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Lydia Jazmine in a white VW convertible

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Diamond Platnumz is not happy with some female fans

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Zari mourns Shammy Tale who passed on unexpectedly

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TINA Fierce's shoes that she intends to sell

I am not pregnant for Diamond Platnumz-Poshy Queen

Diamond Platnumz and Poshy Queen

Sheila Gashumba demands Shs400M from Tina Fierce

Sheila Gashumba threatens to sue Tina Fierce

Big Eye is emulating Bad Black as he demands for 270M from NRM

President Museveni shaking hands with Big Eye

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President Museveni addressed the nation for the 16th time on matters COVID-19

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Inset Buchaman is being arrested

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Big Eye chocking on a 400Million loan

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Wednesday, 24 June 2020
Big Eye threatens to sue the President over Shillings 270Million
Saturday, 20 June 2020
Buchaman arrested after disrupting a NEMA meeting
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Sunday, May 29 2011
The damage that pencil thin Faisal Seguya aka Rabadaba inflicted on Thaddeus Buyengo is deeper than we thought. saddening word reaching our desk is Thaddeus had for sometime been passing out blood instead of  urine.

And as a result, Doctors operated on him again on Thursday to clear what had gone wrong with his intestines. Thaddeus who ignorantly decided to settle his matters with Rabadaba outside court perhaps didn't know how much the dagger had penetrated into his stomach.

We were told he agree to pay about Shs 3m in compensation an amount that is not equal to the pain he is going through. Thaddeus is a member of the Goodlyfe Crew. He was stabbed by Rabadaba while in Kabalagala after a disagreement.
Related: Rabadaba Arrested for Stabbing Goodlyfe Member
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Saturday, May 28 2011

               GNL Zamba
It seems Luga Flow rapper GNL Zamba and his crew want to copy the likes of Klear Kut, Good Lyfe to mention but a few in having binges which see them drinking themselves to near hell.

After penning a Shs 5m Zamba Nite deal with Icon Bar last week, the singer turned his guns to the bottle. The clause in the contract entitled the Baboon Forest Crew members to have any tribe of booze of their choice and quantity on the house.

As the events unfolded during the Inaugural Zamba Nite on Wednesday, members of the crew who included MunnG, Lyrical G and GNL turned up and in the next few minutes they were soaking themselves in booze.

In fact, their binge might spell bad news for them since after Wednesday we hear the bar management is considering an amendment in their contract to limit the booze they are entitled to.

They are worried that at the rate the guys guzzle they might lead to the collapse of the Katwe based bar.

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Saturday, May 28 2011
Eva Mbabazi
UK-Based Ugandan Model Eva Mbabazi turned heads at 4Turkeys bar in Entebbe, we were told. What amazed us though is that the heads didn't turn in awe of her beauty but in shock of how it has faded, thanks to the numerous cigarettes and booze her body absorbs.

We have also learnt that she appeared not regretful about her split with former bonkmate Dizzy Nuts. This is because the pencil thin babe is apparently romping with another dread locked fella.

Eva famed for her fishnet stunt jetted in town on Monday.

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Thursday, May 26 2011

Jose doing his favourite stroke
Dr. Jose Chameleone's contract with Mengo based bar Monalisa has been terminated over indiscipline. Chameleone alongside his Leone Island Crew have been hanging out at the bar formerly Mambo Jambo - every Thursday but the singer and the bar management  fell out with the singer being accused of indiscipline.

It is not the first time the singer is accused of indiscipline. All through his largely successful career, the singer has been accused by many of stubbornness and indiscipline. At Monalisa bar, Chameleone has been bagging Shs 1m every Thursday, taking his earnings to Shs 4m a month.

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Thursday, May 26 2011

Dora Mwima

It looks like former Miss Uganda; Dora Mwima still thinks she holds a spell over city guys, years after she lost her beauty crown. We are told Dora got a shock of her life when she was manhandled by a mean and tough Club Rouge bouncer for flouting the Club's rules and regulations.

Trouble started when  Mwima dressed in a mini green  checked skirt with matching green top stormed the Jinja road based night spot for the ever happening Bikini night. However, asa rule, cameras (even those on phones) are not allowed inside.

The ex beauty queen the found herself on the wrong side of the bouncer when she was caught using her Nokia phone to take snaps of some of the models who were giving revellers a treat.

A snoop told us; "The bouncers tried to reason with her that she wasn't allowed to take any pictures inside the club but but she instead started hurling insults at him. This incensed the bouncer who then grabbed her by the g-string she was putting on and threw her out."

The bouncer was heard shouting; "Who do you think you are?" However, Dora was later saved y Nickta, the organiser of the bikini party who intervened to save her from further embarassment. This was after she had agreed not to use her phone to take anymore pictures.

