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Wednesday, 24 June 2020
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Saturday, 20 June 2020
Buchaman arrested after disrupting a NEMA meeting
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Thursday, December 29 2011
First Published: 02-Sep-2011
Drop the Guns - It is believed that beef has helped some of our countrymen attain celebrity status. From hard hitting songs to spending luxuriously so they can be seen as better, richer, popular, our celebs have done it.
It is more like what was originally in the western world was imported to our local scene. Some, beef on order to screen to attract media attention and stay in the spot light, others beef out of ego or bonkmates.
But regardless of the cause some of these celebs have beefed for long and today TGIF would like to see them kiss and makeup.
Chameleone Vs Weasel - These brothers Joseph and Douglas Mayanja can't cross paths without throwing venomous insults at each other. Weasel accuses his elder brother Chameleoe who he will never forgive for raping his (Weasel's) babe some time back. These blood brothers need to come to terms.

Juliana Kanyomozi Vs Iryn Namubiru - Sincerely, it has been over two years since these two aging sexy babes began beefing. Their anger against each other stems way back in the days when Iryn deserted the duo and their music career and went with Frank her French man.

But more than a decade down the road, these two have become established musicians and deserve to call a truce and move on. It is not that Iryn is responsible for Juliana's being unlucky in love! We dare Juliana and Iryn to reunite and stage a reunion concert.

Judith Heard Vs Zari Hassan - Another classic case of egos clashing! The two top city socialites disapprove of each other's status, beauty and wealth. Nalongo Heard and Zari once exchanged gut wrenching insults on Facebook.Whether they beef, slender Judith Heard will not grow as big (size) as Zari and the reverse is true for Zari. So bury the hatchet already! 

Navio Vs Atlas - The two hunky rappers do not approve of the other's rapping skills and this sparked off their beef. Sometime back, they exchanged blows outside Club Rouge.
Their music is not as hot as they are because most of their fans who by the way are babes, flock their shows and scream their lungs out not because they like what they are wrapping but rather because these guys are hot.

Sharon Nalukenge Vs Helen Lukoma - Sharon O accuses her former groupmate Helen Lukoma of poaching on her baby's father, Ronnie Mulindwa. Whether the accusations are true or not, it happened a long time a go and both have moved on.

Besides, Uganda' representative in the just concluded Big Brother Amplified Sharon O has already tight marked her territory by giving Ronnie Mulindwa a baby boy. She needs to stop being insecure  and try being friends with Helen again.


Bebe Cool Vs Bobi Wine -There's has grown from beef to biff and is a classic case of clash of egos. They were once the best back then when Firebase was just starting where they even had a collabo 'Funtula' attacking fellow singer Jose Chameleone.


They later fell out due to unclear reasons. Nowadays Bebe and Bobi can't see eye to eye without going for each other's necks because each claims he is bigger than the other but who cares, the fans know better. They forget that the two have egos.

Posted by: uowd AT 11:09 pm   |  Permalink   |  3 Comments  |  Email
Saturday, December 03 2011

Uganda's most accomplished female singers Juliana Kanyomozi and Iryn Namubiru are set to step on one stage since they resumed their bitter rivalry. Fresh details coming in is that the two artistes have confirmed their attendance at the Superstar Kids Xmas party slated for December 18 at Kololo Airstrip.

A snoop told us; "Both singers have agreed to perform for the youngsters to make their Christmas memorable. But the question is whether they will be able to share the same stage after renewing their beef." Both singers have kids who are expected to attend.

Remember, the two superstar mums long standing beef is said to have resumed immediately after Iryn was named PAM Awards Artiste of year 2011 earlier in November. According to sources, when Juliana won artiste of the year 2008 she apparently taunted Iryn.

But after scooping four gongs including artiste of the year 2011, with her hit album Birowoozo, Iryn hit back in their tussle of supremacy. The two have not seen eye to eye since their days under I-Jay all girl group back in 2000. Kid X-mas party might re-unite them.

Posted by: AT 09:19 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
Saturday, November 19 2011

Artiste of the year 2008 and Artiste of the year 2011

Two of Uganda’s most accomplished female singers Juliana Kanyomozi and Iryn Namubiru are said to have resumed the bitter rivalry. Fresh details unearthed by snoops on this long standing beef say it resumed immediately after Iryn was named PAM Awards Artiste of the Year 2011.
According to sources, when Juliana won artiste of the year in 2008 and in the process becoming the only female singer to have won it, she apparently taunted Iryn. During that time Juliana used to tell friends that Iryn will take years to achieve what she had achieved in music.
But three years down the road, Iryn has scooped more than six accolades including this years artiste of the year for her hit album Biroowozo overtaking Juliana in the process. To add salt to the wounds, the last two years where Iryn took almost all titles before her , coincides with the same period that Juliana wasn’t even nominated in any single category especially in this year’s awards.
This has prompted music critics to predict the end of the Nabikoowa stars music career. Pals have further revealed that Iryn is now taunting her former friend turned rival that she is a gone case.
Remember the two divas started out their music careers together under the I-Jay all girl group back in 2000. They later split but the animosity between the two has never been a secret. Watch this space!
Posted by: uowd AT 04:48 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
Friday, November 04 2011

Juliana and Kidum performing at Club Rouge recently
Info coming in is that city diva Juliana is so close to Burundian singer Jean Pierre Nimbona aka Kidum. The two kicked off their closeness when they collaborated in the hit song 'Hatarudi'

One close opal intimated; "Kidum feels Juliana is sexy and he feels her a lot." We are also told that the Nabikoowa star rates him highly. Snoops couldn't fully ascertain whether the two have ever hit off romantically.

But certainly during his recent show at Club Rouge where the two performed alongside each other, signs of affection were visible.

Posted by: uowd AT 12:00 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
Thursday, September 22 2011
Juliana close to top intelligence boss
Unlucky in love songbird, Juliana Kanyomozi has yet again been linked to another top intelligence boss. Rumour within the spy body is that one of the top bosses is seriously close to 'Sanyu Lyange diva'

One of the guy's aides intimated to us; "Our boss is close to her and they usually meet in exclusive places for talks." Apparently she is most of the times picked and dropped by the spy boss' powerful SUV tinted ride.

Juliana has been connected to several city dudes like Amon Lukwago (father of her kid). boxing flop Kassim Ouma and loaded Mujib Kasule, Proline Academy boss.
Posted by: uowd AT 12:11 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Friday, June 10 2011

Life is Good - Juliana to shift to her new pad
Diva Juliana Kanyomozi is set to shift into her new plush pad located in Lungujja soon. Our sources have revealed that the Nabikoowa singer's multi million pad is near completion and as you read this, it is just two months away from being totally completed.

We were told; "The pad has been fitted with state-of-the-art equipment. It has a health facility, swimming pool among other amenities." We hear by the end of August, Juliana will be fully comfortable in this mega house.

Surely life can't get better than that.

Posted by: uowd AT 12:40 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Friday, June 03 2011

Juliana Vs Litz - Some unconfirmed rumours are still going around that songbird; Juliana Kanyomozi will never forgive Litz who snatched her ex-boyfriend and father of her son, Amon Lukwago.

She blames Litz for all that happened between her and Amon. Close pals to Juliana revealed to us that. 'she will never forgive her because she (Litz) is the reason why her son is growing up without his dad's direction.'

Bad Black Vs Shantal Ruby - This is a new beef whooper beef on the social scene. One is Bad Black and another is Shantal Ruby. Reason for their beef stems from the self-styled city tycoon  Meddie's dongle.

The two haven't come to a physical fight yet the kind of verbal artillery being exchanged on their walls is shocking and deplorable. Shantal dumped Brian Mckenzie who is the WBS TV and hot FM presenter and was rumoured to be dating mysterious city tycoon Meddie.

