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Sheila Gashumba threatens to sue Tina Fierce

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President Museveni shaking hands with Big Eye

Big Eye's problem is because he denied being the father of my twins-Sheilah Don Zella

Sheila Don Zella attacks ex-lover Big Eye

President Museveni's 16th address to the nation on COVID-19

President Museveni addressed the nation for the 16th time on matters COVID-19

Bad Black apologizes to all after being paid her COVID-Ad money

Bad Black is sorted after being paid some money​​​​​​

Gabriel K delivers on his very first concert that was online

Gabriel K doing his thing

Marcus and Sheila Gashumba depressed over Cyberbullying

Marcus Ali and Sheila Gashumba at Sanyu FM

Buchaman arrested after disrupting a NEMA meeting

Inset Buchaman is being arrested

Big Eye wants his fans to bail him out of a 400Million loan

Big Eye chocking on a 400Million loan

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Prince Nillan clocks 1Million followers on Instagram

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Chameleone and Spice Diana pay their respects

A Pass and Martha Kay worryingly close

Martha Kay and A Pass

I'm not so proud of my past, but I don't regret a thing-Marcus Ali Lwanga

Marcus Ali all humbled...

Bad Black's actions tantamount to blackmail-Ministry of Health

Bad Black returns fire...

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I might be old and a mom of 5, but my looks are of a sweet sixteen-Zari

Zari says she is not about to quit social media

Wednesday, 24 June 2020
Big Eye threatens to sue the President over Shillings 270Million
Saturday, 20 June 2020
Buchaman arrested after disrupting a NEMA meeting
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Saturday, April 30 2011

We have been told that several city singers are locked in a war of words over Teeniez Buzz Awards. We hear singers like Rabadaba have been going around telling whoever cares to listen that he is just letting others also win some awards this year while Navio and Atlas have taken their war to another level.

Atlas claims he will floor Navio on the stage. Rabadaba's talk has not gone down well with musicians like Sizzaman who claims he is just being jealous he didn't get nominated for more than one award this year.

Remember the Bwekiri singer needed a metallic case to take the awards he had won last year but this year Sizzaman is tipped to sweep most of them. Buzz Awards are today at the Lugogo Hockey Pitch and city celebs have been invited.

On the guest list are the likes of Zarie, Isaac Mulindwa, Morris Mugisha, Richard Monkey, Flavia Tumusiime, Susan Nava, Judith Heard, DJ Bush Baby, Ally Alibhai, Exodus, Zuena, Roger Mugisha, MDs from Coke and Orange.

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Saturday, April 30 2011

Natasha and Michael

Star couple and former Obsessions group members saucy Natasha Sinayobye and long-term boyfriend Michael Kasaija are said to be at loggerheads yet again. We are told Natasha is unhappy with Kasaija's closeness with a certain zungu babe.

Apparently, Kasaija claims that he and the zungu are working on a dance project and there is nothing going on. A source told us, "She flew into a a fit of rage when she learnt of Michael's closeness with this babe. She has since told him that she doesn't like it one bit"

This is not the first time the couple who who already have a kid are expecting another one soon have been courted in a splitville rumour. Sometime back we revealed how saucy Natasha was so annoyed because of Michael's constant flirting with hot Ebonies babes while rehearsing with them at Theatre Labonita.

Surely Natasha is a lucky fella having a babe most city lads would love to 'Tomahawk', so he can contuinue messing i up.

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Thursday, April 28 2011

     Mr. Mosh and Salma Sally

It looks like singer Mr. Mosh and his ex Salma Sally have made up. Mr. Mosh was pictured together with his squeeze at socialite Zari Hassan's White Party in Guvnor. Salma split  with Mr. Mosh over allegations of offside romps.

The two arrived together all looking the picture perfect couple. Snoops said probably the pair had buried their hatchet and rekindled their romance. The two smiled from ear to ear and they could barely leave each other for five minutes.

They were truly, madly and deeply in love. Even when nature called, they accompanied each other to the loos. Who knows if it was a booty call or if they 're giving it another shot?

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Thursday, April 28 2011

Renowned city gal lady Latifa Nalumansi better known as Bad Black has sent for a splashy new car and wants to 'throw' away her monster BMW X6 following her accident last week.

The bad girl moneybags rammed the monster machine into a traffic road sign just on the turn at Cham Towers when she lost control while coming from Jamaican duo singers RDX fan's party in Club Rouge.

Now a close source tells us that Black views the car as scrap. Black, according to a source has already ordered for a new vehicle, which should be in the country in a few months time.

Meanwhile Black's showbiz boyfriend Meddie Ssentogo has bought a state of the art brand new GMC Yukoni Denali car worth Shs 200m. The loaded fella is currently in the States on holiday. He is set to return soon.
More stories on Bad Black and Meddie

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Wednesday, April 27 2011

    Fidempa and Pretty Glo
They have been bedmates as well since last year. However, the latest we have is that Pretty Glo and Fidempa are not seeing eye to eye. Rumour has it that the cause of the bad blood is because Glo got a cool shs 2m from a promoter in Western Uganda that they had to share but instead she pocketed the whole sum.

We hear that Fidempa cannot even step at her pad in Kiwatule. Efforts by their manager Kelvin the Entertainer of UBC to reconcile them has not yielded any positive results. We hear Fidempa says that he will only sit at a round table with her after receiving his share of the dime. Watch this space!

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Wednesday, April 27 2011

Bend-Over Craze - Resort Beach, Entebbe was transformed into a 'daggerin' zone' on Sunday when Dance-hall group RDX (Renegade (Carlton Williams) and Delomar Andre Bedward) bended over the babes.

Gates were open as early as 10:30 am for the partiers to access the beach without any inconvenience and the show kicked off at 6:00 pm with lots of different upcoming artistes like Woods, Gaga Bounty and Short Kut of Gagamel thrilling the revelers.

