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Sunday, October 02 2011
            Meddie and Bad Black

All indications show that short time tycoon  Meddie Ssentongo must be doing badly cash wise. Our snoops reveal that these days  Meddie keeps hiding from places he used to go for fear of meeting people he used to hand out dime to in show offs.

Last week he was smoked out at Grand Imperial Hotel seated in a dark corner seemingly waiting for someone because all the two hours he wa in the place he kept trying calling someone on his mobile phone.

It is said that he has been trying to re-unite with his former bonkmate Bad Black in a move that seems to be targeted at getting dimes from her.

Since these days Meddie fears getting in public places because of his infamous Interpol scandal which is looking for him, he keeps meeting Black in secret hideouts like recently at Casablanca on a Sunday when the bar has few revellers.

Recently Meddie planted a story in the papers that he had traveled abroad yet close friends leaked info that he was hiding in his Ntinda pad to keep out of the social scene.

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Wednesday, August 03 2011

Bad Black having fun while the table reserved for Meddie was empty
This is surely a shocker. 3am desk has learnt with great amusement that fading mystery tycoon Meddie Ssentongo demanded for a refund of the dime he had given towards the preparation of Zari Mid year Fiesta at Garden City last Friday.

This was revealed by Zari herself on her wall. This is what she wrote; "Great Corporate party last nite (last Friday) with all the big names in the house. Black turned up with Syliva Owori and we blazed the place...Meddy was there and his other chic Prossy was in attendance...the list is endless."

Meanwhile Black was busy getting cosy with her new toyboy that same evening. But by asking for a refund, does this mean that Meddie's previously bottomless wallet is running dry? Well, all the evidence points to that because more recently, the showy lad was in the news for failing to pay Shs5M he had pledged towards Bobi Wine's wedding.

That used to be his pocket change. Watch out for details on how much refund he was demanding!

Posted by: uowd AT 07:07 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
Saturday, July 02 2011

Bobi Wine and Meddie

Mystery tycoon Sentogo Meddie has surely lost the appeal and respect that used to surround him. We have shockingly learnt that the flashy mystery tycoon was recently booed by the crowd after pledging Shs5m only towards Bobi Wine's wedding preparations to Barbie.

His star rating is plummenting further. We hear he has even failed to pay the pledge ever since i was made early last month. At the time he said his pledge, people heckled him querying what had happened to his so called inexhaustible bank account.

He hit back that Shs5m is all he could afford. But astonishingly, rumour is that he has even failed to clear that sum. How the mighty fall!

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Monday, May 09 2011

Ruby and Meddie an Item
Self styled moneybags, Meddie Ssentogo is back in town and has decided to keep a low profile. We are told this could be  because he has  found a new love to replace Bad Black. The lucky gal is McKenzie's ex, Shantal Ruby.

A source close to the young moneybags says: "He (Meddie) has told everyone to keep it top secret because he does not want it o get out." Well I guess that only expressed the opinion of one party because Shantal has been over the moon with her new catch.

She even edited her wall to reflect that she is 'in a relationship with Meddie.' Snoops spotted the new love birds at Club Rouge last Saturday and did not care who watched them.

The two did not leave each other's side. Fortunately for them and unfortunately for us, Bad Black was not in the vicinity. We would have loved to see her expression. But I guess time will tell if this pair will actually last.

More  stories on Meddie and Bad Black

Posted by: uowd AT 12:36 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Sunday, May 01 2011

Hamida with Meddie
They say when the cats are away the mice will play. Now that Bad Black is keeping a low profile and loaded lover Meddie Ssentongo is still in the states, the hang-on babes are misbehaving.

Hamida Kibirige, a babe who connected Bad Black to Meddie Ssentongo, the mysterious city moneybags, was on cloud nine last Thursday night in Club Silk. The babe revealed to whoever cared to listen that she had returned from South Africa, where she had gone for holidays.

Well, the story is that Hamida and a bunch of belles occupied one of the corners and started uttering vulgarities ad showcasing erotic strokes, which was a result of the too much booze.

They downed three bottles of Amarula; Tequila and Smirnoff. It seemed they wanted to prove that they were spendthrifts like their bosses.

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Black Hides From Singer Keko Over Dime

Posted by: uowd AT 02:56 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Thursday, April 28 2011

Renowned city gal lady Latifa Nalumansi better known as Bad Black has sent for a splashy new car and wants to 'throw' away her monster BMW X6 following her accident last week.