She later proclaimed her feelings to Meddie on her whole world to know. This did not go down well with Bad Black and this sparked off the beef. The two now can't see eye to eye and we are sure if the two ca meet in secluded place, it's only police that can separate them.

Related - Bonking Wars -They Have Traded Punches Over Sex

Posted by: uowd AT 10:01 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
Friday, May 13 2011

Breakups are hard. There is no question about that. And I guess they're harder when both you and your former are famous. There's no getting away from memories of him or her when you're both splashed in papers.

But there is such a thing as over mourning, and these celebs are guilty of that. Because no one should waste time being hung up on an ex, we have designated today as National "Break Up with You Ex" Day.

Straka Mwezi-Sizzaman
We don't actually have a specific ex in mind that Straka should get over, but here is an abbreviated list: Charles Oimuke, military guy, Lil Tony and Sizzaman, for good measure. Straka's stock -in-trade has always been endearing her fans but I guess putting off the men in her life.

Chameleone - Dorotia
I read with surprise that Chameleone was actually pissed with ex and mother of his first born daughter, Greant Osea was actually set to wed. It is not like he is going to marry her so why all the resentment.

Juliana Kanyomozi-Amon Lukwago
What's good for the know. Juliana's breakup with Amon seems to have sent her into a strange spiral. First there was this brief dalliance with Kassim Ouma.

Then she was allegedly linked to Peter Miles. It all seems a bit showy, no? Like she's daring Amon. Our suggestion is that she moves on and tries dating someone.

Ken Ntaro-Desire Luzinda
We first encountered him as singer Desire Luzinda's boyfriend. Just as his ex-squeeze Desire reentered the public eye as Seya's good friend, Ken released this gushing statement: "

"I have moved on and I have a new gal in my life" only to retract the damning words later. To us, it sounds a little like the ex doth protest too much.

GNL-Becky Emons
Becky has a top spot on si many lists: including the Oh My Lord, Woman, Get Over You Ex Already list. And of course her overly hyped fling with singer GNL, that saw him spend a night in the coolers

Posted by: uowd AT 09:43 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
Saturday, May 07 2011

Uganda's Music Industry is fast growing with many artistes coming on board everyday. Artistes are known to be spendthrifts catapulted to fame through their superstar lifestyles. The big artistes like Jose Chamelone, Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool, Juliana Kanyomozi and Iryn Namubiru who strengthened the music Industry have minted the dime to live the dream.

Despite the influx of new talent, these chaps still earn big to maintain the status quo. The new kids on the block are also doing well financially. The old and new artistes are all minting dime from live performances at concerts, unplugging sessions in various bars and clubs, signing long term contracts with corporate companies and performing at social gatherings.

All their earnings are tax free. OMG team unveils how artistes are accumulating dime to build houses, drive posh cars, guzzle the bitter and shaft hot things.

Juliana Kanyomozi - She's an early bird. She does not have many new songs to her name but but Juliana is a brand. The sexy voiced singer charges Shs3m for upcountry shows. For city shows, book her  slot if you can afford Shs2m. She also mints dime from performing at corporate and social events.

Ragga Dee - This veteran singer and probably the richest musician cannot perform at the show for less than Shs2m. He earns mainly through jingles from companies like NBL.

Goodlyfe - Moze Radio and Weasel TV are steadily making their weight known on the music scene. They have organised many album launches which they sell to Kibo Enterprises in advance. For example, they sold 'Ngenda Mumaso' launch at Shs39m. They also ask for Shs 4m for shows.

Grace Nakimera - She is fairly new in the industry but she undoubtedly billed as one of the most expensive artistes. Grace will not perform at your function unless you fork out Shs 3m. She prefers to perform at corporate events I guess because she she hates the hassle of showbiz promoters. Grace also earns big from album launches.

Mariam Ndagire  - She's a selective performer and charges Shs2m. However, exceptions are made for functions of frinds and relatives who she charges paltry 800k. She also makes loads of dime through play and script writing, lecturing and acting.

Desire Luzinda - Although her music is not known by many, curvy Luzinda's charges are high. She asks for Shs 3m. She performs mostly at private functions and house parties for the wealthy.

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Thursday, April 14 2011

Juliana(T), Bad Black(B), Jackie, Desire and Rachel
Pin it Down - Have you ever wondered why while some girls are yelling yuck, you will find most dudes screaming ohh yeah when their babes have pierced navels or tongues and eyelashes? Apparently, apart from one looking sexy and chic, it also shows some kind of strength and power in a woman.

Hhhm, no wonder the majority of our celebs are running to have this craze fulfilled. Well gals, if you want to look exotic, just go and get sexy piercing. Trust me you'll be chic.

Desire - Hhhm, which gut wouldn't get the desire to have a small piece of her after looking a the sexy body; especially that long navel ring leading you down to her paradise? Well she was as well strong enough to get a stud on her nose. Call that sexy.

Jackie Chandiru - You might have spotted her with a python in one of her videos and wondered; the power! Well she undoubtedly has all the might for she was daring enough to pierce almost every part of her body.

Rachel K - Speaking of might, our very own Punk Rock star is more daring than the mighty power. Apart from changing her hair at least uuhmm..20 times, she was Gyal enough to pierce her nose.

And to add a little icing on the cake, she has a big ring to prove her point. Go Rock Star!

Bad Black - She has certainly brought out the BADNESS in her for sure. This loaded sexy ''Black'' babe has shown us that indeed money can buy everything; be it power and uhm, the little piercing on her eyelash. Big Ups Badness.

Judith Heard - It's not so many words, soupy Heard had has proven to us all that not only does power come from dollars and pounds. It also comes from courageous and daring enough to get both her navel and nose pierced. Yup there goes some guts.

Juliana Kanyomozi  -This long time Ugandan sexy song bird was considered the first to see the light in the art of body piercing. She has had a simple lureling stud on her eyelash for like a decade.

Not only does it make her look gorgeous. She looks young and chic as well.

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Sunday, April 10 2011
Love is a beautiful thing and it's all that we crave for. But at times, it hurts so bad that you may never get out of troubles, especially after the break up. We unveil women whose ex-lovers have never been the same after they called it quits.
Desire Luzinda - Ken, Ken Ken! He was a young, prosperous businessman when he was still in  a relationship with Desire Luzinda but after their split, everything changed. The break up haunted Ken and efforts to replace Desire have yielded nothing.
Ken's fame was somehow affected and although he is trying  to up the game again, it's been quite an uphill task.
Juliana Kanyomozi - She dated Amon Lukwago for sometime and the couple has a kid together. But ever since the two separated, it has not gone well with Amon. His business empire declined and he sold off his Liquid Discotheque in Masindi.
Amon is now living a low profile life with Liz, his girlfriend. He no longer appears on the social scene and functions as he used to. Meanwhile, Juliana briefly dated US-based Ugandan boxer-Kassim Ouma but when they separated, Ouma's life changed as well.
He has never been good in the ring as he used to be. In fact he has never won any game again and we no longer hear about him.
Iryn Namubiru - Talk to Qute Kaye and then ask him about Iryn Namubiru, you will see the guy flush. Kaye, who came to fame with a hit single Ginkese,' was dubbed Uganda's R.Kelly. But guess what? It all turned upside down after he dated Iryn.
He has never done anything sensible in the music world since then. He stumbles every time he tries to get up. We hope and pray that one day one time, things will work out for the brother.
Zuena - Remember her short stint separation with Bebe? The singer changed from the one we are used to and in an effort to win her back, he became someone else. He then sang songs to woo her back. Without Zuena by his side, he isn't himself. That could be the reason he is trying to make her a singer - to always be with her on his musical shows. Now if .I mean what the hell is this?
Straka Mwezi  - Oimuke, Kid Fox, Tony, where are they now? Looks like Straka - whose love for dating young boys has gone beyond imagination- has a way opf breaking up. This is beacuse everyone she dates instantly fades into blivion. Kid Fox who has been in the music industry for more than ten years now, is still considered an upcoming artiste.
Among those who have ever dated Straka, Ssizaman is the only one who is doing well. Let's keep our fingers crossed and see how far he will stay around.
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Thursday, March 17 2011

She was seen cruising a new ride while shopping
Songbird Juliana Kanyomozi looks to have found her groove back. Days after we revealed how 'unlucky in love', Juliana outed a new song-Alive Again, (which we are told is dedicated to her new mystery dude) we spotted her on an evening out.

