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Thursday, March 31 2011

Zuena, Black and Bebe During the happy times

Money girl Latifa Nalumansi, better known as Bad Black, has fallen out with top singer Bebe Cool though the singer was quite coy about it. Black had even developed a strong relationship with Zuena Kirema at one time donating a car to her.

This was Black's attempt to have Bebe bonk her. Black even donated over $50,000 to the Bogolako star's family. But sadly she never achieved what she wanted - a Bebe Cool bonk.

And now she has called it quits stinging Bebe and his family as a result. She posted on Zuena's wall ths, "Bye bye Bizibu family." Though Bebe seems unbothered (publicly) those close to him say he will certainly or is already facing the consequences.

For Black has been pumping lots of dime in him and Zuena. In fact we have been told, it was her (Black) who sponsored Zuena's new song Boda Boda and video shoot. She has also been supporting the singer in the treatment of the young cancer girl

Read Also: Meddie, Bad Black Split Over Bebe Cool
Meddie, Black No More?

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Wednesday, March 30 2011

Fresh info coming in is that Goodlyfe Crew singer Moze Radio has ordered his wife Lillian Mbabazi to stop all plans of travelling abroad for any show.

According to sources within the Goodlyfe Crew's Makindye based Neverland Camp, the Blu3 had been in contact with a certain promoter who was lining up a huge deal for her to travel to the US sometime this year for some shows.

However, all those plans have hit a dead end after Moze gave a directive for her to forget ever travelling because he was told that Lillian would be on the same stage performing alongside his arch rival Leone Island Crew boss, Jose Chameleone.

"Moze doesn't want anything to do with Chameleone and he can't allow Lillian to get in contact either. So the thought of Jose on the same stage with his bonkmate is a no-no." Apparently Lillian was set to bag Shs 8m from the whole deal but Moze is having none of that.

In a recent interview, the Vitamin singer declared that 'I will bonk Moze Pakalast' and even went ahead to add that Moze was the dad of her kid' This put a stop to a long debate of who was truly  her kid's dad. We are yet to know how Lillian has reacted to the setback. Watch this space!

More on Blu3, Goodlyfe, Moze Radio

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Wednesday, March 30 2011

To Love or mint dime still remains the question as singer Desire Luzinda is spotted with yet another loaded guy. This was on Wednesday at Emin Pasha Hotel. The fella’s name still remains a mystery. 

 Sources close to her have intimated to us that the new fella id from West African state of Sierra Leone and we are told he is in the country for business deals. Whether Desire is cracking business deals with him or not is a story for another day.

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Wednesday, March 30 2011

Could this finally be a crack in his armour? Could it be signaling an end to his short lived empire or there is something brewing behind the scenes that we are yet to know. Now info coming in is that Meddie Ssentogo has plucked off all the personalized number plates from his fleet of posh vehicles.

A source told us; The personalized plates have been removed. He owns posh cars like Range Rover Sport, Tundra, Mercedes Benz among others that had number plates ranging from 'Meddie this to Meddie that'.

Snoops further confirmed that he even no longer cruises them but has instead opted for small cars like Mark II and Premios (he is nowadays spotted being driven in a white premio UAP 245 N)

It looks like the rumour about him and Bad Black being on the interpol's wanted list is gaining more ground. Watch this space! More Meddie Rides

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Tuesday, March 29 2011

Grace performing in Dubai

We have shockingly discovered that men are not only here in Uganda but all over the globe. Our snoop who has just been in Dubai intimated to us that, "Last Week, our very own local diva Grace Nakimera held a series of concerts there, and drama-filled her last show, which she held at Club Dhow Palace, where fellas nearly tore her into pieces.

We all know that Nakimera has the looks any right-thinking man can die for, and on seeing them live on stage; we hear the Dubai men went mad with desire. After the concert, they ganged outside the club and one by one demanded a night with our gal.

She was only saved by security men, who drove her to her hotel just a short distance from Dhow Club. But even here, the guys bombarded the reception, demanding to be linked up with Grace or at least to get her room number, while others offered her nights presidential suites with her.

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Tuesday, March 29 2011

     Sheila Sempebwa, Coco Finger and Kalyn
City Glamour gal and singer with the Wafagio girls group Sheila Sempebwa is one person who will never forget the West Nile Tour. This is simply because she could have reaped big from it. The latest info reaching us is that while performing and doing her thing on stage, she made all the warm-blooded male fans go haywire.

But the one excited Indian who decided he couldn't stand the torture anymore stormed the stage to get the real feel. When they played Mukidongo - their most popular hit-the gals pulled the dance strokes that left the fans yearning for more.

But most excitedly were the strokes Sheila and the Indian pulled. This Indian out of excitement and untold blessedness pulled out car keys and gave them to her there and then.

Info also was that the Indian camped at Sheila's hotel room saying that she could come out and they go to his place or else she returns his car keys.