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Wednesday, May 25 2011

Young Sudan Tycoons have taken over Wednesday nights at the posh and popular Kampala Road based Hi Table bar, we can reveal. Wednesday nights at Hi Table have been made for the better with these loaded Sudanese Tycoons splashing dime like there's no tomorrow.

In fact the night has become one of the major nights in Kampala night life with all the city sexy girls storming the place to chew some of the dollars from these generous Sudanese tycoons.

In fact we have also learnt this is the reason why a certain section of people thought the posh bar owner Simon Rusoke had sold it to the Sudanese tycoons. But we have learnt that these fellas are in charge of Wednesday nights that  have become a latest hit on the bar theme nights.

We hear Simon these days is a very happy man for the Wednesday profits have sky-rocketed. Meanwhile the VIP section of the bar is open and offers a great ambience for revellers. Hi Table is no doubt the place to be..

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Tuesday, May 24 2011

       Barbie Stressed over wedding
Preparing a wedding can take it's toll on some people and it hasn't spared Ghetto Republic 'First Lady' , Itungo Barbara Kyagulanyi. First she has been making an endless guest list; preparing for her big day September 7th which also doubles as her birthday, what a perfect birthday present.

However, there were certain reports that she was  being pressured by her parents to wed, the fact that the younger sister Brenda wedded before her yet she joined the family institution earlier.

But this didn't go well with Barbie who went ahead to tell off haters to give her and ganja wrecked hubby a break. She further explained why it has taken them this long to walk down the aisle in her own words...

"Your father and mother cannot have an upper hand in your decisions if you have been married for over 11 years! Come on don't make people think that we are always pressured to do things.

There is a time for everything; we have babies, we put our children's future in a proper pipeline and now it is time to CELEBRATE our love, don't hate on guys are ridiculous! That we are under my parents pressure to wed!

What have my parents been waiting for 11 yrs? Just thought I should tell you guys that it's the right timing and now is the time to spend on a celebration" Ohhh.....Barbie we can't wait to see you and Bobi in church

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Tuesday, May 24 2011

Heards Stings Zari
Ex City model, Judith Heard has hit back in her war of words with nemesis Zari Hassan. She has told close pals that she will deal with Zari in the best way possible for the 'stupid' insults she has been trading against her on her wall.

Judith told pals; "I don't beef with villagers because she is not even worth my time. But I will deal with her effectively if that's what she wants. If she wanna be a bitch then we will bitch" This comes after Zari recently posted another venomous attack meant to hit at Judith Heard.

Zarie wrote that; "Bitch was in the papers (today) mbu she has this and that!. What does she have except for the house her pensioner left to raise his what you claim to have, mbwa gwe! tick tack white balls of your pensioner are shrinking gwe bitch....

When papers say mbu am a seer nonsinika amanyo (and you open your teeth) it is like laughing at yourself..." The two showbiz loving married women are said to have had a deep loathing for each other for sometime now, though that beef started showing recently.

Could this turn out to be th deadliest beef between women in Uganda's history? We will keep you posted! 

Zari Photo Blog Judith Photo Blog

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Monday, May 23 2011

                 Atlas the African
Self important upcoming hip hop singer Atlas aka The African might soon face another arrest after failing to pay damages to Club Rouge, we have sadly learnt. Atlas a few weeks back picked a fight in the club with MC Kats.

During the fight, he broke the club's microphone and laptop but has failed to pay the agreed amount. Atlas who was rescued by his manager Ally Alibhai from Central Police
Station was asked to replace the things that he damaged from the Club.

And this according to sources, he has refused to comply. We have been told that whenever he's asked to pay, he tells them how he's broke and still waiting for his mum to send him money, an insider intimated to us.

The club has given him up to the end of this month and they have assured him that failure to pay, the law will prevail.

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Sunday, May 22 2011

Bebe Cool, Desire, Straka and Bad Black
Some of them trip and fall but blame it on the potholes; others enter a discotheque and want to throw their weight around by buying beers for everyone at the counter. With this attitude and lifestyle, we cannot go without bringing you celebs that have made headlines on the local scene this week.

Bad Black - City glamour gal won't give up on searching for love not at least when she still has a fat bank account. After unsuccessfully trying to hold onto relationships with Meddie, Bebe Cool and Rabadaba respectively, pepperazi reveal that Bad Black is now dating URA football star Eric Obua, brother to Uganda's professional footballer of Scotland Hearts of Oak.

Desire Luzinda - Fresh from failure to represent Uganda in Big Brother Africa (BBA) season six Desire is set to be given a state of art Mercedes Benz ML from her Nigerian lover Tunde. Way to go gal.