Other artistes like Tuff B, Fidempa, Emperor Orlando, AK47, Kid Fox and Yoyo performed. Bebe Cool came in to blaze up his fans with his songs Ani Yani, Mukomera, Kasepiki, Agenze and Born in Africa before Chameleone stormed the stage to wrap up the local performances.

He really stole the show as he bragged "I want to show the Jamaicans that there are great musicians in Africa." After his performance, Maisha Dancers took over the stage to welcome the duo long-awaited Jamaican RDX who stormed the stage at 12:30 am.

However, the fans were bored by their songs (Movement, Dance, Daggerin') which they seemed not to have knowledge about. But the fans got excited when their favourite Bend Over song was performed.

The whole crowd was fired up by 1:00 am madness began with almost everybody trying out Bend-over dance.

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Tuesday, April 26 2011

It seems the repercussions of the current inflation are hitting everybody; rich and pompous alike. The latest to prove this, is loaded Zari Hassan. Strange as it may sound, it actually happened on Good Friday night at the Star Qt exhibition at Grand Imperial.

Our ever alert snoops were shocked when they saw Zari ordering her female counterpart to pick the bottle which was already half full with wine leaving instantly. Judging from the w ay she usually offers open bars, no one would imagine that she could carry away a drink at an event.

Could it be that her pockets are feeling the pinch of inflation or the wine was so sweet and special? Over to you Zari!
More articles on Zarie

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Monday, April 25 2011

New kid on the block, Sizzaman Kayemba is still trying to get to his feet we suppose. While most of his fellow singers shop from upmarket clothes stores, Sizzaman always takes his time and spends hours in down town Owino market sketching for designer shirts, t-shirts and jeans.

The 'Angela' singer was spotted by snoops on Friday seriously flicking through piles of second hand clothes looking for the right fittings. By the end of an exahusting sunny afternnon, he had several pairs of factory damage designer jeans, several t-shirts and shirts which his aide carried in a huge blue polythene bag.

What shocked snoops however was that he would take time to negotiate for every muvumba he bought.

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Monday, April 25 2011

     Zarie's White Party
The hot gals who turned up for Zarie's White Party at Guvnor on Thursday left many guys gasping for air. The restrictive whites-only dress code was respected by almost all the cuties.

Besides, the females guests added colour to the function by not only donning white attire but alluring outfits that exposed flesh. The hotties in little white dresses drew much -deserved attention.

The party that was strictly by invite started at 7:00pm with red carpet material guests trotting  in grandly. Zarie who arrived at 9:00pm in a limousine was welcomed like a superstar.

With all the drinks on the house, the guests had no other option other than to swim  in beer till the wee hours of Good Friday.
Photos: All White Party

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Saturday, April 23 2011

Bad Black
Self styled lady moneybags, Latifa Nalukenge aka Bad Black was arrested and detained by police for several hours at Central Police Station (CPS) on Thursday morning. Snoops have learnt that Bad Black was arrested at Russel Lane near Cham Towers, Kampala when under the influence of booze.

She rammed her maroon in color BMW-UAP 304 D into a road sign post at around 4:30am. A snoop added; "She was too drunk and could barely stand up on one leg. When the arresting officer, a one Kamila tried to talk to her, she instead let out a foul mouthed barrage of words.

The officer had no choice but to handcuff her and forcefully take her to CPS to record a statement and open up a file against her." Apparently Bad Black who thinks she is untouchable was heard telling police officers;

"You fuckers, how dare you come in my way? I know when to drive right and to go wrong. Iam lady Latifah Nalukenge aka Senorita Mamacita. No complaint  Namagwatara Bad Black, you hear me? Next time you block my way , I'll fcuk you're a**es."

Dressed in tight see through black leggings and a top, Black started  crying when she realised she was headed for the coolers. But she caused more drama while at CPS when she tried to play tricks with Police by almost stripping naked.

A snoop intimated to us that in her drunken stupor she started showing police officers her boobs telling them; "I am too sexy and not scared exposing my beauty to you cops. I can even sit anyway I like because Iam beautiful."

Her breathalyzer alcohol content measured a drunken staggering 59mg. As you read this, three different cases of driving under the influence of alcohol, indecent exposure of private parts in public and assaulting police officers have already been opened vide TOR82/2011 at CPS.

Afande Niwabine confirmed the incident and  added; ''The file is ready  and she will soon appear in courts of law to be charged."

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Friday, April 22 2011

Meddie Ssentogo

Aren't you also wondering where self styled young money, Meddie Ssentogo is? Well, the reason why you haven't bumped into him with his long line of hungry looking bodyguards is because the fella is out of town; precisely in Boston US.

However, his stay in the land of Obama has not been as smooth as he had anticipated. Sources within Boston have reliably informed us that while there, he tried to show off like he usually does around town and the Nkuba kyeyos put him in his rightful place.

We hear last week, he stormed one of the posh hangouts in the Central Boston which is usually congested with Ugandan fellas and announced that he is 'Meddie and was buying a drink for everyone.'

Unlike Kampala party animals who would have scrambled for free booze, they simply told him off. Some were heard shouting at him 'Take those village antics back because we can afford to buy booze for our selves and on top of that  we are not here to get drunk but just to relax."

A deflated Meddie stormed out of with his pals and relocated to another hangout.

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Thursday, April 21 2011

     Rabadaba and Angelica
Luga Flow singer Rabadaba is offically engaged to his Rwandan born new girl friend. The bold headed beauty who calls her self Angelica was presented with a ring by the 'Bwekiri' star and she is reportedly over the moon.

A close confidant told us; "She could hardly contain her happiness. She is totally in love with her new man." In fact it is rumoured that Rabadaba recently emptied his pockets to stage a birthday bash for his new found el-nino queen.

The event was attended by the likes of Vamposs, GNL and many city babes. We hear they are now planning to stay together. This is however not the first time the fast fading Rabadaba is getting engaged.

He was engaged to his ex fiancee and mother of his kid, Sheila Ferguson last year before she relocated to UK. She later dumped him after getting several reports that she was romping with several city chics.