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Monday, March 28 2011

          Krazy Kampala - City theme nights
It is true what they say: Kampalans just need an excuse to drink. And as such, the craziest you could go out on a Monday and not know that you are just beginning the week. And since we are a kind of people with an insatiable appetite for trendy things, we always run with the bandwagon. It is so hard for people in the bar club and entertainment biz to keep it running if they are not reckless with their theme nights.

You need to give people a reason to come to your party and it is definitely not the music or the booze-hose can be found anywhere at any kafunda but the spice in the theme nights.

Today we bring you some of the crazy themed nights that have taken place in Kampala and those that will soon be coming to town which just gives you an excuse to get reckless

  • Halloween Nights
  • Singles Parties in Bars
  • Beach parties in Club
  • Silent Disco-Boda Boda
  • Old Skool Re-Union
  • Sun Glasses at Night
  • Fashion Police

Yet to come Theme Nights
Las Vegas Night Party - Talent Africa is bringing Las Vegas to Kampala at the Pyramids Casino. Partiers will have a chance to enact what takes place in Las Vegas. The party dubbed "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" is a new phenomenon.

Kampala doesn't sleep just like Las Vegas, the city of sin. So you can imagine when you marry the two night lives.We can't wait!

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Monday, March 28 2011

Former BBA Revolution star Philbert Okure who is based in Tanzania is currently in town. We have been told Phil has been around for over a month now combing different hang-outs.

In the past 3 weeks, he has been close to one light skinned Kenyan babe who works with one of the advertising companies in town. The chic drives a blue short chasis Rav4 in UAK..  series and is a regular at Iguana, a Kamwokya based bar.

On Wednesday, they were sighted together at Iguana having quality time in one of the dark corners at the balcony. They were again sighted together at Buddies. However, what baffles snoops is that it is the mystery babe who buys the rounds, hmmmm.

Photo: Philbert Okure - Flirt nTease Party

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Monday, March 28 2011

Rumour doing rounds is that singer Bebe Cool is once again not on talking terms with his Dad Mzee Jaberi Bidandi Ssali. Theirs has always been a touch and go relationship. And just when we thought the two (Kataala Senior and Kataala Junior) had made up and kissed, another rumour comes up that the two haven't talked since the end of the heated 2011 presidential elections.

According to close family sources, Bidandi wasn't happy with his son because Bebe Cool ha openly snubbed most of his campaign rallies and instead declared his love for NRM flag bearer, President Yoweri Museveni. We were told; "Even weeks after the elections, Mzee Bidandi has not been happy with the way his son behaved towards his presidential bid.

He thinks Bebe being a popular singer across the country would have garnered an extra vote or two for him if he had come to his camp." Apparently, to make his point, he has hiked his Kiwatule Recreational Centre rental fee during Easter Season where Bebe is planning to hold his concert.

"He has been given an ultimatum to pay the entire amount before he holds any concert. Even with a balance of one shilling, Mzee won't allow him to go ahead" a source intimated. It should be remembered that the 'Kasepiki' singer openly declared his support for Museveni (the eventual winner) over his dad, Jaberi Bidandi Ssali.

The singer claims he owed a lot to the president who gave him lots of money to fly abroad for treatment after he was shot by a randy policeman while Bidandi claims blood should have been thicker than water.

Related: Bebe's Father Uses Kataala as Campaign Symbol

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Sunday, March 27 2011

         Bebe, Zuena and Bad Black

We told you that their strange relationship wouldn't;'t last and we had the point right! Just recently, City glamour gal Bad Black and Bebe's family were close, but now they no longer see eye to eye.

Now latest info reaching us has is  that even Black and Bebe are no longer buddies, especially after Bebe's Mukazi reportedly accused Black of swallowing him. The two camps have started exchanging rude messages.

Black has been posting deamening statements against Bebe Cool on her wall though she doesn't want to come out clear. Among the posting is this one which reads, "Embuzzi nebwegenda mu gym teyiza kusinga mpologama manyi, kati mubagambeko abo simanyi abeyita small size? he eh eh kanesekere kubanga ndi big is me, not those who claim to be Big Size it can't beat a lion at strength. Big is me, not those from Kyaggwe."

This can loosely be translated to mean "However much a goat goes to the gym it can't beat a lion at strength. Big is me. Let me laugh at those who claim to be Big Size, yet they're small size...."

Snoops say that Bebe Cool has started coming out ridiculing Black. While at Steak Out last Tuesday, Bebe said to all and sundry that Bad Black was a lousy sheep in the kraal of Fresian cows. Which Bebe elaborated that Black is a woman with rural excitement, who wanted to be seen hobnobbing with the singing star and his wife, so that she can get media attention.

Meanwhile, sources from Black's camp reveal that, "Black is going around telling anybody who cares to listen that she couldn't keep staying in the same company with Bebe, because he failed to bathe regularly, a disgusting habit she claims stems from the star's Rastafarian belief."

We know this will not go down well with Bebe and we wonder how she knew about his bathing habits, if she didn't get extremely closer to him! Watch this space.