Bebe Cool - He was threatened with a court suit if he fails to clear Shs 2.5m he owes Uganda business woman based in UK. It seems his troubles are just beginning.

Straka Mwezi - It was revealed that she has eaten big since joining Dembe FM and this was witnessed after she re-opened her boutique and salon in Makindye. We are told she is also set to sign another big deal in coming weeks.

In this article: Bebe Cool, Desire Luzinda, Straka, Big Brother Africa, Bad Black

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Sunday, May 22 2011
Karitas Karisimbi

Fresh from the birth of twins, socialite Karitas Karisimbi is back to what she does best and this is none other than partying. She was spotted in Club Silk on Thursday night during the reggae old skool night having a blast with two girls who seemed like her close pals.

One of the girls used to work in Club Rouge.Karitas has been off the social scene since her benghazi was tomahawked by a sharp guy whom she later paid with twins.

However, she is now back to her partying ways and looks fresh and reloaded and ready to rock Kampala again. Previously she had suffered insults from singer Bebe Cool for not having kids but now that's history.

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Saturday, May 21 2011

     Hellen and Mathew aka Gilo
He could have made himself a name as an actor in the local NTV series The Hostel but Mathew Nabwiso aka Gilo in The Hostel seems to be grassing. Otherwise how do you explain his being in a club and not drinking?

On Easter Monday our snoops spotted Mathew at Bukoto based Iguana Night Spot with a Rastafarian dude. The two who seemed close spent the whole night drinking air. and of course air is naturally given therefore cheap and available to broke and loaded alike. Not even his fans seemed to bother.

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Saturday, May 21 2011

Desire Luzinda
She could have flopped as a TV presenter but Desire has made another attempt on the media - this time as a radio presenter. In the extensive restructuring taking place at the Nakasero based Dembe FM, singer Desire Luzinda has joined as a presenter.


She joins a long list of heavy weights including Straka and Omulangira Ndausi who are said to begin work in the next few days. Also joining the station are Beat FM sports editor Dennis Sembatya Junior who started on Wednesday and Beat FM presenter Dembe Herbert who has also taken up a presenting position there and will be unveiled soon.

Meanwhile, the old Dembe FM employees are worried that Joel is bringing in new staff at an alarming rate which could make some of the loose their jobs. Desire has for long been known as a serial dater. More on Desire Luzinda.

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Friday, May 20 2011

Huh, can we say best genetics ever because for some celebs, fame and fortune run in the family. This makes us think that sometimes it is not what you know, but who you share genes with.

Take Mickie Wine for example. He would ordinarily be another ghetto kid but the day he takes up singing and colours his cornrows, suddenly he is recognized as Bobi Wine's brother. And of course Bobi's popularity helps him hit the charts.

And two of their other brothers sing too. Just like Whoopi Goldberg's sister Act movie, here we unleash some of our favourite bro/sis, sis/sis, bro/bro acts.

The Mayanja Brothers who: Jose Chameleone, Weasel TV, AK47, Lizard, Humphrey. Ha the list seems to be endless! and it and it had to be then on it first. Though they don't sing in the same group, these majorly 'reptile family' brothers sing.

Some have registered success; others are struggling in the industry.

Claim to Fame: Apart from Chameleone and partly Weasel, the rest have become famous not because they sing but because when their song is played, it is followed with the intro 'he is a brother to Jose Chameleone'

And lately AK47 is Chameleone's curtain raiser just like Weasel used to although he has not yet had a breakthrough. Their association with Chameleone has turned them into celebs after the Bobi Wine siblings. And we are not forgetting the little known Humphrey who is a music promoter.

Togetherness Rating: Bad. Jose's big boy syndrome has made him and Weasel enemies. The rest get along very well with AK47 being Jose's sidekick.

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Thursday, May 19 2011

Singer Eddie Kenzo is surely coming to terms with the Newton's law of gravity which  states that 'what goes up, must come down.' The boy has had his best career moments  with his hit remix song, Stamina.

But just like anything, Ugandan move on from one song to another and it's a lesson he has learnt the hard way. We have not so surprisingly been told that Kenzo shed tears after his show which was slated to take place in Mbale town recently flopped terribly.

Our snoops have revealed that the show which was dubbed 'Stamina' registered a shocking 55 people and most of them had complimetary tickets. We only have one piece of advice for Kenzo; get another hit song or else Ugandans will forget  you ever existed.

Let him ask Qute Kaye how potentially damaging one hit can turn out to be.

