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Bad Black and Bryan White

Bad Black on the case of the artists who were signed to the Podium

Socialite Bad Black while on her visit to Bryan White, who is battling with some stomach complications did not have kind words for artists whop were once signed to the Bryan White Foundation, otherwise called the podium.

Bad Black at Bryan White's

Bad Black breaks down on visiting Bryan White

"I can't forget what you've done for me since 2016, I pray that the good Lord heals you pretty fast. You built a house for my mom who was putting up in a mud thatched house then, she is now in a tiled house and can even watch DSTV, how can I forget you Bryan White."

Spice Diana lockdown goals

Spice Diana lockdown goals

It's close to five months since the country was locked down due to the Coronavirus that has not spared any sector. In Uganda, some measures have been eased and some sectors have resumed operations, though not fully as they have to observe the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in place.

Socialite Sipapa and his three wives

Socialite Sipapa real name Charles Olim has for a while been entangled with his three wives that include singers Serena Bata and Brown Shugar.

He also has another one called Sasha Samirah who is the last one standing.

Inset Sipapa is seen with two of his wives Serena Bata who jumped ship and Sasha Shamira whose parents he has just visited. Armed with a glass is Brown Shugar as Mugole Shamira enjoys her Audi ride...

Vivienne and SK Mbuga fight

Most battered women are fearful to come out and share their experiences about domestic abuse, but Vivienne Chebet Mbuga is not one of them as she came out using her wall to expose her hubby.

"Sometimes women stay with a dysfunctional partner out of fear that the next women will reap the benefit of the work she's put in. Nope."

"The next woman gets his same habits, dysfunction and pain."

Eddy Kenzo in Ivory Coast

Eddy Kenzo caught up with his fans over the weekend in the month of July 2020

Eddy Kenzo was live on Facebook talking about a number of issues, including how he is faring in Ivory Coast, a place he was supposed to be for two days, but has been for four months and he is still counting...

Zari next to her ride...

Tiffah and Nillan were being filmed by their mom as they enjoyed the latest addition to their fleet, a Bentely.

Hi Papa, thank you for my mom's car. It's so beautiful and warm..." Tiffah says while enjoying the comfort of the four seater super ride.

Im not his father, Eddy Kenzo

Sheilah Don Zella's son has the Musuuza name raising eyebrows on whether Eddy Kenzo is the baby daddy

Sitya Loss star, Edirisa Musuuza Nkonge Kiwalabye aka Eddy Kenzo, who is still in Ivory Coast waiting to return following the lockdown has issued a statement, distancing himself from the allegations that Sheila Don Zella's child is his.

Diamond Platnumz buys for Zari a Bentley

Zari joins the Bentley family

"I've bought a Bentley out of my savings, I am a hustler. I woke up one day and started doing my thing. This is not government money, I am using my brain. If anyone can bring the proof that this is government money, go ahead and produce the receipts..."

Kasuku faces off with Angella Katatumba-Uncut Sabula

Kasuku and Angella Katatumba

Zari confirms it did not work out between her and King Bae

King Bae just wanted to use me - Zari Hassan

Lydia Jazmine hurt by TV presenter who has constantly attacked her

Lydia Jazmine in a white VW convertible

Zari mourning Babu Tale's wife Shammy who died suddenly

Zari mourns Shammy Tale who passed on unexpectedly

Dubai police confirm arresting Instagram celebrity, Hushpuppi

Some of Hushpuppi's super rides that were impounded

Maldives is my next destination, Anita Fabiola tells hubby

Anita Fabiola and hubby Mark Ronald

I am not pregnant for Diamond Platnumz-Poshy Queen

Diamond Platnumz and Poshy Queen

Wednesday, 24 June 2020
Big Eye threatens to sue the President over Shillings 270Million
Saturday, 20 June 2020
Buchaman arrested after disrupting a NEMA meeting
Thursday, 29 August 2019
Uganda Airlines is back to the skies
Sunday, 11 August 2019
Sheebah Karungi latest news
Tuesday, 07 May 2019
Hellen Lukoma happy to learn that she is carrying a baby boy



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Tuesday, 02 June 2020
The three artists performed so well that they reminded the fans of the defunct Blu3
Thursday, 21 May 2020
Juliana Kanyomozi pregnancy pics
Thursday, 07 May 2020
Desire Luzinda
Tuesday, 02 July 2019
Sheebah Karungi held her housewarming party on July 1
Saturday, 29 June 2019
Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika in her office and inset is Eric Omondi helping her to tuck in
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Thursday, December 29 2011

Uganda's Sexiest  Celeb Bodies

They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but we all agree that there are basic standards that cannot be debated about. Some people are simply more beautiful than others. Today, we look at who Uganda's most beautiful female celebrities are.

They may not meet all your requirements but they have something special about them that sends men talking and that's their bodies. Enjoy optically!

Grace Nakimera - She has a hot body and she is photogenic. She has nice boobs to supplement  the body although there has been debate on whether she had a boob job, but she says they are all natural. She dresses the body the right way. The 'Kawonawo'  star exudes sex appeal without compromising intelligence and independence.

Mya Bagenda - She has that look and body every model craves for; tucked in tummy, right curves with no extra hips or buttocks. What the light-skinned Blu3 singer may lack in vocals is well compensated for in the body and looks. Surely we are missing her from the music scene as she is out on maternity leave.

Zari Hassan - Few people can give birth to three children and still look as hot as Zari. The South African based singer is simply gorgeous with that body. Her heritage involves many countries with her maternal grandfather being Indian with a Ugandan wife; her paternal grandfather is Somali with a Burundian wife.

Zuena Kirema - She is rated as one of Uganda's sexiest women. Her complexion makes her attractive with or without makeup. She has graced more newspaper pages than any other woman. The thing is that this mother of two knows her strong supplementary points- her smooth legs and big eyes. Who can blame Bebe Cool for fighting to get her back?

Desire Luzinda - She is the embodiment of African beauty. The singer has a hot body complete with hips and a flat tummy. That added to her natural dark beauty, her first name suits her. She is definitely desirable and we now know why several tycoons are craving to have a piece of her.

Posted by: uowd AT 05:17 pm   |  Permalink   |  16 Comments  |  Email
Friday, December 02 2011
IN THINGS! - A few months back Desire Luzinda resigned her job at Dembe FM and many thought she was running nuts. Hmmm, who tells you the shapely singer needs a full time job to survive? Snoops can reveal the Mubite singer has flown to Canada for a one week shopping tour.


Snoops can confirm that she flew out of the country on Friday last week and returns this Saturday. While in Toronto the singer, WTF has learnt, has toured the whole city and has even shopped for designer clothes she will be using in the video of her new techno song titled 'Buli Wendi'

Curvy Desire will be shooting the new video next week from video producer Kim XP. But now the question on everyone's lips will be who the man behind this trip could be. Luzinda has been linked to a series of loaded fellas in town.

Clearly Luzinda doesn't need employment....More on Desire

Posted by: uowd AT 05:33 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
Tuesday, November 15 2011

Struggling singer Desire Luzinda is set to sell off her prized ride, a Mercedes Benz ML. According to pals, Desire wants to sell off the posh ride to offset some of the loans that are on the verge of choking her.

A source told us; "If she doesn't get the  money she wants as soon as possible then she will be left with no choice but to sell off the Benz" Remember, the 'Nina Omwami' singer who has struggled to record a hit song for sometime had apparently acquired this ride registration number UAP 821 Y from her Nigerian loaded Oga bonkmate. The two have since parted ways.

