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Bad Black and Bryan White

Bad Black on the case of the artists who were signed to the Podium

Socialite Bad Black while on her visit to Bryan White, who is battling with some stomach complications did not have kind words for artists whop were once signed to the Bryan White Foundation, otherwise called the podium.

Bad Black at Bryan White's

Bad Black breaks down on visiting Bryan White

"I can't forget what you've done for me since 2016, I pray that the good Lord heals you pretty fast. You built a house for my mom who was putting up in a mud thatched house then, she is now in a tiled house and can even watch DSTV, how can I forget you Bryan White."

Spice Diana lockdown goals

Spice Diana lockdown goals

It's close to five months since the country was locked down due to the Coronavirus that has not spared any sector. In Uganda, some measures have been eased and some sectors have resumed operations, though not fully as they have to observe the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in place.

Socialite Sipapa and his three wives

Socialite Sipapa real name Charles Olim has for a while been entangled with his three wives that include singers Serena Bata and Brown Shugar.

He also has another one called Sasha Samirah who is the last one standing.

Inset Sipapa is seen with two of his wives Serena Bata who jumped ship and Sasha Shamira whose parents he has just visited. Armed with a glass is Brown Shugar as Mugole Shamira enjoys her Audi ride...

Vivienne and SK Mbuga fight

Most battered women are fearful to come out and share their experiences about domestic abuse, but Vivienne Chebet Mbuga is not one of them as she came out using her wall to expose her hubby.

"Sometimes women stay with a dysfunctional partner out of fear that the next women will reap the benefit of the work she's put in. Nope."

"The next woman gets his same habits, dysfunction and pain."

Eddy Kenzo in Ivory Coast

Eddy Kenzo caught up with his fans over the weekend in the month of July 2020

Eddy Kenzo was live on Facebook talking about a number of issues, including how he is faring in Ivory Coast, a place he was supposed to be for two days, but has been for four months and he is still counting...

Zari next to her ride...

Tiffah and Nillan were being filmed by their mom as they enjoyed the latest addition to their fleet, a Bentely.

Hi Papa, thank you for my mom's car. It's so beautiful and warm..." Tiffah says while enjoying the comfort of the four seater super ride.

Im not his father, Eddy Kenzo

Sheilah Don Zella's son has the Musuuza name raising eyebrows on whether Eddy Kenzo is the baby daddy

Sitya Loss star, Edirisa Musuuza Nkonge Kiwalabye aka Eddy Kenzo, who is still in Ivory Coast waiting to return following the lockdown has issued a statement, distancing himself from the allegations that Sheila Don Zella's child is his.

Kasuku faces off with Angella Katatumba-Uncut Sabula

Kasuku and Angella Katatumba

Zari confirms it did not work out between her and King Bae

King Bae just wanted to use me - Zari Hassan

Lydia Jazmine hurt by TV presenter who has constantly attacked her

Lydia Jazmine in a white VW convertible

Zari mourning Babu Tale's wife Shammy who died suddenly

Zari mourns Shammy Tale who passed on unexpectedly

Dubai police confirm arresting Instagram celebrity, Hushpuppi

Some of Hushpuppi's super rides that were impounded

Maldives is my next destination, Anita Fabiola tells hubby

Anita Fabiola and hubby Mark Ronald

I am not pregnant for Diamond Platnumz-Poshy Queen

Diamond Platnumz and Poshy Queen

Wednesday, 24 June 2020
Big Eye threatens to sue the President over Shillings 270Million
Saturday, 20 June 2020
Buchaman arrested after disrupting a NEMA meeting
Thursday, 29 August 2019
Uganda Airlines is back to the skies
Sunday, 11 August 2019
Sheebah Karungi latest news
Tuesday, 07 May 2019
Hellen Lukoma happy to learn that she is carrying a baby boy



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Tuesday, 02 June 2020
The three artists performed so well that they reminded the fans of the defunct Blu3
Thursday, 21 May 2020
Juliana Kanyomozi pregnancy pics
Thursday, 07 May 2020
Desire Luzinda
Tuesday, 02 July 2019
Sheebah Karungi held her housewarming party on July 1
Saturday, 29 June 2019
Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika in her office and inset is Eric Omondi helping her to tuck in
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Friday, December 30 2011

The trend of the music industry in Uganda is as divided as salt and sugar. We have artistes who can break the law and go away with it and others, even a slight mistake ends you in the coolers.

When they visit the local hung outs, they make sure that even the bar toilet cleaner recognises their presence. Below are the untouchables :

Iryn Namubiru -  WOW! Arguably Uganda's best performer on stage but how does she do it? Well if you want to find out, do not miss her shows as she will treat you to some of the most erotic dances ever.

Recently she gave our very own VP Mahogany scrotal eruptions with her wet kisses which mesmerised him. We believe that her association with the top guns makes her ply her trade in music without fearing the likes of Nsaba Buturo.

Sheeba - She has done it all. Need we say anything from what we have seen in the tabloids of recent? Well, for all our readers who may not know who she is , Sheebah os one of the former Obsessions girls who has established herself in the music industry, she has established nude dancers (Kimansulo) and since Nsaba Buturo, the Minister of Ethics had banned it in all the pubs and bars, Sheeba nad group go on doing it in different hangouts in the city and the outskirts.

Does the law affect her? May be not.

Bobi Wine - Well known for his popular music and entertainment, has had so many controversies surrounding his life inside and outside his music. From members leaving the group to beefing with fellow artistes and most notably punching up Bebe Cool some time back in a music show organized at Nakivubo.

He goes on to confess on how he bribes police men to release him after committing crimes in his Mr. Money song.

Chameleone - The self proclaimed doctor has almost biffed up with everyone including his own father. What the Hell! Chameleone has fought in pubs, bars and several hangouts beating up on everybody who annoys him without forgetting his own brother, Weasel recently, snoops landed on him trying to hit Mowzey Radio.

Truth of the matter is that the skinny musician always goes away with it without being punished. We don;t know whether his behaviour is acceptable by our law or the law is soft on him.

Bebe Cool - The self proclaimed "Big Size" had the toughest year 2010. From crying out for Zuena, fights with Bobi Wine, Shootings and many calamities which caused problems to his life to Zuena's nude pictures in the tabloid.

Well like Chammeleone and Bobi, Big Size is also known for cat fights with fellow artistes and sometimes fans that he says provoke him. The big fish in the police will never come for him and if they do, it is only for a few questions and the dude is free.

Recently he has been so close to Sevo over the shootings at the Centenary Park. The big man went on to foot his hospital bills in Uganda and the USA where he had the operations. Do we need to say anything more about his size.

Ragga Dee - He calls himself "JJAJJA Wa Music" in Uganda. Ragga Dee is one of the most respected musicians today and this of course goes hand in hand with his works. Despite the fact that he hardly involves himself in cat fights with other musicians or fans, Ragga is also untouchable of sorts amongst the musicians.

When it comes to hanging out, the dude normally moves with a fleet of guys especially in popular hangouts and makes sure that everyone around notices his presence. Talk of being jjajja and recognition.
In this article: Sheebah, Iryn, Bobi Wine, Jose Chameleone, Bebe Cool, Ragga Dee

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Thursday, December 29 2011
First Published: 02-Sep-2011
Drop the Guns - It is believed that beef has helped some of our countrymen attain celebrity status. From hard hitting songs to spending luxuriously so they can be seen as better, richer, popular, our celebs have done it.
It is more like what was originally in the western world was imported to our local scene. Some, beef on order to screen to attract media attention and stay in the spot light, others beef out of ego or bonkmates.
But regardless of the cause some of these celebs have beefed for long and today TGIF would like to see them kiss and makeup.
Chameleone Vs Weasel - These brothers Joseph and Douglas Mayanja can't cross paths without throwing venomous insults at each other. Weasel accuses his elder brother Chameleoe who he will never forgive for raping his (Weasel's) babe some time back. These blood brothers need to come to terms.

Juliana Kanyomozi Vs Iryn Namubiru - Sincerely, it has been over two years since these two aging sexy babes began beefing. Their anger against each other stems way back in the days when Iryn deserted the duo and their music career and went with Frank her French man.

But more than a decade down the road, these two have become established musicians and deserve to call a truce and move on. It is not that Iryn is responsible for Juliana's being unlucky in love! We dare Juliana and Iryn to reunite and stage a reunion concert.

Judith Heard Vs Zari Hassan - Another classic case of egos clashing! The two top city socialites disapprove of each other's status, beauty and wealth. Nalongo Heard and Zari once exchanged gut wrenching insults on Facebook.Whether they beef, slender Judith Heard will not grow as big (size) as Zari and the reverse is true for Zari. So bury the hatchet already! 

Navio Vs Atlas - The two hunky rappers do not approve of the other's rapping skills and this sparked off their beef. Sometime back, they exchanged blows outside Club Rouge.
Their music is not as hot as they are because most of their fans who by the way are babes, flock their shows and scream their lungs out not because they like what they are wrapping but rather because these guys are hot.

Sharon Nalukenge Vs Helen Lukoma - Sharon O accuses her former groupmate Helen Lukoma of poaching on her baby's father, Ronnie Mulindwa. Whether the accusations are true or not, it happened a long time a go and both have moved on.

Besides, Uganda' representative in the just concluded Big Brother Amplified Sharon O has already tight marked her territory by giving Ronnie Mulindwa a baby boy. She needs to stop being insecure  and try being friends with Helen again.


Bebe Cool Vs Bobi Wine -There's has grown from beef to biff and is a classic case of clash of egos. They were once the best back then when Firebase was just starting where they even had a collabo 'Funtula' attacking fellow singer Jose Chameleone.


They later fell out due to unclear reasons. Nowadays Bebe and Bobi can't see eye to eye without going for each other's necks because each claims he is bigger than the other but who cares, the fans know better. They forget that the two have egos.

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Wednesday, October 26 2011

Bobi and Barbie on their honeymoon in USA
Barbie Itungo has hit back at her hubby's nemesis Bebe Cool over mean comments about her just concluded wedding and honeymoon. Bebe recently said that he doesn't want to have such a wedding where an individual has to solicit for funds to cater for the party in order to show off.

Referring to their honeymoon, he said the Kyagulanyi's had insufficient funds but had to have their honeymoon in USA amidst difficulties. And whereas Bobi Wine her husband was willing to ignore the comments, Barbie could not take any of that.

She lashed back at Gagamel Crew lead man saying he is a stinking and filthy hater of happy moments in life. She revealed that she couldn't even understand how an individual can question a legalized marriage when he didn't contribute to it or support it financially.

Urging the 'minzani' singer to stop poking his nose in matters that don't concern him, she said that Bebe made the comments on the wedding contributions from some bigwigs of this country yet that showed that people are appreciating the role and responsibility her hubby is taking in this land.

In fact, she revealed that Bebe, who was complaining about their lavish marriage, should worry about his instead.

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Monday, October 24 2011

It is one thing to have a monster car; it is another to have it running well Gagamel crew head boy and singer Bebe Cool is wishing he had bought a manageable car ever since he had to ditch his monster Hummer 'Big Size' because of accumulated mechanical problems

A source has intimated to us that Munene Munene singer just recently acquired a Toyota Progress to cruise around town because the Hummer needs lots of dime to get back on the road-dime the Big Size singer doesn't have!

Last we heard, Bebe had failed to buy a headlamp for it, and earlier on he was forced to abandon the same monster ride because he could not afford the fuel the machine guzzled. Inflation pinches where it really hurts! Ouch!
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Saturday, September 10 2011

He has been in the music industry for over ten years now and is a self acclaimed Big Size who boasts of having the most beautiful wife in Zuena Kirema. Bebe Cool real name Moses Ssali has appeared in the news for many different reasons.

From his music to being shot, surviving bomb attacks by Al-Shabab, biffing and fighting fellow artistes and claiming his wife had quit home, he has done it all. He was tracked by one of the snoops at Quality Supermarket and straight on got to business.

TGIF: Rumour has it that you disorganized the UK Convention, what exactly happened?
Bebe Cool: Perfomances  went on as planned.I only stopped upcoming artistes from performing because it was my time.

If they want to perform at big events where there are big artistes, they should come early not at the climax. If you want I can call the organizer of the concert and you talk to him.

TGIF: So why did you refuse to attend Bobi Wine's wedding to which you contributed yet he gave you an invitation card?
Bebe Cool: I couldn't go to his wedding until he apologized to me publically. Idon't pretend, an enemy is an enemy and I couldn't eat an enemy's cake. And for the contribution I will keep it personal.

TGIF: It's been five years since you and Bobi beefed, why not just drop the guns?
Bebe Cool: He must first apologize. That kid can't exist without beefing. Tell me a song of his where he does not abuse people and talk about feaces.

He is not a creative artiste but just likes fighting. Today he i fighting me and tomorrow someone else. Let me hope that no that he is a married man he is going to change his ways.

I don't expect him to return from his honeymoon and fight but apologize. The wedding should be able to make him a better man.

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Monday, September 05 2011

Boastful Singer Bebe Cool proved to the whole world that he can do anything when it comes to showing love to his wife Zuena Kirema. The singer was snapped licking and biting Zuena's juicy behind while the celebrity couple was in the UK.

A source intimated; "They were having fun at Club La Face in London but Bebe tight marked her like a bullion van carrying hard cash. He wouldn't let guys come near." In one of the pictures, Bebe is seen sinking his teeth teasingly into his wife's rear.

Does this make him an -------? Meanwhile, more info coming in is that the hugely anticipated first UK Uganda Convention held at the Luxurious Troxy in East London did not go as expected due to poor programming.

The Kasepiki singer as usual reportedly hijacked the whole event, made himself an MC and organizer at the same time. One shocked reveler told this desk; He hijacked the event, stopped some artistes based in the UK from performing; a thing that resulted in fistfights."

Remember, the last time Bebe performed in Europe (Denmark) he was thumped to a pulp by revelers for what they termed being disrespectful and abusive' On that day, he was only saved by police.

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Friday, August 19 2011

Artistes who have hoaxed fans
Bebe Cool
- It should be remembered that the famous' exit to his wife, Zuena, led to top hits like 'Agenze'. But when they re-united days before the launch of the same song, it left a lot of questions to be answered.

Critics claim it was a stunt geared to selling his song and it surely worked for him.Then on the other hand, though completely unfounded some sections claim his shooting at Centenary Park was also a stunt for him to get buckets of dime from sympathizers. The less said about it the better.

Bobi Wine - Ghetto gladiator has been in the mix of it all. When he was admitted at Mulago hospital after he fainted in Masaka, critics claimed it was geared towards getting sympathy while others claimed it was ganja overdose.

More recently, some sections belive his wedding might also be 'Kiwaani' to make it to the front page of some newspapers like we have seen so far. This rumour is of course baseless. But this is because people know he is capable of any 'Kabadi' to stay in the news.

Grace Nakimera - Mid last year, Grace dominated the media following a 'stage managed attack,' outside Club Silk. The alleged happened during the Smirnoff Street Jam. Her critics perceived it asa publicity trick, bearing in mind that she had an impending launch at KCC Grounds.

At the same time, the Goodlyfe Crew was launching 'Ngenda Mu Maaso' on the same day. So how best can one garner support than doing something that would pull people's sympathy.

And it surely worked for her while her alleged acid attacker also went smiling all the way to the bank.

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Friday, August 19 2011

Self styled Ugandan music giants Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine are set to clash yet again. The two singers who have been fighting each other for a long time are now set to launch on the same date for the third time.

According  to pals from both Gagamel Crew and Fire Base Crew camps, the singers have set October 7th for the launch of their respective albums. A source to both singers revealed; "Bobi and Bebe are set to clash again. Just watch this space"

The Ghetto gladiator  will be launching his 'Matyansi Butyampa' album and while self styled Big Size will be launching 'Minzani' The venues are yet to be named. The earliest rumour was that Bobi was to launch on November 5th, a date that would have conflicted with the official day of the 2011 PAM Awards ceremony.

However, he has apparently changed mind and settled for October 7th (Previously chosen by Bebe). Some individuals claim, Bobi did this to get back to Bebe who snubbed and rubbished his imminent wedding.