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Friday, March 25 2011

Celebrated city MC Dr. Mitch Egwang is into things. Mitch who is always on the look out for any business opportunity  has opened up Eclipse Events management in Southern Sudan. We hear he is set to reap big since he will be the only events organiser in the south of Sudan.

A source told us; "He is already promising the Sudanese a big show that will involve big intentional artistes." This comes at a time when info was coming in that he had failed to seal a TV deal/contract which would have seen him earn millions.

He was set to be a presenter. We hear the deal was instead through orders from the above given to a Sudanese lad. But with this kind of virgin business deal, he is set to shaft millions into his account. We wish him the best!

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Friday, March 25 2011

            Miles dating White Model, Cleo Won't Like This
Surely former Obsessions star cum actress, Cleopatra Koheirwe will not like this one bit. According to snoops, her long time on and off pal turned boyfriend, singer Peter Miles has reportedly hooked a white young model and the two are an item.

We are told this model is Swedish and comes from a good family that is loaded. Snoops smoked out the couple recently enjoying each other's company at a certain beach in Entebbe. She is in town for a month.

In fact she now resides at Miles Mutundwe based mansion that is near completion" a close pal told us. To put out a clear statement, this white model babe has been spotted cruising Miles treasured Mercedes Benz ML.

This comes after we reported how the 'Ojja' singer had taken Cleo and introduced her to his parents during the Christmas period. His parents were over the moon by the mere fact that this was the first time that their son had brought home a chic.

Now with the latest revelation, Cleo will not believe why lady luck never smiles her way.

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Friday, March 25 2011

         Bad Black and Meddie
Uganda has witnessed many mysterious tycoons who come, shine and wither like flowers. A few years back Ezra made newspaper headlines because of his flashy lifestyle which included giving out blank cheques and telling false stories like bringing the first Lamborghini to Uganda among others.

A few weeks back he was arrested in Kenya for having issued bouncing cheques to the tune of USD 200,000. It should also be recalled that he paraded USD3m as pocket change before the press for all to see.

Here is Meddie Ssentongo who as things go could be another Ezra in the making.
Meddie is a self styled tycoon who has hoodwinked Ugandans by bank rolling some scribes, socialites and politicians so as to divert the attention of masses from querying the source of his dime.

His source of income is not very clear though he says he's into real estate. He is described by his 'booty-lickers' as one who gives out a car when happy and dollars when in a good mood.

They add that it helps to hang around him if you will jump when he orders.. Just don't speak to him in English, stick to Luganda. Among his group, Meddie is the only one who is yet to go behind bars.

The likes of MC King (he was nabbed in Kenya over drug trafficking before he was mysteriously released) and Ezra have already been caged.

Split with Bad Black
Another mystifying lady who is perceived as Meddie's fiancee is in town dazzling revellers with her extravagance. Calling herself Bad Black the lady moves with a crew of female friends to top hang-out spots.

Meddie and Bad Black's relationship doubles as a financial relationship and sexual. They met in Kampala when Bad Black hooked up a loaded German pensioner and introduced Meddie as a brother in-law.

The German pensioner wired USD2M dollars so that the 'brother in-law' could kick off with the hotel and real estate business but recently the two got involved in some disagreements and chances are Bad Black has leaked the details to the German pensioner that the projects for which he wired the money did not kick off.

Photographs of well finished buildings were scanned and sent to the pensioner who became very happy sending more money in the process. The pensioner has now learnt of the whole deal and has filed a case with interpol.

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Thursday, March 24 2011

Navio, Atlas

Hip Hop singers, Navio and Atlas feud is threatening to become the deadliest and bloodiest biff in the music industry. Just yesterday we revealed how Atlas had vowed to teach Navio a lesson he will never forget.

But as you read this, Atlas has upped his threats by vowing to shoot his nemesis if it gets to the worst. To make matters worse, pals close to Atlas claim he can easily access a rifle or rather he is close to people who own various guns.

It is alleged he is a son to one of the top army men in the Uganda People's Defence Forces (UPDF). This is however not confirmed as some people believe he is Ankole, Prince John Barigye's son.

It must be remembered that it is Atlas who gave fellow singer Dr. Jose Chameleone the AK47 rifle that he used while shooting his 'Vumilia' song video back in 2009. But still Navio isn't from a small background either.

His mom is Maggie Kigozi the president of Uganda Investment Authority (UIA). This certainly could be the greatest music battle for many years. A few weeks back, Atlas released a new Hip Hop single many believe is dissing Navio and on Friday while Navio was launching his 'Keep Moving'  song in Club Rouge, the pair almost went native had it not been the bouncers who stepped in to separate them.

When Navio set his eyes on Atlas in the house, he (Navio) walked to him and politely said: "All I wanna know is what you want from me, Atlas." Atlas replied: "Step on de floor..." Navio says: "Ngalo?" Somehow this pissed off Atlas who does an uppercut on Navio.