Meanwhile, word around is that Desire is fighting hard to avoid the 'fading artiste' tag that is given to most top singers who struggle to release hit songs after their debut albums. A snoop intimated; "She was devastated at not being nominated anywhere in the recent PAM Awards.

She is living in fear that Red Pepper will start writing stories of how she has faded musically." Watch this space!

Posted by: uowd AT 12:00 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
Monday, September 19 2011
Desire takes ride from her gigolo
Well this will come as a shocker to many. Yes Desire Luzinda also has toyboy. The Nina Omwami singer has apparently confiscated the DMC starlet she had bought for 23 year old Samuel.

Snoops have intimated that the two have been seeing each other for about one year and was even renting for him an apartment in Mutungo. The real reason why Desire took the car from his yet to b e known.

The two have never been spotted in public together. The bootyliscious Desire has for long been associated to several loaded city guys who have always pumped lots of dime into her music and social lifestyle.
Posted by: uowd AT 12:19 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Saturday, July 16 2011

        Flavia, Sheila, Cleopatra, Desire and Seanice
Ever since Sanyu FM started broadcasting as the first FM station in 1992 there have been mushrooming radios all over Uganda.The latest count reveals as of May 2011, Uganda boasts of approximately 260 stations.

Kampala tops the list with 47 stations while  Mbale and Mbarara come second with 18 each.Jinja and Masaka followed with 14 each.Today,Tukyakale Magazine takes a look at the babes in the studios who take pleasure in  commanding you not to 'touch that dial'

The reasons may range from mellow voices to the way they realy their content.

Crystal - Teaming up with the late Bangi(RIP), the dynamic duo made the evening show on Sanyu FM fast- paced. Val, her current co-host compliments her well too. They make a good team together.The only dampener to her good voice  and smart presentation is that she laughs about anything; which in a way irritates some of her critics.

Bina Baby - She's a legend at Dembe FM and her mid-morning show is popular. however, her voice tempo is so "bedroomish,'something soothing for listeners between the sheets past mid-night, not 11 am when one is getting sticky in the Kampala heat.

Nvanungi Sheila - If you are looking for a female radio legend, then you can't look further than Sheila Nvanungi. She brought in a different colour at the vernacular speaking CBS FM.

The testament of how much guys love to listen to her is measured by how much they missed her during the period CBS was closed.

Cleopatra - The former Obssessions singer turned actress is also new on the radio.It's still to early to judge the impact she might make on radio but pundits believe so far not bad.

We can only hope she doesn't suffer the syndrome that caught up with the likes of Bebe Cool who quit after two months at Capital FM. She is currently on Radiocity.

Seanice - She is an old timer. During her breakfast show at Sanyu FM, She is equipped with a lot knowledge that makes her eloquent in her presentation. However, she sometimes takes arguments quite far, leaving listeners in the 'dark' and of course she is too argumentative.

Flavia - There's no question that Flavia Tumusiime is among the most talented female presenters in the country. Her judgement, selection of topics while on her AM-PM show on Capital FM is good and of course she gets a plus with her voice that is topped with good looks. She is a darling to many listeners.

Desire Luzinda - A new comer onto the radio world, the shapely singer is still grappling with the dynamics of radio presenting. Listening to her evening show with Emperor Orlando on Dembe, one needs extra attention to keep track with what she is saying.

But as a musician, she has brought on some of her fans aboard the show.

Melanie - On the Sanyu breakfast show, she exudes intelligence. She debates in a liberal manner and has away of 'shutting off' Fatboy who often assumes the role of Mr. Bully She is to argumentative at times though.

Lillian - Despite being a new  entrant into the world of radio broadcasting, the former Blu3 singer has confidence. Her mid morning show on Radiocity is well packaged and the music is fabulous. All she has to do is improve her 'r' which she tries to pronounce with an accent.

Prossy Patra - Eki Lavu Lavu is probably one of the most famous Luganda night shows.Prossy Patra has been at its helm  at Dembe FM and save for her maternity days and the reign of Bina Baby, she has done a great job.

Though the show requires a soft voice , she takes it anextra mile and  sometimes listeners struggle to get her words. Who blames the guys who call in and lay their manifestos on air?

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Wednesday, July 13 2011

          Desire Luzinda
Desire Luzinda wants her ex fiance Ken Ntaro back to resurrect her fading career. Ken and Desire were lovers for over five years but fell out in 2009 over infidelity. Apart from tomahawking bummy Desire's Benghazi Ken was also a force to reckon in the music industry and would easily get corporate gigs and sponsorship thanks to Ken's rich network of partners.

Her stardom is fast on the decline trend. All the songs of this reason she wants Ken back. A source said: "Desire has finally realized that Ken was more than just a lover. He was pivotal in her music life. Without him, she has really struggled to make it in the industry.

She is hurt that new girls like Jackie Chandiru, Cindy and others have come up overtaken her terribly. She wants Ken back badly." When asked, Ken refused to comment. Watch this space! More on Desire Luzinda

Related: Cindy, Blu3

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Tuesday, June 28 2011

Desire Luzinda

Last Tuesday former Kampala City Mayor was spotted at the residence of bootylicious singer Desire Luzinda. Al Hajji Nasser Ntege Sebaggala who was driven there in a white Land Cruiser VX UAP series however couldn't make it past the singer's front door.

This was after he inquired about her and was told that she had gone to CBS radio station for an interview. The dejected fellow left looking like he had been rained on. He was later driven away towards Wandegeya.

Had he come to discuss their 'private parts'?

Posted by: uowd AT 12:41 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
Monday, June 20 2011
Early last week we reported how booty singer Desire Luzinda had acquired a state of art ML Mercedes Benz ML 550 registration UAP 821Y. She has been spotted cruising it around town for days. However while we thought her Nigerian loaded Oga was responsible for purchasing this state-of-the-art ride, new info coming in reveals otherwise.
Desire’s most close pal intimated to us that a total of five loaded and important men contributed towards its purchase. We were told; “She would tell her loaded friends that she is importing a new posh ride and they would all stampede over themselves to contribute hefty sums of cash”.
She did this to five guys and at the end; she must have paid off the car and yet remained with a huge balance.” The car had been stuck at car dealers depot based in Naguru as Desire was collecting sacks of money to pay it.
Apparently, the Oga could have paid just Shs5m only. Watch out for more details and names of all the guys who contributed and how much each staked. Hmm..that’s what they call the power of a well oiled “Benghazi”
  • Nigerian Oga Bought Desire Luzinda the ML550
  • Desire Luzinda Acquires New Ride
  • Posted by: uowd AT 01:52 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
    Monday, June 13 2011

    We recently revealed that booty-ful singer Desire Luzinda had acquired a state-of-the art Mercedes Benz ML 550 to add to a few other cars already in her garage. The black Mercedes registration number (UAP 821 Y) has been spotted parked at Dembe FM offices which is also her new place of work .

    However, snoops have landed on exclusive info that reveals how the 'Nina Omwami' singer acquired the posh ride. A source intimated that the ride was bought by her Nigerian lover only identified as Tunde.

    The two have been spotted together painting the city red at several top hangouts like Emin Pasha and Serena. A source added; "He shipped it into the country recently and gave it to her as a gift."

    In fact we are told a wedding is in the offing. Apparently, this Tunde guy is loaded and owns huge business empires in South Africa, UK and the US. Watch this space!