Remember, the two singers clashed in 2009, as they both launched Carolina and Agenze albums while in 2010, It was Kataala versus Kasepiki on the same day. Both camps always declare victory and then go on to accuse each other of giving out thousands of free tickets in order to make a statement.

Watch out for yet another music battle!
In this article Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine

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Friday, July 01 2011

They always say, watch out for those who claim to know how to shaft because they could be hiding a deficiency in the whooper department. Now fast forward, king of wolokoso, Big size Omunene name it all Bebe Cool has astonishingly failed to complete his much hyped mega pad in Kiwatule.

The house has instead turned into a den of thieves. Our eagle eyed snoops who raided the site were nearly bitten by snakes. Shockingly, the house which Bebe said would be completed early this year instead harbouring rogues who spend most of their time smoking ganja.

There is no sign that construction will resume anytime soon. The evidently high on Ganja fellows told our snoops that since the workers left the site last year complaining of not being paid for a long time ago, that is why the house is almost covered with the bush, "

The delinquent juveniles said . "The house needs divine intervention if Bebe Cool continues with his lifestyle, " they added.

When arch rival Bobi was contacted to comment about the state of Bebe's house, he only had one thing to say; "He talks a lot and acts less" For sometime Bebe has been dissing Bobi for putting his mansion in a village (he lives in Magere, Gayaza) while for him, he stays in the upscale suburbs of Ntinda. Efforts to reach Bebe for comment by the time we went to press were futile.

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Monday, June 27 2011

Amusing detail coming in is that boastful singer Bebe Cool was tossed from accessing State House, Entebbe. Apparently, this was last week as Bebe tried to access the highest person in the land without any appointment.

A snoop revealed; "Of course he was driving his BIG SIZE hummer amd he thought being a musician, he would wow security into allowing him inside. He was instead told off as he didn't have any official appointment."

With shame cutting across his face, he sped off lest he annoyed the mean soldiers guarding the gates into teaching him a lesson. We are yet to know why the Kasepiki singer wanted to access the President whom he claims is his good friend but snoops highly suspect he wanted to narrate his so many debt problems.

The President previously helped him with dime to go to a top facility in the US for treatment when he was shot in the legs by a randy policeman.

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Tuesday, June 21 2011

          Zuena, Bebe Cool and Karitas
Remember when singer Bebe Cool also Zuena Kirema's hubby abused Nalongo Karitas  Karisimbi over her relationship with his wife? Now if things go on the way they are, Bebe Cool could soon swallow his words.

Karitas and Zuena are tight again! and we can shout that again. Their cause of separation was mainly because Bebe suspected that Karitas was ''spoiling' Zuena and fueling their separation.

Recently Zuena and Karitas were seen together at Nakumatt Oasis buying food stuffs for their kids. The two seemed so happy as they gossiped and giggled all the time. May be Bebe has realised that he is fighting a losing battle by trying to terminate their friendship.

More on Bebe Cool, Zuena, Karitas

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Friday, June 17 2011

Bebe's Hummer on one lamp at night
Gagamel Crew head boy Bebe Cool has failed to buy a damaged headlamp bulb for his 'Big Size Hummer. For sometime now, Big Size has been spotted several times driving his much publicized  Hummer at night without the left hand side headlamp lights.

The latest being last week outside Club Silk. When as ked why he hasn't replaced it, Bebe has been telling pals that the size of his Hummer 's bulb is not sold anywhere in Uganda, so he is planning to send for it from the US. We are not sure about that though!

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Sunday, June 05 2011

These days it seems disco business is booming and the latest celeb to venture into the business is singer, Bebe Cool the self claimed Big Size. The Kasepiki singer who had returned to the US for treatment on his groin region after being short early last year during a kandahar scuffle at Centenary Park posted on his wall that,

"Gagamel mobile disco for hire is now complete with the best DJs for parties, weddings and back line for live concerts", o Wednesday June 1. He also put the contacts to use when you want to hire the services. More articles on Bebe Cool

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Sunday, May 22 2011

Bebe Cool, Desire, Straka and Bad Black
Some of them trip and fall but blame it on the potholes; others enter a discotheque and want to throw their weight around by buying beers for everyone at the counter. With this attitude and lifestyle, we cannot go without bringing you celebs that have made headlines on the local scene this week.

Bad Black - City glamour gal won't give up on searching for love not at least when she still has a fat bank account. After unsuccessfully trying to hold onto relationships with Meddie, Bebe Cool and Rabadaba respectively, pepperazi reveal that Bad Black is now dating URA football star Eric Obua, brother to Uganda's professional footballer of Scotland Hearts of Oak.

Desire Luzinda - Fresh from failure to represent Uganda in Big Brother Africa (BBA) season six Desire is set to be given a state of art Mercedes Benz ML from her Nigerian lover Tunde. Way to go gal.

Bebe Cool - He was threatened with a court suit if he fails to clear Shs 2.5m he owes Uganda business woman based in UK. It seems his troubles are just beginning.

Straka Mwezi - It was revealed that she has eaten big since joining Dembe FM and this was witnessed after she re-opened her boutique and salon in Makindye. We are told she is also set to sign another big deal in coming weeks.

In this article: Bebe Cool, Desire Luzinda, Straka, Big Brother Africa, Bad Black

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Saturday, May 07 2011

Uganda's Music Industry is fast growing with many artistes coming on board everyday. Artistes are known to be spendthrifts catapulted to fame through their superstar lifestyles. The big artistes like Jose Chamelone, Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool, Juliana Kanyomozi and Iryn Namubiru who strengthened the music Industry have minted the dime to live the dream.

Despite the influx of new talent, these chaps still earn big to maintain the status quo. The new kids on the block are also doing well financially. The old and new artistes are all minting dime from live performances at concerts, unplugging sessions in various bars and clubs, signing long term contracts with corporate companies and performing at social gatherings.

All their earnings are tax free. OMG team unveils how artistes are accumulating dime to build houses, drive posh cars, guzzle the bitter and shaft hot things.

Juliana Kanyomozi - She's an early bird. She does not have many new songs to her name but but Juliana is a brand. The sexy voiced singer charges Shs3m for upcountry shows. For city shows, book her  slot if you can afford Shs2m. She also mints dime from performing at corporate and social events.

Ragga Dee - This veteran singer and probably the richest musician cannot perform at the show for less than Shs2m. He earns mainly through jingles from companies like NBL.

Goodlyfe - Moze Radio and Weasel TV are steadily making their weight known on the music scene. They have organised many album launches which they sell to Kibo Enterprises in advance. For example, they sold 'Ngenda Mumaso' launch at Shs39m. They also ask for Shs 4m for shows.

Grace Nakimera - She is fairly new in the industry but she undoubtedly billed as one of the most expensive artistes. Grace will not perform at your function unless you fork out Shs 3m. She prefers to perform at corporate events I guess because she she hates the hassle of showbiz promoters. Grace also earns big from album launches.

Mariam Ndagire  - She's a selective performer and charges Shs2m. However, exceptions are made for functions of frinds and relatives who she charges paltry 800k. She also makes loads of dime through play and script writing, lecturing and acting.

Desire Luzinda - Although her music is not known by many, curvy Luzinda's charges are high. She asks for Shs 3m. She performs mostly at private functions and house parties for the wealthy.

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Sunday, April 17 2011

Fuel is bitting
Crunch Times - As you read this, high prices crunch is starting to be felt by 'Big Size' people in the country. Snoops have shockingly been told that singer Bebe Cool has decided to cut on day to day costs. The debt ridden  Kasepiki star has resorted to either walking or using his DMC Bafudde Range Rover instead of the top guzzler, the Hummer.

Our snoops were shocked when they spotted the fella cruising his weather beaten green Range Rover with a private plate Bafudde in Ntinda on Tuesday evening. "Oil prices don't differentiate between the young and the old, rich or poor. We are now equal" a boda boda rider was heard saying after spotting Bebe.

It should be remembered that Bebe has been boasting that he is the only musician who drives his guzzler while the likes of Bobi, Chameleone have parked most of their cars at home.

So did you feel like changing vehicles or the fuel prices are punching a hole in your pockets? Over to you!

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Tuesday, April 05 2011

The bitter feud between Money Makers Crew composed of Kiwoko Boyz Eighton and Rain keeps on escalating. The latest being that the duo have vowed to teach their ex teacher Bebe Cool a lesson if he goes ahead to duplicate their song.

Sources have revealed that these boyz rate Bebe as their number one enemy and have vowed; 'We'll take him down' if he attempts to re-do their song, Mata; "We'll fight him both in courts of law, physically and musically."

Bebe is adamant that his wife Zuena has rights to the song since she sad in the original version. Meanwhile, we have learnt from music pundits that Kiwoko Boyz new song 'Masanso' takes a dig at Bebe's wife, Zuena's singing abilities.

In the song, the boyz talk about riding this chic on a boda boda back to Jinja and in the process they reveal how the chic's singing abilities are still wanting. If it is true that they are hitting at Zuena, then the Kiwoko boyz will be the second group to shoot down Zuena's group to shoot down Zuena's star as an upcoming singer.

This follows the Goodlyfe Crew laughing off her new video 'Owa Boda' but not before adding that she should go back to the village and grow potatoes.

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Thursday, March 31 2011

Zuena, Black and Bebe During the happy times

Money girl Latifa Nalumansi, better known as Bad Black, has fallen out with top singer Bebe Cool though the singer was quite coy about it. Black had even developed a strong relationship with Zuena Kirema at one time donating a car to her.

This was Black's attempt to have Bebe bonk her. Black even donated over $50,000 to the Bogolako star's family. But sadly she never achieved what she wanted - a Bebe Cool bonk.

And now she has called it quits stinging Bebe and his family as a result. She posted on Zuena's wall ths, "Bye bye Bizibu family." Though Bebe seems unbothered (publicly) those close to him say he will certainly or is already facing the consequences.

For Black has been pumping lots of dime in him and Zuena. In fact we have been told, it was her (Black) who sponsored Zuena's new song Boda Boda and video shoot. She has also been supporting the singer in the treatment of the young cancer girl

Read Also: Meddie, Bad Black Split Over Bebe Cool
Meddie, Black No More?

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Monday, March 28 2011

Rumour doing rounds is that singer Bebe Cool is once again not on talking terms with his Dad Mzee Jaberi Bidandi Ssali. Theirs has always been a touch and go relationship. And just when we thought the two (Kataala Senior and Kataala Junior) had made up and kissed, another rumour comes up that the two haven't talked since the end of the heated 2011 presidential elections.

According to close family sources, Bidandi wasn't happy with his son because Bebe Cool ha openly snubbed most of his campaign rallies and instead declared his love for NRM flag bearer, President Yoweri Museveni. We were told; "Even weeks after the elections, Mzee Bidandi has not been happy with the way his son behaved towards his presidential bid.

He thinks Bebe being a popular singer across the country would have garnered an extra vote or two for him if he had come to his camp." Apparently, to make his point, he has hiked his Kiwatule Recreational Centre rental fee during Easter Season where Bebe is planning to hold his concert.

"He has been given an ultimatum to pay the entire amount before he holds any concert. Even with a balance of one shilling, Mzee won't allow him to go ahead" a source intimated. It should be remembered that the 'Kasepiki' singer openly declared his support for Museveni (the eventual winner) over his dad, Jaberi Bidandi Ssali.

The singer claims he owed a lot to the president who gave him lots of money to fly abroad for treatment after he was shot by a randy policeman while Bidandi claims blood should have been thicker than water.

Related: Bebe's Father Uses Kataala as Campaign Symbol

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Sunday, March 27 2011

         Bebe, Zuena and Bad Black

We told you that their strange relationship wouldn't;'t last and we had the point right! Just recently, City glamour gal Bad Black and Bebe's family were close, but now they no longer see eye to eye.

Now latest info reaching us has is  that even Black and Bebe are no longer buddies, especially after Bebe's Mukazi reportedly accused Black of swallowing him. The two camps have started exchanging rude messages.

Black has been posting deamening statements against Bebe Cool on her wall though she doesn't want to come out clear. Among the posting is this one which reads, "Embuzzi nebwegenda mu gym teyiza kusinga mpologama manyi, kati mubagambeko abo simanyi abeyita small size? he eh eh kanesekere kubanga ndi big is me, not those who claim to be Big Size it can't beat a lion at strength. Big is me, not those from Kyaggwe."

This can loosely be translated to mean "However much a goat goes to the gym it can't beat a lion at strength. Big is me. Let me laugh at those who claim to be Big Size, yet they're small size...."

Snoops say that Bebe Cool has started coming out ridiculing Black. While at Steak Out last Tuesday, Bebe said to all and sundry that Bad Black was a lousy sheep in the kraal of Fresian cows. Which Bebe elaborated that Black is a woman with rural excitement, who wanted to be seen hobnobbing with the singing star and his wife, so that she can get media attention.

Meanwhile, sources from Black's camp reveal that, "Black is going around telling anybody who cares to listen that she couldn't keep staying in the same company with Bebe, because he failed to bathe regularly, a disgusting habit she claims stems from the star's Rastafarian belief."

We know this will not go down well with Bebe and we wonder how she knew about his bathing habits, if she didn't get extremely closer to him! Watch this space.

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Monday, March 07 2011

Bebe and Zuena
Photo: Bebe Cool n Zuena at the TPF Party

Central Police Station (CPS), Kampala has registered local star Bebe Cool on top of its most wanted list for reportedly assaulting three MUBS' students physically and sexually. This was before he landed them in a sever accident that broke their limbs and defaced them.

We are told Wahabu Wasukira, 21 and his brother Abdullah Wahabu, 23 and a friend called Gloria Asiimwe, all students at MUBS are nursing severe injuries at Case Clinic along Bombo road respectively.

The accident occurred near the French Embassy along Lumumba Avenue on Wednesday night as the group , driving a Land-Cruiser were trying to race away from the Kasepiki singer and his goons who were pursuing them.

According to Kampala Metropolitan traffic boss Lawrence Nuwabiine the file has already been passed on to the Criminal Investigations Dept in a view of charging  Bebe Cool with so many offences.

He added, "He initially assaulted the victims before chasing them at break neck speed; a thing that landed them in trouble. We have thus  after a thorough investigation forwarded the file to CID to have Bebe Cool charged with possibly assault and causing actual body harm."

We are further told the vehicle the victims were travelling in was severely damaged and later towed to Naguru Police parking lot. According to snoops, the whole trouble started when the naughty and arrogant Bebe Cool parked his Hummer in the middle of the road at Steak Out.

His victims who were coming from Wandegeya heading to town through Lumumba Avenue found the road blocked by the showy artistes ride. Their pleas to have right of way was only met by abuses, grabbing of the drivers throat by Bebe and beatings.

His goons later chased after them till they got that accident. The singer's phones were off by press time but as you read this he has been branded a fugitive by police. Watch This Space!

Related: Bebe in Another Fight at Steak Out
More on Bebe Cool

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Saturday, March 05 2011

Bebe Cool Jumping like his legs were not shot at before
STAR Bebe Cool is again involved in another fight in which one person was almost beaten to death. As you read this, the fella is admitted in Mulago and is on oxygen. This happened on Tuesday at around 2pm at Lumuba Av. based Steak Out bar.

It is however not clear what sparked off the fight. An onlooker told us: "It was total war. Bottles were flying everywhere. I is hard to understand why Bebe Cool is involved in such fights.

One person was badly injured and rushed to hospital." Furious revellers wanted to lynch Bebe Cool but was saved by the bar security guard and one Mugumba. Just a few days back, we told of how Bebe was involved in a brawl with a mystery fella in Ntinda.

His entire singing career has been characterized by untold fights. He has fought so many people including fellow singers Chameleone, Bobi Wine, the Goodlyfe among so many others

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Wednesday, March 02 2011

Bebe Cool is fast turning into a drum of some sorts, and this looks to be just the beginning. We have sensationally been told that the singer was given a through beating by a mean looking fella outside Ntinda Shopping Centre last week.

Now this is what transpired: According to eye-witnesses, Bebe had parked his Hummer outside Quality Shopping Centre and went inside the supermarket to buy a few items. Upon return, he found another car parked so close to his car and it became a problem reversing out of the parking lot.