The bad girl moneybags rammed the monster machine into a traffic road sign just on the turn at Cham Towers when she lost control while coming from Jamaican duo singers RDX fan's party in Club Rouge.

Now a close source tells us that Black views the car as scrap. Black, according to a source has already ordered for a new vehicle, which should be in the country in a few months time.

Meanwhile Black's showbiz boyfriend Meddie Ssentogo has bought a state of the art brand new GMC Yukoni Denali car worth Shs 200m. The loaded fella is currently in the States on holiday. He is set to return soon.
More stories on Bad Black and Meddie

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Friday, April 22 2011

Meddie Ssentogo

Aren't you also wondering where self styled young money, Meddie Ssentogo is? Well, the reason why you haven't bumped into him with his long line of hungry looking bodyguards is because the fella is out of town; precisely in Boston US.

However, his stay in the land of Obama has not been as smooth as he had anticipated. Sources within Boston have reliably informed us that while there, he tried to show off like he usually does around town and the Nkuba kyeyos put him in his rightful place.

We hear last week, he stormed one of the posh hangouts in the Central Boston which is usually congested with Ugandan fellas and announced that he is 'Meddie and was buying a drink for everyone.'

Unlike Kampala party animals who would have scrambled for free booze, they simply told him off. Some were heard shouting at him 'Take those village antics back because we can afford to buy booze for our selves and on top of that  we are not here to get drunk but just to relax."

A deflated Meddie stormed out of with his pals and relocated to another hangout.

Posted by: uowd AT 10:06 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
Wednesday, April 06 2011

Mida and Julio

As you read this, self styled tycoon Meddie Sentongo's sister Hamida Kibirige is off to South Africa for a two weeks bonking spree. We have been reliably informed that Mida as she is commonly referred to by friends, left early last week to meet her longtime nkuba kyeyo boyfriend Julius Mugerwa.

Amd we have been told taht ever since Mida reached there, the two are inseparable and are bonking themselves mercielssly. Our South African based snoop told us that teh two lovebirds are enjoying the holiday as if there is no tomorrow.

However, from the info we got from a colse pal, Mida might even prolong the holiday since she can't stand missing Julius' tomahawk. We have also been told that Meddie is the one behind the sponsorship of their holiday.

Posted by: uowd AT 01:06 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Wednesday, March 30 2011

Could this finally be a crack in his armour? Could it be signaling an end to his short lived empire or there is something brewing behind the scenes that we are yet to know. Now info coming in is that Meddie Ssentogo has plucked off all the personalized number plates from his fleet of posh vehicles.

A source told us; The personalized plates have been removed. He owns posh cars like Range Rover Sport, Tundra, Mercedes Benz among others that had number plates ranging from 'Meddie this to Meddie that'.

Snoops further confirmed that he even no longer cruises them but has instead opted for small cars like Mark II and Premios (he is nowadays spotted being driven in a white premio UAP 245 N)

It looks like the rumour about him and Bad Black being on the interpol's wanted list is gaining more ground. Watch this space! More Meddie Rides

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Friday, March 25 2011

         Bad Black and Meddie
Uganda has witnessed many mysterious tycoons who come, shine and wither like flowers. A few years back Ezra made newspaper headlines because of his flashy lifestyle which included giving out blank cheques and telling false stories like bringing the first Lamborghini to Uganda among others.

A few weeks back he was arrested in Kenya for having issued bouncing cheques to the tune of USD 200,000. It should also be recalled that he paraded USD3m as pocket change before the press for all to see.

Here is Meddie Ssentongo who as things go could be another Ezra in the making.
Meddie is a self styled tycoon who has hoodwinked Ugandans by bank rolling some scribes, socialites and politicians so as to divert the attention of masses from querying the source of his dime.

His source of income is not very clear though he says he's into real estate. He is described by his 'booty-lickers' as one who gives out a car when happy and dollars when in a good mood.

They add that it helps to hang around him if you will jump when he orders.. Just don't speak to him in English, stick to Luganda. Among his group, Meddie is the only one who is yet to go behind bars.

The likes of MC King (he was nabbed in Kenya over drug trafficking before he was mysteriously released) and Ezra have already been caged.

Split with Bad Black
Another mystifying lady who is perceived as Meddie's fiancee is in town dazzling revellers with her extravagance. Calling herself Bad Black the lady moves with a crew of female friends to top hang-out spots.