    Related: Desire Luzinda Acquires New Ride

    Posted by: uowd AT 11:54 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
    Thursday, June 09 2011

               Booty-full Desire now cruises an ML550
    Booty-ful singer Desire Luzinda has acquired a state-of-art Mercedes Benz to add to a few other cars already in her garage. Snoops have of recent spotted the black ML 550 registration number UAP 821 Y parked at the Nakasero based Dembe FM offices where Desire recently hooked up a slot as a presenter.

    A snoop told us; "Her ride towers above every other presenter's car in the parking yard. You can clearly see there is a difference between hers and the DMCs most of the presenters drive."

    With the likes of Bina Baby driving a DMC RAV4, they will surely make sure  Luzinda doesn't throw her weight around. Meanwhile snoops have revealed that the 'Nina Omwami' singer amused revelers at Club Silk recently during  the Grace Nakimera Unplugged show when she fell for a handsome lad.

    Shockingly, this city hunk is dating a certain city glamour gal. One of her close pals told us; "She sent one of her gals to buy this dude a beer and place it on  his table despite him being with his chic."

    We are told Desire later sent her friend who cornered the guy as he went to the loo and then proceeded to ask for his phone number. Desire was later seen copying it onto her phone. However, the guy's chic noticed foul play and whisked him out of club.

    But by that time, Desire had outsmarted her and as you read this, we are sure the two have already met and talked at length.

    Posted by: uowd AT 03:15 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
    Sunday, May 22 2011

    Bebe Cool, Desire, Straka and Bad Black
    Some of them trip and fall but blame it on the potholes; others enter a discotheque and want to throw their weight around by buying beers for everyone at the counter. With this attitude and lifestyle, we cannot go without bringing you celebs that have made headlines on the local scene this week.

    Bad Black - City glamour gal won't give up on searching for love not at least when she still has a fat bank account. After unsuccessfully trying to hold onto relationships with Meddie, Bebe Cool and Rabadaba respectively, pepperazi reveal that Bad Black is now dating URA football star Eric Obua, brother to Uganda's professional footballer of Scotland Hearts of Oak.

    Desire Luzinda - Fresh from failure to represent Uganda in Big Brother Africa (BBA) season six Desire is set to be given a state of art Mercedes Benz ML from her Nigerian lover Tunde. Way to go gal.

    Bebe Cool - He was threatened with a court suit if he fails to clear Shs 2.5m he owes Uganda business woman based in UK. It seems his troubles are just beginning.

    Straka Mwezi - It was revealed that she has eaten big since joining Dembe FM and this was witnessed after she re-opened her boutique and salon in Makindye. We are told she is also set to sign another big deal in coming weeks.

    In this article: Bebe Cool, Desire Luzinda, Straka, Big Brother Africa, Bad Black

    Posted by: uowd AT 01:32 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
    Saturday, May 21 2011

    Desire Luzinda
    She could have flopped as a TV presenter but Desire has made another attempt on the media - this time as a radio presenter. In the extensive restructuring taking place at the Nakasero based Dembe FM, singer Desire Luzinda has joined as a presenter.


    She joins a long list of heavy weights including Straka and Omulangira Ndausi who are said to begin work in the next few days. Also joining the station are Beat FM sports editor Dennis Sembatya Junior who started on Wednesday and Beat FM presenter Dembe Herbert who has also taken up a presenting position there and will be unveiled soon.

    Meanwhile, the old Dembe FM employees are worried that Joel is bringing in new staff at an alarming rate which could make some of the loose their jobs. Desire has for long been known as a serial dater. More on Desire Luzinda.

    Posted by: uowd AT 02:12 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
    Friday, May 13 2011

    Breakups are hard. There is no question about that. And I guess they're harder when both you and your former are famous. There's no getting away from memories of him or her when you're both splashed in papers.

    But there is such a thing as over mourning, and these celebs are guilty of that. Because no one should waste time being hung up on an ex, we have designated today as National "Break Up with You Ex" Day.

    Straka Mwezi-Sizzaman
    We don't actually have a specific ex in mind that Straka should get over, but here is an abbreviated list: Charles Oimuke, military guy, Lil Tony and Sizzaman, for good measure. Straka's stock -in-trade has always been endearing her fans but I guess putting off the men in her life.

    Chameleone - Dorotia
    I read with surprise that Chameleone was actually pissed with ex and mother of his first born daughter, Greant Osea was actually set to wed. It is not like he is going to marry her so why all the resentment.

    Juliana Kanyomozi-Amon Lukwago
    What's good for the know. Juliana's breakup with Amon seems to have sent her into a strange spiral. First there was this brief dalliance with Kassim Ouma.

    Then she was allegedly linked to Peter Miles. It all seems a bit showy, no? Like she's daring Amon. Our suggestion is that she moves on and tries dating someone.

    Ken Ntaro-Desire Luzinda
    We first encountered him as singer Desire Luzinda's boyfriend. Just as his ex-squeeze Desire reentered the public eye as Seya's good friend, Ken released this gushing statement: "

    "I have moved on and I have a new gal in my life" only to retract the damning words later. To us, it sounds a little like the ex doth protest too much.

    GNL-Becky Emons
    Becky has a top spot on si many lists: including the Oh My Lord, Woman, Get Over You Ex Already list. And of course her overly hyped fling with singer GNL, that saw him spend a night in the coolers

    Posted by: uowd AT 09:43 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
    Sunday, May 01 2011

    Bad Black, Zahara Toto, Mimi Kirema and Desire Luzinda
    Latifa Nalukenge
    - This is the girl whom you can't even think of as muslim . She parties non-stop and drinks too much like someone who is not related to any Islamic religion. She is surely a defiant Hajjat.

    Desire Luzinda - Desire is known to be the daughter of a top politician and former MP in Obote's regime , hajj Jamada Luzinda of Kawempe the headquarters of Islamic religion in Uganda.

    Ever since Desire joined the music industry she has been sampling  all sorts of drinks that would come her way until she achieved fame and money to settle for expensive wine and whisky.

    Mimi Kirema - We hope it's not a family disease. Like her sister Zuena, Mimi is now a top guzzler. After dropping out of school following a pregnancy, Mimi resorted to boozing and boys. She was later taken back to school to finish her S.4 at Yale high school in Kayunga but has never looked back, she still guzzles the bitter like the wretched.

    Zahara Toto - The Chilli Girl singer has seen and done it all, despite her being of a restrictive religion. She can woggle and wiggle as she dances transnight. To make matters worse she must show off a lot of skin lest no member of audience will pay attention to the performance.

    Posted by: uowd AT 03:17 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
    Thursday, April 14 2011

    Juliana(T), Bad Black(B), Jackie, Desire and Rachel
    Pin it Down - Have you ever wondered why while some girls are yelling yuck, you will find most dudes screaming ohh yeah when their babes have pierced navels or tongues and eyelashes? Apparently, apart from one looking sexy and chic, it also shows some kind of strength and power in a woman.

    Hhhm, no wonder the majority of our celebs are running to have this craze fulfilled. Well gals, if you want to look exotic, just go and get sexy piercing. Trust me you'll be chic.

    Desire - Hhhm, which gut wouldn't get the desire to have a small piece of her after looking a the sexy body; especially that long navel ring leading you down to her paradise? Well she was as well strong enough to get a stud on her nose. Call that sexy.

    Jackie Chandiru - You might have spotted her with a python in one of her videos and wondered; the power! Well she undoubtedly has all the might for she was daring enough to pierce almost every part of her body.

    Rachel K - Speaking of might, our very own Punk Rock star is more daring than the mighty power. Apart from changing her hair at least uuhmm..20 times, she was Gyal enough to pierce her nose.