We are told a furious Bebe then decided to attack a chic who was seated inside the car. That is the same time that the well built guy who had left the chic in the car was just returning from the supermarket where he had also gone to pick a few items including condoms that were later dropped in the scuffle.

A source added, "The fella told Bebe to back off his car but the arrogant singer kept asking him who had authorized him to park next to his Hummer. A scuffle later ensued and Bebe was given a few punches before he ran to security guys for help."

This latest thumping follows another beating the Kasepiki singer received recently at the hands of his former Gagamel Crew members, Kiwoko Boyz who kicked his during the NRM celebrations at Kololo.

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Friday, February 25 2011

The misunderstandings between Gagamel Crew singer Bebe Cool and Kiwoko Boyz singers (currently under the Money Makers Group) Eighton and Rain has taken a new twist. We have understandably been told that Eighton and Rain who quit Gagamel over non payment have now vowed to take their former boss to court after it emerged that he had re-mixed their hit song 'Mata' and has been performing it at the campaign trail.

A close source told us; "He refused to pay them while they were under him. But he is continuing to make money from their sweat by playing their songs without their consent. He will be made to pay."

The boys are adamant that they have the evidence to pin him. The war plan has already been laid out after the Money Makers acquired a lawyer who is going to fight on their behalf.

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Thursday, February 24 2011

Bobi and Jose Chameleone'e Escalades
Gone are the days when these cars were the talk of town, when fans would shudder at the sight of any of them nodding in agreement - yeah these are indeed showbiz cars. We have reliably been informed that our top artistes are on verge of dust binning their Escalades.

The cars have fast registered themselves on the list of Dangerous Mechanical Condition (DMCs) in Kampala. Snoops reliably intimated to us that the two - Bobi Wine and Jose Chameleone have even stopped driving these cars.

That Bobi Wine's Escalade does not change gears and has spent a long time without visiting a garage for servicing. His friend Chameleone's Escalade's doors can't close and whenever he is driving it the doors are not locked and we have been told that its seats are getting old because it rains on them.

However what is puzzling us is why these artistes who recently made a fortune from their 'Battle of Champions' concert cannot repair their cars. We wonder whether they are going to also compete in the battle of 'whose Escalade is older'.

More news on Cadillac Escalade

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Sunday, February 20 2011

Meddie, Bad Black Split Over Bebe

Young tycoon Meddie Ssentongo has officially split with his fiancee Latifa Nalumansi commonly known as Bad Black. Reliable sources reveal that Meddie decided to end their rollercoaster affair after she (Black) became so close to star singer Bebe Cool.

Meddie, we are told, is not happy with the way Bad Black has been spending money on Bebe Cool's family. He even suspected an affair in the disguise of philanthropic work a few weeks ago when black joined Bebe Cool at Mulago Cancer Institute.

Last month, Bebe Cool surprised everyone when he told the public that he was supporting a cancer stricken girl in Mulago Hospital and Black dished out a whooping $20,000 to Bebe to look after the girl.

Later, Black started a relationship with Bebe's wife Zuena and to sum it all, Zuena won a brand new Morano from Black as a gift for allowing her 'work' with her hubby Bebe. Later Black also promised to help the Cool complete their unfinished pad in Kiwatule.

On Wednesday when President Museveni was in Luzira, he met some of his young NRM supporters and actually chatted with Meddie for 5 minutes. It is said, Black has also tried to chat up the President but still in vain.

She later tasked Bebe Cool to help her also meet Museveni in Kololo during the last campaigns that were in Kololo on Wednesday. Black had been convinced that since Museveni had once met Bebe when he was bed ridden in hospital after being shot, he would use the same courtesy to help her meet Museveni.

She gave Bebe Cool a whooping $10,000 to help her meet Museveni unfortunately, it backfired. Bebe and Black have also been seen in different spots around Kampala. On Saturday, the two were seen in Club Silk together.
City Glamour Girl "Black" Speaks Out
Meddie, Black No More?

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Tuesday, February 08 2011

The battle of champions concerts at Kati Kati Restaurant, Satellite Beach (Mukono) and Resort Beach (Entebbe) between superstars Jose Chameleone and Bobi Wine collected a massive Shs 112.5m.

While Shs 59 million was realized from the Kati Kati show, the Mukono show sold 3500 tickets each at 5k. This means Shs17.5 million was realized. The family show at Resort Beach on Sunday sold 7500 tickets.

This means Shs 36 million was earned. The concerts were organized by Balaam Barugahara. And a source in one of the camps exclusively told us that Balaam had invested a massive Shs 51m in the shows.

He spent the Shs 51m on radio and Tv adverts, stage, posters, sound, lighting, venue renting and operation. This means a profit of Shs 61.5m was realized  from the shows.

After deducting the Shs 51m Balaam invested in the shows, the trio (Balaam, Chameleone and Bobi Wine) were to share the profit together with Balaam earning 20% of the profit while the two artistes each got 40%.

This certainly means singers Chameleone and Bobi Wine earned Shs 24.6m each  and Balaam also earned from the huge sponsorship deals he had with the likes of Uganda Breweries Limited, The Electoral Commission  among other companies.

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Thursday, January 27 2011

          Bad Black and Bebe Cool
Word reaching our desk indicates bad blood could soon begin boiling between star singer Bebe Cool and young tycoon Meddie Ssentongo. Reason being lately, Bebe Cool has been quite close to Meddie's lover Latifah Nalumansi aka Bad Black.

In fact the pair was on Monday evening spotted at Mulago Hospital (Cancer Institute) at around 3pm. The pair arrived in different vehicles. It os not clear what deal they have, we are told, has not gone down well with Meddie aka Young Money. At a certain point, Bebe Cool drove Black's car from the parking lot.

A source confirmed: "Bebe has been in touch with Black and they have been meeting. It is not clear what their deal is but it must be serious business." A snoop from one of the telecoms also confirmed that on Sunday, January 23, 2011 the two communicated on phone and planned to meet at a certain night spot to discuss.

It is not clear whether they met. But clearly the pair has been meeting. Tycoon Meddie Sentongo is a renowned bad boy in town. Last year, he allegedly knocked singer Dr,. Jose Chameleone over his then lover Dorah Muganga.

Meanwhile a source close to Bebe Cool intimated to us that Bebe Cool could be trying to get some funds from Black for his new charity. In fact on Monday when the pair met, Black had $15,000 on her watch this space!

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Monday, January 24 2011

Bobi, Jose and Bebe Cool
When word came out  that singer Jose Chameleone and the self proclaimed ghetto Gladiator, Bobi Wine were set to hold a joint concert code named Music Uganda to mark 10 years of the Ugandan Music revolution, so many partiers rejoiced.

But there was one guy wasn't amused and that was Bebe. Our snoops have landed on info revealing how Bebe has been going around telling whoever cares to listen that the joint concert is doomed to flop.

Apparently, he claims he is the only singer who can hold a joint concert and will pull crowds because his name sells. We are yet to fully confirm if the Bogolako Star will perform alongside his fellow music heavyweights since one of them is his bitter enemy and another his former enemy now turned friend.. Watch This!

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Monday, January 17 2011

There is a serious meltdown in the Gagemel Crew camp as you read this after singer Bebe Cool threw out crew members, the Kiwoko Boyz double act of Moses Kalanda aka Eighton and Mathias Sentongo aka Rain.

A host of misunderstandings is blamed for the bitter separation but as usual our insider sources have taken a step ahead to bring to its readers what really happened. Close sources within the Gagamel Crew have revealed that the main reason why these boyz were thrown out is because they had been warned against getting close to Zuena; something they never took serious.

We were told, "When Eighton and Rain released 'Mata' hit with Zuena, Bebe told them to keep their hands off his woman. He even went ahead to issue a directive that she will only perform if he is around."

Apparently they have been going against the rules and regulations. Then money issues have been arising with the Kiwoko singers claiming Bebe owes them a lot of dime and that they haven't been benefiting from the crew.

But more importantly in a twist of events, the Kasepiki singers' wife has adamantly told off hubby that she wants to forge her own way in music. An insider told us , "Zuena wants to pursue her music career after she realised success with 'Mata' hit. Yet Bebe has told her to cut her losses and forget it."

We are further told the tension building up may lead Zuena abandoning her kids and hubby to pursue the stardom that comes with being a music star. Eighton and Rain have formed their own group, Money Makers.

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Sunday, January 09 2011
Tuff B and Bebe Cool Fall Out Nakimera
A Gagamel member tells us  Bebe  Cool and Tuff B have furiously fallen out. We hear the  fallout stems from when Tuff B got involved with Bebe's nemesis the Goodlyfe Crew for their end of year party at Aero Beach a few days before Christmas.

Singer Radio and Weasel are Bebe Cool's worst enemies. Therefore getting involved with them meant Tuff B had betrayed Bebe. Bebe has vowed not to allow Tuff B back in his circles. What has thus even made matters worse was the recent TuffB/Dizzy Nuts collaboration song titled Tsunami.

At one time, Dizzy Nuts was Bebe's biggest music pal with the pair doing a song - Fire Burn Dem together. They later fell out bitterly. Now Tuff B is hobnobbing with him (Dizzy Nuts).

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Tuesday, December 28 2010

From the luckiest, to the Drunkos, and the sexiest, the year had it all - Stop wondering how today's kids grow too fast as if they are genetically modified. Instead, blame the speed with which years fly by.

As you reflect on the resolutions you failed to achieve because the year has been too short-yes it been a rollercoaster twelve months but they seemed less to you - we bring to you the people who, in one way or another made news this year.

This is part one of the bonkers, boozers, sex champions, etc, who caught our attention in 2010.

Bebe Cool

Luckiest person of the year - Mpozi how many times did Bebe Cool cheat death this year? Don't scratch your head counting coz we don't need your answer. But we advise the 'Big Size' singer to make a pilgrimage to Mecca and thank Allah for the breath he still has.

Serial Man Eater of the Year - Our team was torn between Naira and Daphne. But to be free and fair, we thought that the two can share the award equally. We hope they will defend the trophy next year.

Boozer - Two ladies in the world of fashion were in a tight race for this award. And with so much thought we gave it to them without 'nugu'. Ladies and gentlemen, congratulate; Jackie Klein and Judith Heard.

Disaster of the Year - It's said that bad stuff makes the best news. The Bududa landslides made global headlines this year. The other tragedy was the 7/11 bombings.

Unique Hair Style - This is a trio of Diana of Club Rouge herr Mohan was great. We can't miss out Rachel K who looked sassy this year round. Margla was cool with her trademark hair do.

Zari Hassan

Sexiest Woman of the Year - Zari Hassan, the mother of three, still causes scrotal eruptions with her sensual looks. That should give Ivan sleepless nights honestly.

The most Indebted Person - Uganda's most wanted corn artiste, Mike Ezra scoops this award. Interpol has joined hands with the local police to make the elusive conman to the books of the law.

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Tuesday, December 21 2010

Surely singer Bebe Cool will die with shame if he gets to know. This is because the Kasepiki singer once told off city socialite and TV star Karitas Karisimbi to stop getting jealous of his marriage and get a man for herself.

The singer had always accused Karitas of sabotaging his efforts to fully unite with his wife. But the latest blockbuster info coming in reveals that Karitas did not only get herself a man but she gave birth to twins recently at one of the plush and most expensive hospitals in the US.

But here is more good news. A reliable source from the US where the former K-Files presenter is currently residing has it that her twins are set to acquire US Citizenship. We were told, "Since their Dad (an OGA from Nigeria whom we are yet to identify) also holds the US citizenship card and their twins were born on the United States soil then there is a high likelihood the kids will be allowed to be Americans.

This means the kids will be able to access all the amenities and any form of help extended to any other American citizen. Meanwhile, some circles claim one of the main reasons why Karitas got pregnant was to prove to Bebe Cool that she is woman enough and she has done it in style. Watch This Space!

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Wednesday, December 15 2010

Star Bebe Cool faces arrest after he allegedly diddled a promoter of shs 5 million. This was on Saturday. A Gagamel insider tells us that one Emma paid Bebe Cool Shs 5 million to perform in Hoima.

He first paid him Shs 3 million a week earlier and then added him the balance a day before the supposed performance day. Instead Bebe Cool 'te' the dime and never showed up. He was sighted at Record TV's Douglas Lwanga's wedding eating chips and fish.

This has infuriated the promoter who wants to have the Big Size singer arrested.

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Saturday, December 11 2010
       Who Has a Better Ride?
After completing his treatment in the US and being welcomed back by people waving copies of the Onion tabloid, the munene-munene singer in his first Question and Answer press interview spat the first doze of venom by taking a swipe at Bobi Wine's Escalade.

While bragging about his recent achievements, besides the usual of having the most beautiful wife, the 'Kasepiki' singer pointed out his Hummer which finally acquired a private number plate reading 'Big Size' fitted on.

He stressed that unlike other musicians who buy DMC cars; his hummer is brand new and perfectly matches his status of being Big Size and celebrity status. When pressed to throw more light on the statement that other musicians have bought DMCs, this was what he said;

"To call a spade a spade, Bobi Wine's car is grounded and now he can not even go to Entebbe, there's no way a new car can fail to shift gears, truth must be told, that Escalade is DMC."

We can now perfectly guess that Bebe's next song will be about his car versus Bobi's and we are eagerly waiting for it. The Ghetto Gladiator Bobi is yet to comment on this latest attack by his long time rival. 
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Tuesday, November 30 2010

Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine
A saying goes that the 'Cowards live longer' and its something that local singer (pun intended) Bebe Cool has learnt the hard way the day he tried wrestling a starved and hungry cop with a loaded gun. He ended up being shot.

Anyway last Saturday at Nkumba University, Bebe finally revealed that he no longer troubles trouble before it troubles him. Snoops have said that on realizing that the Gheto Gladiator and chief tormentor/rival Bobi had just arrived with a huge gang of Ghetto army, a cowardly Bebe stormed off the stage and disappeared.

A snoop told us, "when Bobi stepped in; Bebe who was trying to steal the show realised another bully had just entered the kraal. He coiled his balls in protest and run off to avoid getting in contact with the gang that had just swept into the campus escorting Bobi."

This was during the MTN Krazy Kampus Konnection'. Remember, the two singers have been at war for sometime over who is number one in the music industry. They have previously clashed at several points and at one time the 'Kataala' singer thumped 'day light' out of the 'Kasepiki' singer.

So to avoid taking another walloping he stealthily ran away amidst cheers and jeers from campusers. Hhahaha welcome back to the real Kampala.

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Sunday, November 28 2010
Heartaches happen to everyone. Whether we are celebrities or regularly broke, famous or not, we still encounter cheaters, insecure psychos and sexy lovers that we can't stand. The only difference is that celebrity relationships usually unfold for the world to see.

The break ups are delicious slices of gossip that we can't ignore. Just peep at this list of celebrities that were de-famed by friends as result of fame.

Juliana and Iryn
-The former singing  due of I-Jay can only exchange greetings. The two tried to be on top of each other after their celebrity status rose but it only led to a bitter split. Their efforts to reconcile have been fruitless.

Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine - Theirs is getting unbearable. The former buddies are on a 'weight' war of who is bigger than the other. Their silly accusations range from my wife is hotter than yours, 'my music is better than yours' such kind of nonsense.

They have even gone on to exchanging blows all in the name of fame. We don't see any reconciliation in the near future but we hope it will one day come.

Seanice and Melanie - The two senior radio presenters have been at war ever since they came into the limelight, fighting the 'I' better than you battle. When Seanice left for Nairobi. Melanie got some relief but since her return, the feud has intensified, especially after she replaced Melanie on the morning breakfast show.

Chameleone and Goodlyfe - Self proclaimed singing doctor, Jose Chameleone, was the president of Weasel  and Radio when they were still members of the Leone Island Crew. But they are now sworn enemies yet Chamili and Weasel are blood brothers.

When Goodlyfe saw their fame rising each passing day, they saw no reason of being under big brother. They formed their own group and since then , fighting abusive songs have been their order of the day.