Meddie and Bad Black's relationship doubles as a financial relationship and sexual. They met in Kampala when Bad Black hooked up a loaded German pensioner and introduced Meddie as a brother in-law.

The German pensioner wired USD2M dollars so that the 'brother in-law' could kick off with the hotel and real estate business but recently the two got involved in some disagreements and chances are Bad Black has leaked the details to the German pensioner that the projects for which he wired the money did not kick off.

Photographs of well finished buildings were scanned and sent to the pensioner who became very happy sending more money in the process. The pensioner has now learnt of the whole deal and has filed a case with interpol.

Posted by: uowd AT 12:37 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
Tuesday, March 22 2011

         Chameleone, Meddie Fight  Over Table at Rouge
We knew there was no love lost between former pals turned enemies; singer Jose Chameleone and Meddie Ssentogo. As you read this, there is bad blood boiling between the two, we can exclusively reveal that there was untold drama and an exchange of hot words between the two at Jinja road based night spot, Club Rouge on Saturday during the White Carnival Party.

Trouble started when Meddie in the company of his bouncers found out that Chameleone together with his Leone Island Crew had occupied his VIP reserved table. And according to snoops, that is Meddie's favourite table.

But the defiant Mambo Bado singer and his group who had been lined up to perform had come earlier and settled at the table. Please by managers to shift to another table fell on deaf ears. So when Meddie and his entourage stormed the night spot they were shocked to find that the reserved table had been occupied. This is when the drama started.

The self styled young money bags ordered Chameleone and his boys off his table but the Leone boys who seemed to be in Utopia asked Meddie, 'Who are you to order us around.'

All this time Chameleone was smiling with satisfaction as his boys took on Meddie in a verbal exchange. The intervention of Gareth Onyango, the organiser of the party didn't move the defiant boys.Meddie was later overheard telling Chameleone; "situula na kawawa" translated as "I don't sit with flies"

And after a long heated exchange, a frustrated Meddie and crew decided to relocate to the bar counter. He was seen gnashing his teeth and shaking his head like a wounded lion  seething with anger at something he termed as 'lack of respect from the man he gave a free car.'

After like 30 minutes without locating a seat, Meddie left the club but not before demanding that 'Chameleone taks back his car' In retaliation a defiant 'Basima Ogenze' singer retorted by echoing hiss previous words that 'he should come and pick his garbage.'

Meanwhile, snoops have learnt tat something could seriously be wrong in the Meddie Empire. The splashy and showy fella was spotted moving in a Toyota Premio UAP...N that evening.

Speculation is now rife on what could have happened to his fleet of monster rides that include Meddie this and Meddie that (pun intended). Could there be something strange about to explode in his kingdom? Just Watch this Space!

Posted by: uowd AT 11:01 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
Monday, March 21 2011

He came, he saw and he was almost conquering but it looks like that will be from somewhere else. According to snoops, owners of top Clubs in town have ordered their DJ's to stop whispering or mentioning Meddi'es name while playing music in the clubs.

We hear people have been complaining that they go top these clubs to have fun but not to listen to Meddie's name bing mentioned over and over again. A source told us, "The no-nonsense tycoons don't want their clubs to be personalized and they want equal treatment of the customers. So they have ordered the DJ's to stop making Meddie the music which people dance to or risk their jobs."

Most of these clubs are based in Industrial area. To many revelers Meddie Sentogo's source of wealth remains a mystery while others claim he is just a wannabie and will go down Ezra style. Watch this space! More on Meddie

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Monday, February 28 2011

'You Gave me Garbage', then rants 'come and pick your scrap'
Just when you thought singer Chameloene should be on Cloud 9 singing praises for the mystery tycoon, Meddie Ssentogo, he instead comes up with a shocking verbal attack. According to our reliable sources, the Bayuda star is accusing Meddie of offering him a 'scrap' instead of a posh car he had thought he had gotten.

It should be remembered that the showbiz world was awash with news that  Meddie had donated his BMW convertible to Chameleone. They even went ahead to hold a handover ceremony where revellers galloped booze like there was no tomorrow.

It has however emerged that after driving  it for for few days; Jose finally decided to dump it at Garden City. Before it was parked, NEMA nearly arrested Chameleone for air pollution since the car was like a moving chimney.

A snoop told us, "It has been parked at the shopping Mall for close to one week and Chameleone claims a man of his stature can't drive such a crap." He has even been telling close pals that  "He (Meddie) should go and pick his scrap where he had parked it."