    And to add a little icing on the cake, she has a big ring to prove her point. Go Rock Star!

    Bad Black - She has certainly brought out the BADNESS in her for sure. This loaded sexy ''Black'' babe has shown us that indeed money can buy everything; be it power and uhm, the little piercing on her eyelash. Big Ups Badness.

    Judith Heard - It's not so many words, soupy Heard had has proven to us all that not only does power come from dollars and pounds. It also comes from courageous and daring enough to get both her navel and nose pierced. Yup there goes some guts.

    Juliana Kanyomozi  -This long time Ugandan sexy song bird was considered the first to see the light in the art of body piercing. She has had a simple lureling stud on her eyelash for like a decade.

    Not only does it make her look gorgeous. She looks young and chic as well.

    Posted by: uowd AT 02:07 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
    Tuesday, April 12 2011

    It's ll good news for the curvy singe Desire Luzinda. The latest on our desk is that her Nigerian heartthrob whom we have identified only as Tunde is flying into Uganda this week. Tunde lives and works in South Africa.

    Desire also known as Nancy at home, is over the moon because of her sweetie's arrival. Should we say wedding bells or what? Because we suspect, Desire could be under pressure to introduce a fella since her sister Sheila's introduction is in January this year. Watch this space! More on Desire Luzuinda

    Posted by: uowd AT 07:39 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
    Sunday, April 10 2011
    Love is a beautiful thing and it's all that we crave for. But at times, it hurts so bad that you may never get out of troubles, especially after the break up. We unveil women whose ex-lovers have never been the same after they called it quits.
    Desire Luzinda - Ken, Ken Ken! He was a young, prosperous businessman when he was still in  a relationship with Desire Luzinda but after their split, everything changed. The break up haunted Ken and efforts to replace Desire have yielded nothing.
    Ken's fame was somehow affected and although he is trying  to up the game again, it's been quite an uphill task.
    Juliana Kanyomozi - She dated Amon Lukwago for sometime and the couple has a kid together. But ever since the two separated, it has not gone well with Amon. His business empire declined and he sold off his Liquid Discotheque in Masindi.
    Amon is now living a low profile life with Liz, his girlfriend. He no longer appears on the social scene and functions as he used to. Meanwhile, Juliana briefly dated US-based Ugandan boxer-Kassim Ouma but when they separated, Ouma's life changed as well.
    He has never been good in the ring as he used to be. In fact he has never won any game again and we no longer hear about him.
    Iryn Namubiru - Talk to Qute Kaye and then ask him about Iryn Namubiru, you will see the guy flush. Kaye, who came to fame with a hit single Ginkese,' was dubbed Uganda's R.Kelly. But guess what? It all turned upside down after he dated Iryn.
    He has never done anything sensible in the music world since then. He stumbles every time he tries to get up. We hope and pray that one day one time, things will work out for the brother.
    Zuena - Remember her short stint separation with Bebe? The singer changed from the one we are used to and in an effort to win her back, he became someone else. He then sang songs to woo her back. Without Zuena by his side, he isn't himself. That could be the reason he is trying to make her a singer - to always be with her on his musical shows. Now if .I mean what the hell is this?
    Straka Mwezi  - Oimuke, Kid Fox, Tony, where are they now? Looks like Straka - whose love for dating young boys has gone beyond imagination- has a way opf breaking up. This is beacuse everyone she dates instantly fades into blivion. Kid Fox who has been in the music industry for more than ten years now, is still considered an upcoming artiste.
    Among those who have ever dated Straka, Ssizaman is the only one who is doing well. Let's keep our fingers crossed and see how far he will stay around.
    Posted by: uowd AT 03:33 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
    Thursday, April 07 2011

    It's so sad for Seya's sweet heart Desire Luzinda; for as we had earlier reported, it has now been confirmed that she won't be going to South Africa to compete for the BBA sex prize.

    This comes after word reaching our desk that the sex dripping Desire miserably flopped in BBA auditions. We hear of all the people that contested, only 3 gals and one boy were chosen to go to South Africa for the final selection.

    Snoops now reveal that "After  flopping Desire has gone around telling pals that she never even went for the auditions let alone having any interest in the whole BBA thing."

    However, pals close to her intimate that "When it turned out that she'd flopped mostly when it came to self expression, she was so disappointed and felt hurt having hoped for a chance to swim  in the BBA jackpot."

    Whatever the case, the it was only hard luck Desire, so try next year.

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    Wednesday, March 30 2011

    To Love or mint dime still remains the question as singer Desire Luzinda is spotted with yet another loaded guy. This was on Wednesday at Emin Pasha Hotel. The fella’s name still remains a mystery. 

     Sources close to her have intimated to us that the new fella id from West African state of Sierra Leone and we are told he is in the country for business deals. Whether Desire is cracking business deals with him or not is a story for another day.

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    Friday, March 18 2011

    DIVA Desire Luzinda has made it to the top five finalists to misrepresent er sorry represent Uganda in this year's big Brother Africa reality TV show. Uganda will send only one  representative as housemate and Desire could be a shocking choice.

    A multichoice insider told us: "Yeah Desire Luzinda is still in. She could be our choice and gosh those curves. Many here believe she can do really good." The show is set to kick off on May 1, In South Africa.

    A whooping $200,000 is up for grabs. In the last five Big Brother Africa shows, Ugandan representatives have fared so poorly. In last year's edition, our housemate Hannington was even chased from the house prematurely.

    Other Ugandan housemates before have been Phillip Okure, Gaetano Kaggwa, Maureen Namatovu and Morris Mugisha.

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    Wednesday, March 16 2011

    It looks like songbird, Desire Luzinda is no longer a close pal to the outgoing Kampala Mayor, Alhaji Nasser Ntege Sebaggala aka Seya. This rumour is gathering credence following the strange behaviour of Desire at the critical time that she would have behaved otherwise.

    Our snoops have learnt that recently when Seya was admitted at International Hospital over claims of possible food poisoning, the 'Nina Omwami' singer never paid a visit to the upscale hospital to show sympathy to her long time close friend.

    "Even when you pursue through the visitors book, Desire's name does not feature anywhere" one of Seya's close pals wondered. However, Desire's apologists claim that she may have feared facing Seya's first wife who was attending to him. Hmmmm!

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    Saturday, February 26 2011

    This is a cracker and we are sure most of the top city money bags especially our pal Seya won't like this. Snoops have bumped into info that the singer is engaged to a loaded Nigerian of the Yoruba tribe who works and lives in South Africa identified only as Tunde.

    We are told he is the one who footed the cost of constructing her new house in Naalya. Our South  African based snoops say, the man is always bragging to his friends in the land of the Madiba how his babe is the leading curvaceous celebrity in Uganda and that they are soon getting married.

    We can't wait for the wedding to receive our 'Ogas' as our in laws here. Desire Luzinda is the latest Ugandan girl to get engaged to a Nigerian after top party animal and Nyaru babe Tracy Bora got engaged to Prince Kareem also from Nigeria.

    If all goes well, we are likely to have weddings this year all with Nigerian connections. Meanwhile, sources say Ken and Desire's civil marriage is not over yet because the latter refused to sign the divorce papers but we  are sure this time she will do it.

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    Thursday, January 27 2011

           Desire Luzinda
    This is a bomb and we swear all of you who are curvy singer Desire Luzinda's fans must rejoice because we have good news for you. The booty-luscious singer is indeed a daring chic. The latest we have is that she has filled forms to go for Big Brother Africa season 6 which kicks off in May this year.