Obsession and HB Toxic - They were in the same group but as intrigue and accusations grew with their fame, Brenda and Helen quit the group and formed the HB Toxic. What former workmates and friends can only afford to say now is a simple 'Hi' and nothing else.
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Monday, November 22 2010

Bobi Wine's Kataala song might after all be reflecting some truth in it, but that's a story for another time. Well, that latest from the Gagamel Crew first lady is that she has taken up the job of being her husbands publicist and personal assistant.

To kick off her new grueling job, she posted on her facebook a rather laughable comment telling whoever cared to read that the Facebookj management shut down her husband's account due to having an over whelming number of friends.

So whoever wants to be friends with him should send a request through another account he has opened up. Hhahaha....she wrote, "Bebe Cool's fb account has been shut down by fb management due to full capacity, so whoever wants to be friends with him shud send a request on his new acct which has a pic of him, me & Col Kyanda.

am sorry abt the incovinence(check the spelling) caused to all his fans." We think she is doing a pretty good job. Over to you readers top judge!

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Thursday, October 28 2010
        Hon. Jaberi Bidandi Ssali - Presidential Candidate for PPP
Presidential campaigns are under way. Each candidate for the top seat has come up with different styles to woo voters to their side. President Museveni's  "You want another Rap" is climbing the local music charts at a break neck speed.

We hear Uncle Besi is already composing a song of how the NRM party should brace themselves for another round of Tsunami while we are yet to know what is brewing in Mao and Beti Kamya's camps.

But there is one person who is also taking that plaudits and it's none other than PPP leader Hon Jaberi Bidandi Ssali who we can now reliably reveal has for the first time taken inspiration from his son Bebe Cool's pseudo name , KATALA by using a lantern as his campaign symbol for 2011.

One amused guy told us, "When Bobi Wine baptised Bebe with the Kataala name, most people ranted but it looks like we can now confirm why the Ghetto president dubbed him so. Most of my friends can't stop laughing after they saw his father Bidandi at Namboole holding a lantern (kataala)"

We now wonder whether the ageing politician could have taken inspiration from Bobi's song both son and fathers we didn't say it.
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Friday, October 15 2010

This is not Wolokoso, it is a Kika - Today we expose Uganda's top earning musicians in the last two years i.e up to July 11, 2010 when the Alshabab spoiled the party. Most of these guys have made their kill from musical shows, endorsements, recording studios and selling CDs. We also unveil the broke ones and those who spend their dime treating STDs. Just enjoy!

Bobi Wine Shs 800m - The Gheto president has launched tow albums Carolina and mr. Money in the last two years. He has recouped Shs 250m. He did country wide tours as well as performing at an independence concert in Germany.

He organises his own shows where he handles all gate collections. He has also performed at various shows in and around Kamplaa including shows at his beach in Busabala 'One Love' twice every month. His earnings between 2009-2010, are a staggering Shs 800m.

Chameleone Shs700m - Self proclaimed Dr. Jose Chameleone did Bayuda concert in January 2009 and Basiima Ogenze early this year. The two shows were very successful. He sang the 2010 world cup song with top stars like Rowland Kelly.

He got sponsorships for his concerts from top companies like Zain and UBL which earned him lost of dime. He has also done country wide tours and performed at UNAA convetion in US. On normal days, he usually performs at Chri bar in Kabalagala where he is paid Shs 1m every monday. His toal earnings hit a soaring Shs 700m.

Bebe Cool 600m - He has had two concerts; Agenze which got the largest local attendance and return of the King. He also did a Guinness World Cup tour, Zain R. Kelly Tours and Electoral Commission civic education tours plus deals with Smile Telecom and Condom adverts.

Bebe usually has shows at Kiwatule on Boxing Day and Easter annually. He also toured Sweden and Denmark and Canada for shows early this year. He is believed to have earned Shs 600m. He is currently in the US.

Ragga Dee Shs 800m - He has toured the US and UK. He makes most of his money through his studio and music equipment  which he hires out. He has also done country wide tours. His earnings are estimated at about Shs 800m.

Toop Earning Musicians Named


Radio and Weasel Shs 500m
GNL Shs 326m
Wilson Bugembe Shs 345m
Mariam Nadagire Shs 80m
Eagles Production Shs 600m
Eddie Kenzo Shs 100m
GNL Zamba Shs 100m
Rabadaba Shs 70m
Blu3 Shs 80m
Grace Nakimera Shs 200m
Cindy Shs 150m
Desire Luzinda Shs 300m
Dr. Hilderman Shs 400m

The Others
Iryn Namubiru Shs 100m
Jamal Shs141m
Ngoni Shs 200m
Navio Shs 170m
Peter Miles Shs 76m
Aziz Azion Shs 158m
Samalie Matovu Shs 50m
Nabbi Omukazi Shs 20m
Coco Finger Shs 30m
Phantom Lovin Shs 5m
Diamond Oscar Shs 5m
Gen. Mega Dee Shs 20m
Chili Galz Shs 10m
Angela Katatumba Shs 100m
Juliana Kanyomozi Shs 80m
Angela Kalule Shs 80m
Maurice Kirya Shs 80m
Isaiah Katumwa Shs 100m
DJ Michael Shs 70m
Tshaka Mauanja Shs 100m
Oscar Kihika Shs 10m
Susan Kerunen Shs20m
Kid Fox Shs9m
Sweet Kid Shs 60m
Kiwoko Boys Shs 7m
Zuena Kirema Shs 0.5m
Pretty Katende Shs 0.7m
Red Banton Shs 2m
Toolman Shs15m
Ragga Pimpy Shs 1m
Ram Primes Shs 100K
Agatha Kaffoko Shs20m
Tindatiine Shs 5m
Doris Mutanhunga Shs 10m
HB Toxic Shs 12m
Obsessions Shs 13m
Loketo Lee Shs 130k
Wafagio Shs 7m

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Monday, October 11 2010

Bebe Cool and Ragga Dee
The launch of battles between bitter rivals Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool should this time around step aside because a mother of all wars has now officially been opened and battle lines have been drawn.

The moment it was announced that established artistes Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine were set to launch on the same day, it had a ring of excitement written all over it (as far as their fans are concerned).

Now we are told the two big weights in Ugandas local music, have already started a verbal war with each claiming either one of them shifts to another date or one of them will get a heavy beating.

Our snoops landed on one of Bebe's recent sms sent to Ragga Dee telling him to change or else he is bound to fall in fire. It read, "Mugandawange ndeka maleko ne launch yange. Naye bwonetoloola ogya kugwa mukidibba. Era namba emu yampa ticket nze ne family yange tugende mu Amerika, tosobola kumalako nange era ajja kubayo"

literally translated as, "My brother let me have success with my album launch in peace. But if you don't want, you will fall in a deep ditch. Even the President paid for all my family's expenses to go to America, so you won't be able to keep up with me coz the President will also attend."

While another of Bebe's threatening text read, "Wadde oli jajja w'abayimbi, kiriza nti nze munene. Oba tusobola okukiriziganya nja kuba ku launch yo" meaning, Even if you are the Grand Father of Ugandan Music, agree that am now extra big.

But if we can agree and you change your date then I will be able to come and sing at your launch." But we have been told a defiant Ragga Dee has rejected all his proposals and he is ready to take him on.

We can't wait because this battle looks even sweeter. Watch this space!

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Thursday, October 07 2010

Ragga Dee, Bebe Cool and Zuena
Big Name artistes Bebe Cool and Ragga Dee have set the same date for the launch of their albums, WTF can reveal. The two artistes will be launching on the 3rd of December following the July 11 bomb attacks that disorganized the entertainment industry.

Ragga Dee who was set to launch in July before the fateful bomb blasts while Bebe was set for October, However, they have both shifted to December. It is believed it was Ragga Dee who announced first.

When we contacted Ragga Dee, he told us that just a few days back, Bebe Cool phoned him and requested he (Ragga Dee) postpones his launch to 10th December. Ragga Dee claimed he has been helping out artistes but this time he won't postpone.

He also claimed that he had a show when Bebe did his Return of the King concert at KCC grounds, but because of brotherhood, he cancelled his. But this time he is willing to go all the way.

Bebe Cool is currently in the states where he is undergoing rehabilitation following the January gun shots he suffered.

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Tuesday, September 07 2010
Singer Bebe Cool will dump his crutches and be able to walk and be bale to walk freely this Friday, Boston medics have told him. The Agenze singer started his physio and had surgery on Thursday and so far the results are encouraging.
Our USA snoop told us: "His doctors have told us the singer is already feeling much better and come Friday, he must dump crutches. The snoop told us: "His doctors  have told him he must not use the crutches again. They deter his recovery process."
The singer returns next month. Bebe Cool suffered around five bullet wounds this January.
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Monday, September 06 2010

Jose, Bebe, Radio and Weasel
Mother of Wars:
Without a doubt Ugandan artistes have taken their beef and fighting to another level. The latest from the land of Obama is that they held their shows on the same day but in venues near each other.

Our Washington based snoop told us, "There was chaos all over after the rival groups put up shows on the same date, at the same time and at venues adjacent to each other." Remember, the Goodlyfe were performing at the UNAA Convention where they had been invited by Ugandans living in the US while Chameleone and Bebe had been snubbed by the same UNAA guys.

"To get back at them, Jose paid his own ticket to the US and then decided to team up with young promoters Zink and Robert Kasule to put up a show on the same day the Goodlyfe boys were to perform." Our source added.

The shows took place last Saturday in Washington. We hear Moze and Radio couldn't believe Chameleone had just sabotaged their event. To make matters worse, the Bayuda singer teamed up with Bebe Cool who is in the US for an operation.

Now to give a clear picture of the situation, Imagine one group having a show at Kyadondo and a different one at KCC Grounds at Lugogo. We hear it was chaos in the US as Nkuba Kyeyo's couldn't decide where to go.

The two champs have since then been threatening each other. Meanwhile we have been informed that Moze Radio survived jail and deportation after he got into a fight with a lady. "After the show he was leaning he was leaning on her car and she politely told him to get off.

But all of a sudden he started abusing her; how her car is so cheap and how she was messing with a celeb." We hear he was sternly cautioned by police after he had begged and apologized to her.

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Thursday, September 02 2010

Folks in Wandegeya were left speechless when star Bebe Cool parked his Hummer car at a small store selling CD's and ordered for over twenty X-rated movies. Over the weekend Bebe stormed the city suburb at around midday with his nowadays raging BIG SIZE hummer and parked it on this shop close to the University hall small gate.

An unidentified dude jumped out and did the ordering while the big man chilled in the monster car. On realiZing the stir he was attracting Bebe cruised off and left with some scores of movies.

The singer left for Boston USA on Monday with his wife Zuena. They will be there for a month. What a ROMANTIC holiday they will enjoy.

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Tuesday, August 24 2010

The battles er rather wars between local singers Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine keep getting worse each passing day. The latest is that the 'Kasepiki' singer has yet again in bizzare and out of the way attacked 'Kataala' star's wife Barbie saying she looks like a chimp, so there's no way their women should be compared.

This was last Saturday as Bebe thrilled Makerere Students. A snoop told us, "He started bragging when students asked him to bring Zuena on stage." We hear he suddenly chipped in with something in the lines of, "Abaamu beelaga ku bannene, naye bakazi baabwe bafaanana nga zzike..."

loosely translated as, "Some people want to compete with big size when their wives are like chimps" He then went on to add that he is amused with some of the artistes who say he is katala for putting his wife in the video. "I don't mind those who call me Kataala. It's because I have what other artistes don't have, so they fell jealous."

He then summoned struggling upcoming singer and his wife Zuena on stage to show her off to adoring student fans. This is the latest in a series of well documented attacks that the two singers (Bebe and Bobi) have been trading against each other for sometime.

Related Photo: Zuena, Barbie Go Shopping

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Friday, August 20 2010

          Bebe Cool Finally Gets Big Size number plate
Star vocalist Bebe Cool has finally acquired the BIG SIZE number plate of his new monster Hummer H2 vehicle. Ever since he bought the powerful car in February, he has tried to acquire the number plate but in vain.

In fact it has always been believed he had failed to clear import taxes. Recently the car has been carrying an ordinary number plate in the UAN series. But lately it is said the singer received a huge sum of money from President Yoweri Museveni as compensation following gunshot wounds he suffered in January 2010.

Though it is not clear how much money he received, a massive $75,000 which is around Shs 165million. However our senior snoop bumped into the singer in a bank depositing Shs 70million.

He is meant to travel to United States for a final operation on his legs.

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Tuesday, August 03 2010

Charles Mbiire, the Kabale born tycoon a few years back spent lots of dime on a song that was a birthday present for his mum. The song 'Mama Mbire' sang by music diva Juliana Kanyomozi and the Ghetto president Bobi Wine was a hit that topped charts in this country.

Now we have heard that the tycoon is again in the process of having another one done for his loving mum. But this time round it will not be either Juliana or Bobi Wine but rather from either Chameleone or Bebe Cool.

Mbire is the wealthiest indigenous Ugandan, with an estimated net worth in excess of US$ 65 million as of Dec 2008. Watch This Space!

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Sunday, August 01 2010
 Hardly days after singer Sylvia Namugenyi quit Bebe Cool's Gagamel Entertainment citing poor earnings, she has come out yet again to say that Zuena has issues with her. A close pal told us, "Namugenyi clearly knows Zuena has issues with her but she doesn't know what they are.

She has never abused her or anything." We hear Bebe's wife has now resorted to threatening her. Remember just this week we told of how Zuena has assured the 'Akembarara' singer that she doesn't like her one bit while on a European Tour with Bebe in Denmark.

In fact a story is told that the Gagamel Crew first lad controls most of the singers under the label and she demands maximum respect from all of them at all times. Watch This Space because it could be the latest biff in town.
Related: Namugenyi Quits Gagamel Crew
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Friday, July 16 2010

           Bebe Cool's Guard, Bebe Cool and Zuena on the night and venue of the bomb blast
He claims he is a good friend to he President but when it's time to deal with terrorists, the number one in the country has no time for crap.

Singer Bebe Cool nearly faced the wrath of the Presindetial Guard Brigade's Special Forces when he tried to beat the security to enter the Kyadondo Rugby Club on Monday Morning as the big man toured the site of the Sunday Bomb attack.

A snoop told us, "He thought he could use that chance to tour the place with Museveni but special forces would have none of his crap. His usual "Don't you know who I am fell on deaf ears" 

They told him sternly that the place had been sealed from public access. We hear he Bebe Coiled his tail as Zuena grabbed her boobs and off they went.

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Monday, July 12 2010
Sometime back we reported how singer Bebe Cool's Bafudde DMC Range Rover 1998 Model had been parked in his sister's compound in Kiwatule for close to three months. We can now reveal that the ever bragging 'Bogolako' singer has sold it off at 'smiling price' to a Kampala businessman only identified as Tumusiime.

This businessman has been spotted cruising it on several occasions to and from his area of residence in Namugongo. We are yet to confirm the real amount the fella paid but close sources reveal that after acquiring a hummer, Bebe was more than happy to get the already rotting Baffudde off his back.

Remember this Range Rover that he sang the Bafudde song for. How time goes by!

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Friday, July 02 2010

Just when we thought we were about to witness another grudge album launch craze between arch rival singers Bebe and Bobi, something unthinkable has happened. Sources have told us the Kasepiki singer has chickened out from launching his album on the same day with Ghetto Gladiator Bobi Wine.

In this latest twist, Bebe wrote on his facebook wall: "Two things the press and public need to know about Bebe Cool. Im not replying Kataala in no song and am not holding no show on the same day with Bobi. He needs to get a budget to market his show...."

When asked about Bebe Cool pulling out of the album launch duel, Bobi said: "I don't care if he is launching or not that's business. But everyone knows he is a coward and as always I would have floored him..."

Rumour had it that the two were set to launch their albums on October 1. Just watch this space because this war of supremacy is just getting sweeter.

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Tuesday, June 29 2010

In yet another shocking attack on his long time rival Ghetto President Bobi Wine, Gagamel Crew Boss has again attacked Bobi Wine in a clip that is likely to start another war of words.

The rant is simply unbelievable and clearly marks out that the two are truly sworn enemies. Below we reproduce exactly what he said: "There is this business; what does he have and it was Bobi coming up with these issues trying to collect that sympathy from the public...oh...nina enju, nazimba, tayina nju, nyina beach ...huh..etaka lya Kabaka beach?

