flowing endlessly like River Nile towards Egyptian Capital Cairo. They were later joined by Angela Katatumba. When we talked to some of the waiters who had been serving them, they fully confirmed that Owori was the financier and she was the one who cleared the whole bill.

He refused to divulge how much she had dolled out. More Stories on Sylvia Owori

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Tuesday, November 30 2010

As 2010 comes to an end, we take a look at love dealings that caused storms. Some ended tragically (by death) while others ended comically (by reconciliation). Take a look at some that captured our attention.

Sheila Mulinde and Jeff - Married to pastor Mulinde, Sheila was unaware that her husband was suspecting her and had deployed private investigators to trail her. The investigators got a bumper harvest when they smoked out the pastor's wife moaning sweet nothings in praise of a popular barber called Jeff of the famous Jephis' saloon on Jinja road, the pair was briefly detained, pending the pastor's return from the US.

GNL and Becky - If she did not decide to jet into the town and accuse the lad of swindling millions of shillings from her, we would never have known. Becky reported him at Kitante Police and the juicy details of their romping sessions were unveiled. The scandal took another twist when she discovered that GNL was seeing another babe called Ruth.

Rabadaba and Sheila - Just months after ballooning Sheila Ferguson, Rabdaba dumped her, saying she lied about her age. Sheila recently gave birth to a baby boy in the UK. Meanwhile, Rabadaba is always cited with Black, an alleged man-eater.

Tonku and Brenda Karamuzi - The pair had a love/hate relationship which, friends say was characterized by constant fights. It was not until late last year when Brenda's family realized that she had gone missing. The horror was unveiled when a fumigator discovered her body stuffed in a septic tank in Muyenga.

Tonku, the prime suspect was nabbed and sent to the coolers in Luzira. It's the scandal that welcomed us into 2010.

Sylvia Owori/Neilson - After 14 years of bonking, the final curtain of the show fell when the media published the photo of Andrew Mwenda and Owori snogging. We hear the introvert Neilson threw in the towel and a custody battle for their kids ensued.

Then before the Mwenda dust could settle, a one Malaika appeared on the scene.

Akankwasa and Juliet Katusiime - The suspended National Forest Authority boss, Damien Akankwasa, would have kept his low profile if his wife did not pinch a whooping 900m from his house! (We wonder what percentage that was because she must have left a balance behind).

When the cops intervened, the fella lost the dime, wife and his fatty job. Sorry but such are the tribulations of life.

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Saturday, October 16 2010
From the fashion Industry, we have heard that fashion designer and the brains behind African Woman Magazine Sylvia Owori is set to open her second designer shop in neighbouring Kenya and  relocate there.

Close pals say the now single lady who already has two outlets in Uganda wants to open up a fashion outlet in Kenya and that she intends to spend more time there as she is tired of our dusty town.

Meanwhile, her fellow fashion counterpart Judith Heard is also set to open up a serious fashion house in our dusty city come next month. What a health fashion competition.

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Wednesday, August 11 2010
       Newman Kavulu looks on as Sylvia models
Celebrities who are fast fading out on the social scene have often been accused of making stunts to regain their past glory. Last week we revealed that Sylvie Owori and her 14-year fiance, Pur Munk-Nielsen, broke up after, their affair got stuck at Kwanjula levels for more than a decade.

Those of you who think it is yet another stunt are highly mistaken . After Sylvie packed her belongings and quit their marital home in Luzira, she confirmed that they had indeed broken up but would continue doing their joint business together.

However, it seems Sylvie is determined to completely kick Pur Munk-Nielsen out of her life. A few days back she hired a fuso truck and emptied her African Magazine office and workshop located on second street, Industrial area.

She loaded her computers, cabinets, chairs, tables, sewing machines, unsold magazines etc. on the truck. We are yet to identify where she relocated. Meanwhile, Munk-Nielsen arrived for work a few hours later and found a huge solex padlock on the door, and on peeping through the window ha almost collapsed when he saw an empty room. Sorry, poor man, the gal is gone for real!
Read Also:

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Thursday, August 05 2010

     Stella and Sylvia
Ugandan Fashion Guru left in Dark for New York Fashion Week

Celebrated Ugandan fashion designer Sylvie Owori who has for a long time been regarded the best our banana republic has ever produced finally has a competitor. This after the emergence of Stella Atal as the new face of Ugandan fashion.

Now we have reliably been informed that organisers of New York Fashion week that took place in the US last week snubbed Sylvie for Atal. And the talented designer didn't disappoint with her top of range African designs and Fabrics; a thing that didn't go down well with the African Woman CEO.