The break up meant he was also denied access to his son. Will they lasdt the journey? Just watch this space!

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Thursday, April 21 2011

About a month ago, we reported how singer Jose Chameleone and tycoon Meddie Ssentogo were no more and how Meddie had decided to splash money on the Goodlyfe boys.

We have now come to learn that city Glamour gal and party animal identified only as Marjorie is the one behind that connection.Marjorie who usually moves around with Meddie is also possibly his sidekick managed to do this after reportedly swallowing almost all the Goodlyfe boys, we have learnt.

Marjorie was first Jeff's (Goodlyfe producer) shaftmate and the two really painted Kampala red. When they parted ways, she was hooked up by Diamond Oscar also Goodlyfe Crew; their stint too did not last.

The latest info now is that Marjorie and Weasel have been secretly bonking until the boys were linked to Meddie. Weasel testified to this after getting drank from the tycoon's dime. He started bragging about how he is the best at shafting among all of them.

He assured Jeff and Oscar that they failed to 'do' her well a thing that led to their failure to swim in Meddie's dime. In Ange-Mystique last Thursday, Weasel and Marjorie swapped saliva like there was no tomorrow while standing on the club chairs.

Jeff and Oscar did not seem concerned.

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Tuesday, April 19 2011

              Lillian, Keko and Moze Radio
There is bad blood reportedly boiling between rapper Keko Town and former Blu3 Singer Lillian Mbabazi. All this is because of pencil thimn Moze Radio's whooper. Lillian accuses Keko of bonking  Radio.

The extent to which this accusation is true is not yet known. What is real though is that Lillian and Radio are an item. And to seal it off, they had a baby boy late last year.

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Monday, April 18 2011

Former Miss Uganda Salma Nassanga has joined the mushrooming modeling agency business in town that provides babes in the name of ushers to corporate clients and companies at events, we have leant.

Salma we hear ha recruited seven hot Somali babes with whom she moves out these days. Our snoops got to learn about this at a private party in Bunga, a posh Kampala suburb. The babes looked so smashing that our snoop was forced to inquire from the host the person in charge of them.

Our snoop was shocked when he was told that Salma who he thought was a guest at the party was indeed the one in charge of them. However, unlike others who have offices Salma runs her business on phone.

We hear that one of her top clients is an Indian banker who loves partying and that she has been reaping big from him.

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Monday, April 18 2011

              Moze, Weasel and Daphne
She was the hottest item on two legs in Kampala but word reaching us is that Daphine Basiima is off to Dubai for a housemaid job. Daphne once the Goodlyfe Crew Weasel's sweet heart as well as of many other Kampala dudes it appears has realized the swagger that most babes who go for Kyeyo come with.

She told her friends that she was going to work as a housemaid but we are still wondering how true that could be since gals who go to Dubai are linked to another source of dime other than that.

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Sunday, April 17 2011

The BEEF between Rabadaba and Goodlyfe Crew boyz, Weasel and Radio is starting to gel. The hottest rumour doing rounds in the studios is that fast fading Lugaflow singer, Rabadaba has hit studios to out a hit that attacks the former Leone Island singing pair.

We hear the song is titled 'No Chorus'. Goodlyfe Crew and Rabadaba fell out badly and they no longer see eye to eye. In fact they no longer perform their hit collabo 'Ability' together.

Rabadaba accuses Weasel and Radio of disrespect while they in turn accuse the 'Bwekiri' singer of growing wings yet they partly helped him to be where he is now. When news landed in at their Makindye base, Goodlyfe Boyz vowed; "He will be digging his own grave."

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Sunday, April 17 2011

Fuel is bitting
Crunch Times - As you read this, high prices crunch is starting to be felt by 'Big Size' people in the country. Snoops have shockingly been told that singer Bebe Cool has decided to cut on day to day costs. The debt ridden  Kasepiki star has resorted to either walking or using his DMC Bafudde Range Rover instead of the top guzzler, the Hummer.

Our snoops were shocked when they spotted the fella cruising his weather beaten green Range Rover with a private plate Bafudde in Ntinda on Tuesday evening. "Oil prices don't differentiate between the young and the old, rich or poor. We are now equal" a boda boda rider was heard saying after spotting Bebe.

It should be remembered that Bebe has been boasting that he is the only musician who drives his guzzler while the likes of Bobi, Chameleone have parked most of their cars at home.

So did you feel like changing vehicles or the fuel prices are punching a hole in your pockets? Over to you!

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Saturday, April 16 2011

Fake Dime till you make it - Babes who have splashy cars & stay in expensive houses yet they are 'unemployed'.

When you are hustling through traffic jam, crying over salary delays, these babes are either in bed dreaming or in malls shopping or better still in happening joints 'eating' cash. But come to think of it, do these babes really make the dime they so mercilessly spend? The answer is yes and no.

Whereas some work, their lifestyles are much more expensive than their salary. Others do not work at all. Where they get dime from only God knows.

Meg Lusembo

Model Meg Lusembo
- She is commonly known by many in town asa model but let's be honest. What can one earn from modeling with a local agency in Uganda? Not much but Meg lives like a superstar.

We would have expected Meg to be earning from her supposed lover BBC's Dan Wallis but ever since he nabbed her romping with another mzungu, the two have never talked or even seen eye to eye.

But still this hasn't stopped her from enjoying a luxurious  lifestyle. Meg sleeps in a posh crib, drives a four wheel drive Mitsubish Challenger. We are told she employs three servants to wait in her at her home. She lives a lavish life and parties like a Noble yet her job as earlier said is not supporting enough.

Bad Black - Around this time last year, Latifa Nalumansi better known as Bad Black was a complete nobody. But currently she commands a following. Because she has got the dime, she has too much dime and no one is very sure where she gets the dime from.

She stays in Muyenga in her own house and drives expensive cars which include a BMW X6 and Range Rover Sport. She is a mysterious loaded gal who splashes dime like she harvests it from the garden.