All those times will come. Secondly what is a beach? One acre of land?...huh...or two acres of land? Is that an issue? It is a non issue. What Should I say...aah...what does Resort have if you are calling Bobi's a beach?

Bobi clearly knows he has a landing site clean and clear...huh...he shouldn't talk about being rich...huh...he lives in Magere, for God's sake he (for emphasis) he lives in Magere...I live in Ntinda and in my house (this one) and Iam building apartments, six houses in Kiwatule, where a quarter of an acre is shs 60M plus.

But a piece of land in Magere...aaah an acre has just now come to about shs 30-35M. And I think he lives in his jungle alone there. It's good for the future in the next may be fifty years but I hope and pray he enjoys when that time comes because he also has got not to take drugs so that he can live for the next fifty years for him to enjoy when it finally becomes a town.

But now he lives in a village and he comes to me who lives in the middle of town? Huh and you are talking about a guy...(fails to utter a word) they should also mind their language and you know...aaahh...about riches, am very, very annoyed.

You go ask them about te cards of their cars or their houses, (waving arms dismissively) they don't ....they don't."

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Tuesday, June 15 2010

Singer Bebe Cool seems to be haunted by problems. Just after being thumped on stage in Denmark during his Tour of Europe, he returned back home to more embarassment. The crocked Kasepiki singer fell on stage at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds during a half time performance of the France Vs Uruguay match of the World Cup.

He had turned up to perform. A snoop told us, "Since he is still recovering from bullet wounds in his legs, he was given a plastic chair to sit on while he performed. Unfortunately, the chair was also crocked and it sent him packing on the stage"

We are told MC Fish came running to his rescue since he couldn't get himself up. He left the stage unhurt though.

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Monday, June 14 2010
             Cross Fire Bebe Vs Bobi
Another Grudge Battle - Rumour doing rounds is that local singers, Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine have yet again set same date for their upcoming album launches. The latest unconfirmed rumour exclusively reveal these two music giants have set a day sometime in October as the time they will unveil their rivaling controversial hits Kasepiki for Bebe and Kataala for Bobi at yet to be announced venues.

We were told Bobi was the first to announce his launch date and when arch rival, Bebe, heard about it, he decided to give the Ghetto President a run for his money. A source added, "Even though both artistes have not mentioned their album titles, the dates are already out.

Whether it will be Kasepiki Vs Kataala, I don't know. But Bobi has already announced his date while Bebe confirmed his as soon as he returned from a tour of Europe" Remember last year the two held their launches on the same day and each camp declared victory  even before what happened at the other concert.

And recently, Grace Nakimera vs Goodlyfe boyz was another blockbuster. However, we are now wondering if it's just the biff and fight for supremacy driving our local artistes to put up shows the same date or it's now a brand new way of minting a lot of dime from the unsuspecting fans. Your space is as good as mine, but watch this space!
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Friday, June 11 2010

They say people who sleep in glassed houses should never throw stones. Well, that is a lesson some people will never get. He recently attacked his arch nemesis Bobi Wine for buying a DMC Escalade which he added that he can't drive due to mechanical conditions.

But the shocking truth is that the Kasepiki singer is also not any better. Sources have reliably informed WTF that his old Baffudde Range Rover has been parked at her sister Maama  Tendo's compound in Kiwatule for three weeks.

Baffudde has had these mechanical problems for sometime now and the amount needed for repair could buy a brand new car. It's the reason why you haven't spotted it on our dusty roads for sometime.

It also explains why Bebe and wife were traveling in a Honda CRV before they got an accident.

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Sunday, June 06 2010
        Cross Fire Bebe Vs Bobi
There's no doubt that these two are among the great local artistes that have ever graced the pearl of Africa. Their hits have topped music charts year after another. To put it simply and in brief terms they are the celebrities in town every upcoming musician looks up to for inspiration.

But there's something outstanding between them. Its the biff. Yeah, we call it the 'biff industry' and these two have played a big role in developing it. We are talking about the Bebe Cool Vs Bobi Wine show-down.

Remember Bobi recently released a controversial hit titled 'Kataala' that some music pundits claim is a jibe aimed at longtime rival Bebe. Red Pepper managed to get to both artistes over the long standing biff and this is what they had to say:

RP: A lot has gone on in your life. how are you doing now?
BC: Doing very bad, Iam feeling a lot of pain and with many evil things happening to me, I'm trying to deal with it positively. I survived the accident and my car was written off but I will pull through.

BW: I can never understand you press guys. At one point It's ganja over dose and two days later you say I'm going to die any time. After a few days you say I might live. But here Iam.

RP: Talk about the Accident?
BC: We had gone to Soroti for an Electoral Commission campaign and I was part of the event because iam top of the charts at the moment. After the performance, we left for Lira. The left rear tyre had a swelling and  Tony the driver insisted we have to change it. He replaced it with a spare tyre and told me all was under control.

I drove up to Kafu got tired and told Tony to take over the steering wheel. After about fifteen minutes we had a puncture and the rest is history. Of course I can't rule out overloading because we were over five people.

I feared the car could go into flames because I saw smoke coming out. Some taxi guy drove us to hospital and we are out now. So here we are. (Bebe is currently on a tour of Europe where he was arrested but later released)

BW: I felt pity for the guy, because I knew that what happened to him could happen to me as well just like anybody else. I was among the first artistes to visit him in hospital when he got shot, but after the accident I did not go to see him because he also did not come to see me when I got admitted.

RP: How come you did not check on Bobi when he got admitted whereas he visited you when you got shot?
BC: Bobi Wine was not sick; he just faked the illness to get people's attention. He came to see me because I was shot. Every time  I go down with malaria, he doesn't come to see me. It is bad to take people for attention and look for newspapers attention. I even blamed Chameleone for going top see him. May be that is why he became so angry and he never came to see me after the accident. Yet when we it happened, he was right behind us. I don't want to put people into games.

RP: Bebe says you faked sickness. Is it true?
BW: If it is a Bebe Cool statement I won't respond to that because it is him anyway. Annoyed) I'm not surprised he told the press I was faking sickness. What do you expect out of him? I would answer if it was some one else's comment.

RP: Will you two ever stop fighting each other?
BC: We are not fighting. I just don't want to deal with him because of his ways; his music concepts depend on grudges.

BW: I used to give them a kick in the a***, but I'm now a changed man. I'm saved. Bebe is a "fre-nemy." He admires my lifestyle so much because sometimes he thinks he is me. He is a good boy who deserves to learn from Edutainment (getting education through the entertainment industry). He is one of my biggest fans.

RP: Talk about the dissing language you trade against each other in your songs?
BC: You see I brought up the concept of showbiz business in Uganda. We are not music people ; we are showbiz people. With show biz you have to shine and hit. My 'lamp' (Kataala) is brighter than his. And that is his problem.

BW: I use my music because it is my only platform. I compose my songs and you people fit Bebe in. If I sing about irresponsibility and someone comes in and claims that I have sang about him then so be it. I sing about a man who treats his wife like a slut and someone says I'm singing about him. If you fit the description then change your ways instead of complaining.
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Wednesday, May 26 2010
              Bebe Set for Euro Tour
Latest info reaching WTF indicates Bebe and Zuena who were involved in a car accident last week are set to go on with their planned tour of Europe. Previously there were fears the couple might not be able to go for the tour slated for this month.

That rumour has now been put to bed after it was revealed both Bebe and Zuena sustained minor injuries. Doctors though have insisted they should get time to rest so that they are able to heal completely.

A stubborn and arrogant Kasepiki singer told them off though saying he can handle his life well. We are told he will now go on with his tour that kicks off on May 28 & 29 in Sweden and Denmark, June 4 in Holland and then Germany  on June 5.

He is also set to take Zuena with him for cosmetic surgery to get rid of the scars on the face she sustained after the accident along the Lira-Kampala Highway.
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Saturday, May 22 2010

Omunene Bebe Cool and wife Zuena Kirema have been ordered to avoid sex for a full year. The two survived an accident by a whisker on Lira-Kampala high way when the Honda CRV they were traveling in overturned.

We are told the doctor told them it is high time they forgot about bonking. A source close to the doctors told us, "Bebe hurt his legs again and will now need more time to heal. The terrible news though is that Zuena will not have a mind blowing orgasm after she hurt her head and spinal cord in the accident.

She will need time to heal so she can be shafted." We are told in circumstances where a spinal cord is in shock or dislocated, people are advised to lay off hard work or exercises including sex.

Surely this will come as a blow to Zuena who was anticipating a crazy orgasm as soon as Bebe gets stable. They are currently admitted in the same room at Kadic Hospital.

Latest: Bebe Cool and Zuena Discharged

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Friday, May 21 2010

Photo: Bebe and Zuena at Kadic Hospital
Gorgeous Zuena Kirema suffered a terrible miscarriage soon after the accident, Red Pepper has confirmed. We have learnt from a pal that after the accident, Zuena lost a three old months foetus due to the accident shock.

The couple got an accident on Wednesday as they traveled from Lira after Bebe tried to drive against the doctor's advice. Agenze, sings Bebe cool, and this time it is not Zuena but the baby.

Bebe was informed that the two months pregnancy was no more after the wife bled like the relentless flowing rivers of the Nile. The crest fallen beauty couldn't believe her ears when the doctors revealed the saddening tale.

''She kept on sobbing and crying out, why us.....why us God," a family source told us last  night. Bebe Cool reportedly lost control as he continued to smooch his wife while driving. Bebe escaped unhurt, but Zuena was rushed to hospital while in coma.

Our sources say, the Kasepiki singer had prepared to release a new son in praise of Zuena for rewarding him with a kid. "Bebe wanted to silence critics that he is in control of the woman by planting a hot seed," a pal told us on condition of anonymity before adding: "Now the dream is shattered."

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Thursday, May 20 2010

Local musician Moses Ssali aka. Bebe Cool's troubles seem to hide behind his gate and follow him whenever he stretches out for business. Just days after he returned to the stage on being shot three times in the thighs by a security guard, the 'Kasepiki' singer yesterday cheated death by luck when he was involved in an accident together with his wife.

The self proclaimed 'Big Size' was on his way from Lira when his Honda CRV car swerved off the road and rolled after its front tyre burst. The accident happened in Nakasongola District at around 4:50pm.

Bebe was driving himself and his sex oozing wife was seated in the co-driver's seat. Before he left lira, DJ Brian wanted to drive the car but Bebe insisted on driving himself despite doctors warning him not to drive.

Bebe Cool had been taken to Soroti by promoter Balaam to promote Electoral Commission activities. He escaped with minor bruises, but Zuena and DJ Brian sustained serious injuries and were rushed to Nakasongola for first aid.

Zuena's head was hit sending her to coma. The cause of the accident is not yet clear, However, it is said at the time of the accident, Bebe was driving with one arm while the other was illustrating to sexy Zuena the parts of an insect which include the head, throat and abdomen and that Bebe was on cloud 9.

Although Bebe Cool's condition was not very bad by press time, Zuena was still badly off and she needs lots of prayers. The victims of the accident were later transferred to Kadic Hospital. In January this year, the singer was shot along with his body guard at Nakumatt after picking a quarrel with a police officer

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Wednesday, May 05 2010

It was drama at Parliamentary Avenue based Cafe Pap on Tuesday morning when singer Bebe Cool in the company of his wife Zuena and their driver failed to clear his bill.

The 'Kasepiki' singer who ignored the menu and straight away asked for juice, African tea before ordering for food got a shock of his life when the waitress brought a bill staggering Shs 105,000.

Cafe Pap is considered amongst the expensive restaurants in town where the corporate fellas strike their deals from. Now Bebe being a star, It couldn't have been a surprise that he ended up there.

The vage platter which he ordered goes for Shs 12,000 each while a glass of juice, irrespective of the type, goes for Shs 6,000 and tea is at Shs 5,500 respectively. A salivating Bebe ploughed into his meal not knowing there wa pay time. And the time everyone was waiting for arrived.

Since he likes to raise standards of fellow musicians (these guys rarely visit corporate hangouts), we never thought the worst. But it dully arrived. Bebe couldn't believe the bill of Shs 105,000 when the waitress put it on his table.

He started going hysterical, shouting and complaining before calling for the menu. After a long time of arguing, Bebe and Zuena complaining about the bill, they paid and left the place cursing.

Bebe, Its a lesson. Ask for the menu before you eat anything.

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Monday, April 19 2010

Just like how President Museveni has a biting 'dog' in Tamale Mirundi, Gagamel boss Bebe looks to be having his own 'dogs' to fight for him. Gagamel crew's Kiwoko boys a.k.a Eighton and Rainman are back with another song, Papaali, widely thought to be hitting at Bebe's arch rivals, Goodlyfe Crew's Moze and Weasel.

In the song, this gang talks about a group of people who go around showing off and undermining others. Their message is rather ironic as they go ahead to advise the unmentioned group to think twice, go slow with life, work hard and also use their eyes if they are to be more successful in life.

One local music critic adds: "There is no doubt about who these boys are referring to because in the same song, Eighton and Rainman are heard using words such as Ngenda Maaso, Bread and Butter yet these are the song titles for the Goodlyfe Crew"

It looks like the Kiwoko boys are making a career out of attacking the Goodlyfe Crew. We hope thos new song doesn't raise more biff dust between the two warring crews.

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Saturday, April 17 2010

Superstar Bebe Cool has been dragged to court again over unpaid debts, we have learnt. The Kasepiki star is being accused by one Timothy Kalungi for failure to clear shs 14.9million he extended to him in late 2007.

However it is not clear why he extended the loan to Bebe but it is believed Bebe Cool used the dime to organize a music show. The two parties are to appear before Chief Magistrate Philip Odoki on May 14. Interestingly it will be a week after Bebe Cool's return show dubbed Return of the King of the Stage

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Friday, April 09 2010
Time check is 3:12am. Location Nakumatt Parking yard, Bebe Cool was spotted Tuesday morning sharing out the proceeds from his Kiwatule Easter Monday concert in Nakumatt Parking Yard.
After successfully holding a massive ‘East African Carnival’ show Bebe could not hide his excitement and decided to pay off all the artistes whp had performed that night there and then. He was spotted by our snoops paying fellow artistes, Peter Miles, Ragga Dee, and Chameleone among others. He was in the company of his wife Zuena. The ‘Kasepiki’ singer drove into the parking yard in his blue Honda CRV and a few minutes later, he was joined by the gang of singers who received their dime and all disappeared. Well talk about a day gone well. But in the parking lot?
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Sunday, March 28 2010

Well it was long time coming. After Bebe was rumoured to be writing a song dissing Bobi Wine's Escalade, the Ghetto president has come out spitting ganja. Word coming in reveals Bobi Wine has answered Bebe's jibes about his Escalade being old, by claiming he is the richest musician in Uganda.

Bobi has been telling everyone who cares to listen that he owns the most expensive cars(15 of them), a posh mansion fitted with the state of the art equipment along Gayaza Road, One Love Beach in Busabala and that what he has achieved most of the musicians in Uganda will only dream of.

A source adds: "Bobi is ready to take on Bebe should that song about his Hummer come out dissing him simply because he knows Bebe can beat him when it comes to wealth." We hear Bobi went berserk after reading the story. Watch this space for this might be another war on our hands.
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Wednesday, March 24 2010

Bebe Cool will certainly sing about anything in his life and this does not come as a surprise. He will soon be releasing a song about his latest Hummer  He was spotted at the Lumumba Avenue based D-Records where he is said to be recording the song.

In the song he attacks Bobi Wine's Escalade and the Goodlyfe boyz for not owning 'sensible' cars. One of the lines goes like this: "Abamu beyita ba President naye Bi Escalade bye bavuga bikadde nebamala nebabiteka mu garage" loosely translated as; "Some people call themselves Presidents yet they drive fake/old escalades and due to mechanical problems they are now parked in garages."

Part of the song will include his mansion that is under construction in Kiwatule. With hits like Kasepiki, Bafudde and Agenze, you can be sure this will be a hit too.

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Friday, March 05 2010

          Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine
The battle lines have been drawn again. The Gagamel Crew headed by Big Size Bebe Cool is set for another clash with the Fire Base Crew headed by H.E Bobi Wine come Easter. Both crews are set to organise massive shows on the same day to gauge who is more popular.