If he refuses I will the proprietors of Gate Rich Quick through selling scraps' to give small dime out of it. Further more, as you read this, the police are ready to tow it away as the management of Garden City can't allow a car to stay in their parking yard. Watch out for more!

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Sunday, February 20 2011

Meddie, Bad Black Split Over Bebe

Young tycoon Meddie Ssentongo has officially split with his fiancee Latifa Nalumansi commonly known as Bad Black. Reliable sources reveal that Meddie decided to end their rollercoaster affair after she (Black) became so close to star singer Bebe Cool.

Meddie, we are told, is not happy with the way Bad Black has been spending money on Bebe Cool's family. He even suspected an affair in the disguise of philanthropic work a few weeks ago when black joined Bebe Cool at Mulago Cancer Institute.

Last month, Bebe Cool surprised everyone when he told the public that he was supporting a cancer stricken girl in Mulago Hospital and Black dished out a whooping $20,000 to Bebe to look after the girl.

Later, Black started a relationship with Bebe's wife Zuena and to sum it all, Zuena won a brand new Morano from Black as a gift for allowing her 'work' with her hubby Bebe. Later Black also promised to help the Cool complete their unfinished pad in Kiwatule.

On Wednesday when President Museveni was in Luzira, he met some of his young NRM supporters and actually chatted with Meddie for 5 minutes. It is said, Black has also tried to chat up the President but still in vain.

She later tasked Bebe Cool to help her also meet Museveni in Kololo during the last campaigns that were in Kololo on Wednesday. Black had been convinced that since Museveni had once met Bebe when he was bed ridden in hospital after being shot, he would use the same courtesy to help her meet Museveni.

She gave Bebe Cool a whooping $10,000 to help her meet Museveni unfortunately, it backfired. Bebe and Black have also been seen in different spots around Kampala. On Saturday, the two were seen in Club Silk together.
City Glamour Girl "Black" Speaks Out
Meddie, Black No More?

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Friday, January 28 2011

It is a fact that these guys are loaded at an early age. They spend money in this town as if they own a granary of it at home. But to the surprise of every one, the source of their dime is still a mystery. This is because these guys were yesterday living a humble life but have all of a sudden jumped from the physiological needs ladder to self  actualization.

They have become money bags in a twinkle of an eye. Today our investigative team will show you the inside story through which these guys have been able to make money in just a small time.

Ivan/Zarie Hassan - When they left Uganda for South Africa these two lovers were just ordinary fellas who had no money. Fast Forward. They now have lots of dime. They have amassed massive which they don't fear to show off. They recently finished constructing a mega hostel in Kikoni, Makerere.

They have a house in Munyonyo, fleet of posh cars, a boutique in South Africa and a school called Brooklyn City College.

Moses Balyeku - He is in his early 30's. This young man has risen from nowhere to become Jinja's number one tycoon. Although young lads know him as a wolokoso fellow, all we can say is that the guy is loaded.

After his senior six, he joined Monitor Publications as Marketing executive. Around 2003, he moved to Dubai and became friends with the oil sheikhs there. He then set up a state -of-art restaurant there.

When he came back to Kampala, he set up a printing firm; World Point Group where he has earned a fortune. He then set up Baba FM in Jinja and is building a youth centre near Jinja Hospital.

This NRM flag bearer for Jinja West constituency is also in the business of importing cars. He has a fleet of over 30 cars that include a Cygnus, Benzes, Tundra, several Ipsums and Toyota Premios.

Meddie Sentogo - Now this is true young money. At just twenty eight years, Meddie cannot complain to God. He has all he wants. Little is known of his wealth but there is no doubt he has the dime. He is into real estates.

On Thursday, last week he was spotted with a big bag full of money at Garden City. He is believed to eb in business with super minister Amama Mbabazi and Amelia Kyambadde. He splashes over Shs 10m a week in night clubs. He drives only the best cars.

He owns a Range Rover Sport customized as Meddie 5, he also owns a Tundra customized as Meddie 4 and a Mercedes Benz convertible Meddie 3. He recently donated Shs 30m to Godfry Nyakaana.
Still to come:
Moses Matsiko,Balaam Barugahare,  Latifah Nalumansi aka Bad Black and David Katumwa.