Salma Nassanga - She might not be the head turning hot item on the social scene now but a few years on, sassy former Miss Uganda Salma Nassanga can still pack quite a punch when it comes on raising testosterone levels. This girl, for some reason, always pops out of oblivion every time a foreign artiste is in town.

She has no specific job but lives large. It is rumoured that she stays in a residential house in Kololo worth shs 2m per month. She drives a powerful car.

Dora Muganga - Dorothy Muganga is another big spender in town yet nobody knows what she does. She came into the lime light three years ago after an accident in which Meddie Ssentongo allegedly ran over singer Jose Chameleone.

She lives on Ggaba road. Her rent is estimated at 800,000 per month. She drives posh cars and recently she is said tro have given a Toyota Harrier to her current bonkmate.

Hellen Lukoma - She is a singing partner to Brenda Nambi broke away from the Obsession dance group to form their own group, HB Toxic. For three years under they group, they have never got any show paying anything above 500k.

This money has to be shared and a percentage of it goes to the Talent 256 manager. But to the shock of everyone, Hellen has been living a posh lifestyle and parties every weekend.

She stays in a posh house in Makindye estimated at about 800k per month. Last year it was rumoured that she was set for a royal wedding and was quitting the music industry for a more sedate life of a housewife. We do not know what happened. May be it's the prince who pays for her partying.

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Friday, April 15 2011

yet another fight !
Both Leone Island Crew President Jose Chameleone and arch nemesis the Goodlyfe Crew Singers need to either curb on their fighting instincts or else they visit a rehab centre. These singers are seriously getting synonymous with trouble.

It seems like they have made kicking lamps out of their lives a day time job. Now the latest trouble between the two parties was when the Basiima Ogenze star knocked arch rival , Moze Radio's car into pieces.

We are told while at Anderita Beach in Entebbe last Sunday, Weasel in the company of his roguish Goodlyfe gang attacked Chameleone and started hurling insults at him with words like 'Omusajja Agenda' translated as 'the man is about to die'

In fact we are told that at one time their arrogant and self-important manager, Jeff (who knows him) said that; "We vow to smash every tiny fly that tries to interfere with our lives and to discipline our elder brother until he repents."

Now, apparently the no nonsense and trouble hungry Chameleone retaliated by smashing Radio's Golf car registration number UAN 514 T on the side to the extent that its doors couldn't open again.

This happened as he was leaving Anderita. We are told Radio had to call in a breakdown to remove and take it to their home in Makindye. He has vowed to revenge, Watch this space!

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Friday, April 15 2011

Bad Black n Keko

They say if you raise the standards then make sure you maintain it or else you face public ridicule/ laughing stock. Now as you read this, self styled lady money bags Bad Black can't cross paths with upcoming rapper, Keko.

Close pals to 'This is how we Do It' singer have intimated that to raise her image in the showbiz industry, Bad Black contacted Keko to do a song for her which wold talk about her filthy rich she is.

The deal was then thrashed out and terms of agreement were out on table. A source told us; "Black wanted to raise her profile to rival the likes of MTN's Charles Mbiire who had  also paid artistes (Bobi and Juliana) to make a song for his mother.

But she has failed to clear the singers' dime." Apparently, the song which is tilted 'Black' was finalized a few weeks back but efforts to locate her so that she clears Keko's balance has been fruitless since she changes her phone numbers like a fugitive.

Keko is demanding for Shs 5 million as per the deal.

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Thursday, April 14 2011

Juliana(T), Bad Black(B), Jackie, Desire and Rachel
Pin it Down - Have you ever wondered why while some girls are yelling yuck, you will find most dudes screaming ohh yeah when their babes have pierced navels or tongues and eyelashes? Apparently, apart from one looking sexy and chic, it also shows some kind of strength and power in a woman.

Hhhm, no wonder the majority of our celebs are running to have this craze fulfilled. Well gals, if you want to look exotic, just go and get sexy piercing. Trust me you'll be chic.

Desire - Hhhm, which gut wouldn't get the desire to have a small piece of her after looking a the sexy body; especially that long navel ring leading you down to her paradise? Well she was as well strong enough to get a stud on her nose. Call that sexy.

Jackie Chandiru - You might have spotted her with a python in one of her videos and wondered; the power! Well she undoubtedly has all the might for she was daring enough to pierce almost every part of her body.

Rachel K - Speaking of might, our very own Punk Rock star is more daring than the mighty power. Apart from changing her hair at least uuhmm..20 times, she was Gyal enough to pierce her nose.

And to add a little icing on the cake, she has a big ring to prove her point. Go Rock Star!

Bad Black - She has certainly brought out the BADNESS in her for sure. This loaded sexy ''Black'' babe has shown us that indeed money can buy everything; be it power and uhm, the little piercing on her eyelash. Big Ups Badness.

Judith Heard - It's not so many words, soupy Heard had has proven to us all that not only does power come from dollars and pounds. It also comes from courageous and daring enough to get both her navel and nose pierced. Yup there goes some guts.

Juliana Kanyomozi  -This long time Ugandan sexy song bird was considered the first to see the light in the art of body piercing. She has had a simple lureling stud on her eyelash for like a decade.

Not only does it make her look gorgeous. She looks young and chic as well.

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Wednesday, April 13 2011

Just last week we revealed how those who loved Melanie Kaita should put their hands together because she was back in full swing at Sanyu FM Morning Show.

We then went on to reveal that Melanie had been brought back by the Crane Chambers based radio stations top managers to help boost the Morning show which had seen its ratings and popularity going down hill.

Melanie and Seanice have already showed that they have totally different ways of presenting. While Melanie is confrontation, argumentative and very intelligent on topics of the day (her fans like it that way), Seanice on the other hand wants to keep it cool, easy and sometimes gets lost in the topic of the day.(she too has a huge following). This has brought about cross fire sparks between the two ladies.