The two were spotted at Shell Ntinda opposite Hardware World where they had stopped to buy a few items. A snoop told us,  "She was cruising a silver grey Pajero Mitsubishi Shogun UAP... S series.

From the supermarket, they were seen holding hands, entered their car and they sped off." Snoops couldn't easily identify the dude because his face didn't look familiar but the probability of the two being close was all evident in the way they were laughing heartedly.

Could she have finally found love at last after being disappointed by the likes of Amon Lukwago? Time will tell.

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Monday, March 14 2011

Top Diva Juliana Kanyomozi outs new song 'Alive Again' -believed to be dedicated for her new man responsible for her pregnancy. The new song is already hitting the airwaves big time and it is believed it will spearhead her come back.

Lately Iryn Namubiru and her a few other female artistes have overtaken  Juliana as musichots. But with this new song Alive Again, music pundits believe Juliana is back. A few weeks we revealed, that Juliana was rumoured to be pregnant and many thought former Cranes International Mujib Kasule could be responsible for the pregnancy.

Now this song, some people believe, is dedicated to the ex footie ace. In one verse Juliana sings: "I feel alive again, in a brighter day. I never wanna be apart another day." Alive Again song runs on a Zouk-Afro danceable track.

Over ten men have been rumoured to have dated Juliana. Some of them include a top city tycoon, Bobi, DJ Michael, Amon Lukwago, Phillip among others.Read more about Juliana

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Sunday, March 13 2011

Josephine, Juliana, Cindy, Debby, Daphne and Irene Birungi
Stars and Socialites who were recently ballooned or are rumoured to be preggars - It seems like every time you turn around, another celebrity is pregnant: there's always one or more sporting well publicized baby bump.

Want to know which of your stars and Kampala socialites has been swimming in spoof without head gear? Well, we bring you the scoop of all those who had live romps and are presently showing signs off pregnancy and those who have been rumoured to be baking a bun in the oven.

Juliana Kanyomozi - Rumour making rounds is that songbird (or  is it former songbird?) Juliana Kanyomozi is pregnant again. The singer who has a 6 year old son Keron with Amon Lukwago could be around two months pregnant.

It s also rumoured that the baby could be Proline boss Mujib Kasule a former boyfriend who could now be her current!

Cindy - Ayokya Yokya singer Cinderella Sanyu who recently got engaged to her longtime on/off boyfriend Mario has more than the engagement to celebrate; She is also five months pregnant.

Recently at Club Rouge Cindy showed off her rounded baby bump in a tight black top with purple sequins. Looks like we are not going to see any more raunchy dance moves - at last not in the next four months! This comes after her former group mate, Lillian Mbabazi, gave birth to a bouncing baby boy last year.

Debby Sempaka - After recently declaring she is more into chics than guys, celebrated city man-eater and South African based Ugandan model, Debby Sempaka, is rumoured to be pregnant.

She is believed to be baking a three months bun in her oven. She was spotted at Maternity Clinic in Seguku where she had gone for antenatal checkup. Although she has met many guys the fella responsible is yet to be identified.

Daphne Basiima - The certified serial dater is rumoured to be around 3 months pregnant. Like Naila Salim, there will be contention on who is responsible for this Kampala socialites baby. But a one Eddie a friend to Goodlyfe, is a prime suspect.

Daphine has dated Weasel and a chain of other musicians and Kampala tycoons. So it could be anyone. It is said she is extremely excited and can't wait to drop the tot!

Josephine Karungi -  Another TV star is ready to become a mom. Beautiful news anchor Josephine Karungi is rumoured to be in her early stages of pregnancy. Viewers and workmates say the things she does are the same things pregnant women do.

Many viewers also say she has become a shade lighter, not the bleaching-lighter but the blooming baby-on-the-way lighter!

Irene Birungi Mugisha - Mother of three UBC's Irene Birungi is apparently expecting her fourth child with husband NTV's Maurice Mugisha. The couple, who already have two girls, could be already making the nursery for another kid. Irene is said to be around four months pregnant.

She has a lot of courage since, after bringing three children (two with Mugisha) into the world. She considered motherhood for the fourth time.

Jackie Tusiime - Obsessions Jackie went swimming in the spermination pool without her protective underwear. So now she is said  to be 2 months pregnant. Although it is not yet clear whose sperm she swam in, Remy Lubega, formerly with Obsessions, is most likely to be responsible party.

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Saturday, March 12 2011

Songbird Juliana Kanyomozi has surely done everything in the entertainment industry. From Karaoke, professional singing to being reality music show judge; she has done it all. But after realizing that her singing career is in its twilight years, Juliana is getting into a territory that was a previously a man's domain.

Close pals have revealed that Juliana is starting her own events management company to rival prominent ones like Silk Events, Events Ware House and Balaam Enterprises. A close pal added, "She will in a few years be minting dime."

Those close to the 'Nabikoowa' singer further claim she is importing state-of-the-art sound, stage and lighting system very soon. More stories on Juliana

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Tuesday, January 11 2011

Photo: Juliana at Silk Events Launch
Recently, while judging t the Tusker Project Fame in Nairobi, Juliana told the Kenyan Media that she was ready to walk down the aisle with a visionary amd responsible man whose name she never disclosed at the time.

Snoops were forced to traverse all spheres of the globe to land on the mysterious man and all sources close to Juliana point at Peter Miles who has even been introduced to her mother, Catherine Manyindo Byabusa.

Juliana convinced her mum that Peter Miles who cut her virginity at 16 while a Namasagali, is the man of her life. Juliana's sister, Laura Manyindo said an introduction ceremony is being planned at their home in Fort Portal.

Juliana still fancies Peter Miles more than any other man even after the excessive romps. She has waited for Miles for the last 13 years so they are now ready. Peter Miles has been spotted several times visiting Juliana at her home in Lungujja, where he sometimes sleeps.

It is also said the two are now bonking themselves silly in a Naivasha hotel in Kenya to avoid media pressure in Uganda.

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Friday, January 07 2011


It seems a secret  in being a reality TV show. The latest is that after successful judging of the recently concluded Tusker Project Fame 4 in Nairobi, Kenya, the Nabikoowa singer has yet again landed a lucrative judging deal in the  in the Burundi capital Bujumbura.

We hear come March 2011, Juliana will be heading to Burundi for the show code named MTN talent search. This show will be centered on the Burundian youth with the main aim of promoting their talents.

We hear it' almost the same as US' America's Got Talent. Juliana's deal is rumoured to be in millions. Could this new challenge signal the end of the songbirds singing career? She is the only one who can answer that. But good luck.

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Sunday, December 05 2010
Singer Juliana Kanyomozi is having a blast in the Kenyan capital Nairobi. Word coming in has it that, the 'Nabikoowa' singer is turning heads and making more horny fellas from the land of Kibaki pocket with untold sweetness.

Our snoop who chanced to bump into her on Thursday night at Hilton  Hotel Kenya told us, "When she appeared in the lounge, guys started murmuring amongst themselves as they kept stealing horny glances at her."