    Sources tell us that the singer after seeing her music slump, she has decided to try her luck in  the reality television show. Surely we can't wait to see her wriggle her butt in the house in case she is selected.

    One of her secret admirers remarked thus, "uulala, if Desire gets into the house shower hour should be back. I have to see those lips bare." May be this could be Uganda's chance to be represented by someone who could win the money after being frustrated by the past representatives.

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    Friday, December 17 2010

    Sexy gifts from us with love
    We at the Red Pepper love, our dear readers so much. Though we love you equally, we couldn't afford a christmas gift for each one of you. However, it is only fair that the following celebs don't go bare-handed.

    Bobi Wine - The president of Uganja Republic is one guy who can't live without the weed. Don't be fooled by his "depot nazigala" song, that's wolokoso. We recommend that he should spend this festive season in a rehab center.

    Meg Lusembo - Just like Desire, this city glamour gal who is famous for dating pensioners should get a permanent bonkmate. It's the same gift that we offer former Miss Uganda, Salma Nassanga.

    Hannington BBA - Commonly known as smellington, we would have preferred to give him a deodorant but we think our BBA 5 flop needs a book on anger management. If he had one on the house he could have probably stayed longer in the house instead of fighting with a lady.

    Desire Luzinda - Ha! For the queen of hips , we preferred an eligible bachelor to walk her down tha aisle. (We have several hunks at the Red Pepper who' d anything, absolutely anything, to just do that). That would be the best ever Christmas gift for her.

    Straka Mwezi - And to our favourite TV personality, we dedicate to her a cheque for an extreme make over. That's because she's going to have a lot of show to work on next year.

    Seanice Kacungira - As a radio presenter, she has gained fame but has failed to gain one thing: weight. Our Christmas gift to her is a book with tips to gain weight.

    Weasel and Radio - We know that it is hard for their whoopers to rest. Not with the fame has come along with career. We buy them a carton of condoms.

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    Monday, October 25 2010

    Kaka and Desire
    Just last week, we reported in these pages how Desire Luzinda's UK based pal only identified as Kaka was set to storm Kampala in December for a short holiday. We then advised city loaded guys to prepare to have the best fun with this party animal.

    But apart from her wild partying lifestyle, we have come to learn that Kaka is a raging maneater who has had it with loaded Nkuba Kyeyo's back in Manchester, UK where she is based.

    A source told us, "She never misses a party anywhere in the UK. She is known around all top hangouts in London. She changes guys like Knickers and only loaded ones come close to her.

    If you have a bank account that is less than a million dollars on it, then forget about her." A pal confirmed to us. Meanwhile, more unconfirmed reports indicate that she once dated a top footballer in the premiership who plies his trade at the Old Trafford based Manchester United FC.

    We are yet to know which footballer that is but watch this space. Kaka now becomes the second Ugandan babe to be linked with a top European footballer after Becky Emonz was confirmed to be romping with Inter Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

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    Tuesday, October 19 2010

    Photo: Desire given a run for her Money
    Guys brace yourself for Desire Luzinda's UK based pal. All of you who think you are the hottest babes in Kampala; step aside because the ultimate sex goddess is set to jet into our potholed city soon.

    United Kingdom based Rwandese/Ugandan babe only identified as Julie Kaka, considered one of the hottest babes abroad, we have been told he will be in town before the turn of the year.

    Our UK based source told us, "She will come in December but I can only warn all horny guys that she simply has everything a man needs on a chic. Guys will be blown away." We hear Kaka who is great pal of Desire Luzinda is well known around London as a party animal.

    Apparently, during Desire's flopped birthday bash just a couple of months back, Nkuba Kyeyo guys romped with her. Well, guys should brace themselves because the Queen will be in town soon. Watch out for more about her.

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    Saturday, October 09 2010

    We have learnt that 'Nina Omwami' singer, Desire Luzinda as we write this is smiling all the way to the bank. This is after a loaded Germany based Ugandan Nkuba Kyeyo paid her a staggering Shs 200m to perform for him in a private show at his residence.

    Closes sources say this loaded fella has been living in Germany for close to thirty years has been Desire's secret admirer and fan. We hear he has now decided that transform that admiration into action by clearing all her travel expenses on top of paying her that dime.

    We were told, "He likes her curves a lot. So she has decided that the best way to satisfy himself fully is seeing her perform live in front of him." Apparently, Kazibwe is a car dealer who is highly connected with Germany car makers Mercedes Benz.

    Desire will also perform at two other shows for her Ugandan fans.

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    Thursday, September 09 2010

    Desire Luzinda

    This is surely a shocker. Just a few days ago, we shockingly learnt that WBS' Straka Mwezi gave birth at Kisubi clinic; we have now been told that booty-ful local singer Desire Luzinda could be pregnant.

    Desire's close pal told us, "All I can say is that she could be pregnant." We are yet to confirm if it's really true but our investigative team has learnt that a certain loaded and well connected guy is going around claiming he is the power that rocks between her vuvuzela.

    Remember Desire is already blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Well, who could have thought Straka of all people could be pregnant. In the romping world anything can happen. Watch This Space!

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    Wednesday, September 01 2010

         Desire and her Lebanese friend
    The fella who rescued bootyliscious singer Desire Luzinda from further embarassment during her recent birthday party has been positively revealed. We are told he is a Lebanese and top fashionist around the world.

    A source told us, "The two have been great friends for sometime and when he is around the country they spend a lot of time having a blast together talking about their likes and dislikes."

    Apparently, he is the fella who contributed a huge sum of dime after the tycoon who was formerly sponsoring her withdrew over a romping difference. We hear he owns a boutique opposite Kampala Casino.

    Meanwhile, it should be remembered that he is the same fella who was spotted having a good time with Nina Omwami singer at Effendys. To make his point, he was among the few guys who attended her recent bash in London.

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    Thursday, August 19 2010

           Bootylicious Desire
    Just last week in our Saturday 3am issue we reported  that singer Desire Luzinda's preparations for a splashy birthday party scheduled for (Saturday 14th Aug 2010) at Club Valentino Tottenham High Road, London was in shambles.

    At the time we reported that a tycoon, who we couldn't name due to private reasons, had reportedly pulled out of sponsoring her supposedly huge and splashy birthday party. Reason given was that 'Nina Omwami' star had been lying to him that he was the only one docking at her vuvuzela.

    We were told, "He was planning to sink in approximately USD 120,000 (Shs 240m). But on realizing that he wasn't the only one financing the party , he suspended the whole project"

    But fresh sources have informed us that booty Desire's party flopped terribly. "There were a handful of people that it looked embarrassing, "a source in the UK added. To hide the embarassment, she now blames food poisoning for ruining her party and she has now rescheduled it.

    She wrote on her wall, "Dear lovely fans, It's a pity I missed my own birthday party due to some food poisoning.Must be one of those damn plane meals. I feel better now and will have my party this saturday 21-August-2010 at my favourite Club Valentino without fail and expect a live concert after I cut that cake and pop champagne. C you when u get there."

    Some of the guys reacted; Jean Baptise Akol said "It sounds like a made up story to me Desire"

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    Friday, July 30 2010

             Desire takes on a fan with a paka chini move
    As Tycoon pumps in Millions for the big day set for UK.

    Booty-ful 'Nina Omwami' singer Desire Luzinda is set to hold the biggest birthday bash ever by a Ugandan artiste. And not shockingly a tycoon is pumping a staggering millions of shillings into the party.