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Tuesday, May 17 2011

      GNL and Becky during the happy times
Lugaflow's GNL Zamba, are you reading this? Becky Emons Mirembe, the Sweden based Ugandan girl who had you spend a night in prison has sting you in her new song. The song is titled Kafondongo (Independent Woman) and critics believe it is attacking GNL following their feud last year.

GNL was thrown in Kitante police cells after Becky alleged that GNL had failed to pay dime she had given him. However, the 'Kikankane' singer, Zamba claimed Becky wanted him to shaft her.

The pair has never seen eye to eye since then and have been silently beefing. Becky has now released Kafondongo in which she attacks GNL. In the song she sings that there are always indepednet women whom men want  to use to rid them of their poverty.

"Definitely, it is GNLshe was stinging in her song, " a music analyst and crItic told us. Over to you GNL.

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Tuesday, May 17 2011


Singer Tonix might be busy doing collabos with other musicians but that does not mean he cannot take time off to see what his ex has been up to. While our snoops were out patrolling on Friday, Tonix was spotted at the home of Tina a pole dancer, In Biina Mutungo.

Tina is currently plying her trade in Juba. Snoops reveal that Tonix was like a security guard covertly employed to protect a precious gem. The two were our snoops were shocked to find singer Tonix camped at the home of former pole dancer Tina's home in Biina Mutungo zone on Friday and Saturday evening.

The two were an item sometime back that was until Tonix was swept off his feet by a Zungu sugar mummy. Chatty sources reveal that Tonix is determined to do anything to win over his former gal.

They say old brooms sweep best and I bet Tonix would like his back. More on Toniks

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Tuesday, May 17 2011

We are yet to knowwhat is going on but if it is true then surely there is somerthing wrong. The latest info coming in is that  self styled Queen of the dance-hall, Barbara Ndagire aka Bella has been denied a visa.

We are told Bella was set to be among Ugandan artistes set to travel to UK for the 1st convetion scheduled for Aug 27, 2011. Bella had seized the opportunity to try and get a visa as early as possible.

But as you read this it seems she will have to sweat to get one. Bella has been trying to get to the UKeversince her wedding a her UK based Nkuba Kyeyo Joseph Sebunya flopped but the visa issue has always been her biggest obstacle.

The last time she tried, her papers were not in order. Close pals have intimated that she is already going crazy because her first attempt has already had to be questioned by the visa issuing officers.

The list already has singers like Bebe Cool and Mesach Ssemakula among others. This will be the fourth time Bella is denioed the visd to travel outside Uganda. More Bella stories.

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Sunday, May 15 2011

Straka's ex bonkmate, father of her first kid and jail bird Charles Oimuke is trying hard to make ends meet by doing all sorts of odd businesses. The latest on top of having a sugar mummy who pumps a lot of dime into him, Oimuke has started a CD and DJ  business where he expects to reap big from.

A source told us; "he recently purchased  disco equipment and will be hiring it out. Since he once worked as a DJ at Rhino K sounds he will be manning it himself." Oimuke had quit our dusty streets for the posh environs of Dubai but was later implicated in the smuggling of drugs before he was sent to the coolers.

He was later deported back home after serving his prison sentence.

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Sunday, May 15 2011

Bad Blood - Zari and Bad Black
This might seem crazy but believe us it is true. We have learnt that  there is bad blood intensifying between glamour gal Latifah Nalukenge aka Bad Black, Zari Hassan and Judith Heard.

And to prove this, we are told Black is planning to hold an off the hook party that she says will have Zari and Judith combined look like amateurs at making dos. We hope Black can actually pull off such a fete considering the downtown-ism in her.

However, snoops suspect the pompous Black must be up to something sinister but most probably she wants to proove a point to her presumed competitors. Over the weekend, she stormed Club Rouge in the company of her all gal booze brigade.

We are told she first 'punished' them with all tribes of liquor as though she was up for an award. This sent her brigade into untold drunkenness prompting them to behave in a queer way.

The group's headgal then decided to indulge other revellers and extended her generosity to those close to her table just like Zari and Judith do hmmmm!

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Saturday, May 14 2011

          Bad Black's BMW in Garage
City Glamour gal, booze brigade commander and self styled lady tycoon, Latifah Nalukenge aka Bad Black seems to be running out of cash. We are told Nalukenge's total of three posh rides are stuck in one of the city garages.

According to sources, last month Black was involved in a drink and drive accident while driving her Range Rover sport and all the doors were damaged and it was taken to a city garage for repair.

A few weeks after the Range Rover sport got another problem , her BMW X6 was also involved in another accident before it was towed to CPS where Black recorded a statement and was charged.

But now sources claim the two vehicles were taken to a garage for repair but she has never come to claim them because the amount she needs to dish out is in millions . These days she is always seen cruising in a Nissan Murano which she had given to Bebe's wife Zuena before she took away from her again. Watch out for more details.