Juliana who is among the judges at Tusker Project Fame that is coming to a finale today. Sources claim, guys are jostling to win over her approval for you know what. Our snoop at Hilton added, "In the lounge fellas kept on sending waiters and waitresses to take orders for anything she wanted.

This forced her to ask for a private wing." She was led to the pool side where she had her dinner in peace.
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Sunday, November 28 2010
Heartaches happen to everyone. Whether we are celebrities or regularly broke, famous or not, we still encounter cheaters, insecure psychos and sexy lovers that we can't stand. The only difference is that celebrity relationships usually unfold for the world to see.

The break ups are delicious slices of gossip that we can't ignore. Just peep at this list of celebrities that were de-famed by friends as result of fame.

Juliana and Iryn
-The former singing  due of I-Jay can only exchange greetings. The two tried to be on top of each other after their celebrity status rose but it only led to a bitter split. Their efforts to reconcile have been fruitless.

Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine - Theirs is getting unbearable. The former buddies are on a 'weight' war of who is bigger than the other. Their silly accusations range from my wife is hotter than yours, 'my music is better than yours' such kind of nonsense.

They have even gone on to exchanging blows all in the name of fame. We don't see any reconciliation in the near future but we hope it will one day come.

Seanice and Melanie - The two senior radio presenters have been at war ever since they came into the limelight, fighting the 'I' better than you battle. When Seanice left for Nairobi. Melanie got some relief but since her return, the feud has intensified, especially after she replaced Melanie on the morning breakfast show.

Chameleone and Goodlyfe - Self proclaimed singing doctor, Jose Chameleone, was the president of Weasel  and Radio when they were still members of the Leone Island Crew. But they are now sworn enemies yet Chamili and Weasel are blood brothers.

When Goodlyfe saw their fame rising each passing day, they saw no reason of being under big brother. They formed their own group and since then , fighting abusive songs have been their order of the day.

Obsession and HB Toxic - They were in the same group but as intrigue and accusations grew with their fame, Brenda and Helen quit the group and formed the HB Toxic. What former workmates and friends can only afford to say now is a simple 'Hi' and nothing else.
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Saturday, October 23 2010
     Kassim Ouma and Juliana
Boxer posts Juliana's Kibaluma on his Facebook wall-Just when we thought, we had exhausted everything there is about the separation between Ugandan boxer Kassim Ouma and singing diva Juliana Kanyomozi, yet another thing pops up.

The latest is that Ouma has posted his former lovers video of her song 'Kibaluma' on his wall; a thing that has attracted so many responses from other people. To make matters worse he has gone ahead to comment while responding to some of the comments and it reads like this:

"When I post Juliana's song on ma profile, doesn't mean that I want her. I just love her music. I used to love both but now it's all about the music and the love of it plus the message in it." Meanwhile, some of the messages read, "Fatma Azed Mohamed said...tell them bro, dat was history and you have moved on its all about jealous, give dem a deaf ear"

Then Ruben Male said, "You had enough of her Vuvuzela. Right?" Remember Ouma who stays in West Palm Beach, Florida US and Juliana dated for a few months before they fell out over reasons that have never been revealed up to now.

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Sunday, October 03 2010
Of recent she has been keeping us guessing, but it seems there is a reunion of sorts in the love life of singer Juliana Kanyomozi and until now estranged father of her kid Amon Lukwago.

The singer, who had a steady affair in the early nineties during her good days, has been seeing the father of her kid at a rather steady rate. The pair has been spotted by our snoops at Faze 2 and at Metropole Hotel near the gold course.

But it looks like their meeting ha nothing to do with their son Keiron. Snoops claim the look in their eyes suggested something was going on again.It will not be the first nor the last U-turn for love.

Starved Juliana, for she has done the same with Mujib Kasule among others. According to close pals, however, Juliana is now very scared that at her age(she is in her mid thirties) she has failed to get a stable man and that it might be Amon with the last laugh.

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Friday, October 01 2010

We've shockingly learnt that the reason why Juliana and Irene split their I-Jay group was because of their manager cum promoter, Hope Mukasa. Word reaching us from our Sabrina Pub Snoops has it that when Juliana and Irene were budding musicians in the late 90's, Hope gave them a night to perform freely at the pub.

We hear they both used to woo revellers with their voices for some time, till mysteriously, they began colliding and it was not long before they both split and pursued solo careers. However, though the actual reason for the split was not revealed, We've exclusively learnt that Hope, who was reportedly promoting both babes, was instead playing home and away matches with them.

We've learnt from Iryn close friends that "When the two song birds realized that Hope was juggling them, they were so bitter with each other that they parted ways, hence the death of I-Jay.

With Hope now out of the picture, we hear Juliana and Iryn are set for a collabo any time soon. We just can't wait for it!

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Sunday, September 26 2010
           Top UPDF Officer buys Juliana a plot
Juliana Kanyomozi is surely taking a back seat from Ugandan showbiz and night life. But we can tell why. With her son Keiron set to enroll at a prestigious school in the UK, a serious mansion complete with state-of-the-art equipment already underway and a long line of guys competing for her attention, no one can blame her.

The latest is that yet again a top officer in the special forces has bought for her a prime land in Lungujja. This place will be used for the construction of first class estates in the area and she will be the sole owner when they are fully finished. 

The officer is Juliana's close pal. Watch this space!
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Wednesday, August 04 2010

A source tells us singers Jose Chameleone, Juliana Kanyomozi, Radio, Weasel and Bobi Wine are on the verge of signing a multi million shillings deal to compose a song for the Ministry of Finance.

Each artiste/group will compose a song of their own for the ministry's new campaign set to kick off before the end of the year. The singers are set to meet with finance officials and slap out deals where each artiste/group will pocket around Shs 25 million.

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Tuesday, August 03 2010

Charles Mbiire, the Kabale born tycoon a few years back spent lots of dime on a song that was a birthday present for his mum. The song 'Mama Mbire' sang by music diva Juliana Kanyomozi and the Ghetto president Bobi Wine was a hit that topped charts in this country.

Now we have heard that the tycoon is again in the process of having another one done for his loving mum. But this time round it will not be either Juliana or Bobi Wine but rather from either Chameleone or Bebe Cool.

Mbire is the wealthiest indigenous Ugandan, with an estimated net worth in excess of US$ 65 million as of Dec 2008. Watch This Space!

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Thursday, July 08 2010
Being a celeb comes with a lot of glamour. Celebs are known for showing off anything they think can impress the masses and then boast of a big number of fans. Toyota, Toyota, and more Toyotas are what most of our Ugandan celebs own.

They should thank the famous Japanese for having made their transport easier. See who drives the best and the worst.

Juliana Kanyomozi - She is an inspiration to almost all the female upcoming artistes. She proudly owns a Toyota Harrier. Estimated cost 25m.

Iryn Namubiru, Desire Luzinda - These two own a Toyota Nadia each. It's a car that most babes fancy just because of its name. Nothing else. Estimated cost Shs 16m.

Grace Nakimera - She drives another common car on our roads, a simple Toyota Premio.

Jackie Chandiru - For a babe of her size, a three-door Mitsubishi Pajero (short chasis seems) to be her dream car. Estimated cost Shs 18m.

Hilderman and Kenzo  - We thought the Amelia song earned him much dime to cruise a posh machine. But he and the Stamina star are among the tens of thousands who cruise the Toyota Ipsum, commonly known as Nigina. Straka also drives one . Estimated cost Shs 13m.

Aziz Azion - We don't know how big his family is , but he owns one of the famous family vans, an eight seater Toyota Super Custom mopst probably a 1994 model estimated cost Shs 22m

Zari Hassan - Away from Japanese cars, the south African based beauty has always refuted the allegations of being a seer . But whatever she does must be really good because she cruises a Chrysler, Estimated cost Shs60

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Thursday, June 17 2010

Its not new for siblings to fight each other but thos one was surely expected. Rumour coming in reveals that singing sensation Juliana K is on a collision course with young sister Laura.