A fight ensues and Navio's crew rain punches on Atlas but in no minute Club Rouge bouncers step up and foil the fight. The 'Ngalo' singer then moves out of the Club leaving Atlas swearing and cursing. "You will get shot I promise you."

Before this incident we are told Atlas had publicly declared Navio 'an ass nigger'. Rumour has it that Navio is busy in studio working on a track to counter Atlas. Could this turn out to be the bloodiest beef so far? Watch this space!

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Thursday, March 24 2011

City model who is also a daughter to former Rwampara MP Amon Muzoora Doreen Kabareebe has parted company with her 'nkuba kyeyo' boyfriend identified only as Isaac. We are told Doreen threw Isaac out last month and she has now hooked up Prince Izo real name Isaac Kayiira.

Doreen was spotted on Sunday at Izo's home in Makindye looking all loved up and enjoying each other's company as if there was no tomorrow. She was overheard chatting to a friend how Prince Izo is a caring man.

Prince Izo is a singer an owns Karma Records in Makindye. We hope their relationship works out well.

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Wednesday, March 23 2011

It has come to our attention that Swangz Avenue producer Vince Musisi is seriously close to former Miss Uganda Maria Namiiro. The two have been keeping it a secret. However, all that was thrown out of the window the moment they finally stepped out together.

The two were snapped getting cozy on Saturday at the Jinja Road based Club Rouge. This was during the white Carnival Party. According to close pals, the two are seriously dating. In fact, we have further learnt that Namiiro jetted into the country a few weeks back and is set to spend close to three weeks in town bonking with Vince.

"He picked her from the airport and the two are currently residing at Vince's  Muyenga pad" a source added. Vince has previously been rumoured to have dated  Ayokya Yokya star Cindy. This was at the time Cindy and her boyfriend Mario had separated.
Read Also: Ex Miss Ug Namiiro to be Bonked Legally

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Tuesday, March 22 2011

         Chameleone, Meddie Fight  Over Table at Rouge
We knew there was no love lost between former pals turned enemies; singer Jose Chameleone and Meddie Ssentogo. As you read this, there is bad blood boiling between the two, we can exclusively reveal that there was untold drama and an exchange of hot words between the two at Jinja road based night spot, Club Rouge on Saturday during the White Carnival Party.

Trouble started when Meddie in the company of his bouncers found out that Chameleone together with his Leone Island Crew had occupied his VIP reserved table. And according to snoops, that is Meddie's favourite table.

But the defiant Mambo Bado singer and his group who had been lined up to perform had come earlier and settled at the table. Please by managers to shift to another table fell on deaf ears. So when Meddie and his entourage stormed the night spot they were shocked to find that the reserved table had been occupied. This is when the drama started.

The self styled young money bags ordered Chameleone and his boys off his table but the Leone boys who seemed to be in Utopia asked Meddie, 'Who are you to order us around.'

All this time Chameleone was smiling with satisfaction as his boys took on Meddie in a verbal exchange. The intervention of Gareth Onyango, the organiser of the party didn't move the defiant boys.Meddie was later overheard telling Chameleone; "situula na kawawa" translated as "I don't sit with flies"

And after a long heated exchange, a frustrated Meddie and crew decided to relocate to the bar counter. He was seen gnashing his teeth and shaking his head like a wounded lion  seething with anger at something he termed as 'lack of respect from the man he gave a free car.'

After like 30 minutes without locating a seat, Meddie left the club but not before demanding that 'Chameleone taks back his car' In retaliation a defiant 'Basima Ogenze' singer retorted by echoing hiss previous words that 'he should come and pick his garbage.'

Meanwhile, snoops have learnt tat something could seriously be wrong in the Meddie Empire. The splashy and showy fella was spotted moving in a Toyota Premio UAP...N that evening.

Speculation is now rife on what could have happened to his fleet of monster rides that include Meddie this and Meddie that (pun intended). Could there be something strange about to explode in his kingdom? Just Watch this Space!

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Monday, March 21 2011

He came, he saw and he was almost conquering but it looks like that will be from somewhere else. According to snoops, owners of top Clubs in town have ordered their DJ's to stop whispering or mentioning Meddi'es name while playing music in the clubs.

We hear people have been complaining that they go top these clubs to have fun but not to listen to Meddie's name bing mentioned over and over again. A source told us, "The no-nonsense tycoons don't want their clubs to be personalized and they want equal treatment of the customers. So they have ordered the DJ's to stop making Meddie the music which people dance to or risk their jobs."

Most of these clubs are based in Industrial area. To many revelers Meddie Sentogo's source of wealth remains a mystery while others claim he is just a wannabie and will go down Ezra style. Watch this space! More on Meddie

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Monday, March 21 2011

A saying goes - 'Use what you have to get what you don't have' and that's something city socialite and former model will attest to. She has used her beauty and fame to go places and get whatever she wants without breaking so much sweat.