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Saturday, May 14 2011

          Sheila and Big Eye
Upcoming singer Big Eye is now a happy man after his Dubai based cougar Sheila Patience came back for a short holiday in town. Word from the 'Sula Indicator' singer's base in Makindye is that the two seem  to have started off from where they ended the last time Sheila was in town.

We are told she jetted into town last week and the two have been bonking mercilessly and limitlessly as if there is no tomorrow. Sources further confirm that Big Eye who had parked hi starlet over mechanical problems and sky rocketing fuel prices, is nowadays seen cruising a Toyota Noah.

'He seems to be swimming in in dime these days and his swagga has changed a bit' a pal added. Sheila is married to a white pensioner and the couple stays in Dubai.

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Friday, May 13 2011

Breakups are hard. There is no question about that. And I guess they're harder when both you and your former are famous. There's no getting away from memories of him or her when you're both splashed in papers.

But there is such a thing as over mourning, and these celebs are guilty of that. Because no one should waste time being hung up on an ex, we have designated today as National "Break Up with You Ex" Day.

Straka Mwezi-Sizzaman
We don't actually have a specific ex in mind that Straka should get over, but here is an abbreviated list: Charles Oimuke, military guy, Lil Tony and Sizzaman, for good measure. Straka's stock -in-trade has always been endearing her fans but I guess putting off the men in her life.

Chameleone - Dorotia
I read with surprise that Chameleone was actually pissed with ex and mother of his first born daughter, Greant Osea was actually set to wed. It is not like he is going to marry her so why all the resentment.

Juliana Kanyomozi-Amon Lukwago
What's good for the know. Juliana's breakup with Amon seems to have sent her into a strange spiral. First there was this brief dalliance with Kassim Ouma.

Then she was allegedly linked to Peter Miles. It all seems a bit showy, no? Like she's daring Amon. Our suggestion is that she moves on and tries dating someone.

Ken Ntaro-Desire Luzinda
We first encountered him as singer Desire Luzinda's boyfriend. Just as his ex-squeeze Desire reentered the public eye as Seya's good friend, Ken released this gushing statement: "

"I have moved on and I have a new gal in my life" only to retract the damning words later. To us, it sounds a little like the ex doth protest too much.

GNL-Becky Emons
Becky has a top spot on si many lists: including the Oh My Lord, Woman, Get Over You Ex Already list. And of course her overly hyped fling with singer GNL, that saw him spend a night in the coolers

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Thursday, May 12 2011

It seems Lugaflow singer Rabadaba bit off more than he could chew. This was after he coiled his balls  and asked his ex, Sheila Ferguson  to send him an invite so he can smell the Queen's land.

We are told Rabadaba has been bombarding Sheila's phone with messages bagging her to help him for the sake of their son. We are told the singer who wanted to travel to UK was told to produce an invite which he could only get through his ex.

Snoops reveal that Sheila has vowed not to have anything to do with Rabadaba no matter what. More on Rabadaba

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Wednesday, May 11 2011

        Coco Finger right by his Golf
Budding Star Coco Finger rammed his Golf car into a Toyota Ipsum rolling it thrice in the process. Our snoops reveal that the drunken 'Party Animal' singer had this accident on Saturday on Gaba Road.

His car is still impounded  at Jinja Road Police Station as investigations go on. In a related development, Coco had to pay the Ipsum fella Shs 2.8m for repairs and damages. This we are told, has brough bad blood between Coco and his Manager Emma Mulondo who believes Coco was reckless.

However, the singer maintains this was an accident which could happened to anyone. It is not the first time Coco is involved in an accident on Masaka road. Meanwhile, Coco's new song 'Party Animal' has picked momentum following the outing  of its video.

Currently the song is a mega club banger getting most girls on the dance floor. His other songs 'My Miss' and 'Emikono Wagulu' were also hits

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Tuesday, May 10 2011

Zari, Sean and Judth Heard
The beef between Uganda's top showbiz ladies Judith Heard and Zari Hassan has had some effects somewhere else. Latest reaching  our desk has it that the bimonthly Fashion Magazine Elyt has parted company with Judith Heard over Zari Hassan.

The two loaded ladies married equally loaded guys have fallen out to the extent that they can't deal with each other anymore.

Judith Heard who used to partner with Elyt Magazine in the monthly party its fans and Kampala's classy class has has her relationship with the magazine on halt after it's owner Sean Ndawula partnered with Zari for the recently concluded Zari All White Champagne Party at Guvnor.