Apparently the misunderstanding stems from Laura trying to up her game in the music Industry, a thing that hasn't gone down well with her elder sister. A source told us, "Juliana doesn't want her sister to go too much into Kampala's showbiz but her sister is having none of that."

We are told Laura hooked up a Mzungu pensioner to fund her music project  and she is slated to release an album soon that features the likes of Viboyo. We can't wait for this new sibling rivalry that is threatening to over take that of brothers Chameleone and Weasel.

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Saturday, June 05 2010
Latest info trickling in at the WTF desk has revealed that singer Juliana Kanyomozi's former boy friend and father of her son, Keiron, is yet in another struggle with on-off girlfriend, Litz. We have been told Amon, who is currently out of the country, has abandoned Litz something that hasn't gone down well with her.

"A close friend told us, Amon has been out of the country for long yet he rarely gives support to his girlfriend. It is so disturbing that she is thinking of dumping him soon." Remember, this couple has separated several times accusing each other of cheating.

In the past, a rumour had circulated around town claiming she once nabbed him pants down bonking another babe before stabbing him several times. Well, from the look of things, all horny fellas around town had better sharpen their whoopers because Litz could be single any time from now.
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Friday, June 04 2010

Juliana and 'Brother'
We recently reported how unlucky  in love Nabikoowa singer, Juliana Kanyomozi has been spotted on several occasions hang out places with a mystery fella whom some have identified as her brother.

Well, Juliana outed this 'brother' of hers yet again at the Pam Awards launch cocktail, Lugogo. We have disputed the fact that he could turn out to be the way the two cozy up to each other has left so many unanswered questions.

A snoop told, "The guy would from time to time put his hand on Juliana's shoulder; a signal most lovers use" We are even told the fella stays at her place. Is he more than just a brother? Over to you Mama Keiron to tell us the truth.

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Saturday, May 29 2010
Hippy singer Juliana Kanyomozi wasn't a happy woman a few days ago. The singer who seemed in dire need of reloading her purse was shocked when the ATM machine at Garden City swallowed her card.

Juliana kept on hitting the the machine in a failed bid to recover the card. It was not until the guard told her to check with the head office that she left the machine cursing what the hell the machine had done.
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Friday, May 07 2010

Is unlucky in love songbird Juliana Kanyomozi and city tycoon, Mujib Kasule up to something? The two who were once an item were spotted at Kabira country club last week at night chatting up a storm all by themselves.

Though we didn't get to know what they were really up to, make no mistake that what they were discussing must have been so important because they were all smiles during the two hour meeting punctuated with little poses to smitten-ly look at each other like old do.

May be it was strictly business. However reliable sources have informed us that Juliana is currently romping with a top Colonel attached to special forces in State House.

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Tuesday, April 27 2010

Songbird Juliana Kanyomozi appears to be on a shafting rampage. After being dumped by love rat Peter Miles and of course Kassim Ouma and the dad of the kid, Amon, Juliana is these days shafting with a new fella in town.

She actually admitted recently that she has a new boyfriend, whom she refused to divulge more details about. She has kept him a top secret but snoops said the pair is always seen having fun in most happening places.

This fella sometimes goes to her pad along Mutesa ll road, Ntinda to 'Kuwujja Kasepiki ka Juliana.' By the look of things, the new guy appears to have landed on an oil well of sorts

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Saturday, April 10 2010

Word reaching our desk indicates television star Oprah Winfrey could be set to come to Uganda for Tooro King's coronation. The coronation ceremony for King Oyo is set for the 17th of this month. And unconfirmed reports indicate that the Oprah team is contemplating on coming to Tooro to particularly interview the youngest monarch in the world.

Our source told us: "Oprah and her team would much like to be at King Oyo's coronation ceremony. He is a young maturing King, they would want to be there and talk to him." Watch This Space.

Meanwhile, star singers Jose Chameleone and Juliana Kanyomozi are set to out their collabo song dedicated for the king. Then they will travel to Fort Portal on the 15th for the much anticipated street jam.

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Saturday, April 10 2010

Juliana and friend
We know her for her love music and her love for the male species, but what we didn't know is that she has a new obsessions. We have learnt that the singing sensation nowadays has discovered a unique way of making her sexual self fully satisfied.

Our snoops overheard her tell a friend at KK Health club in Ntinda that when she is pleasurably massaged by male masseurs, she gets to er bodily apex. So if you have been wondering why she is always alone and still looking ripe, now you know the absolute truth.

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Sunday, April 04 2010

Photo: Juliana at Silk Events Launch
This Easter Season is certainly going to be a boring one musically with most of our artistes in Europe for shows. Goodlyfe alongside stunner Juliana Kanyomozi and Tanzania’s Ray C are already in Europe. They left on Wednesday and perfoemed in Norway on Thursday. On Good Friday they were in Brussels in Belgium and last night they performed in Sweden.

Tonight they will be in concert in Netherlands. They return on Tuesday. Meanwhile Talent 256 artists Michael Ross, HB Toxic and Toniks will join fellow artists in UK for an Easter Tour dubbed "The Battle of the New Skool".

The tour is organized by Sengo International Promotions. The shows will be at the newly refurbished famous Club 19 in London. The shows will take place on April 3,4,10 and 11th. Other Ugandan artistes to perform are Omulangira Ssuuna, Ziggy Dee, Aziz Azion, Cindy and Bella.

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Saturday, March 20 2010

Town has been hot with news that rival singers Iryn Namubiru and Juliana Kanyomozi had made up. Yes as personalities they have to keep up public appearances but as musicians, no way. We hear the frantic efforts of their former mentor Hope Mukasa to get them together have gone to the dogs.

Yet they had almost hit a mega deal with a leading Telecom Company. "The major reason as to why the two can't come together is that each one of them sees the other as wanting to ride on their fame," a close friend added.

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Thursday, January 21 2010

The two rival songbirds are on the verge of burying their differences and are ready to work together. Iryn and Juliana started together as I-Jay over 10 years back, split and have not been civil to each other since then.

The latest info we have on the two is that they are in studio busy working on a Valentine song. The move was hatched by Sabrina's Hope Mukasa who even sold land to Juliana in Lungujja on which she is setting up her storied house.

We can't wait! Juliana's house is in its finishing stages, she will soon be moving from Bukoto to an opulent neighbourhood.

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Sunday, December 20 2009

In Kampala, the dating circle seems to be so small that most babes share boyfriends. They swap spit left and right. The time between significant others seems to get shorter and shorter. 3AM snoops may show a huge celeb break-up and the week after it will feature the same exes and who they are dating next.

Well lets see who has managed to bag who:

  • Desire Luzinda - Ken, Juma Seiko, Mayor Nasser Ssebagala
  • Laureen Katusiime - Onen Patrick, Bobi Wine, Indian Investor
  • Kumba - Dr. Chameleone, Radio, Weasel, Dj Michael, Bobi Wine
  • Daphine - Nubian Lee, Dr. Chameleone, Bebe Cool, Dr. Hilderman, Weasel, Radio, Jeff Kiwanuka
  • Pretty Katende - Dj Michael, Dj Shiru, Aziz Azion, Juma Seiko
  • Julian Kanyomozi - Mujib Kasule, Amon Lukwago, Peter Miles, Kassim Ouma
  • Prisca Mikami - Emma Mulondo, Eddie Yawe, Exodus, Silver Kyagulanyi
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Tuesday, December 01 2009

Tycoon Bob Kabonero was sighted with Juliana Kanyomozi on a night out. The rumour has been on for quiet a well that the two are close pals but this has certainly ended the rumour. The two are great friends. They were sighted at Silk Lounge sharing an expensive wine bottle.