A source told us, "The organisers thought she is the only hot property in Uganda, the reason she was invited alongside Africa's creme de la creme of designers."

Now we are told Sylvie is unhappy because the rookie designer could be out to get her crown as the best in East Africa. In fact we have been informed she won two projects of designing Miss Africa US and another one we are yet to know.

Could Sylvi'e split with fiance Munk-Nielsen after fourteen years be affecting her. Watch this Space!

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Sunday, August 01 2010
We have sensationally learnt fashion guru Sylvie Owori's 14 year old relationship with fiance Per Munk-Nielsen is in tatters. Close sources to Sylvie have revealed that trouble stems from Sylvie's celebrity status and the fact that  she has been connected to different cit guys; a thing that made her fiance jealous and annoyed.

Apparently the break point was when we published a picture of Sylvie in a snogavitch with the controversial Andrew Mwenda early last month at Boda Boda during the MTN VIP World Cup Party.

In her next issue of her African Woman Magazine she wrote on her editorial column that being a celebrity comes with pressure and a price to pay. She was quoted then, "after finding my picture on the front page of a tabloid, I had to answer some weird questions."

Remember that was after we had exposed the African Woman CEO that she had hooked up an energetic young fella only identified as Malaika, formerly Lady Tycoon Mumpowe's bonkmate. We hear she had gone ahead to buy him a Toyota Premio reg. no UAN 612C.

The two had been spotted coming out of Nakumatt after a shopping spree together. We are told that all this and the fact she was getting too busy for her relationship have contributed top the split.

She now resides at a posh pad in Kololo after packing all her belongings at their marital home in Luzira. Efforts to get a comment from her were futile after she hung up when we told her we are from the 3am desk. So fellas the bubbly Sylvie is up for grabs.

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Saturday, April 10 2010

She had a baby a few months ago who our exerts said looked like Seya. However last week Sylvia was in some kind of mix after she missed her schedule. Our Fashion designer is said to have rushed to a pharmacy in Bugolobi.

She bought a test kit that she used to prove the anomaly. It is further said that after she discovered that the results were negative, a close pal told us that she celebrated with a bottle of champagne and vowed to be more cautious.

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Friday, March 12 2010
Sylvia Owori receiving an award at the TNT model search
Sylvia Owori erupted onto our screens in 1999 when she opened up her fashion business to Ugandans. She calls herself "Uganda's first super model" after gracing the cover of thousands of magazines and news papers in late 90's and early 2,000's and was a serious model when the likes of Judith Heard were still hacking the hair off the girl's world.
She is now a woman activist and media guru. Below are the facts about the woman who has mead us scream on our tellies for the past many years.
She opened a shop at Ivory Plaza way back in 1999 where items like Alta Roma (first showcased in Rome), Algeria, Switzerland, Arise Africa a collection of ready to wear clothes and the fantasy collection which excites most gentlemen.

Her contribution towards Uganda's development was recognized by President Museveni, when she received the Presidential Transformers Award in June 2006

Having studied with some of the most skilled professionals in London, her design ethos is a result of the excellent training she received, added to her unique imagination and natural talent. Owori was inspired by her Ugandan roots and the African lifestyle as well as from her extensive travel to Europe and USA.
Her Breakthrough into fashion happened when she took on the challenge of revitalizing the 'Miss Uganda Beauty Pageant', (2001-2004) which following her input became the most significant events on the social calendar of Uganda.
Talented Owori was appointed to design the Nokia Face of Africa's Ugandan finalist's outfit in 2001.
She started the first modeling agency in Uganda, 'The Ziper Models' which provides the best professional models on the Ugandan market. The Company was named ZIPA, is still one of the eminent agencies in East Africa, scouting and selecting the best female and male models from across the continent.
In November 2005, Sylvia launched African Woman; the first high quality women's magazine of the kind in the region, following a philosophy of focusing on themes ranging from fashion to lifestyle and health; topics pertinent to the contemporary women of East Africa as well as Africa.
She is now a mother of two sons, and has also been the second designer after Dolce & Gabbana to work with the world known phone company Motorola in a fashion code named "Motocouture with Sylvia Owori" in Oct. 2006. This elevated her to both local and international level in the fashion industry.
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Wednesday, January 20 2010

Fashion Guru Sylvia Owori has dropped a bouncing baby boy. Her previous kid is dark but at least the newly born is a half-caste. A family source said:"Sylvie gave birth to a stunning baby boy on Monday. She is absolutely excited about it and thanks her friends who were by her all the nine months she was pregnant."

