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Bad Black and Bryan White

Bad Black on the case of the artists who were signed to the Podium

Socialite Bad Black while on her visit to Bryan White, who is battling with some stomach complications did not have kind words for artists whop were once signed to the Bryan White Foundation, otherwise called the podium.

Bad Black at Bryan White's

Bad Black breaks down on visiting Bryan White

"I can't forget what you've done for me since 2016, I pray that the good Lord heals you pretty fast. You built a house for my mom who was putting up in a mud thatched house then, she is now in a tiled house and can even watch DSTV, how can I forget you Bryan White."

Spice Diana lockdown goals

Spice Diana lockdown goals

It's close to five months since the country was locked down due to the Coronavirus that has not spared any sector. In Uganda, some measures have been eased and some sectors have resumed operations, though not fully as they have to observe the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in place.

Socialite Sipapa and his three wives

Socialite Sipapa real name Charles Olim has for a while been entangled with his three wives that include singers Serena Bata and Brown Shugar.

He also has another one called Sasha Samirah who is the last one standing.

Inset Sipapa is seen with two of his wives Serena Bata who jumped ship and Sasha Shamira whose parents he has just visited. Armed with a glass is Brown Shugar as Mugole Shamira enjoys her Audi ride...

Vivienne and SK Mbuga fight

Most battered women are fearful to come out and share their experiences about domestic abuse, but Vivienne Chebet Mbuga is not one of them as she came out using her wall to expose her hubby.

"Sometimes women stay with a dysfunctional partner out of fear that the next women will reap the benefit of the work she's put in. Nope."

"The next woman gets his same habits, dysfunction and pain."

Eddy Kenzo in Ivory Coast

Eddy Kenzo caught up with his fans over the weekend in the month of July 2020

Eddy Kenzo was live on Facebook talking about a number of issues, including how he is faring in Ivory Coast, a place he was supposed to be for two days, but has been for four months and he is still counting...

Zari next to her ride...

Tiffah and Nillan were being filmed by their mom as they enjoyed the latest addition to their fleet, a Bentely.

Hi Papa, thank you for my mom's car. It's so beautiful and warm..." Tiffah says while enjoying the comfort of the four seater super ride.

Im not his father, Eddy Kenzo

Sheilah Don Zella's son has the Musuuza name raising eyebrows on whether Eddy Kenzo is the baby daddy

Sitya Loss star, Edirisa Musuuza Nkonge Kiwalabye aka Eddy Kenzo, who is still in Ivory Coast waiting to return following the lockdown has issued a statement, distancing himself from the allegations that Sheila Don Zella's child is his.

Diamond Platnumz buys for Zari a Bentley

Zari joins the Bentley family

"I've bought a Bentley out of my savings, I am a hustler. I woke up one day and started doing my thing. This is not government money, I am using my brain. If anyone can bring the proof that this is government money, go ahead and produce the receipts..."

Kasuku faces off with Angella Katatumba-Uncut Sabula

Kasuku and Angella Katatumba

Zari confirms it did not work out between her and King Bae

King Bae just wanted to use me - Zari Hassan

Lydia Jazmine hurt by TV presenter who has constantly attacked her

Lydia Jazmine in a white VW convertible

Zari mourning Babu Tale's wife Shammy who died suddenly

Zari mourns Shammy Tale who passed on unexpectedly

Dubai police confirm arresting Instagram celebrity, Hushpuppi

Some of Hushpuppi's super rides that were impounded

Maldives is my next destination, Anita Fabiola tells hubby

Anita Fabiola and hubby Mark Ronald

I am not pregnant for Diamond Platnumz-Poshy Queen

Diamond Platnumz and Poshy Queen

Wednesday, 24 June 2020
Big Eye threatens to sue the President over Shillings 270Million
Saturday, 20 June 2020
Buchaman arrested after disrupting a NEMA meeting
Thursday, 29 August 2019
Uganda Airlines is back to the skies
Sunday, 11 August 2019
Sheebah Karungi latest news
Tuesday, 07 May 2019
Hellen Lukoma happy to learn that she is carrying a baby boy