Gagamel will be having a concert at Kiwatule Recreational Centre while Bobi is planning his at his One Love Beach. It should be noted that Bobi and Bebe launched their albums Namusanga Endeeba and Agenze respectively on the same day.

Both commanded huge crowds and no one claimed victory. A close pal of both adds: 'We didn't get to know who won the battle the last time both artistes launched their albums on the same day. So this time we need to monitor the attendances to see who is bigger'

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Friday, March 05 2010

Official Kasepiki Video
Bebe Cool will never stop at anything when it comes to flaunting his woman. Other than carrying her around as a trophy for all to see, he has now featured her in his new video, Kasepiki. The video was shot a few weeks back at his home as he recovers from the wounds sustained from the shooting at Centenary Park.

Gagamel first lady appears on various occasions dancing and actually singing alongside hubby.
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Friday, March 05 2010
Stars Dr. Jose Chameleone and H.E Bobi Wine’s new love affair is on the verge of collapse, thanks to AK47, Chameleone’s young trusted brother. A source tells us AK47 and Bobi are feuding over an unidentified gal.
It all started on Sunday night when Chameleone launched his Basiima Ogenze album at Resort Beach Entebbe. We are told Bobi developed interesting the gorgeous babe but couldn’t get a chance to talk to her. Then again the following Tuesday at Club Silk during the popular Campus Nite, Ghetto gladiator Bobi bumped into AK47 with the gal.
Efforts by Bobi to get to the gal were again futile. With the help of Banjoman, an infuriated Bobi forcefully chased AK47 away. This has not gone down well with AK47’s brother Chameleone. Watch this Space!
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Thursday, February 25 2010

               Bebe Cool Besides his Hummer at his Ntinda home
Superstar  Bebe Cool's Hummer has eventually got to town after years of waiting. By yesterday at 2:00pm, the H2 Hybrid 2004 model was at his Ntinda's home. The car is estimated at about USD 42,000 which is about 80Mn before taxes.

Bebe Cool has always wanted to own a hummer and this is a dream come true now that he has acquired it a pal added. He intends to put ''Big Size'' number plates. The acquisition of a hummer will cement Bebe among the top artistes in Uganda.

He now intends to buy a Cadillac Escalade for the wife which is also owned by Bobi Wine and Dr.Jose Chameleone. Bebe Cool is currently grounded after the 30 January shooting in which he was shot by Alfred Achikan.

The hummer is likely to ignite the biff that has been going on with the Goodlyfe singers Mozey Radio and Weasel.

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Thursday, February 18 2010
Zuena Kirema is panicking after she was told that Bebe Cool may become impotent and has resorted to Chinese herbs to make sure that does not happen. Word from Zuena's close pals is that she learnt from a certain physician in Mbuya that bullet wounds which Bebe sustained inches away from his balls could render him impotent.
During an interview with Bebe Cool last week, he informed us that his doctors had told him that he could not be able to bonk for around three months but it looks like the situation is worse than we had earlier thought.
Zuena is looking for drugs which will cost her a whooping Shs2M. This is not the first time that Zuena is resorting to traditional options- shortly after Bebe's shooting; we are told she had consulted a famous local orthopaedic in Kireka commonly known as Balibawo.
Meanwhile, we are told the Bogolako star Bebe Cool collapsed two times during rehearsals. He wanted to be fit so as to perform at the Basiima Ogenze concert at KCC grounds. We can't wait to see him on stage.
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Thursday, February 18 2010

Bogoloko Star Bebe Cool, even on his sick bed wants to prove he is extra large. After surviving death by a whisker following a shoot out at Centenary Park last month, the singer is already rushing the mending process.

Info reaching us is that Bebe has already embarked on intensive rehearsals for his now best friend Dr.Jose Chameleone's Basiima Ogenze concert slated for this Friday. We hear Bebe, who uses clutches and a wheel-chair, is taking Chameleone's show very seriously even if it means going through pain to be there.

We can't wait to see what his reaction is going to be when he learns he is going to share the stage with his arch enemies Radio and Weasel whom Jose has brought on board as surprise performers this Friday. 

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Wednesday, February 17 2010

A new singer has attacked Bebe Cool in a song he would not love to hear. The singer Bread Kenneth in his song entitled Bebe Kula literally meaning grow up Bebe Cool blames Bebe for all his woes & the fights among Musicians in Uganda.

Bebe recently survived death after a cop shot him five times in the legs. It had earlier been thought that enemies Moze Radio and Weasel TV who had masterminded the shooting. Bebe Cool has fought all singers previously.

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    Monday, February 08 2010

               Bebe Cool relaxing and thanking the lord for having survived the Jan 30 shooting
    Singer Bebe Cool has been discharged from Nsambya Hospital and his situation is improving. The moment Bebe was discharged, he went straight to Mulago hospital to visit the police officer who was also shot in the scuffle. The two have agreed on settling the matter diplomatically.

    There were fears that the Bogolako star would not walk again but Bebe is closing in on getting his legs ready for Chameleone's Basiima Ogenze album launch that will be taking place on February 19. The Gagemel Crew president suffered gun shots on the night of January 30.

    The President has agreed to clear Bebe's hospital bills that amount to more than 15M. Snoops caught up with him at his Ntinda pad as he played with his kids Thierry Alpha and daughter Beta. 

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    Monday, February 01 2010

    Super star Moses Ssali also Bebe Cool is on the mend after successful surgery at St. Raphael Hospital Nsambya where he is likely to spend at least three weeks following the horror gun attack. The Gagamel Crew president suffered two gun shots in the wee hours of Saturday.

    Fortunately, Bebe Cool is in a stable condition after a successful five hour operation by expert docs. The 'Bogolako' star lost a lot of blood following the gunshots and the surgery. After the R.Kelly show, Bebe, Zuena and a gang of six headed to Silk Oxygen and at about 3:00am they decided to relocate to Efendy's bar at Centenary Park.

    Meanwhile, Bebe Cool has released a new single titled "Akasepiki" which he has been promoting since Thursday and that is the very reason he had gone to Efendy's was to distribute the song. The moment he got to Efendy's, hell broke loose as the Goodlyfe crew led by Moze and Jeff Kiwamuka their manager demanded that Bebe leaves.

    A bitter war of words ensued between the camps and it is alleged that Bebe Cool slapped Jeff forcing bottles and glasses to take center stage and in the process partiers taking off for their dear lives. The bar owner one Malik was now sensing danger and called 999 right away that responded in record time.

    Bebe Cool and his Gagamel crew obliged and left moving towards Nakumatt side. Goodlyfe singer Gift of Kaddo, was in one of the Goodlyfe crew vehicles with a sex oozing mystery babe. Bebe and his Crew reached the car and one of the bouncers tried opening it. Police ordered them to leave with officer Anthony threatening to shoot.

    Bebe assured the policeman that the duty of a policeman is to protect and not to kill them. Already incensed, the unarmed cop, Anthony Achikan grabbed a gin from fellow officer and aimed at Bebe Cool but before the shot could go off, Cobra one of the bouncers stood right in front of Bebe to provide protection. The bullet hit Cobra's stomach. The cop was not done yet, he fired aimlessly hitting the bouncer two more shots, before hitting another bouncer Godfrey Kayiiza in the leg. The bullets also got Bebe Cool's nephew Allan Masengere in the leg while the singer himself was hit twice on the upper part of the thigh.

    Musicians and fans have been flocking the hospital including Bobi Wine and Mega Dee who do not see eye to eye plus friendly artistes including Jose Chameleone and Mesach Semakula among others.

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    Saturday, January 30 2010

    The 'Bogolako' star singer Bebe Cool was shot twice in the thighs by cops in a hot sex brawl as he tried to block the police from arresting his aide who was having noisy and steamy sex in the car. The incident took place at 3:00am between Nakumatt shopping centre and Centenary Park.

    Foot patrol police came across car number 278 UEC that was swinging up and down with funny noise bellowing from inside attracting sniffer dogs and cops. On coming closer to the car, they saw a couple having hot sex romps prompting them to stop the couple saying it was unbecoming and being disorderly.

    They knocked the car windows real hard but the couple was so defiant that they continued with the sex marathon. It seems the guy was just about to hit it. He later lowered the window and asked the cops to leave him alone but they threatened to call 999.

    Bebe Cool Arrives
    The man who we still do not know asked the cops that he should call his lawyers before they can arrest him. "He made a call and it was not long when Bebe Cool emerged from Centenary Park with about 20 mean looking men. On reaching the scene, Bebe asked: "What are these f***n police guys doing here? You guys what is your problem?"

    The scuffle degenerated into shooting as BebeCool's GAGAMEL crew pounced on one of the cops called David Oluka trying to disarm him forcing the second cop Alfred Okikang to shoot several bullets in the air. That type of shooting was not effective as the goons continued advancing on him. "The cop changed strategy and aimed for the legs and balls for Bebe," as narrated by a night guard at Nakumatt shopping center.

    In the process, Bebe Cool received two bullets in both thighs but the balls survived narrowly. As he fell on the ground, his Gagamel crew that were still standing fled in disarray. One of his bodyguards Allan Masengere aka Shortcut, Godfrey Kaiza and Bosco Kabobyo aka Cobra were injured in the legs, arms and stomach respectively.

    The romping couple sped away during the scuffle. Eleven used O condoms and a red G-String were discovered. Police is optimistic they will get the vehicle owner now that they have the registration number. By the time of filing this report, Bebe Cool was undergoing a deadly operation at Nsambya Hospital.

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    Thursday, December 31 2009

    Kampala partiers were treated to spectacular performances by a host of musicians in a concert dubbed Tondeka E Kiwatule on Boxing day. The chilly day began on a low tone with revellers braving a drizzle and entering the venue (Kiwatule Recreational Centre) as early as 10:00am and started showering themselves with drinks courtesy of UBL.

    The concert which was sponsored by Bell Lager, Guinness, Zain, Radio Simba, Capital FM and organised by Mase Consultants and Silk Events did not leave behind anyone as it attracted all and sundry; ranging from holiday-makers to old men and women.

    At 2:00pm, the fully packed concert was officially opened by MC with rib cracking jokes. Kenyan sensational singe Nameless, who also graced the show left babes drolling and throwing themselves at him with blessedness. He did not disappoint them either as he spared time to exchange telephone numbers with them perhaps for an after party.

    USA based lugaflow giants Batabazi Squad fired up the crowd with their Bukabuka hit, while Navio rocked revellers with his Buguma song. Jose Chameleone showed up in a lovy-dovey mood with his beeming sweet heart Daniella Atim, who tight marked him all through by even appearing on stage with him.

    Sarah Zawedde for once got many fans because of her attire and sexy queen dancers that left males pocketing. Straka Mwezi who has been in a state of hibernation since her Kiwaani wedding that was supposed to take place at Namboole Stadium, also appeared with Sizzaman on stage and provoked guests to inquire about the wedding.

    After being taunted so much, she re-assured her fans that 'Embaga ya Abantu' is still on and must take place in 2010. With DJ Shiru spinning the discs, Bebe Cool stormed the stage at 1:00am and blazed up the crowd with tracks like Prison, Munene Munene, Bogolako amidst intervals of insults and disses aimed at Bobi Wine and the Goodlyfe Crew.

    Seemingly annoyed, he referred to Bobi wine as "Baby Wine", "Moze Radio a cartoon mosquito" and Weasel TV a "dreadful baboon". Meanwhile, Zuena seems to be back for good as she physically sat in the main cubicle of Kiwatule from 10am till 1am and collected entrance fees from revellers.

    Although the crowd demanded Bebe to be bring Zuena on stage; she was too busy counting the dime while smiling from ear to ear.

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    Tuesday, December 15 2009

    The final results are out as Zain customers have chosen the five artistes to perform alongside R.Kelly in the 'I Believe' Concert set for January next year. Jose Chameleone has beaten all the musicians by far, garnering a massive 30 percent a head of Bebe Cool who got 16.7.

    Others are Goodlyfe duo Moze Radio and Weasel, GNL and Peter Miles who will provide the local flavour at the show. Sadly, there is no Cindy, Grace Nakimera, Iryn Namubiru or even Lady Mariam. The top five will now go on to share the stage with international artiste, R.Kelly at the widely anticipated Zain "I Believe Concert"

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    Sunday, December 13 2009

    He might claim to be the 'Omunene'  meaning the 'big one' , but debts seem to chase him like human fart and he is soon choking on them. For the said king of debts is in trouble again. We have learnt that Bebe Cool who has diddled many fellow singers who perform at his shows played the same dirty game on gifted song writer Tikita.

    The two are not seeing eye to eye, reason being that Tikita who has been  writing all Bebe's recent songs like the massive 'Agenze' plus 'Bogolako' hits, has not been paid for his services. We hear he is now threatening Bebe that he is going to reclaim the songs if he is not paid.

    Insiders at Dee Records where the deal was done, say that Bebe is mad about the whole thing and that even when he tried to promise the guy some dime soon for another song, Tikita just jammed and fumed vowing to pull Bebe's dreadlocks one by one if all his dime is not paid soon.

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    Friday, December 04 2009

    A fresh bitter war between pals Zuena and Karitas is emerging. Zuena has been slowly but surely dumping Karitas from the time she reunited with Bebe Cool. The pairs friendship hit the rocks last Thursday when Zuena resigned from the K-files show on WBS Tv.

    Zuena has been the producer of the show which airs every Wednesday. Karitas is very bitter with the move and she has vowed o revenge. A pal said: "She's completely nuts. She believes Zuena shouldn't have left the show. The pair have been pals and she (Zuena) has somehow been marketing it. She will never forgive her."

    As if that is not enough Bebe and Karitas don't see eye to eye.

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    Wednesday, November 25 2009

    Bebe Cool got a helping hand in his battles with on form singers Radio Moze and Weasel TV. Gagamel singers and Raiman have released a duet in which they attack Moze and Weasel and 'order' them to leave Bebe alone.

    The song is titled Kiwoko. In the song Eigtonz and Raiman also want the Goodlyfe stars to leave Bebe Cool's wife alone. They also tell him them that being born from the Minister happened and it will never change and that not everybody is born from a minister.

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    Sunday, November 22 2009

            Dr.Jose and Bebe Cool
    It was supposed to be a surprise for their fans, but our ever alert snoops have learnt that Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleone have been recording a joint album at Dee Records. We can confirm that the two artistes who are now struggling to have big deals in the industry want to use this avenue to get back to the top.

    The two have already done a joint remix of 'Bogolako', originally done by Bebe and it is ballistic. The recording sessions take place late in the night and the latest we have heard is that it is complimented with booze and casual sexcapades with sexy back up singers.

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    Monday, November 02 2009

    Gorgeous Zuena Kirema is back with singing hubby Bebe Cool but it looks like she's preparing her independent life. We are told she is now into MC-ing. On the 12 November Select Garments will show casing their latest fashions at Club Silk.

    Zuena has been going through some a crash course on MCing and TV presenting and looks like she has now graduated with flying colours from Karitas's private coaching lessons. She will test her new skills on the 12th and guess what!, Bebe Cool will be the guest artist for the night.

    Some of the models of the night will be reigning Mr. Uganda, Brian Lukeya, Uganda's hottest contestant Carol Nantumbwe and Ex Miss Ug Dora Mwima.

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    Friday, October 30 2009

    Face it horny fellas. Bebe Cool and his amazing wife are back as one. The two are currently relaxing and having fun in Kalangala. Bebe and Zuena left for the Island on Sunday and according to informed sources they will be back this Sunday.

    One said: "Bebe Cool is the happiest man at the moment. Ever since his mega Agenze launch at Kyadondo, everything has has been really going well for him. Zuena is back and he can see his kids daily. He can never ask for more."

    We hear the pair decided to hit the island to cool off after a year of hell. Zuena left the Munene Munene star late last year and went to her parents home in Jinja. She later returned to Kampala but kept a distance from her hubby. The pair made up before the 2nd October launch but kept the reunion a secret, but it is now not a secret anymore.