Melanie made a U-turn and came back to the station and now the question on everyone's lips is; Are the two chics headed for a clash of egos?

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Tuesday, April 12 2011

It's ll good news for the curvy singe Desire Luzinda. The latest on our desk is that her Nigerian heartthrob whom we have identified only as Tunde is flying into Uganda this week. Tunde lives and works in South Africa.

Desire also known as Nancy at home, is over the moon because of her sweetie's arrival. Should we say wedding bells or what? Because we suspect, Desire could be under pressure to introduce a fella since her sister Sheila's introduction is in January this year. Watch this space! More on Desire Luzuinda

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Tuesday, April 12 2011

Fresh info coming in is that city designer and ex model, Sylvie Owori has landed a Tahi deal that will see hot city galz rake in millions of dollars. We are told teh deal of taking these girls was tabled to the fashion guru and Sylvie's Boutique CEO by a top investor from Thailand.

Apparently, this investor wants cute chics to work as cocktail waitress, hostesses, bartenders, cashiers, dealers, pit bosses and ''cage'' dancers. A source revealed to us; Babes are flocking Sylvia Owori's Boutiques in the hope of getting in contact with her sop that she can line them up for the big deal." More on Syliva Owori

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Monday, April 11 2011

We are writing this so that his bosses at Super FM can hear our pleas and save him before anything bad happens to one of the best DJ's this country has ever produced. It has been put on record that veteran DJ, Rasta Rob has never missed a day without hopping on the 'two legged' ride.

A snoop told us; "He has made Bodas his only means of transport. In fact to cement his commitment, he has a boda boda fella at most of the stages in and outside Kampala." The recent sighting was near Kisekka Market where the veteran singer had gone to shop for mivumba.

"You could easily mistake him for one of the unknown fellas in town. He was donning not so clean sandals(nigina) and since it had just rained, mud was all over him." Apparently, he tried hiding his face under a cap but snoops recognized him and called out his name.

He just smiled, waved at them and off he sped off patched on a boda boda. It should be remembered that the 'Bamusakata' singer left Uganda for a Kyeyo stint abroad but things didn't work out as he had anticipated.

He decided to cut his losses short and came  back home. He is now trying to rebuild himself. Now over to his employers to save him from the boda scourge.

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Monday, April 11 2011

Ugandan artiste Maurice Kirya's International star is getting  brighter each passing day. We are told teh Radio France International Discoveries Award(RFI) winner is set to perform alongside, model and actress Jordin Sparks.

The show dubbed Sparks and her friends is set to take place from a posh hotel in Arizona. This will be the latest milestone in Kirya's glittering career. He told us; "I'm so excited about this new project coming up. Jordin is one of the best singers in the world"

Jordin rose to fame after winning the sicth season of American Idol and has since gone on to record top chart hits like Battle field and No Air where she featured Chris Brown.

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Sunday, April 10 2011
Love is a beautiful thing and it's all that we crave for. But at times, it hurts so bad that you may never get out of troubles, especially after the break up. We unveil women whose ex-lovers have never been the same after they called it quits.
Desire Luzinda - Ken, Ken Ken! He was a young, prosperous businessman when he was still in  a relationship with Desire Luzinda but after their split, everything changed. The break up haunted Ken and efforts to replace Desire have yielded nothing.
Ken's fame was somehow affected and although he is trying  to up the game again, it's been quite an uphill task.
Juliana Kanyomozi - She dated Amon Lukwago for sometime and the couple has a kid together. But ever since the two separated, it has not gone well with Amon. His business empire declined and he sold off his Liquid Discotheque in Masindi.
Amon is now living a low profile life with Liz, his girlfriend. He no longer appears on the social scene and functions as he used to. Meanwhile, Juliana briefly dated US-based Ugandan boxer-Kassim Ouma but when they separated, Ouma's life changed as well.
He has never been good in the ring as he used to be. In fact he has never won any game again and we no longer hear about him.
Iryn Namubiru - Talk to Qute Kaye and then ask him about Iryn Namubiru, you will see the guy flush. Kaye, who came to fame with a hit single Ginkese,' was dubbed Uganda's R.Kelly. But guess what? It all turned upside down after he dated Iryn.
He has never done anything sensible in the music world since then. He stumbles every time he tries to get up. We hope and pray that one day one time, things will work out for the brother.
Zuena - Remember her short stint separation with Bebe? The singer changed from the one we are used to and in an effort to win her back, he became someone else. He then sang songs to woo her back. Without Zuena by his side, he isn't himself. That could be the reason he is trying to make her a singer - to always be with her on his musical shows. Now if .I mean what the hell is this?
Straka Mwezi  - Oimuke, Kid Fox, Tony, where are they now? Looks like Straka - whose love for dating young boys has gone beyond imagination- has a way opf breaking up. This is beacuse everyone she dates instantly fades into blivion. Kid Fox who has been in the music industry for more than ten years now, is still considered an upcoming artiste.
Among those who have ever dated Straka, Ssizaman is the only one who is doing well. Let's keep our fingers crossed and see how far he will stay around.
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Saturday, April 09 2011

Tracy Bora at Boda Boda, Garden City Roof top
All those guys who expected city socialite and celebrated party animal Tracy Bora to be perfect with a perfect body were given a rude awakening recently. Revellers and horny fellas were stunned last week when they noticed that though Bora looks to be having an enticing sexy figure; juicy booty and legs, nice smile and a good light skinned complexion, she has one unmistakable black dot on her body and that's her dark skinned ass-ets.

One reveller who peeped at her and was visibly disappointed told us; "She has a 'fanta' face and legs but but the backside is like 'coca cola'." All this happened at Boda Boda where Elyt Magazine had hosted a party.

However, to be fair to her, Tracy who was dressed in a short mini red dress with matching red high heeled shoes left some fellas drooling while others were visibly disappointed. She can however take comfort in the fact that one scholar was quoted that; "No one is perfect...that's why pencils have erasers."