Bob was seated on a long stool as Juliana stood close to him near the counter. An eye witness added: "Clearly they were happy together and never cared about onlookers. She kept smiling for him and he could smile back."

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Monday, November 09 2009

The I-Jays can finally talk. Former pals Juliana Kanyomozi and Iryn Namubiru have not been on talking terms for years ever since their singing partnership I-Jay collapsed years back. The pair kissed and made up at Angela Kalule's live and unwrapped concert at Golf Course hotel on Friday night.

They greeted and were all smiles as they posed for Cameras and there were signs that the two have finally put the past behind them.

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Tuesday, November 03 2009

Slim Juliana Kanyomozi is back with a bang. The song Diva has finally come out of her break and released a new song. The song titled 'Haturudi' first hit airwaves in Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Kenya where its doing well on the charts.

The song is about a wife who is leaving her marital home after hearing rumours from neighbours that the husband has got another woman, and in the chorus they are begging each other to stay and give it another try.

The 'Haturudi' song which was produced by Kenya's biggest producer R.K has received massive airwaves play in Kampala.

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Monday, November 02 2009

Singer Juliana Kanyomozi's Amon Lukwago is seriously nursing injuries inflicted on him by Liz after finding him with another girl at ''their'' home in Bunga. This was on Wednesday night when Liz returned from a night out only to find Amon with another gal sorting themselves.

We are told: tempers flared, cups and plates were broken as Liz went berserk.. It was a shock of her life. She knew Amon had been cheating on her so much but she never expected him to do it in their bed. She was totally gobsmacked. She completely lost it."

When Liz stabbed Amon, she left immediately. Amon later called a friend who rushed him to a near by clinic. Liz has vowed not to go back.

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Friday, October 30 2009

Juliana was spotted at Quality Supermarket Ntinda shopping for Kimbo, Blue Band and Mayonnaise last Tuesday. The singer who was in black tight jeans and yellow slip ons looked stunning despite her worrying tiny size.

When asked why the weight loss she said: "It is for my upcoming video. I want to look tiny and good for the video. But after that I will be back to my normal shape."

Related: Juliana Worryingly Thinning

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Tuesday, October 27 2009
At this rate singer Juliana will have to change her diet very soon or else fears that she is sick will intensify. The reigning artiste of the year looked worryingly malnourished at the Blu3 concert.
The singer who has been quiet for almost a year looked a skeleton of her older self sending tongues wagging. She was in company of her bodyguard brother. They settled for spirits as soon as she arrived and all night she drunk like fish.
May be her worrying thinness is down to the fact that she's been in Kenya lately for Project Fame and you know weather can do anything. Or rather she was home sick. She has dated
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Sunday, October 18 2009

It is a tricky subject indeed when it comes to ladies real age in correspondence with marriage. There is a time limit when a lady has got a person she can easily turn to and say: "He is mine". Most of these ladies have been around for some time and they command a big following of fans and friends. These are top celebs capable of hooking up any ideal man with just a snap of their well manicured fingers.

Santa Azo - Fashion and Santa are related but this black beauty styled up fashion designer is not married and such thoughts have not crossed her mind yet, but age is catching up slowly.

Juliana Kanyomozi - She knows what Amon Lukwago, Ouma the boxer and Mujib Kasule are capable of, has a son with Amon but she is comfortable being single. Problem is her beauty is fast fading as the years accumulate.

Bina Baby - Once called the "Love Doctor" courtesy of the Kilavulavu program on Dembe FM where she had a huge following with many listeners offering to marry her off. She has dated many men in Kampala who later dump her for the dogs. In spite of the huge bum, no man wants her for keeps and age is catching up real fast.

Straka Mwezi - She gave Kampalans a kiwani story when she circulated rumors of her wedding to Sizzaman before May 2009. She even solicited for contributions which were diverted to pork ribs. The wedding is not going to be there. She is in her thirties and if she continues like that, even Sizzaman might   not like such a responsibility.

Sheila Nvanungi - Considered to be seriously water logged with that gushing elnino that can soak a 7 inch mattress. That aside, she has dated countless rich men but no one has ever proposed or hinted on marriage as she heads to her mid 40's.

Halima Namakula - Known for turning nursery rhymes into hits, has two wonderful grown ups(Hemdee and Rachael) but many of us her fans have been wondering who her husband could be. We have never seen her besides her better half. She is ever hanging out with her daughter. A senior spinster of the old generation  in her late fifties and still counting.

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Friday, October 16 2009

Uganda's number one female diva singer Juliana Kanyomozi is worryingly close to ex bonkmate and father to her kid Amon Lukwago. Our snoops have smoked out Juliana, Amon and Keron during the Serena hotel on several occasions, wondering if the two are at it again.

However, we hear  Juliana insists their dating is only good for for the kid who lacks male paternal love from Amon's side.

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Saturday, September 12 2009

Uganda's number one female musician Juliana Kanyomozi is lobbying for duo citizenship, we can exclusively reveal. We have learnt that the song bird has been for the past few months chasing after acquiring Canadian citizenship.

It's said that her cousin Ruhweza who lives in Canada has been tasked to chase her papers and her kids. We hear she is planning to officially retire from music this year to pursue business ventures in Canada and Uganda.

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Thursday, August 13 2009

Singer Juliana Kanyomozi has landed a deal to be a judge at the forthcoming Tusker Project Fame 3.  Tshaka Mayanja was a judge in the episode that was won by Esther Nabaasa. The music talent show is set to kick off very soon and it will be hosted by Kenya's Mwayingha Sheila and our very own Mitch Egwang.

Esther Nabaasa, Juliana Kanyomozi

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Saturday, August 01 2009

       Grace and Juliana
The UK tour has once again flopped and this time it's Juliana and Grace Nakimera in the spotlight according to reliable sources from the UK. The ''Fire in the City'' concert was a big flop and these two singers are said to have made huge losses and everybody is feeling sorry for the songbirds as you read this.

They were performing alongside Uganda's biggest dancehall music star DJ Michael. The show is said to have been attended by scaring numbers to the extent that the four front rows couldn't be filled. They looked like they were performing for one family.

And this was Grace's first time to perform in the UK may be she was the cause of this massive flop. 

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Friday, July 31 2009

City heartthrob and music diva singer Juliana Kanyomozi is back with her bedroom tigress antics. Our ever alert snoops smoked her out with a Dinka man who is thrice her height, cozying and sweetly enjoying his private company at Serena hotel last week.

The Dinka man has been identified as Daniel Oboir and he has been camping at Serena for the past two months. He drives a black Hummer with Sudanese plates and he's known to be loaded. We wonder what the two were up to, but it looked intimately mutual and we wish them a nice time.

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Friday, July 03 2009

Celebs Age Unearthed
When men are asked their age they can even add an addition of two or three more to make them look older and mature but for the ladies if the same question is asked to the ladies, the answer given in most cases is reduced by five years. It now looks like a taboo to ask ladies their age. It is also a waste of time because they will never tell you the truth. The real ages of our female celebs is here by revealed.

Juliana K - She is probably the best female singer Uganda has ever witnessed. She has the looks, the voice and when it comes to her figure it is exactly any man would would want but what she doesn't have is age on her side. She started with Karaoke in 1996 at DV8 and Sabrinas and was aged 18 years. She claims to be 28 years but according to maths she is 31 years old as of now.

Iryn Namubiru - She always wants to look young and sexy but no way she can't deceive us anymore.In 1995 while appearing at Sabrinas Pub she revealed she was 22 years fourteen years down the lane she is claiming to be 28 years ahahahah that is a naked lie because maths shows she is 36 years. What an achievement.!