    A close pal told us it is to be held at Club Valentino, along Tottenham High Road, N17 in the UK. The event slated for Aug 14, 2010 is gonna be a red carpet VIP treatment event. In fact she wrote on her wall talking about it.

    "Only the early bird will catch the worm, so be there in time to avoid disappointment" Great performances from Desire(the Birthday Gal) and other UK based Ugandan artistes will grace the occasion.

    We hear she is set to fly out of Kampala early August in company of her tycoon to prepare for the lavish merry making and shopping before the big day. The dime sunk into this party will be worth a few wedding parties for some of the folks around town" a pal concluded.

    We will keep you updated about the proceedings and you can be sure to access all the pictures of the event only in 3am. Watch this Space! 

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    Thursday, June 10 2010

    Just as we thought Desire Luzinda and former Miss Uganda Praise Asiimwe's ex-boyfriend Ken Ntaro was losing the plot, he pops up with something new. We have reliably learnt that pencil-size software engineer, Ken  Ntaro, who has been out of the spotlight after he separated with the two babes, decided to channel his efforts into investing in property and importing top of the range wheels.

    He nowadays rides in this dusty and potholed city of ours with a 2007 model Jaguar. Our snoops spotted him around Garden City with this monster machine. We hear Ken acquired this posh vehicle at about $20,000 and he is yet to acquire a number plate for it.

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    Tuesday, June 08 2010

    We are yet to identify the reasons why sexy and bootiliscious singer Desire Luzinda parked at the Jinja Road Spear House based UBA bank for close to five hours with a fella. A snoop who smoked her out told us she parked her Nadia just outside the bank at 9:30am and by 12:30pm; she was still there trying to negotiate with the fella.

    We are told, "She looked like she was arguing with the fella over money issues and they seemed not to be getting to an agreement" We have further learnt that this guy, who was dressed in a True African (SMS company in town) t-shirt, later stormed out of her car and left fuming.

    She later drove off in a not so good mood towards Nakumatt. Whatever it was, the money issue was the main topic, no doubt.

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    Saturday, May 22 2010

              Desire and Shamir at Club Silk Unplugged last month
    You Deserve It - It's always bad to celebrate anybody's problem but for Desire she thinks otherwise. WTF has reliably been told that song bird, booty Desire Luzinda can't stop celebrating after her former 'close friend' Shamir Ssengendo's cars were impounded over robbery suspicion.

    We have been informed that the very bitter Desire was overheard calling her friends as she jubilated over the news that Shamir is a wanted man. She was overheard conversing on phone, ''Emottoka z'omufeere bazikutte ate naye police emunonya hahahaaa..." literally translated as the  "The conmans vehicles have been confiscated and police is hunting him down.

    The two are now sworn enemies after Desire accused Shamir of conning her of her hard earned dime. This was when she had gone on a tour in the US. We hear Shamir used that same cash to hook up other numerous babes in town thus dumping her.

    We have it on authority that it's the reason why Desire had refused to perform at his unplugged show. Elvis later conviced her to attend but she performed only two songs and left Club before bleach face Ssengendo could come.

    Apparently Shamir is being accused by a one Mrs.Tammy over stealing her cars woprth Shs 800m ( a Mercedes Benz, an Escalade). The robbery case is at Central Police Station.

    Related: Top City Singer Shamir Linked to Car Robbery

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    Wednesday, April 21 2010

    Desire Luzinda

    Curvy Desire Luzinda is set to introduce the loaded Moslem fella working with CMI, we can reveal. A couple of weeks back we told of how the 'Nina Omwami' singer  was so smitten with this guy to the extent that she is rumoured to have changed her religion and she calls her self Hajjat Desire Luzinda. 

    Now, we can tell that the CMI fella wants to move a step further by agreeing to be introduced to Desire's parents as her rightful man. One of her pals told us: 'Desire the CMI Muslim guy have been at it for more than a month now and are totally smitten.

    Their sex lives are incredible, so they want to take a step ahead' Bootylicious Desire has really struggled ever since she split with Ken Ntaro and has since tried out singer Shamir but sadly the fella is too much into showbiz to have time for her.

    Desire now taunts Shamir that he is still a kid. Only her close pal Seya was always there for her. The introduction ceremony is going to be a top secret attended by few invited guests

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    Friday, April 09 2010
    Curvy Desire Luzinda is dating a loaded Moslem fella working with CMI, we have learnt. And she is so smitten that she has even changed her religion. She is now Hajjati Desire Luzinda.
    Close pals add that she describes her new man as the love of her life. One of her pals told us; “Desire has since then struggled ever since her split with Ken Ntaro.
    She tried out singer Shamir but he was just into showbiz. Even when she thought she had visited his parents in the US, he did not change so she had to dump him.” Desire and the CMI Muslim fella have been at iot for close to a month and are totally smitten.
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    Thursday, April 08 2010

    Ever since he came to Uganda, Shamir has been linked to so many ladies that we can't wait to see who is going to carry on his arm as he goes for his April 29 Unplugged show which is going to be his very first public performance in Uganda.

    But word reaching us is that the 'First Lady', booty-licious Desire Luzinda has already 'booked' space for herself on this concert courtesy of her closeness to the singer and the fact that the two have a song together.

    Desire who has on more than several occasions been linked to the Ugandan US based singer Shamir did with him the 'How I used to be' song - a blend of Zouk and RnB which we hear they are set to perform for the very first time.

    Now this is something we can't wait to witness! Shamir will be promoting his 'People Change' album.

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    Friday, March 05 2010
    It looks like American based Ugandan singer Shamir and bootyful Desire want to be exclusive. Word reaching us is that Shamir, who just moved into his new home in Makindye on Wednesday, got tired of staying in a hotel room and has been lately sleeping at Desire’s house.
    A pal to the couple has intimated to us that Desire has even asked her five year old daughter to refer to Shamir as ‘Daddy’! The pair recently recorded a duet titled. ‘Baby I need your’!!
    Now tell me whether you need any more proof. Poor Seya: after the Mao beating; now this.
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    Tuesday, March 02 2010

    Desire's Booty

    Obsession's Remy could not pass on the chance to get touchy-feel with bootylicious Desire Luzinda. This was during Mesach Semakula's Taliyo launch at Hotel Africana last Friday. The horny guy was tempted to touch- we can't say we blame him!

    This sex oozing siren has even made the big guys in the political arena crumble-ask Seya, if you don't believe this! Shamir may be hobnobbing with city partiers, but he should not think that Desire is not having her fun!

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    Tuesday, March 02 2010

    Bootyful Desire Luzinda is not going to like this one bit when she hears that her man, American -based singer Shamir Sengendo is on Kandahar rampage. He was snooped on Friday night at Sway Club with a bevy of girls.

    The singer who has extended his stay in Uganda as he waits for his 29th April Unplugged show, arrived with an entourage of guys. He was later joined by lingerie woman Jackie Klein, whom our snoops overheard assuring Shamir that the girls would arrive in no minute- that all he had to do was keep the drinks flowing.

    And true to her word, the first set of two girls arrived dressed to the nines. Then another set! We don't know which one of the lovely ladies she took home. When he had just come into to town, female singers such as Zawedde and Priscilla Kaliballa, had their fangs on him. Desire, However beat them all to him, and managed to do a collabo with him, among others!

    Now this is what I call homecoming !!!

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    Friday, February 12 2010

    It may seem strange but true that sexy Desire Luzinda who is selling like a hot cake locally will soon be off to the USA courtesy of 50 Cent and Shamir, a Ugandan US based musician. A reliable source confirmed to us that Luzinda has been in touch with the American Icon for quite sometime through her latest side dish Shamir.