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Friday, April 08 2011

Sheebah, Desire, Zuena, Zari and Mya
There are plenty of things that can make one famous: scandal, talent, evil doing, doing something out f the ordinary, sleeping with someone famous, etc. But some people are famous for their good looks.

For this group of people they did not set out to be famous-at first.They were catapulted to fame because nature had already decided their fate. We profile for you celebrities who accidentally rose to fame because of their looks.

Mya - Mya might not have sung or released any song but chances are that you have been smitten by her looks. The dancer who later became part of Blu3 became famous as the 'silent' Blu3 member.

Mya joined the group shortly after Cindy was fired to help keep the group together. Aside from her gorgeous face, there was nothing else that Mya contributed to Blu3.

Zarie - Her music talent has been questioned on various occasions. But one thing this belle has aisa beautiful face and a verysupportive a***. Meet Zarie the South African based musician cum seer.

With the help of her loaded beau, Ivan, and her good looks Zarie has bookeda slot in Uganda's showbiz industry.

Desire -First and foremost is the hip blessed Desire because her booty knows no bounds. It is the 8th wonder of Kampala. Mostly I wonder how she finds bikini bottoms that cover more than half of it.

She started out as the sexy girl presenting tHe weekender' show on WBS. Desire exploited all her resources to ensure that she became a household name. Her curves and little cute face did wonders for her. People flocked her launches not because of her music but just experience those curves.

Nvanungi - Before Desire. Navnungi had the best booty in Kampala. For a while there, it was all that everyone could talk about! I wonder if she ever misses teh attention now that the throne has been handed down.

As a musician, she hasn't registered many hits. But one thing can attest to is her well endowed self. Currently she plies her trade as a radio ssenga.

Zuena - The former model cum singer with a pretty face now shakes her booty in the name  of making music(is she a singer anyway). She continues to shake it like no one else matters even when her vocal prowess is questionable.

Despite her  jealous husband, she is a pretty face to look at and most of horny fellas might not even have to listen to music.

Sheebah Karungi  - This former Obsessions dancer flaunts her obscenely sexy body with every chance that she gets. Sheebah is more famous beacuse of her butt-cleavage outfits. You are about to catch her in Club in stripper heels. People love her. She loves her body. What song has she sunbg? Few people can tell. Aaah...she has fine assets.

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Friday, April 08 2011

Most musicians are smiling from heartily after earning big from the newly rebranded Bell Lager, WTF has learnt. The artistes earned big from the recently concluded Bell Lager new bottle regional activations that have been going on around the country.

The regional activations ended just last Saturday in Gulu. We have learnt that for the Gulu activation alone, star duo of Moze Radio and Weasel TV earned a whooping shs 7m to perform there.

This included their transport and accommodation. Coco Finger was paid Shs 2.5m for Gulu. It must be noted that he has been part of all the activation tours thus meaning he could have earned over Shs 15m.

Also DJ Michael earned over Shs 10m in the whole campaign. Other artistes who earned big include Ssiza The Dictionary (Shs2m for the Gulu activation) GNL Zamba (Shs11m), Kid Fox, Toolman among others.

Meanwhile, a Uganda Breweries Limited insider insider tells us the company under the brad Bell wants to sign some of these top artistes as their brand ambassadors. Watch this space!

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Friday, April 08 2011

      Michael, Natasha and their kid
The latest rumour we have from the corridors of Theatre La Bonita is that singer and actress cum dancer Natashaa Sinayobye could be preggars. Natasha, according to snoops there, has starngely gained weight in her lower tumy, which is an indication that shecould actually be baking a bun in her oven.

Natasha, who is a mother of one, and a live-in girlfriend to fellow actor Michael Kasaija, we hear has also developed a craving for roasted gonja and that it is delivered to her by a guy from down town on a daily basis.

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Thursday, April 07 2011


Strange and extremely shocking! Word reaching us indicates that the Goodlyfe 'Play Toy' Daphine Basiima, who was recently said to be baking a hot seed is embroiled in more and more scandals just as snoops were still fretting about how her germinating seed was mysteriously ejected from her tummy, the latest shock is that the gal is competing with her mum for guys.

Our snoops trailing randy celebrated Gologo swallower Daphne intimate that "You see, this gal is so hot that men who have been vibing her Mom have now began encroaching on her.

These shameless men, we're told, after sampling the Mom, have now decided to sample her daughter, a thing that has brought about stiff competition between the two women."

Folks, lets hope we don't see a mother-daughter war for Gologo very soon, because knowing the kind of gal Daphne is, she doesn't give a shi*t when it comes to swallowing Gologo.

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Thursday, April 07 2011

Upcoming singer Pretty Glo Last week learnt some hard economics lessons from the current economic slowdown. The sexy singer together with her best pal, Dora felt it was important to first get some energy before heading to Silk Lounge, where they were supposed to be curtain raisers during Sizzaman/Suuna Omulangira Unplugged Show.

Then they shook their booties to Chillies Restaurant, located on 1st street  opposite MAT institute. Like real celebrities, each one ordered for beef and rice, but not knowing that the restaurant recently revised its prices due to the ever-increasing costs of raw foodstuff in the markets.

But thank God, they were given the bill before being served. When Glob looked at her bill of about Shack, her eyeballs almost popped out. She yelled at the chef to hold on as she emptied her handbag and counted the few coins available.

They then settled for half rice and four spoonfuls of gravy which went for about Shush,500/-. Being a real city gal, she buzzed up some male friend and told him to jump on a bod-bod and find her opposite MAT institute.

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Thursday, April 07 2011

It's so sad for Seya's sweet heart Desire Luzinda; for as we had earlier reported, it has now been confirmed that she won't be going to South Africa to compete for the BBA sex prize.

This comes after word reaching our desk that the sex dripping Desire miserably flopped in BBA auditions. We hear of all the people that contested, only 3 gals and one boy were chosen to go to South Africa for the final selection.