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    Wednesday, October 21 2009

            Mega Dee n Babe
    Mega Dee and Faith are having issues after she went for Bebe Cool's launch and yet Mega Dee was performing at Bobi Wine's launch. The two concerts were on the same day with Bebe's at Rugby grounds and Bobi's at Hotel Africana.

    Mega Dee wanted the mother of his kid to escort him to Bobi Wine's Carolina launch where he was performing but the lover opted for Mega Dee's enemy,

    According to close pals: "Faith believed she had her right to attend any show she wanted. Mega Dee believes he is the man andFaith mus respect him." The pair has been at loggerheads Faith and now Faith is thinking of leaving him.

    Faith works with Orange Telecom while Mega Dee is as broke as a church mouse these days. Ever since his flopped album launch early this year, he has been struggling financially. Mega Dee and Bebe Cool do not see eye to eye.

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    Tuesday, October 20 2009

                Bebe Cool to release ''Akomyewo" track
    Bebe Cool promises to release a new song celebrating the return of his gorgeous wife Zuena. He said this during the Tusker Project Fame grand finale party at Efendy's. The song tyhat he is already working on ie titled "Akomyewo".

    This will quell all the fuss that has surrounded the much publicized seperation. Meanwhile Zuena was sopotted last Thursday in club Silk during the pole dancing. "She looked extremely thrilled," an eyewitness added.

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    Friday, October 16 2009

    Astonishing word gathered by our snoops trailing Bebe and Zuena has unearthed shocking revelations. We are saddened to report that Bebe and Zuena have never separated and have been  playing games to amass dime in their sham break up story.

    It should be noted that Bebe has been known to play such games with Zuena ever since he deceived the nation that Zuena had gone abroad to give birth and yet she was hiding in a Muzigo in Kamwokya. We have now learnt that Bebe and Zuena pulled a stunt that Zuena had left their shafting crib, yet in actual sense their target was soliciting public sympathy and dime.

    The two lovers we hear are still together and have never separated emotionally. Though they've physically been apart we hear they've been secretly meeting for romping marathons time and off, where Bebe could claim he is taking milk for the kids.

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    Friday, October 09 2009

    Leone Island and Goodlyfe crews are again immersed in a bitter row over ex dream gal Rena. Very hot information reaching us shows that Singer Jose Chameleone is embroiled in sizzling beef with Moze and Radio over cute Rena.

    We hear ever since Chameleone shot his Vumilia video with Rena, he has gone head to shower wealthy favors on her. He has even gone further to record a song with her, something that has not gone well with the Goodlyfe boys, who claim they are the ones who made Rena a celeb, with the help of UK based Ssengo.

    Mbu nowadays Rena sells more than a hot cake and all singers want to have a bite at her candy.

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    Monday, October 05 2009

    Last Friday was a fully fun packed night as Ghetto President thrilled the fans at Hotel Africana to brace his new album launch "Carolina Namusanga Ndeeba". The concert started at 6:00pm with joy and love for Bobi Wine as crowds led by prince Junjju chanted for him throughout the night. The most out spoken politicians in the country, including Ken the Man, Boxer Nyakaana, Sexy Nabillah Naggayi and government critic Betty Nambooze attended in person to bless the launch.

    Butchaman entertained the crowds as he did his thing on one leg proving that disability is not inability. The Ghetto President sent crowds shouting when he sung his anthem "Bad Man from Kamwokya" The show ended at 1:00am as Bobi begged his fans to go home much as they still wanted more.

    On the other hand Bebe Cool was proving the Bib is Big at his Agenze launch. The crowd was unbelievable, the music exceptional, the sound system was superb and the pundits say Bebe's show can only be equated to the historial UB 40 concert.

    The widely attended concert was sponsored by Zain, Bell Lager, and Silk Events as Straka the MC who was pulling erotic dance strokes with her Sizzaman. Bebe proved so strong after attracting his estranged wife among the fans.

    Going by the crowds that attended, the state-of-art stage proved that the Omunene is indeed a musical veteran.

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    Friday, October 02 2009
    Zuena  Kirema has demanded a whooping shs 10,000,000/- before attending the Agenze launch tonight at Kyandodo Rugby Grounds. Reliable sources tell us Zuena was not to attend the show under the pretext that Bebe has not changed since their split.
    Bebe has endlessly begged and Zuena has reluctantly accepted to appear on condition that he wires the above sum out of the 33,000,000/-Mn that was paid to Bebe by Balaam. The money was supposed to be wired yesterday (Thursday) but even then, we have learnt that she will not appear on stage as widely expected.
    Last Sunday Bebe Cool was in Jinja on his knees for Zuena as it was being advertised in the media, but Zuena did not show up for the Jinja show. The pair split late last year with Zuena accusing Bebe of cheating. After the split, Zuena has been linked to a number of fells in town.
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    Monday, September 21 2009

    Promoter Bobkins Kibirige is selling Bobi Wine's Carolina Mu Ndeeba Concert set to take place at Hotel Africana. On the same night Bebe Cool will be launching his Agenze album at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds.

    It is no clear why Bobkins who was in charge og highly successful Moze Radio/Weasel TV Nyambura Launch early this year -sold the show but but it is believed he feared the competition. "Bebe Cool seems to be playing his cards well and recent research shows he might get more people despite Bobi's popularity in Kampala.

    Bobkins as a businessman is scared," his pal told us. Hmmmm!
    Photo: Kibo Media Guys

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    Friday, September 04 2009

    Word reaching us from Bebe and Zuena's love pad indicates that Zuena snubbed Bebe's efforts to catch up on lost love by refusing to go with him on a short holiday in Mombasa. Bebe had hoped to go with Zuena and family to Mombasa for a short four day holiday, but apparently Zuena claims she has to present K-Files on Friday with Karitas on WBS, so there's no way she can go.

    She also added that she had just come back into the country after traveling to Rwanda with Karitas, something that leaves Bebe with a jolt in the guts because he's not comfortable with Zuena's relationship with Karitas.

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    Tuesday, September 01 2009

    Zuena and Karitas were last week in Kigali something that led to Bebe Cool being admitted. On Friday the pair were sighted together but this time in wilderness. They spent the weekend in Mabira forest having fun but this time round with a mystery young lad.

    It is not clear if the "Agenze" star will collapse this time but he won't certainly like it because there were a lot of horny loaded men that were present. Zuena looked relaxed all through and bothered about anything.

    Bebe Cool who was discharged on Wednesday was busy performing at the Zain launch with Your Stars promotion. The Dance with Your Stars Promotion left many in Mbale yearning for more. The Obsessions, Maisha and HB Toxic dancers overwhelmed the crowd with their erotic grooves as they opened their thighs wide to expose their goodies that made males unstable and wail with a lot of excitement.

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    Friday, August 28 2009

             Bebe Cool and Zuena back in the days
    Bebe Cool was admitted to Mayo clinic last Monday on learning that the wife had spent the weekend in Kigali, Rwanda where they had gone with Karitas and a businessman in a Toyota Land Cruiser UAM 458K.

    Karitas who is a Munyarwanda by blood could occasionally leave Zuena with the businessman to go and check on her relatives. When the Agenze star learnt of this on Sunday evening, he collapsed only to be rushed to Mayo clinic moments later.

    Zuena was back in the country on Monday but only checked on Bebe Cool on Tuesday. "She spent the whole day with him, '' an insider said and all Bebe Cool could mutter was Zu (Zuena), lwaki Karitas Tomwesonyiwa. Oyo Omwana muleke' literally meaning Zuena leave Karitas alone.

    He was discharged by Wednesday.

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    Friday, August 14 2009
    After long time bargaining and pleading with landlords not to be evicted, ‘Agenze’ star can finally breathe a sigh of relief.
    Word gathered by our snoops that bachelor Bebe has finally appended a land title to his name and he’s soon to be known as landlord Bebe, after acquiring himself a piece of land of about 35 decimals in Gayaza about 37million.
    Though he surprisingly bought it cash down, he could have been inspired by Zuena’s demands that he builds her a mansion like Bobi’s in Magere. Trouble is that Bebe is soon to be close neighbours with sworn enemy Bobi Wine and we wonder how the two will avoid each other now that they are neighbours.
    Meanwhile, Bebe is taking Agenze launch to Jinja on 26 October so that he can win his wife back.
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    Tuesday, August 11 2009

    Mom of two Zuena Kirema takes full use of the ''no strings attached'' return to husband Bebe Cool. At the launch of the new club, Lounge Ocean, Zuena was in the company of Karitas Karisimbi. A few weeks back we exclusively told you of how Bebe and Zuena were back together, and yes we insist they are back together  but with no strings attached.

    Bebe can't restrict her from partying. Last Thursday she appeared in a thigh reaveling white dress that left men struggling for breath. That aside, Bebe Cool's son Alpha Thierry has been transferred to a less costly school that charges 300,000/- per term as opposed to the 1,500,000/- per term at Kabira International School.

    Bebe Cool will be launching his Agenze album on 2nd October.

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    Wednesday, August 05 2009

    Top stars Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine are at it again and this time round involving the top music promoters as well. The Gagamel Crew boss Bebe Cool will be launching the Agenze album at Kyadondo Grounds while the Fire Base leader Bobi Wine will be launching Carolina at Hotel Africana.

    The two top promoters Balaam and Bobkins will be equally locking horns as Balaam is in charge of Bebe Cool's concert and Bobkin's is handling Bobi Wine's. Short of that Bobi Wine is signed to companies like MTN and Nile Breweries where as East African Breweries and Zain Uganda will sponsor Bebe Cool.

    Of the two artistes, whoever flops could as well say goodbye to their music career.
    Photos: Bobi Wine Entertains Inmates , Bebe Cool's Q-Dancer, Bobi Wine and Barbie, Bebe Cool Hugs Daniella

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    Friday, July 31 2009

    Super star Bebe Cool is into things! UBL has pumped a massive Shs 100 million in the singer's upcoming album launch. Bebe will be launching his Agenze album on 2nd October at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds. Then on 4th October he will be at Resort Beach Entebbe.

    The album launch is dubbed "The Return of Bebe Cool". The album which includes songs like Nasalawo, Why Africa, Cartoon and Baboon, Agenze, and now the popular Bamugambe song. Telecommunications giants Zain Uganda has promised shs 75 million while Silk events package is shs 60Million.

    Stars Wyre, Naziz, Chameleone and Nameless will be the curtain raisers.

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    Friday, July 17 2009

    It has been cold nights for Bebe Cool but looks like that might be a thing of the past after being spotted in Masaka. Bebe Cool and Zuena booked in Zebra Hotel Masaka where they spent two nights together. Bebe Cool is currently on a Masaka tour that ends on 2nd August.

    This is a blow to all Zuena suitors who include a telecom hunk, Eric Obua and Moze Radio. The pair is certainly back because while in Masake Bebe and Zuena banked all the proceeds from the show on Zuena's Barclays Bank account. Just last week Zuena picked Bebe Cool's Beat FM Oluwombo performance money worth 2 Million shillings.

    Meanwhile with all that waiting for Bebe Cool other sources say he had gotten around with a Dembe FM Nyaru receptionist only identified as Christine. Watch this Space!

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    Saturday, July 11 2009

    Bebe Cool attacking Momo after the ''Hug" and Zuena
    Sometime last year Bebe Cool beat up a business man for touching his then wife and mother of two kids  Zuena Kirema on the butt. Moses Esimu who happens to be a good friend to the family defended his action by saying he was only hugging Zuena.

    Moses who sustained a cut around the eye as a result of the beating reported the matter to Jinja Road Police Station. The police swung into action and arrested the reggae star who in turn said that he was defending his wife from bad touches.

    The Nakawa court is now ready to pass the verdict on the 24.Jul.2009. What is hurting the reggae star the more is that even the Zuena he was defending then has long dumped him making it more of a double tragedy.

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    Saturday, July 04 2009

                      Jose Chameleone and Bebe Cool
    Troubled local artiste and sexually malnourished musician Bebe Cool is nursing his wounds of sexual starvation by devouring campus babes. Bebe after languishing with exalted sexual starvation when Zuena dumped him like a hot potato and after being thoroughly thumped by Bobi Wine's Fire Base Crew, was on Saturday smoked out at Wandegeya's posh Akamwesi hostel, room C33.

    He patiently waited for a gorgeous juicy babe identified as Sheila Ogwal, a B.Com external student at Makerere University. All this time Sheila had been attending lecturers  and when she returned, the two deeply embraced in a sensual way before Bebe pulled away painfully wincing, because he was still hurting from Bobi's wounds.

    The two touched orally for sometime before they headed hand in hand to Steak Out where they spent the best time of the evening together. Sheila wals all the time showering Bebe with intimate and wanton smiles as he held and gently stroked her hand, silently drooling over her apetizingly tempting body. The two later retired to some unknown location for more explorations.

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    Tuesday, June 30 2009

          Judith Heard and Zuena
                Photo:Nalongo Heard Listens to Zuena
    Zuena Kirema is on a mission to hurt Bebe Cool days after we were told she was dating one of the Goodlyf crew members Moze Radio.

    The 5m video that Zuena is to feature in is by none other than Dizzy Nuts who is not on good terms with Bebe Cool after the two fell out out on releasing a successful hit. In the Video Zuena will be acting as Dizzy Nuts good wife. The song will also have ex-dream gals star Rena Nalumansi.

    Zuena has given a go ahead on condition that Dizzy Nuts part with 5 Million Ugx. A pal added"Zuena clearly knows Bebe Cool and Dizzy Nuts are not on good terms but she wants to feature in his video. She knows she has to make money on her own. Any deal that comes her way she will take it."

    The video will be shot this Thursday by South African Video Professional shooters who are already in town courtesy of Suudi Entertainment.

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    Wednesday, June 24 2009

                        Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine are at it again
    Hottest information reaching our desk indicates that Bobi Wine is set to release a new song dissing Bebe Cool. After a scuffle at Nakivubo a few days back in which Bebe Cool apparently attacked Fire Base Crew and was thoroughly thumped, it seems the beef between the two local musicians is yet to spark new tunes.

    In the new song Bobi bashes Bebe for exposing his bedroom secrets and failing to tame a mere woman in his ''Agenze'' song which Bobi terms as cowardice and unmanly. In fact as Bobi's song ends he borrows Bebe's Agenze chorus with his original voice.

    Bebe is now in arms claiming violation of copy rights.

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    Sunday, June 14 2009

    Juliana Kanyomozi - The song bird is surely among the best artistes on our social scene.
    Shafting Rate: A true heroine, her shaftability Index is the highest on the radar. She has a kid and yet she has never been married.9/10
    Drinking Rate: She ain't that good in this business.3/10
    Dressing: It looks like Juliana has invested all her money in clothes. She is definitely up there in terms of clothes.
    Money: Really with no property to talk about, how can one say Juliana is rich. No House, no known business. She is doing badly!.
    Weed: Her eyes are always red and she's Bobi's great pal, 4/10.
    Cars: Juliana has been in the biz for long and she has just a Harrier to boast of. 3/10.
    Family Care: She has totally failed to keep a man but as long as she keeps close to her son like she does, then a 6/10will do for her.

    Bebe Cool -The Puss Puss star is definitely one of the top artists in Uganda no doubt but life has been hell of late for him.
    Shafting Rate: A whopper war hero whose offside sessions led his wife Zuena to run away from marital home.9/10.
    Drinking Rate: Yeah, Bebe is a muslim but he doesn' t give a damn. His drinking rate is amazing. From Ug, Red Labels, Grants to Bond 7 and Guiness, he has mastered the art of boozing.7/10.
    Dresssing: Not up and close. He can't be proud really. 3/10.
    Money: Bebe just like Juliana has nothing big to show for his efforts in the music industry. He has been promising so much but he delivers less. Just like politicians.3/10.
    Cars: He has a Range Rover and a Beetle convertible.4/10
    Family Care: He loved his wife no doubt the reason he has never settled again and his kids.He tried but his wife is frustrating his efforts.6/10.

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    Tuesday, June 09 2009

    The tension that has been boiling between singers Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine has finally erupted.. CBS Abby Mukibi had to intervene as Bobi seriously punched Bebe Cool backstage on Sunday at CBS' Ekitoobero.