    The top secret was confirmed by a top studio snoop where Luzinda is recording a video. The studio producer was called off by an out of the ordinary white speaking gentleman whose accent was not got by the producer and when he asked who this was, the caller assured him that he was calling on behalf of 50 cent, wanting to secure Desire's appointment with 50. 

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    Wednesday, February 10 2010

                 Bummy Desire
    Bummy Desire Luzinda has followed Shamir to the United States so that they can know each other better. The last time Shamir was in Kampala, he was linked to a number of hot babes among them Jaqueline Klein, one Alice Namatovu and Desire Luzinda. The first time Desire and Shamir appeared in public was at UTL function at Rwenzori Courts.

    However, you could tell that something was going on between them. Shamir is having a show in Las Vegas and Desire has already joined him there. She also met Shamir's mom last Sunday and the comments from Shamir's mom were like: ''She's not a bad girl"

    Unfortunately Desire will not be in the US for Valentines Day as she jets back in the country this Saturday.
    Related: Why Desire Dumped Seya

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    Saturday, January 30 2010

               Desire and Shamir
    Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare for shock because Desire Luzinda of the Nyumirwa nyo fame has been hooked again. Just two weeks after she walked out on city mayor Seya, we hear she's in the 'kintu' with Shamir, a ugandan businessman cum musician based in the US.

    Our sources intimate that Shamir chased Desire for sometime and when he realized she was playing hard to get, he decided to inject a whooping 8m in her new video 'Tweyagale' The injection had conditions of course. One of them was that Shamir himself had to feature in the video, which Desire welcomed.

    That would have passed unnoticed if Shamir had not confessed his undying love for Desire on "The Beat", a program hosted by city comedian  Richard Tiwangye on UBC TV. We have no reason to doubt after watching how he cuddles her in the videos.

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    Monday, January 18 2010

    Most Celebs are not known for their intellectual prowess but have provided words that wowed us. Whether its insight or sheer audacity, we enjoyed reading these stunning sound bites from our stars.

    Zarie - Ok I might be having problems in my relationship, but dating those bu-local musicians? No way! I'm an up-market, sassy loaded woman! Some of those guys can't even afford to buy themselves deodorant! Zarie reacting to her alleged hobnobbing with Ugandan Musicians.

    Desire Luzinda - You Red Pepper guys should leave SEYA alone. He has potential. This is when she was reacting to a story about her and Seya while emerging out of a hotel room at 2:00am.

    Eva Mbabazi - I can have sex for lunch, super and breakfast without getting tired.

    Daphne - I have slept with almost all the celebs in town but no one has taken me to and from cloud nine like Hilderman Mazongoto Daphine's kiss and tell interview about her celeb sexcapes.

    Bobi Wine - Between me and Safina there's no love for heaven's sake. I didn't know her name until after she told me she was preggie with my son. I only shafted her once. Uganja President Bobi Wine reacting about his other woman.

    Aisha Nabukeera - I can't tell what Kampala guys find irresistible about me. May be I have a magnet or sweets down there. Why don't you ask them? Aisha Nabukeera reacting to Walukaga, Samona cat fight for her.

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    Sunday, December 20 2009

    In Kampala, the dating circle seems to be so small that most babes share boyfriends. They swap spit left and right. The time between significant others seems to get shorter and shorter. 3AM snoops may show a huge celeb break-up and the week after it will feature the same exes and who they are dating next.

    Well lets see who has managed to bag who:

    • Desire Luzinda - Ken, Juma Seiko, Mayor Nasser Ssebagala
    • Laureen Katusiime - Onen Patrick, Bobi Wine, Indian Investor
    • Kumba - Dr. Chameleone, Radio, Weasel, Dj Michael, Bobi Wine
    • Daphine - Nubian Lee, Dr. Chameleone, Bebe Cool, Dr. Hilderman, Weasel, Radio, Jeff Kiwanuka
    • Pretty Katende - Dj Michael, Dj Shiru, Aziz Azion, Juma Seiko
    • Julian Kanyomozi - Mujib Kasule, Amon Lukwago, Peter Miles, Kassim Ouma
    • Prisca Mikami - Emma Mulondo, Eddie Yawe, Exodus, Silver Kyagulanyi
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    Saturday, November 21 2009

                Women Awards 2009
    Believe in your Talent star - Cindy

    She is absolutely 'Ayokya- Yokya' this year. Everyone thought it was the end of her career this year when she was kicked out of Blu3 plus the killer news of her appearing nude in the pictures that shattered her name. She has over come all that and busy fast tracking her self as the best talents in the country. The Ayokyayokya track could even vie for song of the year award in the coming awards.

    Fun Fearless Females - HB Toxic
    Probably the hottest girl group in the country. They have the nerve, charisma, and a daring side too. There music still has some growing up to do but their dance moves, attire on and off the stage has left many men horny pocketing and drooling with blessedness.

    Villain of the year - Lydia Draru
    This has got to go to none other than hatchet woman, Lydia Draru. What she did shook the nation. Everyone is still wondering how a mere woman can kill a whole battle hardened general who has fought various wars and won them comfortably. She is now behind the coolers on charges of first degree murder. The country and the generals at large are still in shock over a woman who does not shed a tear over what she did.

    Heroine - Desire Luzinda
    Talk about curves in the right places, yummy hips and deliciously delicate sexiness, then Luzinda will be top on the list. She is too hot to resist and as things stand she is the envy of every female in the country and the magnetic pulling factor of all horny men in the country.

    Confused Artist of the year - Grace Nakimera
    Yeah we know you might say no but our survey says Yes! her music was going strong with top hits like Anfuukula, Kiva Kuki, Kawonawo among others and then she wakes up one day to say she has quit the music industry to be saved. Before we take in the shock, she announces that she is back. well we say it better be one of her ploys to gain publicity or she is a plain confused artiste of the year.

    Friends of the Year - Karitas and Zuena
    The two babes have been as close to each other as Siamese Twins. When Zuena separated with Bebe she found solace nd companionship in Karitas hitting all the social events together. The talking point was when Bebe accused Karitas of creating a bitter gap between him and his wife. Now that is what we call close buddies.

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    Saturday, October 03 2009

    It may have taken her few years to secure her fame with ground breaking music but Desire has certainly made it up on the list of celebs in the past five years. The curviest singer is nearing the list of richest female musicians courtesy of the latest project with the husband as you will discover in the breakdowns below:

    1. Desire was born 24 years ago
    2. Attended Buganda road primary, Omega College and then Makerere High School and currently doing a distance course in Micro Finance.
    3. She is engaged to Ken for the last four years but there is still no mention of tying the knot
    4. She has a five year old daughter called Mitchell Heather who she produced at 19 with another man, but Ken has no prob with it.
    5. She has always said she has what it takes to win PAM Awards as the artist of the year but we don't know how she judges that.
    6. Ever wondered who Desire's favourite man is apart from Ken? Here's your answer:"He is always present wherever Iam, I don't blame people thinking that I have had an affair with Seya before. According to her, Seya is just a mere friend and that's all.
    7. The curvy singer has been romantically linked to big shots in this dusty town of ours but she has continuously denied the allegations saying they are just mere friends.
    8. She is the CEO of DEKROVER a company she owns with her boyfriend Ken dealing in Ranger Rover spare parts based in Bukoto.
    9. Most faded stars would sell their right arm for a chance to work with her but those that gained celebrity status before her and later faded consider that a degrading act.
    10. She drives a Range Rover and owns other posh cars together with Ken.
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    Thursday, August 27 2009
                  Desire Luzinda
    The Mubiite singer who is rumoured to be dating the Kampala mayor Ssebagala has a cancer ridden pal who she wants to help. A close pal of her's has cancer and she does not have the money to support. All she is going to do is to put up a charity show and all the proceeds go to the friend.
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    Friday, July 03 2009

    Celebs Age Unearthed
    When men are asked their age they can even add an addition of two or three more to make them look older and mature but for the ladies if the same question is asked to the ladies, the answer given in most cases is reduced by five years. It now looks like a taboo to ask ladies their age. It is also a waste of time because they will never tell you the truth. The real ages of our female celebs is here by revealed.