Snoops now reveal that "After  flopping Desire has gone around telling pals that she never even went for the auditions let alone having any interest in the whole BBA thing."

However, pals close to her intimate that "When it turned out that she'd flopped mostly when it came to self expression, she was so disappointed and felt hurt having hoped for a chance to swim  in the BBA jackpot."

Whatever the case, the it was only hard luck Desire, so try next year.

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Wednesday, April 06 2011

Mida and Julio

As you read this, self styled tycoon Meddie Sentongo's sister Hamida Kibirige is off to South Africa for a two weeks bonking spree. We have been reliably informed that Mida as she is commonly referred to by friends, left early last week to meet her longtime nkuba kyeyo boyfriend Julius Mugerwa.

Amd we have been told taht ever since Mida reached there, the two are inseparable and are bonking themselves mercielssly. Our South African based snoop told us that teh two lovebirds are enjoying the holiday as if there is no tomorrow.

However, from the info we got from a colse pal, Mida might even prolong the holiday since she can't stand missing Julius' tomahawk. We have also been told that Meddie is the one behind the sponsorship of their holiday.

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Wednesday, April 06 2011

For all those who loved Melanie Keita put your hands together because she is back in full swing. Snoops have learnt that Melanie who used to co-host the Sanyu FM Morning Show with Fat Boy is back on doing what she used to do best.

Apparently, Melanie was brought back by top management to boost the morning show which was starting to lose its popularity. A source told us; "She is back on the morning show and she will be co-hosting it with Seanice and Fat Boy.

We hope it will re-energize the whole thing." It should be remembered that Melanie shocked Sanyu FM managers when she resigned from her job. She cited 'pursuing further studies abroad' as the reason why she wanted to quit. She later bounced back and she has been presenting a programme every Sunday.

In the meantime, Seanice Kacungira who had also quit some years back to work for capital FM in Nairobi had bounced at the station as the Programmes Director before filling the space that was left by Melanie's exit.

Snoops however intimated that the real reason why Melanie had quit in the first place was because there was bad blood brewing between her and Seanice. Now they will be working alongside each other; Will it work? Watch this space!

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Wednesday, April 06 2011

Two years ago, Goodlyfe duo Mose Radio and Weasel TV were banned from Ange Noir after their scuffle with one of the Club's Deejays. But last Thursday, that ban was lifted and the boys can hit the club again.

This seemed to have annoyed rather than please their nemesis Jose Chameleone. The crew who were in the company of Jeff, Allan and Symo of Hi Table, stormed the club at 1:00am after their performance at Sizzaman's unplugged show in Club Silk.

They went straight to the DJ Box and Chameleone who was next to the DJ box immediately shifted to one of the bar corners with his crew. They grabbed the mics and started singing their famous hits of Talk-Talk, Mr. DJ, and Heart Attack as they screamed on top of their voices saying 'Omusajja Agenda' literary translated as the man is going.

Chameleone remained hiding as his rival DJ Michael also grabbed the microphone to sing. The now humbled Bayuda singer remained in the corner sipping his liqour praying hard that these boys could leave the club.

And since he couldn't resist the pressure they they were putting on him, he decided to get out of the club with his boys.
Photo: Moze Radio's Style

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Tuesday, April 05 2011

KFM's Bettina Tumuhaise

Saucy mother of two, Bettina Tumuhaise, KFM Programmes manager was on Saturday night involved in an accident in the industrial area. It happened as it approached midnight. Snoops have revealed that he accident involved a bodaboda cyclist.

Bettina was apparently heading to one  of the top clubs on the 6th street when she was involved in a freaky accident. During an exchange that ensued thereafter, Bettina accused the boda boda fella for being careless while the other motorist involved in the fiasco blamed her for swerving her vehicle into their direction.

Fortunately, nobody was injured though Bettina's car was damaged.

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Tuesday, April 05 2011

             Sizzaman 'Dictionary'
Now we are sure he is beginning to catch the highly infectious virus like all Ugandan musicians! Just like most of them , he is beginning to feel 'huge' about his hit Angela that he feels it should be played countless times in club.

On Thursday, Sizzaman Kayemba shocked revellers at Isabella Pub in Makindye when he asked the DJ to play Angela. For the first time the DJ obliged. But later when the singer sent his 'sidekick' to ask him to play it again twenty minutes after it had been played, he refused.

A little while later Sizzaman himself went to the booth and asked him to play it. However, the fella told him that he will not. This pissed Sizza off storming out of the club instantly. Hmmm, so now he feels big!

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Tuesday, April 05 2011

The bitter feud between Money Makers Crew composed of Kiwoko Boyz Eighton and Rain keeps on escalating. The latest being that the duo have vowed to teach their ex teacher Bebe Cool a lesson if he goes ahead to duplicate their song.

Sources have revealed that these boyz rate Bebe as their number one enemy and have vowed; 'We'll take him down' if he attempts to re-do their song, Mata; "We'll fight him both in courts of law, physically and musically."

Bebe is adamant that his wife Zuena has rights to the song since she sad in the original version. Meanwhile, we have learnt from music pundits that Kiwoko Boyz new song 'Masanso' takes a dig at Bebe's wife, Zuena's singing abilities.

In the song, the boyz talk about riding this chic on a boda boda back to Jinja and in the process they reveal how the chic's singing abilities are still wanting. If it is true that they are hitting at Zuena, then the Kiwoko boyz will be the second group to shoot down Zuena's group to shoot down Zuena's star as an upcoming singer.

This follows the Goodlyfe Crew laughing off her new video 'Owa Boda' but not before adding that she should go back to the village and grow potatoes.