    It all started when the AGENZE star during his performance said that there were only two big artistes and those are him and Chameleone. This pissed off Bobi who lay in ambush waiting for Bebe Cool to leave stage.

    As soon as Bebe left stage, Bobi punched and only had to be saved by Mukiibi who was standing nearby. Clearly the war between the two has just kicked off.

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    Tuesday, May 19 2009
    In a new song he mourns his runaway wife Zuena. The song is a lot better than Agenze according to music experts. In the song Bebe tells of how Zuena the mother of his two kids made a mistake of leaving him.
    This will put him in the competition for the awards. His Agenze album has been sold at a whooping 25 million to Balaam. The album launch will be sometime in August.
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    Friday, May 08 2009

                    Bebe Cool

    Munene Munene singer not single anymore. Looks like Bebe Cool's days of sexual starvation, thirst and cold nights are about to end.

    If Zuena thought she was the queen of his heart, she had better think twice. We're told that during Easter carnival, Bebe met a gorgeous Nyaru babe called Matilda Imana Kabanyana Francess.

    The two have been going around discreetly, painting the city red with hot passion. Bebe's right hand musician Rama Primes is acting as a decoy to confuse people. He gets the girl and they meet Bebe at African Village in Kiwatule where serious business kicks off. The two were spotted in a private Mercedes Benz at Nakumatt super market where they had probably gone to have a nice time.

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    Sunday, April 26 2009
    It’s a fact local music is going through its best times. I remember the days when Congolese Lingala with the likes of Koffi Olomide, Pepe Kale was selling like hot cakes in Uganda. Now that era is long gone. With our local music taking over. The like of Jose Chameoleone, Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine and Ragga Dee have spearheaded the revolution while up and coming artistes like GNL, Jamal, Moze and Radio, Weasel are bringing up a stiff competition and raising the standard of our music.
    But like any growing industry our musicians are facing serious beef between them . Now this is where the point gets in. It is not a secret that most of these songs are inspired by the beef between artistes. Here we decode the hidden meaning in the songs.
    Agenze-Bebe Cool One of the best songs of the new year, Bebe Cool’s Agenze as a way of pleading with Zu to return. And this has made it a huge success with fans.
    Zuena - Weasel TV and Mose Radio
    The Good Lyf Duo of Moze Radio and Weasel TV has always been known to have beef with Bebe Cool. The are always complaining that Bebe Cool doesn’t give them the respect they deserve. While they languished in Jinja road police cells after a scuffle with Bebe Cool at Club Palui, they wrote the song to get to him (Bebe).
    SITANI –Weasel and Radio – This was their work to get back to Chameleone following his Ba Yuda hit. Weasel is a younger brother to Chameleone while Moze Radio was mentored by Jose to become who he is now. They later fell out and Chameleone sang Bayuda talking about the pair’s betrayal. They got back at him in Sitani song.
    KIWANI-Bobi Wine
    This song is one of Bobi’s all time best. The meaning behind the song is how people in Kampala are not genuine in whatever they are doing. From conning people of their money in dubious ways to ladies wearing fake hair claiming it’s theirs.
    Mbikooye – Cindy
    Though we are not sure if its really true, sources have revealed that Cindy was hitting back at the Blu3 babes, Jackie and Lillian who chased her out of the group. Then also those who were talking about her after her nude pictures leaked. The song has since become a hit.
    Sigwe Onsimila – Mesach Semakula
    This Luganda hit grabbed the song of the year accolade and helped Mesach to bag artiste of the year. It was simply a success. But the meaning behind this song sources claim was acquired after a babe who was chucked by Mesach started rumors against his new catch. We hear the lady in question is a prominent singer in Uganda.
    Juliana was hitting at former boyfriend and dad of her kid Amon Lukwago. Juliana was always accusing Lukwago of cheating on her. Juliana was left down after the pair broke because of his selfish behavior.
    BA YUDA- Chameleone – This song is definitely hitting the Judas. Moze Radio and Weasel! Particularly Weasel since he is Chameleone’s younger brother who walked out on him.
    MAZONGOTO-Dr Hilderman – Dr. Hilderman’s song was a hit that caught Ugandans by surprise. That Hilderman was talking about the big double beds that have caused trouble in marriages because couples are far apart to bond after say a fight while others claim he was talking about big women.
    Bread and Butter - Radio and Weasel Again Bebe Cool comes into the picture. The boys were mocking his split with wife Zuena.Gorgeous Zuena went to Jinja after the split and in the song they talk about going to Jinja to pick her. Clearly showing Bebe is not a good lover. Mbu they are better.
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    Friday, April 24 2009

    Our alert snoops have for the past few weeks been spotting Zuena Kirema thronging the Kololo Acacia avenue based Bubbles O' Leary bar and Restaurant and wondering what would be going on. At this spot Zuena was always in the company of female friends who were usually scantly dressed.

    The shocker however came last week Thursday when our eagle-eyed snoops saw with their very own eyes Zuena cuddling and feeling very touchy feely with an old Muzungu man believed to be a pensioner from UK on holiday in Uganda thus solving the puzzle why she has been flocking O'Learys. It could seem she has hooked herself this pensioner.

    Also interesting to note as far as the Bebe-Zuena marriage is concerned, we hear that Zuena's family had given Bebe a condition of repenting his sins by taking Zuena and two of her brothers to Mecca this year along with him for a pilgrimage and upon return he could be allowed to take her back to his house.

    However news reaching us is that after Bebe Cool calculated the amount of money the trip to Mecca would cost which we are told is in the range of 10Million, he is said to have adamantly turned down the condition. He has said if that is the condition under which he is to get Zuena back, then she can as well stay at her father's place.

    Posted by: uowd AT 02:26 pm   |  Permalink   |  1 Comment  |  Email
    Friday, April 03 2009

    Zuena and Bebe Cool
    Looks like Zuena Kirema, Bebe Cool's estranged wife has moved on. According to Zuena's pals, she and her new catch want to make it public on Easter Monday during the ''East African Carnival'' at Kiwatule Recreation Center.

    Bebe Cool is the organizer of the Easter Monday show that will be taking place at his father's recreational center and so Zuena's new man wants to use the moment to ''sting'' Bebe Cool.

    Meanwhile close pals to Bebe Cool say he has given up on Zuena. He knew he had hurt Zuena but also did not expect her to take her revenge to this level. Zuena has also told close pals she is expecting but silent on who is responsible for the pregnancy.

    This has proved Bebe Cool's worst fears that the wife he wedded in a civil court has been at it with a man since parting ways last December. A pal added "It's true she could be pregnant, she's been to the doctors a couple of times and all results seem to indicate it is true."

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    Sunday, March 08 2009
    1. House Girl - Zuena was working like a washing machine, baby manufacturing, a cook and a baby sitter. Zuena could also wake up very early in the morning after long work out nights and prepare millet porridge before embarking on washing dirty jeans which shockingly could have used condoms at times.
    2. Uncountable Girl Friends - Bebe Cool has a girl friend in all the hostels around Kampala and he visits them every night to share huge bottles of Waragi and other spirits. On making rounds with all these babes, he comes back home knackered and cannot fulfill his conjugal duties.
    3. Spendthrift Like a Porous Sieve - Zuena tells friends that Bebe Cool is like porous sieve and that any dime he gets drowns in a bottomless pit as he showers it on city babylons.
    4. Serial Text Pest - He receives hundreds of SMS from his lusty fans at times when we are in bed and he would answer them even without looking at the handset.
    5. Porcupines Temper - Bebe has a fiery temper like that of a porcupine and that at times he could return home stoned and rumble like an earthquake forcing her to flee and hide under the be for hours and yet that is where he would be throwing his smelly socks and shoes.
    6. Turned Zuena into a Base Drum. - Zuena's pals add that Bebe having learnt to play at least one musical instrument, he had turned her into a base drum clobbering her whenever he felt like instead of strumming her gently like a spanish guitar.
    7. He is Mean - Zuena adds that the dreadlocked star was mean to her like a white heron and had relegated her to footsbish like a cow where as other real men are busy buying their campus babes RAV 4s Code named "Wampomede" 
    8. A Muzigo Fan - Zuena cannot cope with the idea of staying in a muzigo all her life. Other artistes are parading cribs all around with Jacuzzis and plush sprawling loans guarded by Alsa-Artians, German Sheperds and Dobermans, my Bebe is busy presenting an artistic impression of his house which only existed in dreams.
    9. No DSTV at Home - The former model adds that she is not comfortable with going to Bibanda and other public places to watch DSTV which she thought was an easy thing for her Reggae star husband to fix. Bebe actually wanted to fix the DSTV but was stopped by the land lord who did not buy the idea of drilling his muzigo.
    10. Home Like a Skunk's Den - Before Zuena left the home it was a mixture of fumes from waragi infested breath and carbon mugere to forge a foul smell that would make carbon monoxide shy.

    So for all to be well with the reggae star, Zuena has set conditions and once fulfilled she will return to his bed. The first condition is to lock his groin with a solex lock with a key permanently kept by Zuena and the second is for Bebe to buy a washing machine and lastly Zuena will be the Chief Accountant of Bebe's funds. All contracts should be perused through by her and all monies spent with her consent. Bebe should also not leave under the connotations of his name (Baby) but he should leave like a man.''Bebe must learn to be as meek as lamb and it's only then that I will open up all my gates for him unconditionally for him to explore to the deep end, '' Zuena wraps up.

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    Tuesday, March 03 2009

              Buchaman and Bebe Cool
    Buchaman has a new song out there in which he brands Bebe Cool a coward because of his Agenze Track which is about the break up of Zuena and Bebe Cool.

    Buchaman in his song is assuring Bebe Cool to solve his problems amicably and not yap about it in public. When Bebe Cool learnt of this he just laughed off and said he cannot fight him but then labelled him (Buchaman) lame in the brain department.

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    Tuesday, February 24 2009

    After a month in hibernation at her parents home, Zuena has been convinced to come back. Last Friday Bebe Cool of the ''Agenze'' fame left the home paving way for his run away wife and their two kids Alpha Thierry and Beata, to settle in. Bebe Cool will be renting somewhere else though not so far from his family.

    The celebrity couple split late last year over a girl only known as Laura forcing Zuena and the two kids leaving their marital home in Ntinda. Zuena has been constantly in touch with Barbie while in Jinja something Bebe Cool learnt of, and in a way he called Barbie to plead with Zuena to come back and indeed Barbie was touched, so she did the needful.

    Zuena accepted to this and a meeting was called brokered by Barbie, Bobi Wine's wife. It was a fired up meeting. Before the meeting could commence, Zuena first assured Bebe Cool that he sits and listens or she walks out of the room and out of his life. A panicky and trembling Bebe had no option but to adhere. The confident Zuena roared: ''You have hurt me, You have cheated on me, you broke my heart and you made me look a fool. Thank your stars I even accepted to talk to you." She then ordered him to do the following:

    • Bebe acquires an Escalade for Zuena to transport the kids to school.
    • He will not visit the family but can keep in touch on phone.
    • He should stop performing his ''Agenze'' hit which does not flow well for Zuena.
    • Undergoes a social probation for six months to prove himself worth reuniting with his wife
    • A bank account will be availed for Bebe to wire a fixed amount weekly.

    The meeting that kicked off at 11:00am on Friday ended at 3:00pm with Bebe Cool leaving having understood a 5 point ultimatum as outlined above. Meanwhile Bebe is hitting the studio to record a new hit "Lwaki Siyagala" translated as Why I don't want or Why I'm not Interested and he will release it with a Hummer customized with the title song.
    Read Also:
    Zuena Back Home
    Why Zuena Chucked Bebe Cool
    ''AGENZE'' Track Confirms Bebe, Zuena Split
    Bebe Cool, Zuena's affair on the Rocks

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    Saturday, February 21 2009

                    Zuena and Bebe Cool
    The reasons for her separation -not divorce because they were never officially married are many.

    Official introduction and Wedding
    Zuena demands that Bebe Cool should treat her like his real wife and he can only do this by introducing her officially at his and her homes, paying her dowry price which she shall name and then wedding her officially, like other celebs wives e.g. Daniella of Chameleone or Mariam of Ragga Dee or Bobi Wine who payed for Barbie ten Friesian cows.

    Bebe Cool is known to be a serial liar; he lies to everybody, his wife, his girl friends, creditors and manager. He's known to even lie to himself; a case in point is when he fooled the entire country into believing that he had taken his wife to U.K to deliver. But the truth was spilled when a Red Pepper snoop sniffed out his lie, and unearthed Zuena hibernating in a Muzigo in Kamwokya.

    Vulgar Tongue & Fighting
    Bebe is also known for using dirty and foul language and this has been attributed to the influence of American hip hop stars whose videos he's addicted to recently. He was appearing in court to answer assault charges in the process using so many strong words and in fact his song "Pus Pus" is rumored to have been inspired by his vulgar tongue. He was also jailed sometime back for assaulting a police woman with dirty words and touching the cops boobs. Bebe assaulted a man who caressed Zuena's bum with a barrage

    Her Sisters
    Beautiful as Zuena may be, she is not safe with her sisters around. He was nick-named ''mpiso teyesigamwa" by her friends which means "you can't lean against a needle it pricks". Zuena is convinced that Bebe lusts after her sisters and hadn't it been for her tight marking, he would have devoured them by now. Bebe's love for stage dancers, police women and campus girls forced Zuena to leave him.

    Zuena demanded an Escalade like Bobi's or at least a surf like Barbies and Bobi's mansion. She is tired of landlords demanding for rent which Bebe Cool can no longer pay and is about to be evicted from his Semawata road pad. Bebe is so broke that recently he survived jail over 16m debt. Zuena just can't stand a broke man and whenever Bebe stages a show, she storms the gate and demands for gate collections in millions, claiming its for the children. Bebe is experiencing the expenses of beauty and he has even lost weight because he is sure there are many hungry eyes eying Zuena.

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    Wednesday, January 14 2009

              Zuena and Bebe Cool
    Bebe Cool and Zuena have split for good and this is confirmed in his latest track ''Agenze '' which was sampled last Monday on his theme night at the Link bar in Wandegeya. This was very fresh from Dream studios where he had just recorded it.

    It is a dance hall lyrical tune that will definitely get everyone off their feet but with the lyrics everyone will sympathize with Bebe Cool. Bebe Cool and Zuena have two kids Alpha Thierry and Beata and in the song he talks of how hard he works to take milk home, but these days there is no one to take the milk. He also talks of how lonely he is and is urging Zuena to come back.

    They have been having misunderstandings since last year and the two had agreed to leave separate lives for sometime but now it looks like it is for good.

    Posted by: uowd AT 08:12 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
    Tuesday, December 30 2008

    Weasle TV, Moze Radio, Bebe Cool
    Just on Boxing day, singers Bebe Cool and Chameleone reunited in what is arguably the biggest concert of the year at Kiwatule recreation center with a massive stage performance together.

    And now word reaching our desk indicates that Bebe Cool will be in concert with Goodlife boys Weasle TV and Moze Radio, we can reveal. Insiders tell us it will be a musical battle between the pus pus singer and the Nyambura boys which will take place at Crested Towers based Super Paradise bar formerly Blue Africa on 31st.

    We hear the singers have already agreed to stop fighting each other once fans vote for their best after the performances. Looks like it will be interesting stuff, Huh?

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    Friday, December 19 2008

               Bebe Cool and Wife, Zuena at one of the PAM Awards ceremonies
                                Bebe Cool(File)
    Bebe Cool has quit boozing over health problems. Family sources tell us that the Bafudde star was at risk of death with high consumption of spirits and medical doctors told him to either stop and live or continue to drink and die. A family source says: "It was really simple for Docs. They told him he only had a chance of living if he quit boozing and he he did the best choice by doing away with booze."

    We hear his problem got out of hand when he developed a vomiting problem anytime every time he could taste the bitter. "He at first thought it was temporary but it had persisted. It was getting out of hand and really worrying him and his beautiful wife Zuena," the family pal went on.

    At first he had thought may be he had been bewitched. A few months back, he accused Mowzey Radio and Weasle TV of trying to bewitch him, but when he visited docs, they assured him that he had to stop boozing if he wanted to live. Now insiders tell us that he has quit for good. But can he?

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