    Juliana K - She is probably the best female singer Uganda has ever witnessed. She has the looks, the voice and when it comes to her figure it is exactly any man would would want but what she doesn't have is age on her side. She started with Karaoke in 1996 at DV8 and Sabrinas and was aged 18 years. She claims to be 28 years but according to maths she is 31 years old as of now.

    Iryn Namubiru - She always wants to look young and sexy but no way she can't deceive us anymore.In 1995 while appearing at Sabrinas Pub she revealed she was 22 years fourteen years down the lane she is claiming to be 28 years ahahahah that is a naked lie because maths shows she is 36 years. What an achievement.!

    Desire Luzinda - One of the hottest properties on the music scene, has a butt like no one else with looks of a mature lady but nope. She claims to be 24, she is far above it, she is twenty four.

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    Wednesday, June 24 2009

    Local star Musician and singer of ''Mubiite'' we hear is swimming in cash these days.The singer has acquired herself a luxurious mega pad in Kiwatulejust next to Novel Inn. She's currently pimping it to suither meticulous taste of a femininely fashionable interior decor and doing stylish archtectural adjustments on it.

    The pad comes at the heels of her latest Ipsum car acquisition . We hear the pad could be a gift from a leading city politician who is rewarding her for undying loyalty and tigress skills. We also hear all is set for the city politician to have exclusive dating rights since word doing rounds is that Kenny, Desire's fiance has thrown in the towel and left her for former Miss Uganda praise Asimwe. Way to go gal after a lomng time of mizigos.

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    Saturday, April 04 2009

    Uganda Artists

    You have listened to their music, you know who is loaded when it comes to dime, doing very well when it comes to sex lives but one thing is lacking and that is Education.

    Ragga Dee:  He is a music heavy weight no doubt. But when it comes to Education, he is certainly a featherweight. The self proclaimed grand father of Ugandan Music isn' t so learned. What is known is the fact that he completed his senior six from Masaka based St. Henry's College Kitovu. He claims he went to a US Institution but nope, we don't believe.

    Henry Tigan: The soft spoken reggae star Henry Tigan is a fresh graduate from Kyambogo University. He graduated with a bachelors degree in Adult Community education earlier this year.He is truly a force to reckon with the upstairs department.

    Bobi Wine: Singer Bobi Wine is truly a great man. He grew up from the Ghetto but that never stopped him from acquiring a degree in Music from Makerere University. Seriously the Mazzi Mawanvu singer is a heavy weight in the education  section unlike his top competitors.

    Juliana Kanyomozi: She is the reigning PAM Award artiste of the year, she is talented, an amazing figure and a very good voice but sadly, very few teachers heard it. Sources reveal that Juliana due to social and financial problems stopped in Senior Five. We are told she could escape from  school and hit Sabrinas Pub for Karaoke in the 1990's. So lucky she had a killer voice.

    Moze Radio: is one hell of a dangerous singer who definitely has a big and bright future ahead. He is a graduate from Makerere University. He completed a degree in Community Psychology but I don't understand why his English is suspect.

    Straka Mwezi: The celebrated music MC and WBS late show star has seen it all. She has been on the social scene for far far too long and worked and worked on almost all the best Radio and TV stations in uganda. And Bars! She has rubbed shoulders with Uganda's richest and is ever invited at the best functions in town. You just can't mess with Straka. But wait a minute, she never completed school. Senior Four was her highest.

    Jose Chameleone: He is undoubtedly a heavy weight in the music but when it comes to school, he is a light weight. Just like pal Bebe Cool, The Ba Yuda star is a senior six graduate. And again like Bebe, he stormed to Nairobi and released his first hit Mama Mia. Since then he has not looked back.

    Iryn Namubiru: She Released one hit that took her heights but ever since it's been down all the way through even though she has tried  that much to revive her career with collaborations. Well she is married to a white guy and dime is available  but her education is in slumber mode. Sources indicate that the last time she checked out a black board was in Senior Three.

    Karitas Karisimbi: She is gorgeous! Now imagine if she had gone to school. She would be a perfect model woman. But sadly, she dropped out in  Senior six from City High School and hit Kampala streets. Ever since she has worked on WBS, Capital Radio, and now she is back on WBS. She's definitely seen it all.

    Jackie Chandiru: The Blu3 heartthrob was offering a degree in Industrial Fine Art at MUK but later dropped. Retakes were accumulating like hell. she was spending most of her time in the Sir Apollo Kaggwa Hostel Baston instead of class. They were set to fire her anyway.

    Weasel TV: Just like his older brother Jose Chameleone, Weasel TV isn' t learned. We hear he dropped out of school in Senior Three. No wonder he call himself TV. I doubt if he knows what it means.

    Desire Luzinda: Ah, Seya's pal! Desire Luzinda is undoubtedly a great singer with a great body. But one thing that has eluded her is a certificate or any academic document of note. Ok she's got a senior six certificate but that is what she has. In 2004, she joined Makerere University for a development studies degree course. The two years later, she dropped out and joined campus but this time Nkozi University for a long distance course. We hear she dropped out of it too.. Ahhh!
    More on the Unlearned Stars

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    Monday, December 15 2008

    Desire Luzinda and her lover could split over text messages. Ken is mad after learning of Desire's hanging out with the loaded Buganda road based soldier. She landed on information that Desire was at the soldiers love pad late in the night. The soldier has even made matters worse by going around bragging to whoever cares to listen that he is Desire's close buddy.

    Ken and Desire have not talked for days. Another source reveals that Desire has been very close to two loaded personalities in town who meet her at a secret pad in Bugolobi.

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    Friday, November 28 2008

    Cindy - She has certainly had the best year of her life. First because we have given her all the coverage(including the nude photos)and secondly, she is not cracked since quitting Blu3. Her song Mbikooye is a master piece on top of having her debut album on its way out. An undoubted path to stardom.

    Esther Nabaasa - Graceful, Sexy with a sweet voice, Esther is tops! She bagged a cool Shs 180million in Tusker project Fame II. Though she's not outed any song ever since she won the mega bucks, Esther still remains a winner. A big one at that

    Juliana - She has shown bounce backability at its very best. She had quite a quiet year last year but this has been great for the song bird as she swept the PAM Awards in style. With TZ's Bushoke on top of Philly Lutaaya's Diana re do, Juliana has been in fine form.

    Desire Luzinda  - Amazingly, one word. Hot, another one. Amazingly hot, two words.Desire without doubt has been on top of her game all through. Her album has been one of the best this year. Hits like Mubiite, Nkomyewo among others were all mega hits. She deserved female artiste of the year.

    HB Toxic - Helen and Brenda were unrecognizable booty shakers behind Sharon, Cleo and Jackie when they were still part of Obsessions. With the formation of HB Toxic, the bombshell duo is in cloud nine.They've spread their talent toxically and made a remarkable transformation

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