Now just last month on Valentines day, we revealed how Judith's hubby Alex Heard had given her what most women would dream of in their entire lives; giving her a brand new ride to celebrate lovers day.

We have finally landed on the ride which Judith received and it's not just any ride but a brand new 2010 sleek black Audi Q7. According to close pals to the former model, the Audi had been her wish and as usual the mega loaded Alex answered her wish.

Judith married to Alex Heard already has a fleet of other posh and expensive rides that include a Cadillac, a Bentley and mercedes Benz convertible among others.

Photo: Judith Heard's Valentines Present

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Sunday, March 20 2011

It looks like some people's misfortune is others' happiness. The latest rumour doing rounds is that city tycoons who have been shopping in Japan are dashing to the disaster struck country to get free car spare parts and other items that were destroyed in the recent earthquake that hit the country.

One of the money bags who was eyeing the freebies told us; "Most  of the cars and spare parts hat were destroyed by the Tsunami have been rendered scrap. So we will go and ship them  and sell them cheaply."

The quake measuring 8.9 on the richter scale hit Fukshima and left it in total destruction.

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Sunday, March 20 2011

The latest WTF has received from the biggest high institution of learning in Uganda is indeed good news to all guys. This third year Mass Communication babe at Makerere University is the latest tattoo fanatic that will send temperatures soaring.

And she is fast turning herself into a bomb of sorts! Ndahagire has posted these pics on her wall. This stunning babe who claims she likes to be bare it all stays in Douglas Villa Hostel in Kikoni Makerere.

She hails from Mbarara. She is a top party animal and usually hangs out at Fat Boys and Just Kicking every Fridays and Saturdays. And fellas she claims she is single.

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Friday, March 18 2011

Goodlyfe Boys Laugh Off Zuena's song 'Owa Boda'
This will surely come as a big blow to 'struggling' singer, Zuena Kirema's musical career. Her husband Bebe Cool's arch rivals, Goodlyfe Crew Boyz, Weasel and Moze have come out strongly to mock her new song 'Owa Boda'

According to close pals, they haven't stopped laughing since Zuena outed her single. Apparently, they have been saying it's a joke finding Zuena singing because they don't even rate her.

The Gagamel crew first lady Zuena who has since shot the video for her single with scenes taken from Northern by-pass and its vicinity is seen with a guy on a boda boda getting cozy.

The guy in the video is believed to be the 'Owa Boda'. However after watching the clip of the video, we are told the Goodlyfe Crew boyz burst out laughing and though we yet to know the real reasons why they laughed out so loudly.

Snoops have even revealed they even went ahead to taunt Zuena, saying-'She should go and grow potatoes.' This is not the first time the two have dismissed Zuena as a serious singer.

But this latest attack is meant to ruffle her hubby Bebe, the wrong way. Meanwhile, we have established that the Gagamel Crew boss was not at all happy with the way her wife was getting cozy with 'Owa Body' guy during the shooting of the video.

We are yet to identify who the guy is but we doubt if Bebe will entertain that closeness again. Watch this Space!

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Friday, March 18 2011

The number plate on the Merc was transferred to the BMW

A month ago mysterious city tycoon Meddie Ssentogo gave local singer Jose Chameleone his new BMW convertible, which bore personalized number plate MEDDIE 3. This was at Ange Guvnor and it was followed by a big party at Anderita Beach in Entebbe.

Surprisingly, the local star has failed to secure personalized number plate for the gift car. He just got his old personalized number plate of MAYANJA,which belonged to his old ML Benz which disappeared mysteriously, and placed it on the BMW Convertible.

To make matters worse, the singer is guilty; he does not want fans to ask anything about the car and plates. He always storms out whenever fans inquisitively ask him about the 'donation'.

To make matters worse, the same donated vehicle was sometime back impounded at Garden City. Chameleone later told Meddie; "Come and pick your gabbage' before he eventually reclaimed it. Watch this space!

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Friday, March 18 2011

DIVA Desire Luzinda has made it to the top five finalists to misrepresent er sorry represent Uganda in this year's big Brother Africa reality TV show. Uganda will send only one  representative as housemate and Desire could be a shocking choice.

A multichoice insider told us: "Yeah Desire Luzinda is still in. She could be our choice and gosh those curves. Many here believe she can do really good." The show is set to kick off on May 1, In South Africa.

A whooping $200,000 is up for grabs. In the last five Big Brother Africa shows, Ugandan representatives have fared so poorly. In last year's edition, our housemate Hannington was even chased from the house prematurely.

Other Ugandan housemates before have been Phillip Okure, Gaetano Kaggwa, Maureen Namatovu and Morris Mugisha.

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Thursday, March 17 2011

She was seen cruising a new ride while shopping
Songbird Juliana Kanyomozi looks to have found her groove back. Days after we revealed how 'unlucky in love', Juliana outed a new song-Alive Again, (which we are told is dedicated to her new mystery dude) we spotted her on an evening out.