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Thursday, January 27 2011

          Bad Black and Bebe Cool
Word reaching our desk indicates bad blood could soon begin boiling between star singer Bebe Cool and young tycoon Meddie Ssentongo. Reason being lately, Bebe Cool has been quite close to Meddie's lover Latifah Nalumansi aka Bad Black.

In fact the pair was on Monday evening spotted at Mulago Hospital (Cancer Institute) at around 3pm. The pair arrived in different vehicles. It os not clear what deal they have, we are told, has not gone down well with Meddie aka Young Money. At a certain point, Bebe Cool drove Black's car from the parking lot.

A source confirmed: "Bebe has been in touch with Black and they have been meeting. It is not clear what their deal is but it must be serious business." A snoop from one of the telecoms also confirmed that on Sunday, January 23, 2011 the two communicated on phone and planned to meet at a certain night spot to discuss.

It is not clear whether they met. But clearly the pair has been meeting. Tycoon Meddie Sentongo is a renowned bad boy in town. Last year, he allegedly knocked singer Dr,. Jose Chameleone over his then lover Dorah Muganga.

Meanwhile a source close to Bebe Cool intimated to us that Bebe Cool could be trying to get some funds from Black for his new charity. In fact on Monday when the pair met, Black had $15,000 on her watch this space!

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Thursday, January 20 2011

Once again mystery young tycoon Meddie Sentongo proved he is a tycoon  when he splashed a whooping Shs30m at an introduction ceremony at Godfrey Nyakana's Munyonyo Lake Victoria Beach.

The Kwanjula was for one of Kampala LC3 boss' brokers, identified only as Sadat. Meddie walked in with his bodyguards in his convertible customised Meddie 3. He arrived at 5pm and sent the crowd in wild jubilation.

In his usual swagger style, he was given a honorary seat before other city tycoons like Ephraim of EM Plaza and others. When he was given chance to speak to guests and the new bonkmates, he simply said: "I give the new official couple Shs 20m as start up and this Shs10m is for Godfrey Nyakana to help him print more posters for his campaigns."

He gave out the money in cash. More articles on Meddie

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Sunday, January 09 2011
Meddie and Friends in a hotel in Dubai
Meddie Circled and friends in a hotel in Dubai followed by Pee in the hotel room she shared with Meddie and then Pee with close pal and whooper war hero Tracy Bora in Dubai.

Yet another loaded chic has come to claim that city young tycoon Meddie Ssentogo is her man. This hot babe we have come to learn is called Kyeyune Pee commonly known as Prosper. A close pal to both Meddie and Prosper told us how the two have been goping at it for months.

A source said, "Two months back, city celeb Meddie met a certain lady named Kyeyune Pee who is popularly known as Prosper. Now this a woman who is known to be having three kids but still goes around partying like the world is about to end.

The two realised that Kampala is indeed too shabby to let the roof down, therefore it was suggested that a trip be quickly arranged. The decision was made to travel to Dubai where the high and might go to enjoy life with the Arab sheikhs. They arrived in Dubai in company of Meddie's little sister named Kibirige Hamidah, Sumi Solo and another guy yet to be known.

They checked into a hotel and for several days continued to party hard. They were seen in clubs such as Palm Beach, Nite Club and Zinc located on sheikh Zayed road. In fact, they were once or twice seen gulping down countless glasses of alcohol along with Tracy Bora, who visits dubai as if it is just crossing over to Kigali and not overseas."

A source further went ahead, "From what transpired, I do not know why either Bad Black Latifah or Dora should be fighting." In the pictures, you will note that it is the same hotel room that Meddie is seen reading his emails from where Prosper shot her own pictures.

In the meantime, Proposer has been seen driving around Kampala with a tattoo on her arm and all smiles thinking her travel secrets are well guarded.

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Sunday, January 02 2011
      Meddie Adds a Tundra to his fleet of cars
Young Tycoon Meddie Sentogo also known as Young Money has imported a state-of-art Tundra model 2010 after his former bonkmate Dora Mugamba smashed his SUV Range Rover. The Tundra has a Meddie4 number plate.

The machine is a left hand drive. The smashed Range Rover is a Meddie 5 while he has a convertible registration number Meddie 3. The Tundra is a V8 and its engine is CC5000 V8. He bought the vehicle just days before christmas.

Last Thursday, he turned heads at Industrial Area based Club Silk when he arrived cruising it. Once in Silk Oxgen, Meddie bought endless pints of booze for pals. Most of them left staggering while others simply blacked out.
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