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Sunday, January 03 2010

Model Meg Lusembo and Sylvia Owori
Preggie Sylvie Owori of Sylvie' Boutique is a woman going places with fashion designing. The now elusive Sylvia we hear has embarked on a new project that is dedicated to pregnant fashion. The beauty Queen who is now almost bursting we have readily established is working around the clock to have an exhibition soon.

Meanwhile we also hear that Sylvie is contemplating retiring from her social calendar until she gives birth. We only pray that all her wishes are not foolish thinking. Nice maternity leave Sylvie.
Blog: Sylvia Owori

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Tuesday, December 01 2009

Preggie Sylvia Owori finally drops the bombshell and reveals why she painfully quit running the Miss Uganda Franchise. "Tycoons were bonking the girls and it was beyond me," she told us. Owori, who will be celebrating ten years in fashion very soon.

Owori also added: "Whenever the girls were sighted in compromising situations, people always said those are Owori's girls, and as a brand it always affected me."

She added that it is the reason that drove her to start African Woman magazine because it could reach out to more women as opposed to Miss Uganda that benefited only one person, the winner. For her success story, the fashion ace is set to celebrate ten years of having had a fundamental influence on Uganda's Fashion Industry.

In a media briefing recently, Owori who has partnered with Redds, promised to bring out more than she has in the last ten years.

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Sunday, September 27 2009

She is Uganda's fashion mogul and a female icon for many a woman she has conquered the fashion scene not only in Uganda but in the region as well. She is the proprietor of Sylvie's Boutique, Zipa Models and African Woman Magazine.

She is currently organizing the Bride and Groom fashion show at UMA show grounds under her company Owori Media.

SP: Who is Sylvie?
Sylvie: My Dad was Luo, my mum Ruth Nankya is a Muganda. I was brought up a traditional Muganda, I actually kneel when I'm greeting my mum. She was a single mother and raised seven of us, of which I'm the second born.

SP: How did you come to get into the running of Miss Uganda?
Sylvie: After I had the agency, in 2001, I wondered what event I could do. Miss Uganda hadn't run for four years. I applied to Miss World for the franchise which became medium to showcase my clothes.

SP: Why did you give it up?
Sylvie: I did Miss Uganda to my best. I felt there was only one girl that benefited at the end of it all. I wanted more to be able to benefit. I decided to do the African Woman Magazine; a voice for every woman.

SP: What is your take on Miss Uganda since you left?
Sylvie: These days you don't even get to know when Miss Uganda will take place. People are trying to revive it but it is a big project. It should be a national event-for all people but that is not being done lately.

SP: Are you dating, Married, or single?
Sylvie: Iam engaged to Per Munk-Nielsen. We have been dating for 11 years now. My Kwanjula was in 2002. We have a son Adam(2 years) and baby on the way.

SP: Why have you taken long to get married?
Sylvie: I'm not your typical girl who fantasizes about weddings. We are staying together and I feel like I'm married.

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Saturday, September 05 2009

            Sylvia OworiMariam Ndagire
City socialite and fashion designer Sylvie Owori is preggie and fit to burst with child.What is most astounding however is the paternity of the child. Apparently, Sylvia's longtime white boyfriend we hear has another family in London, so the two can't get legally married because he even wears a wedding band on his finger.

More shocking is the revelation that Sylvie's first son resembles Mayor Seya Sebagala, as intimated by those who have seen the boy. On the other hand Film actress, producer and song bird Mariam Ndagire is rumored to be preggie though the paternity of the child is yet to be identified.

Mariam has of recent been spotted hobnobbing in on and off intimately cozy meetings with city lover and once boyfriend John Segawa. We wonder how long they will last this time.

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Monday, March 09 2009

          Sylvia and Brenda
We hear even the mighty and powerful like Sylvia Owori haven't been soared by the blistering credit crunch. A few weeks back she was forced to cut down the number of models on her Zipa models payroll. She has been forced to cut them down to about 15 girls only.

Most of the girls however are particularly annoyed with Brenda Nanyonjo because she is the one who spear headed the vetting process and determined who was knifed or who stayed. On a positive note however, We hear Sylvia intends to soon unleash a G-String collection and after that she will seriously delve into lingerie collections.

Her Lingerie and most especially the G-string will be launched in May around the same time she hopes to have completed refurbishing her exclusive nite club at Garden City to be called Black Diamond.

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