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Monday, April 04 2011
It’s no doubt that Maria Namiiro became Miss Uganda 2009 under dubious circumstances. But it seems she is finally reaping the benefits of becoming beauty queen – rather former queen.
We have learnt that she has been invited to Egypt by the ministry of Tourism in Egypt to support former Miss Egypt 2009 in a project she is undertaking with the ministry to revive how the outside worlds portrays her country.
Namiiro will be leaving for Egypt in July as an ambassador for Uganda. She will be mingling with diplomats of Egypt and be mixing with the cream of the cream, we hear.
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Monday, April 04 2011

Coco Finger and Bobi Wine

There could be bad blood brewing between fast rising singer Coco Finger and Fire Base head boy Bobi Wine. It stems from the fact that Bobi wants Coco to perform only at his Easter Monday show at his One Love Beach in Busabala.

Bobi is willing to pay Coco a mouth watering Shs4 million so that he Coco doesn’t perform anywhere else. However, on the same day, Gagamel Crew Boss, Bebe Cool will also be having his annual East African Carnival featuring Jamaican legends Chaka Demus & Pliers at Kiwatule Recreation Centre.

Particularly Bobi doesn’t want Coco to perform at Bebe’s show. Someone close to Coco has told us that the singer might refuse Shs4mn offer from Bobi because he wants to perform at various shows and of course he must be there for his brother Bebe Cool.

It must be noted that while Coco has had no beef with Bobi, he has been more close to Bebe Cool with the latter even performing at his (Coco) unplugged show in silk a few months back. During the Unplugged show, Bebe publicly declared that Coco had overtaken Bobi as number three in the list of talented singers.

Bebe claimed he was number one, Chameleone number two and Coco the new number three. Bobi never liked this. Watch this space!

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Sunday, April 03 2011

Sizzaman performing during the Unplugged show
He has become very famous for his 'Angella' hit; it was therefore no surprise that he commanded a full house during his unplugged show at Club Silk last Thursday. The show started low key with performance from KS. Alpha, Yoyo, Fidempa among others.

When Suuna who was sharing the stage with Sizza came on, revellers could not eat for him to finish his renditions of other people's songs so that the Angella star could come on. At around 10:30pm, Sizza, dressed in a sky blue shirt and grayish jeans finally came on stage belting out dance-hall hits.

He might have a few songs but Sizza knows how to work a crowd. He went through his lyrical songs like Ayagala Mafaranga, China Phone, Nsota(with Ngoni), Taxi Money which he performed with Goodlyfe's Radio and Weasel.

Unlike what usually happens with Goodlyfe, they didn't steal the show from the boy of the night, as they usually do with most artistes. The fans couldn't wait for Dictionary to get to Angella; and when he finally did, everyone got on their feet and sang along.

He got off stage around midnight with people still asking for a repeat of 'Angella', for the umpteenth time.

Sizzaman, OS Unplugged - Club Silk was the place to be last Thursday as Sizzaman and OS brought the roof down during the Unplugged show that is sponsored by Nile Breweries. Artistes like Bobi Wine, Goodlyfe Crew, KS Alpha performed.

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Saturday, April 02 2011

If one of these days you meet any of your once driving National Social Security Fund(NSSF) friends hoofing, don't ask. Hot Buzz from NSSF head office is that the Managing Director, Richard Byarugaba has ordered for the immediate parking of all company vehicles effective March 31.

First it was the X-Trails and double Cabins that were driven by Junior managers but now it is the Nissan Patrols driven by the senior managers. We hear the reason for this is cost cutting.

Byarugaba says maintaining the cars is very expensive especially in terms of fueling and servicing. As a result, most managers are seen hoping onto taxis or trekking and nowadays since it rains every morning, most reach office with wet clothes we are told. Oh dear we feel for you.

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Saturday, April 02 2011

Diva Grace Nakimera could find herself on a collision with State House officials over her new song Bagalaki. The trouble stems from the fact that Grace used effigies of President Museveni and Besigye dancing in her video. Now according to sources within State House, some of the senior officers were not impressed with the use of the President's face for such comedy and jokes.

They further claim there is a reason why Grace who features Aziz Azion in the song Bagalaki used Besigye's face alongside Museveni's. "One of these days, we will bring her in for questioning about the motive of using the head of a republic in such a funny way" one state house official was quoted saying.

In the song, someone dressed with the President's face is seen dancing alongside Rtd. Col Besigye. However, rumor doing rounds is that the 'Kawonawo' singer was instead attacking fellow singers Jose Chameleone and Goodlyfe Crew boys after they allegedly 'mistreated her' while she was set to launch her maiden album last year.

But officials from State House are having none of that. They want her to explain. Watch this space!

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Friday, April 01 2011

Suzan Naava

Nation Television's Login presenter, Suzan Naava could have hooked a new fella. WTF suspects. This is shortly after reports in the media that her romance with upcoming celebrity photographer Gasuza was no more.

Our snoop who bumped into Naava at the opening of a new Centenary Park based Club Le Beaujolais last Friday revealed that Naava was in the company of a mystery fella. Because he was so taken up by her, he could not tame his hands.

They were all the time all over her. Naava, who was recording clips from her program was seen taking breaks so often to talk and get touchy feely with her man. From the way things appeared, the two definitely have something for each other.

The guy was part of the NTV crew that was recording the clips and afterwards the two were seen  heading to the parking lot where they spent a good number of minutes before heading to Effendys hand on hand.

The guy in question could not readily be identified but he is usually in the company of Meddie Ssentogo, the young tycoon around town.

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Friday, April 01 2011

Rock Gardens and Club Volts disc spinner, DJ Andy Skills has allegedly abandoned his work asa DJ after Bad Black gave him shs 10m. Easter came early for Andy last Wednesday when he was spinning discs at Rock Gardens and an unidentified babe mysteriously came an gave him money claiming it was a token of appreciation from Black.

We are told that Andy at first did not believe that he had been given such an amount of money and in excitement he called his fellow DJ to help him as he rushed to the toilet to confirm if they were authentic notes.

Well, since then, the fella has been drinking himself silly and bragging to anyone who cares to listen about how he got dime from Black. Whenever he hangs out, he buys drinks for whoever is in the bar, a close pal intimated to us.

And back at his job, he has not been seen since last week. Wonder what he will do when the pockets run dry again.

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