Judith who has been one of the maon sponsors pulled out claiming betrayal by Sean. Judith called Sean at her home in Muyenga and grilled him for over two hours in front of her hubby Alex Heard.

"Sean you are my brother how could you do this to me by partnering with Zari in her party" Judith repeatedly asked Sean for some hours. Sean is now Zari's manager.

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External Site: Elyt Magazine

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Tuesday, May 10 2011

Club Silk's Linda Lisah
In Today's celebrity-soaked culture, it's no longer startling to see so called stars hawking toothpaste, diet plans and impotence drugs. And Club Silk publicist, Linda Lisa is also joining the bandwagon.

We are told Linda Lisa has a London based Nkuba Kyeyo cousin who sends her an assortment of items including jewelry, cosmetics and lingerie which she can hawk and get some transport dime.

To ease her ventures, Linda Lisa has invested in a 'heavy duty' bag which she moves with from office to office. Reliable sources reveal that Linda Lisa is making lots of dime through her hawking services.

One quick tip though, you better invest in comfy low heels.

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Monday, May 09 2011

Ruby and Meddie an Item
Self styled moneybags, Meddie Ssentogo is back in town and has decided to keep a low profile. We are told this could be  because he has  found a new love to replace Bad Black. The lucky gal is McKenzie's ex, Shantal Ruby.

A source close to the young moneybags says: "He (Meddie) has told everyone to keep it top secret because he does not want it o get out." Well I guess that only expressed the opinion of one party because Shantal has been over the moon with her new catch.

She even edited her wall to reflect that she is 'in a relationship with Meddie.' Snoops spotted the new love birds at Club Rouge last Saturday and did not care who watched them.

The two did not leave each other's side. Fortunately for them and unfortunately for us, Bad Black was not in the vicinity. We would have loved to see her expression. But I guess time will tell if this pair will actually last.

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Sunday, May 08 2011

Pretty Glo and Markville

Just days after we had revealed that upcoming singer Pretty Glo had all but concede defeat to Mimi Kirema in their pursuit for Kenyan bonkstar Fidempa, she has decided to move on to new pastures.

We are told Pretty Glo is now moving out with Blueprints owner and video producer, Markville. A snoop told us; "Markville usually visits her at her rented house in Kyebando. The two usually get holed  up in the house for hours before emerging knackered and sex-hausted."

Rwandese born beauty, Pretty Glo is fast curving out a name for herself as a city man eater. Apparently she has devoured loaded city lads and fellow singers. However, Snoops say what she has done is like running out of a saucepan straight into fire by dating Markville.

The lanky producer is also not easy when it comes to feasting his whooper on juicy kandahars. It's on record that he has so far dated a string of loaded mamas who pump dime into him.

He was also rumoured to be bonking a top city man eater and man snatcher Shentie Joe. We hope (Glo) has made the right decision and like they say 'better the devil you know than the angel you don't'. Good luck because you will need it!

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Saturday, May 07 2011

Bobi and Barbie
Info reaching us indicates that Ghetto head boy Bobi Wine has finally (apparently under pressure from Barbie's parents) decided to legalize his bonking marathons with Barbara Itungo aka  Barbie Wine.

This authoritative info was revealed by Barbie. Close pals say Barbie has been having sleepless nights trying to come up with a tentative invitation list as she walks down the aisle with the Ghetto bad boy.

In fact, she wrote on her wall to confirm that; "This guest list is making me crazy...I wanna invite everybody but it's not possible....aaah" Though the exact date and venue of the wedding is yet to be confirmed.

Inside sources claim it has been scheduled at a later date in July and wedding meetings are set to kick off soon. Remember Barbie introduced Bobi to her parents; Gershom and Joy Kagaaju's home in a cultural ceremony called Kuhingira, on May 12 2007, accompanied by a 150-strong crowd traveling in a convoy of 20 vehicles, in Rubare, Ntungamo District.

Bobi Wine paid dowry in cash for an equivalent of 18 Friesian cows, valued at 0.5m each and an assortment of gifts. In return, Barbie's parents promised the couple 30 cows when they finally wed.

Now after her younger sister Brenda got married earlier this year, Barbie's parents focus turned again to their eldest daughter. However, that case will now be put to rest very soon. Bobi and Barbie are blessed with three kids.

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Saturday, May 07 2011

Uganda's Music Industry is fast growing with many artistes coming on board everyday. Artistes are known to be spendthrifts catapulted to fame through their superstar lifestyles. The big artistes like Jose Chamelone, Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool, Juliana Kanyomozi and Iryn Namubiru who strengthened the music Industry have minted the dime to live the dream.