The two were spotted at Shell Ntinda opposite Hardware World where they had stopped to buy a few items. A snoop told us,  "She was cruising a silver grey Pajero Mitsubishi Shogun UAP... S series.

From the supermarket, they were seen holding hands, entered their car and they sped off." Snoops couldn't easily identify the dude because his face didn't look familiar but the probability of the two being close was all evident in the way they were laughing heartedly.

Could she have finally found love at last after being disappointed by the likes of Amon Lukwago? Time will tell.

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Thursday, March 17 2011

On Friday afternoon flashy Pastor Martin Sempa was spotted by our snoop surrounded by four mean looking fellas. And before our snoop could figure out why he was being surrounded by these guys, two babes approached the pastor and these guys shoved them off.

Sempa who was on phone just kept on moving with his guys without giving a damn and headed straight to Mr. Price. This got us wondering why the man of God who is supposed to be accessible to believers is protected from them.

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Wednesday, March 16 2011

Linda is married to Curtis Lahti
We have learnt that former Miss Uganda Linda Bazalaki is preggie. According to our California, US based snoops; Linda is about five months pregnant.

The former beauty Queen is married to Curtis Lahti and the two are already blessed with two kids; so this will be her third. Bazalaki's reign as Miss Uganda between 1992-1993.

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Wednesday, March 16 2011

Don MC, Keko
Singer Don MC and rapper Keko Town are an item, we have learnt. A close source to the pair tells us they are too much into each other. The source told us: "Don has something for Keko and she too. They are always together and every time they are close, their faces are bright.

They give each other happiness." In fact we spotted the pair at Ntinda based Buddiez Bar. The pair arrived together hand in hand amd settled in a corner from where they ordered for drinks and eats.

Both stay in Ntinda (in different homes) but according to ur source they spend most of the time at Don's place. "Even nights," the source added.

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Wednesday, March 16 2011

It looks like songbird, Desire Luzinda is no longer a close pal to the outgoing Kampala Mayor, Alhaji Nasser Ntege Sebaggala aka Seya. This rumour is gathering credence following the strange behaviour of Desire at the critical time that she would have behaved otherwise.

Our snoops have learnt that recently when Seya was admitted at International Hospital over claims of possible food poisoning, the 'Nina Omwami' singer never paid a visit to the upscale hospital to show sympathy to her long time close friend.

"Even when you pursue through the visitors book, Desire's name does not feature anywhere" one of Seya's close pals wondered. However, Desire's apologists claim that she may have feared facing Seya's first wife who was attending to him. Hmmmm!

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Tuesday, March 15 2011

This is a hot one and we expect sizzling babes to cause trouble in our dusty city. Snoops have bumped into info that preparations for the Trinidad and Tobago carnival due this July have started in high gear where an explosion of color, Music, revelry, and creativity will hit the streets of Kampala.

The High Commission for the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, the Republic of Uganda and the Uganda private sector will be staging the best ever carnival in Kampala entitled "Kampala Carnival 2011".

H.E Patrick Edwards Trinidad and Tobago High Commission to Uganda revealed that the shs 2.5bn carnival will be modeled along the lines of the world's famous Trinidad and Tobago carnival which dates way back in the early 19th century.

The Shs 2.5bn carnival will take place on July 29 and 30.

You may be Interested in the Orange Carnival also!

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Tuesday, March 15 2011


She was famed for her love for the big bikes and she has been a member of the Uganda Bikers Association. Shamim who is associated with the Vision Group it seems has lost her love for the fast bikes.

Whether it is because of her change of status, we are yet to confirm. Our snoops have on many separate occasions spotted the babe who shocked her colleagues by riding her bike just two weeks after she had dropped tot cruising a green RAV4 registration UAH 263 S along Namugongo road in the company of her hubby.

This keeps us wondering whether she has hang up her bike riding gloves and if she has done so then their association has lost a very vital member since there are not many female bikers in Uganda.

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Monday, March 14 2011

Top Diva Juliana Kanyomozi outs new song 'Alive Again' -believed to be dedicated for her new man responsible for her pregnancy. The new song is already hitting the airwaves big time and it is believed it will spearhead her come back.

Lately Iryn Namubiru and her a few other female artistes have overtaken  Juliana as musichots. But with this new song Alive Again, music pundits believe Juliana is back. A few weeks we revealed, that Juliana was rumoured to be pregnant and many thought former Cranes International Mujib Kasule could be responsible for the pregnancy.

Now this song, some people believe, is dedicated to the ex footie ace. In one verse Juliana sings: "I feel alive again, in a brighter day. I never wanna be apart another day." Alive Again song runs on a Zouk-Afro danceable track.

Over ten men have been rumoured to have dated Juliana. Some of them include a top city tycoon, Bobi, DJ Michael, Amon Lukwago, Phillip among others.Read more about Juliana

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Monday, March 14 2011

Singer Navio is perhaps the best Hip Hop artiste in the region going by his hot collaborations in the industry if  tracks like "Stuttering" and "Hands across the World" are anything to go by.