Desire Luzinda - One of the hottest properties on the music scene, has a butt like no one else with looks of a mature lady but nope. She claims to be 24, she is far above it, she is twenty four.

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Friday, June 26 2009

Juliana and Friend
City Music Diva and local musician Juliana Kanyomozi has got toilet phobia. Uncomfortable with sharing toilet seats with revellers, Juliana has embarked on a campaign to save her life by moving with a private mobile toilet everywhere she goes to perform.

She was apparently advised by her sex health doctor to always move with her own toilet whenever she is going to perform at public functions like Bigundas to ensure that she doesn't risk her life again by sharing toilets with infected people.

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Sunday, June 14 2009

Juliana Kanyomozi - The song bird is surely among the best artistes on our social scene.
Shafting Rate: A true heroine, her shaftability Index is the highest on the radar. She has a kid and yet she has never been married.9/10
Drinking Rate: She ain't that good in this business.3/10
Dressing: It looks like Juliana has invested all her money in clothes. She is definitely up there in terms of clothes.
Money: Really with no property to talk about, how can one say Juliana is rich. No House, no known business. She is doing badly!.
Weed: Her eyes are always red and she's Bobi's great pal, 4/10.
Cars: Juliana has been in the biz for long and she has just a Harrier to boast of. 3/10.
Family Care: She has totally failed to keep a man but as long as she keeps close to her son like she does, then a 6/10will do for her.

Bebe Cool -The Puss Puss star is definitely one of the top artists in Uganda no doubt but life has been hell of late for him.
Shafting Rate: A whopper war hero whose offside sessions led his wife Zuena to run away from marital home.9/10.
Drinking Rate: Yeah, Bebe is a muslim but he doesn' t give a damn. His drinking rate is amazing. From Ug, Red Labels, Grants to Bond 7 and Guiness, he has mastered the art of boozing.7/10.
Dresssing: Not up and close. He can't be proud really. 3/10.
Money: Bebe just like Juliana has nothing big to show for his efforts in the music industry. He has been promising so much but he delivers less. Just like politicians.3/10.
Cars: He has a Range Rover and a Beetle convertible.4/10
Family Care: He loved his wife no doubt the reason he has never settled again and his kids.He tried but his wife is frustrating his efforts.6/10.

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Saturday, May 02 2009

We have it on good authority that Juliana on Monday visited Kololo Hospital where she had an appointment with their senior gynecologist called Dr.Batwale.

Dr.Batwale is one of the best gynecologists in this country and ge specializes in making babes pregnant and sometimes helps them stop or prevent pregnancies. We wonder which of the two Juliana was consulting him about.

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Sunday, April 26 2009
It’s a fact local music is going through its best times. I remember the days when Congolese Lingala with the likes of Koffi Olomide, Pepe Kale was selling like hot cakes in Uganda. Now that era is long gone. With our local music taking over. The like of Jose Chameoleone, Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine and Ragga Dee have spearheaded the revolution while up and coming artistes like GNL, Jamal, Moze and Radio, Weasel are bringing up a stiff competition and raising the standard of our music.
But like any growing industry our musicians are facing serious beef between them . Now this is where the point gets in. It is not a secret that most of these songs are inspired by the beef between artistes. Here we decode the hidden meaning in the songs.
Agenze-Bebe Cool One of the best songs of the new year, Bebe Cool’s Agenze as a way of pleading with Zu to return. And this has made it a huge success with fans.
Zuena - Weasel TV and Mose Radio
The Good Lyf Duo of Moze Radio and Weasel TV has always been known to have beef with Bebe Cool. The are always complaining that Bebe Cool doesn’t give them the respect they deserve. While they languished in Jinja road police cells after a scuffle with Bebe Cool at Club Palui, they wrote the song to get to him (Bebe).
SITANI –Weasel and Radio – This was their work to get back to Chameleone following his Ba Yuda hit. Weasel is a younger brother to Chameleone while Moze Radio was mentored by Jose to become who he is now. They later fell out and Chameleone sang Bayuda talking about the pair’s betrayal. They got back at him in Sitani song.
KIWANI-Bobi Wine
This song is one of Bobi’s all time best. The meaning behind the song is how people in Kampala are not genuine in whatever they are doing. From conning people of their money in dubious ways to ladies wearing fake hair claiming it’s theirs.
Mbikooye – Cindy
Though we are not sure if its really true, sources have revealed that Cindy was hitting back at the Blu3 babes, Jackie and Lillian who chased her out of the group. Then also those who were talking about her after her nude pictures leaked. The song has since become a hit.
Sigwe Onsimila – Mesach Semakula
This Luganda hit grabbed the song of the year accolade and helped Mesach to bag artiste of the year. It was simply a success. But the meaning behind this song sources claim was acquired after a babe who was chucked by Mesach started rumors against his new catch. We hear the lady in question is a prominent singer in Uganda.
Juliana was hitting at former boyfriend and dad of her kid Amon Lukwago. Juliana was always accusing Lukwago of cheating on her. Juliana was left down after the pair broke because of his selfish behavior.
BA YUDA- Chameleone – This song is definitely hitting the Judas. Moze Radio and Weasel! Particularly Weasel since he is Chameleone’s younger brother who walked out on him.
MAZONGOTO-Dr Hilderman – Dr. Hilderman’s song was a hit that caught Ugandans by surprise. That Hilderman was talking about the big double beds that have caused trouble in marriages because couples are far apart to bond after say a fight while others claim he was talking about big women.
Bread and Butter - Radio and Weasel Again Bebe Cool comes into the picture. The boys were mocking his split with wife Zuena.Gorgeous Zuena went to Jinja after the split and in the song they talk about going to Jinja to pick her. Clearly showing Bebe is not a good lover. Mbu they are better.
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Saturday, April 18 2009

Juliana Kanyomozi
Songbird Juliana Kanyomozi isn't as draft as most people think. She is seriously channeling her income to serious things. We hear she has now turned to investing in Real Estate. She was last week on Tuesday seen looking at offers of Nalumunye estates finished apartments and also Namugongo-Kira all owned by Jomayi Property Consultants.

The smallest pad in these estates goes for a whooping 120M. Apparently she was in the company of Dennis Mawanda who was taking her on a sight seeing tour where she is expected to make a choice for for her own pad or a set of pads. Way to go Gal.
Related: Juliana

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Saturday, April 04 2009

Uganda Artists

You have listened to their music, you know who is loaded when it comes to dime, doing very well when it comes to sex lives but one thing is lacking and that is Education.

Ragga Dee:  He is a music heavy weight no doubt. But when it comes to Education, he is certainly a featherweight. The self proclaimed grand father of Ugandan Music isn' t so learned. What is known is the fact that he completed his senior six from Masaka based St. Henry's College Kitovu. He claims he went to a US Institution but nope, we don't believe.

Henry Tigan: The soft spoken reggae star Henry Tigan is a fresh graduate from Kyambogo University. He graduated with a bachelors degree in Adult Community education earlier this year.He is truly a force to reckon with the upstairs department.

Bobi Wine: Singer Bobi Wine is truly a great man. He grew up from the Ghetto but that never stopped him from acquiring a degree in Music from Makerere University. Seriously the Mazzi Mawanvu singer is a heavy weight in the education  section unlike his top competitors.

Juliana Kanyomozi: She is the reigning PAM Award artiste of the year, she is talented, an amazing figure and a very good voice but sadly, very few teachers heard it. Sources reveal that Juliana due to social and financial problems stopped in Senior Five. We are told she could escape from  school and hit Sabrinas Pub for Karaoke in the 1990's. So lucky she had a killer voice.