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Tuesday, 02 June 2020
The three artists performed so well that they reminded the fans of the defunct Blu3
Thursday, 21 May 2020
Juliana Kanyomozi pregnancy pics
Thursday, 07 May 2020
Desire Luzinda
Tuesday, 02 July 2019
Sheebah Karungi held her housewarming party on July 1
Saturday, 29 June 2019
Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika in her office and inset is Eric Omondi helping her to tuck in
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Tuesday, November 11 2008
         Kassim and Juliana back in the days
Juliana lays bare her lovers and their selfish motives she also goes ahead to rate them on the scale of 1/10 in as far as using her to obtain money, fame sex is concerned. Juliana starts off by saying she has found love and Mr. Right is in Raga star Peter Miles. Juliana said that every other guy she has been out with has used her for money or sex-but in most cases they want fame. It has made it hard for me to trust people these days every one seems like he has an unholy motive.”
In this interview Juliana also says she plans to marry very soon and when she goes that path it will be with her best friend she has learnt to trust.
She starts with Eric Ssegane
  • Money 3/10
  • Fame 4/10
  • Sex 7/10
Eric was my first real love; we were young and just exploring. We met back in school at progressive and he was a Casanova being craved for by many girls so I had to find out what secret was there that these girls were looking for. With Eric I can’t say he was after the money or fame because I was a “nobody” at the time and his .On the scale of 10 he would walk away with 7 being that he is responsible for the loss of my virginity. We separated because rumour had it he was seeing someone else but anyway I had also got someone who swept me off my feet, but he was a passionate lover.
Amon Lukwago
  • Money 5/10
  • Fame 5/10
  • Sex 5/10
He was still a nkuba kyeyo Kampala wanabee. I was an up coming artiste and he seemed willing to be of help. He had a bit of money and he did not mind showering me with whatever it is I wanted. He exposed me to the world and in the process got me pregnant. It is unfortunate that we had to call it off due to some family problems but whether I like it or not he will remain the father of my child and that is a bond I cannot delete. He always wanted to make headlines that he could even go behind my back and give stories to the press about our private lives. He is however a cheetah in bed. He was always so fast as though termites were biting his $$$$ off.
Mujib Kasule
  • Money 6/10
  • Fame 8/10
  • Sex 3/10
He had the money and he is from a rich family. He wanted showbiz and in getting into a relationship he wanted fame. He always booked dinners at expensive hotels and he insisted we went to functions as a couple. Once we appeared on the pages of a local tabloid he gave a treat in return by taking me for dinner. On the hand though his sex is just basic as a toddler being taught the alphabet. He also knew that the rhythm was up and down up and down period. Other than that there was nothing more to him.
Qute Kaye
  • Money 2/10
  • Fame 10/10
  • Sex 3/10
Qute Kaye “Kali Kana Kato.” He did not appreciate me as a lady. He was after being associated with me. He thought that by doing so he could scoop the awards and gain recognition from his peers. He was not man enough. He did not have money he therefore could not offer the security and the worst bit is that his sex was not up the mark. There was a thrill that was missing and no wonder we did not last a month. There is no much I can say about him.
Kassim Ouma
  • Money 8/10
  • Fame 9/10
  • Sex 5/10
The super ace boxer came into my life at a time when I was facing media pressures. Every other man I had been with seemed like a loser. While on tour in the US I happened to stage a show in Florida his home state and he showed up. He looked me in the eyes and told me I look lovely. Much as I was used to people showering me with flirtations this particular one caught me off guard. I stared back at him and thanked him. He told me that he had an event where he wanted me to perform, so we set an appointment for the following day. On getting there, the boxer simply told me that he wanted to have lunch with me. We shared a meal and then hit the dating street. We were in love spontaneously and I did not seem to mind it. He took me shopping, guided me through all states in America and we painted them red. But looking at the pace at which we were moving I then realized that he was in it so I could help him return to Uganda. I sought out for him to be pardoned by the government and when I told him that he was free to travel to the country as and when he pleased he was over the moon. He then demanded that I convert to Muslim before he can marry me but then he was already marrying another lady and I thought that he could not meet the desires of my heart to my expectations. I called it off though he was man enough under the sheets. I was not ready to share him with anyone else.
That is how it has been in my wacky world of love-hate relationships but am now settled and one thing I would like to say to all “Mundeke Mwagale”
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