Navio alongside artistes from eight African countries teamed up with R.Kelly and produced "Hands across the World" track that has gone ahead to top charts on the continent.

Just after that, Fefe Dobson from the US approached Navio to remix "Stuttering" which has branded Navio as one of Africa's best artistes. Straight from all that, Navio flew down to South Africa to shoot the video of his "Move Forward" track but little did he know it would climb African charts after such a short time.

The track as we speak, has gone five places from number ten to number five in three days and just last Saturday, the ratings had placed the track at number three with Cabo Snoop's "Prakatatumba" and "What's my name" by Rihanna and Drake taking peak positions. If by any chance, Navio's track ascends to number one, he will become the first Ugandan ever to top the playlist on Africa's  most watched channel.

Great things surely come to those who have worked for them and certainly Navio is one of them. More articles on Navio

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Monday, March 14 2011

Sylvia Owori in THINGS!

Top fashionista Sylvia Owori has been appointed the new AIDS ambassador for Uganda by music great Alicia Keys. United States singer Alicia is the founder of the keep the Child Alive NGO that mainly deals with supporting and encouraging the less privileged in the third world countries, Uganda inclusive.

Mainly keep the Child Alive deal with children  affected and infected with the killer disease AIDS. Owori joins international women celebrities' tennis ace Serena Williams, Iman. Jennifer Hudson, Queen Latifah and Alicia Keys herself.

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Sunday, March 13 2011

Josephine, Juliana, Cindy, Debby, Daphne and Irene Birungi
Stars and Socialites who were recently ballooned or are rumoured to be preggars - It seems like every time you turn around, another celebrity is pregnant: there's always one or more sporting well publicized baby bump.

Want to know which of your stars and Kampala socialites has been swimming in spoof without head gear? Well, we bring you the scoop of all those who had live romps and are presently showing signs off pregnancy and those who have been rumoured to be baking a bun in the oven.

Juliana Kanyomozi - Rumour making rounds is that songbird (or  is it former songbird?) Juliana Kanyomozi is pregnant again. The singer who has a 6 year old son Keron with Amon Lukwago could be around two months pregnant.

It s also rumoured that the baby could be Proline boss Mujib Kasule a former boyfriend who could now be her current!

Cindy - Ayokya Yokya singer Cinderella Sanyu who recently got engaged to her longtime on/off boyfriend Mario has more than the engagement to celebrate; She is also five months pregnant.

Recently at Club Rouge Cindy showed off her rounded baby bump in a tight black top with purple sequins. Looks like we are not going to see any more raunchy dance moves - at last not in the next four months! This comes after her former group mate, Lillian Mbabazi, gave birth to a bouncing baby boy last year.

Debby Sempaka - After recently declaring she is more into chics than guys, celebrated city man-eater and South African based Ugandan model, Debby Sempaka, is rumoured to be pregnant.

She is believed to be baking a three months bun in her oven. She was spotted at Maternity Clinic in Seguku where she had gone for antenatal checkup. Although she has met many guys the fella responsible is yet to be identified.

Daphne Basiima - The certified serial dater is rumoured to be around 3 months pregnant. Like Naila Salim, there will be contention on who is responsible for this Kampala socialites baby. But a one Eddie a friend to Goodlyfe, is a prime suspect.

Daphine has dated Weasel and a chain of other musicians and Kampala tycoons. So it could be anyone. It is said she is extremely excited and can't wait to drop the tot!

Josephine Karungi -  Another TV star is ready to become a mom. Beautiful news anchor Josephine Karungi is rumoured to be in her early stages of pregnancy. Viewers and workmates say the things she does are the same things pregnant women do.

Many viewers also say she has become a shade lighter, not the bleaching-lighter but the blooming baby-on-the-way lighter!

Irene Birungi Mugisha - Mother of three UBC's Irene Birungi is apparently expecting her fourth child with husband NTV's Maurice Mugisha. The couple, who already have two girls, could be already making the nursery for another kid. Irene is said to be around four months pregnant.

She has a lot of courage since, after bringing three children (two with Mugisha) into the world. She considered motherhood for the fourth time.

Jackie Tusiime - Obsessions Jackie went swimming in the spermination pool without her protective underwear. So now she is said  to be 2 months pregnant. Although it is not yet clear whose sperm she swam in, Remy Lubega, formerly with Obsessions, is most likely to be responsible party.

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Saturday, March 12 2011
Irene Campbell

From the corridors of Buganda Road based Multichoice offices, we have exclusively been told that an overwhelming number of local artistes and city wannabes (some apparently can't speak English) have picked forms for BBA season six.

You have already heard the likes of Desire Luzinda, Bettina and others and now the latest is that booty singer Irene Campbell is also in the running for a slot in the Biggie house.

We were told, "She is among the lucky few who have already been screened and they passed the first test. So she will have to wait for another screening that is coming soon."