Moze Radio: is one hell of a dangerous singer who definitely has a big and bright future ahead. He is a graduate from Makerere University. He completed a degree in Community Psychology but I don't understand why his English is suspect.

Straka Mwezi: The celebrated music MC and WBS late show star has seen it all. She has been on the social scene for far far too long and worked and worked on almost all the best Radio and TV stations in uganda. And Bars! She has rubbed shoulders with Uganda's richest and is ever invited at the best functions in town. You just can't mess with Straka. But wait a minute, she never completed school. Senior Four was her highest.

Jose Chameleone: He is undoubtedly a heavy weight in the music but when it comes to school, he is a light weight. Just like pal Bebe Cool, The Ba Yuda star is a senior six graduate. And again like Bebe, he stormed to Nairobi and released his first hit Mama Mia. Since then he has not looked back.

Iryn Namubiru: She Released one hit that took her heights but ever since it's been down all the way through even though she has tried  that much to revive her career with collaborations. Well she is married to a white guy and dime is available  but her education is in slumber mode. Sources indicate that the last time she checked out a black board was in Senior Three.

Karitas Karisimbi: She is gorgeous! Now imagine if she had gone to school. She would be a perfect model woman. But sadly, she dropped out in  Senior six from City High School and hit Kampala streets. Ever since she has worked on WBS, Capital Radio, and now she is back on WBS. She's definitely seen it all.

Jackie Chandiru: The Blu3 heartthrob was offering a degree in Industrial Fine Art at MUK but later dropped. Retakes were accumulating like hell. she was spending most of her time in the Sir Apollo Kaggwa Hostel Baston instead of class. They were set to fire her anyway.

Weasel TV: Just like his older brother Jose Chameleone, Weasel TV isn' t learned. We hear he dropped out of school in Senior Three. No wonder he call himself TV. I doubt if he knows what it means.

Desire Luzinda: Ah, Seya's pal! Desire Luzinda is undoubtedly a great singer with a great body. But one thing that has eluded her is a certificate or any academic document of note. Ok she's got a senior six certificate but that is what she has. In 2004, she joined Makerere University for a development studies degree course. The two years later, she dropped out and joined campus but this time Nkozi University for a long distance course. We hear she dropped out of it too.. Ahhh!
More on the Unlearned Stars

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Sunday, March 22 2009

Diva Juliana Kanyomozi on Sunday had an old Mzungu estimated to be between 56-65 years old in Kololo based Protea hotel.

They were having a date and painted the atmosphere a lovey dovey mood. Juliana was drinking blue label while the old Mzungu was drinking wine. They later left in a maroon Mercedes Benz new eyes UAL series to an unknown destination with love intentions written all over their faces.

We wonder whether Juliana too has joined the Bazungu bandwagon like most Ugandan girls and is also dating one. 

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Monday, February 09 2009

          Who is Juliana?
Many have been wowed by her sultry voice and mellow tunes. Well listening to her talk in her calm unhurried way gets you captivated as well. It's no wonder she commands a large fan base. She has several hits and a couple of awards tucked under her belt. This 28 year -old sensation scooped the most coveted award of 2009- the artist of the year award when she became the first female in the history of PAM Awards to win artist of the year. Find out in this interview what it is like to be Juliana.

Who is Juliana?
JK: Juliana is a 28 year old Mutoro from a family of seven; born and raised in Kampala. I have a six year old son, Keron Rafael Kabugo.

You have come to great heights with your music. Tell us about your music Journey.
JK: I started singing in 1996. I was just doing Karaoke then. My music career officially started in 1999 when I did my first song; the millennium song. I was with I-Jay(Iryn and Juliana) for a year. I went solo in 2001. It's been a number of amazing things.

What has been your lucky break in your music career?
JK: I have had two lucky breaks. One is when I did a song with Bobi (Tata w'abaana). It gave me a whole new identity. People didn't know about me so they said I was lucky. I needed to prove to them I was capable of making it alone.

My second break was "Nabikoowa". It was not even meant to be the lead song on that album but it became a hit. People loved it very much.

Are the songs you sing about your life/love experiences?
JK: I don't know why people connect my songs to me. Why can't they connect Abarungi Balumya to Bobi? Music is a language that brings the world together. I sing songs that are about things that have happened to people.

Other than your voice, what has made you successful? Some people have actually said it is your looks rather than voice.
JK: The drive, the passion and the hunger to succeed. Devotion and the voice of course matter. I couldn't see my self falling. When you love something you do it with passion. I don't do music for money or for fame. I do it because I love it. May be the looks have contributed....but I don't count on my looks. If the fans appreciate the looks, I'm grateful.

You are a beautiful woman and anyone would want you. So do you get stalkers?
JK: I have stalkers and the funny part is...some of them are women.! I even wonder how they get my number but somehow they do. Sometimes they go beyond.

How do you deal with ''big'' people; loaded guys and those in power? They are not that easy to put off.
JK: First of all I'm lucky I have many of them who are just friends. I respect myself and it becomes hard for you to say something silly. So what if you are big or rich. There has been such people but I would talk to them the same way I would do to a high school boy.

There has been talk that you are pimping for Amon. How true is it?
JK: Excuse me! Did you say pimping. How can I start pimping for Amon? I'm really busy...I mean I can't do that. It has no value for me. The only thing Amon and I talk about is KERON.

 Are you seeing anyone?
JK: I'll disappoint you. I won't give that kind of information.

Are you Freinds with Iryn Namubiru?
JK: Let me define for you a friend; I have a few friends-my mother, my best friend Sharon. The person I'm in love with is a friend. Our relationship is: you are doing your thing I'm doing my thing. That thing that people have of us...I don't know where it comes from. I don't know about her but I don't have any negative feelings towards her. I wish her the best in her career, her family.

Tell us about Mujib.
JK: I need to set the record straight.You people have given me so many menand I hate it when the media uses me to say whatever they want to say. Mujib is a very special person to me. I won't say why and I'll keave it at that.

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Tuesday, December 23 2008

Ex lovers are at war after a small scuffle at the wedding ceremony where the two were in attendance. Amon Lukwago a father to Juliana's kid was attending a sister's wedding at Gaba when Juliana stormed the venue uninvited.

Amon was in the company of his girl friend Litz and what he did was indeed expected. He ignored Juliana and simply concentrated on Litz. Juliana was not amused and somehow got hold of the microphone from the MC and played her hit Kibaluma.

The Kibaluma hit was aimed at Amon for ignoring her even after she had tried very much to get his attention.

Related: Juliana - From Lover to Pimp

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Friday, November 28 2008

Cindy - She has certainly had the best year of her life. First because we have given her all the coverage(including the nude photos)and secondly, she is not cracked since quitting Blu3. Her song Mbikooye is a master piece on top of having her debut album on its way out. An undoubted path to stardom.

Esther Nabaasa - Graceful, Sexy with a sweet voice, Esther is tops! She bagged a cool Shs 180million in Tusker project Fame II. Though she's not outed any song ever since she won the mega bucks, Esther still remains a winner. A big one at that

Juliana - She has shown bounce backability at its very best. She had quite a quiet year last year but this has been great for the song bird as she swept the PAM Awards in style. With TZ's Bushoke on top of Philly Lutaaya's Diana re do, Juliana has been in fine form.

Desire Luzinda  - Amazingly, one word. Hot, another one. Amazingly hot, two words.Desire without doubt has been on top of her game all through. Her album has been one of the best this year. Hits like Mubiite, Nkomyewo among others were all mega hits. She deserved female artiste of the year.

HB Toxic - Helen and Brenda were unrecognizable booty shakers behind Sharon, Cleo and Jackie when they were still part of Obsessions. With the formation of HB Toxic, the bombshell duo is in cloud nine.They've spread their talent toxically and made a remarkable transformation

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