Despite the influx of new talent, these chaps still earn big to maintain the status quo. The new kids on the block are also doing well financially. The old and new artistes are all minting dime from live performances at concerts, unplugging sessions in various bars and clubs, signing long term contracts with corporate companies and performing at social gatherings.

All their earnings are tax free. OMG team unveils how artistes are accumulating dime to build houses, drive posh cars, guzzle the bitter and shaft hot things.

Juliana Kanyomozi - She's an early bird. She does not have many new songs to her name but but Juliana is a brand. The sexy voiced singer charges Shs3m for upcountry shows. For city shows, book her  slot if you can afford Shs2m. She also mints dime from performing at corporate and social events.

Ragga Dee - This veteran singer and probably the richest musician cannot perform at the show for less than Shs2m. He earns mainly through jingles from companies like NBL.

Goodlyfe - Moze Radio and Weasel TV are steadily making their weight known on the music scene. They have organised many album launches which they sell to Kibo Enterprises in advance. For example, they sold 'Ngenda Mumaso' launch at Shs39m. They also ask for Shs 4m for shows.

Grace Nakimera - She is fairly new in the industry but she undoubtedly billed as one of the most expensive artistes. Grace will not perform at your function unless you fork out Shs 3m. She prefers to perform at corporate events I guess because she she hates the hassle of showbiz promoters. Grace also earns big from album launches.

Mariam Ndagire  - She's a selective performer and charges Shs2m. However, exceptions are made for functions of frinds and relatives who she charges paltry 800k. She also makes loads of dime through play and script writing, lecturing and acting.

Desire Luzinda - Although her music is not known by many, curvy Luzinda's charges are high. She asks for Shs 3m. She performs mostly at private functions and house parties for the wealthy.

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Friday, May 06 2011

       MC Kats
A rumour doing rounds is that city MC and Kandahar pest, Edwin Katamba aka MC Kats has balloned a babe at Lubiri S.S. We hear this chic about three months pregnant with Kats' tot and she has even run away from her parents' home.

We hear she has been pleading with her friends to help her track MC Kats so that he can at least start giving her upkeep money and rent a house for her. We were however shocked to learn that Kats while conning her had given her had given her a number that belongs to another guy; so the chic's efforts to track him down have been fruitless since it's not his number.

Remember, the lanky fella has been through it; Clubs, Shows, booze and chics. Currently, he is the host of 'Xposed' on NTV and one of the most sought after MCs in town. Those who know him so well claim he has sired a staggering 15 kids at the age of 27 and is still counting.

But in a recent interview with us, he claims he has only three kids. He told us; "I don't have 15 kids but if you are out there and have my baby that I don't know about, come out because my mum needs more grand children.

I have only three kids-two girls; Clover and Briana Kisakye, then a son sean Kata." We have blacked out the chic's name because she is still in school. So Kats better know another of your kids is on the way!

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Friday, May 06 2011

Rabadaba and Black
We do not know if it is love or lust that makes some people act the way they do. It is barely two weeks since Kampala female moneybags  Bad Black aka Latifah Nalukenge was involved in a freaky accident.

We now have an exclusive account of what drove Black into the worn side of the law. Snoops have it on a good authority that Black and former bonkmate lugaflow singer Rabadaba have on several occasions tried to reconcile but all in vain.

We are told that on the fateful Saturday when drunken Black was arrested for driving under the influence, she had spent the better part of the evening running after Rabadaba in Club Rouge.

This was after Rabadaba had refused to talk to her. I guess after realizing that Black would not leave him alone, a visibly incensed Rabadaba decided to storm out of the Club. Realizing that her object of obsession had left, Black also followed suit.

Eye witnesses say she just jumped into her car all set to trail the Bwekiri singer, unfortunately for her; she was too zonked and ended up ramming into a road sign. In a related development, there was free drama at the same club last Wednesday when Black and Rabadaba were at it again.

Thos time round, Black was seen pulling Rabadaba to her side while bellowing that the singer was her man and she wasn't leaving the club without him. Other patrons cheered her on and shortly later the two walked out together.

Our ever alert snoops followed them outside the Club, where the two haggled for those for close to 10 minutes before Rabadaba entered Black's BMW and the two sped off into the night, hopefully to finally put their matters to bed.
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Thursday, May 05 2011

Jamaican Bend Over singers have heaped praise on Ugandans for their great hospitality(read babes) and blasted our Kenyan counterparts over the kind of treatment they received while on their East African Easter tour.

While in Uganda the Jamaican stars were treated to amazing stuff in Uganda and even romped with our babes on stage. However, in Kenya it was a different story as the singers were thrown into a 'fake' hotel with no Kenyan babes for their pleasure.

The RDX duo stayed in Jacaranda hotel for our days and three nights and felt they had been conned of their money and their promoters were the reason to blame for the drama! They threatened not to show up for their show at the KICC(Swaggariffic Concert), until they were paid all their dues.

We are told one of them threw insults at the promoter and even threatened to shoot him if he did not make good on his promises. The guy even called him a bomboclat (meaning ill mannered person)

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Wednesday, May 04 2011

We earlier revealed how ex model Judith Heard venomously hit at her number one rival Zarie Hassan and among others degraded her recent White Party at Guvnor. Now just as we had predicted that Zarie would certainly hit hit back she hears this, she did so in the worst way possible.

Here she attacks; "Bitch stop telling pple mbu u didn't attend d white party coz it was 4 low lives, it's plain clear ur not in my league that's why u never got an invite. Get a day job besides sucking retarded pensioners balls and see sweet dime tastes.

I've got open vacancies for cleaners but u need an A level certificate as an entry level.
Hala at ur gal. From Guvnor , off to da airport, I party hard n work harder too, bitch can u beat dat?

Don't start beefing with me coz ama put you in your right place sucker!" Hmmm  It should be noted that last Saturday during the Teeniez Buzz Awards, Zarie and Judith had to be separated from each other.

They even sat so far apart but later Judith who wasn't satisfied demanded that she be moved to another tent because she couldn't stand sitting next to a 'bitch'.

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Monday, May 02 2011

Judith Heard and Zari

We recently revealed how rumour doing rounds in the 'beef industry' showed how showbiz-loving ladies; Judith Heard and Zarie Hassan cannot stand each other. The two loaded ladies, married to equally loaded guys were said to be having a deep-seated loathing for each other.

In fact a source close to both had intimated; "They are always trying to out do each other in terms of the money they splash around, expensive VIP parties they hold, posh rides they cruise, holiday destinations and donating to charity organisations.

'It's an inner competition between the two that few people around town know about" a source concluded. Now after reading the story, ex model Judith Heard has drawn first blood in the struggle between the ladies, already dubbed-Battle of the Philanthropists by gossip pundits.

Apparently, she has been telling close friends that South African-based seer; Zarie is not even close to her class. She was heard saying; "I don't need to talk to Zarie because she is not my friend plus I have no beef with her since she is not even close to my class.

She is way below." Pals also say she didn't attend Zarie's White Party at Guvnor recently because she had another serious party somewhere on the same day. She was also quoted as saying that even if she was to be invited, she wouldn't attend since the people at the party were not her type.

Could this latest attack fuel the beef which most had not thought about? Meanwhile, Like we predicted, Judith is now planning to stage a glamorous party very soon that will erase all the talk of Zarie's White Party. sit back, relax and watch who struts her swagg better because it's just the start!

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Zarie, Heard Beef Escalates

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Sunday, May 01 2011

Bad Black, Zahara Toto, Mimi Kirema and Desire Luzinda
Latifa Nalukenge
- This is the girl whom you can't even think of as muslim . She parties non-stop and drinks too much like someone who is not related to any Islamic religion. She is surely a defiant Hajjat.

Desire Luzinda - Desire is known to be the daughter of a top politician and former MP in Obote's regime , hajj Jamada Luzinda of Kawempe the headquarters of Islamic religion in Uganda.

Ever since Desire joined the music industry she has been sampling  all sorts of drinks that would come her way until she achieved fame and money to settle for expensive wine and whisky.

Mimi Kirema - We hope it's not a family disease. Like her sister Zuena, Mimi is now a top guzzler. After dropping out of school following a pregnancy, Mimi resorted to boozing and boys. She was later taken back to school to finish her S.4 at Yale high school in Kayunga but has never looked back, she still guzzles the bitter like the wretched.

Zahara Toto - The Chilli Girl singer has seen and done it all, despite her being of a restrictive religion. She can woggle and wiggle as she dances transnight. To make matters worse she must show off a lot of skin lest no member of audience will pay attention to the performance.

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Sunday, May 01 2011

Hamida with Meddie
They say when the cats are away the mice will play. Now that Bad Black is keeping a low profile and loaded lover Meddie Ssentongo is still in the states, the hang-on babes are misbehaving.

Hamida Kibirige, a babe who connected Bad Black to Meddie Ssentongo, the mysterious city moneybags, was on cloud nine last Thursday night in Club Silk. The babe revealed to whoever cared to listen that she had returned from South Africa, where she had gone for holidays.

Well, the story is that Hamida and a bunch of belles occupied one of the corners and started uttering vulgarities ad showcasing erotic strokes, which was a result of the too much booze.

They downed three bottles of Amarula; Tequila and Smirnoff. It seemed they wanted to prove that they were spendthrifts like their bosses.

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