Apparently more than five leading singers in the country are vying to represent Uganda in South Africa where they will be tussling it out with 14 other fellas from different African countries. Watch this space for the full list of singers and city wannabes who are competing.

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Saturday, March 12 2011

Songbird Juliana Kanyomozi has surely done everything in the entertainment industry. From Karaoke, professional singing to being reality music show judge; she has done it all. But after realizing that her singing career is in its twilight years, Juliana is getting into a territory that was a previously a man's domain.

Close pals have revealed that Juliana is starting her own events management company to rival prominent ones like Silk Events, Events Ware House and Balaam Enterprises. A close pal added, "She will in a few years be minting dime."

Those close to the 'Nabikoowa' singer further claim she is importing state-of-the-art sound, stage and lighting system very soon. More stories on Juliana

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Saturday, March 12 2011

Zarie Rides

Forget the likes of P.Diddy, Beyonce, Jay-Z and many more in the western world of showbiz, today we unveil one of our very own, South African based singer Zari Hassan. She is evidence that being a seer isn't a bad job after all.

Zari is married to Ivan and they are both seers commonly known as Sangomas in Zulu land. She could have failed to conquer the Ugandan Music world but certainly, she has a place in the tycoon world.

Her fleet of vehicles includes BMW-2006, Black Chrysler-2008, Audi Q7-2010, Silver Crysler 2008, JETTA-2006, Mercedes Benz convertible-2008. She also owns a JETTA 4 with Uganda number plates.

All these vehicles have personalized number plates of ZARI 2-4-H GP. This is proof that she is one of the most loaded Ugandan celebrities and we surely know everyone will envy this. The cars are estimated to have cost over Shs2bn.
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Friday, March 11 2011

Straka Mwezi

The bitterness of the split between TV star, Straka and singer Sizzaman is not about to be forgotten soon. They have decided to wash their dirty linen in public. According to reliable sources, Straka has gone to the studios and recorded a song that is aimed at hitting back at Sizza's 'Dictionary' album which is taking the airwaves by storm.

A source tol us, "She has been camping at Didi's studios recording a song titled OMUFERE. In the song she explains why the pair fell out and who the father of her kid is." The song will be out soon.

This latest revelation comes after we also learnt that Sizzaman's 'Dictionary' which has popular songs like Angella was mosty based about his times with bulky Straka.

Now she has retaliated in the best way possible. We are just rubbing our hands eargely awaiting this new bonking gone bar war. Watch this space!

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Friday, March 11 2011

Nigerian singing duo of P-Square, Paul and Peter Okoye were spotted in Kampala last weekend. According to snoops, the singing pair sneaked into the country for a day before flying out.

Our snoop bumped into them at Entebbe based Imperial Resort Beach and the two were in a company of a ten-member crew. They were swimming and having fun a snoop added. We are however told that the duo had performed in Nairobi over the weekend before deciding to stop over in Entebbe. Since the last time they were here, they didn't get enough to have fun.

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Thursday, March 10 2011

Zahara Toto and Mariam  have quit Chilli Galz singing group. And this time comes just weeks after we revealed how the group was on the verge of collapse. Chilli Galz alongside Krystal Babes and Cyclone are managed by Universal Entertainment, owned by Indian tycoon Rao Mohan.

In face we have also established that Prossy aka Pie B and Esther Akankwasa have also quit Cyclone, another group owned by Universal Entertainment. This certainly means Cyclone is now a one member group. Chilli Galz is now remaining with Peace, Tyra, Sheila Uzamkunda and Yvone Kariyonga only

Another source tells us that ever since Chilli Galz quit their rented house in Makindye, they have been rarely attending rehearsals with rumours claiming most gals are going AWOL. An insider told us that for the last three months, group members have not been receiving their salaries.

Meanwhile former Dream Galz singer Leila Kayondo is no longer under Universal Entertainment. It is not clear why she left.

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Thursday, March 10 2011

Fading singer Tonix and renowned tattoo designer Shedrack Kutesa survived a fatal accident on Sunday. The two were travelling back to Kampala from Fort Portal. We are told their  DMC Pajero failed to negotiate a corner and then lost control causing it to overturn near Mityana town.

Both Tonix and Shedrack sustained injuries and were rushed to nearby clinics for check up. However, eye-witnesses told of how the pair was busy surfing chics inside the car. "It looks like they were concentrating on surfing their babes' kandahars than driving" an eyewitness revealed.

We are further told they had bottles of tequila and vodka in the car.

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Wednesday, March 09 2011

At this rate, troubled self styled philanthropist must be regretting why he opted to enjoy celebrity status. As you read this, United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agents based in Kampala are waiting to interrogate Ezra once extradited here from Kenya.

CIA wants some answers from Ezra regarding the US$3M he displayed to the media some time last year at Emin Pasha Hotel. United States treasury highly suspects that these dollars were not genuine given their appearance.

Ezra was recently arrested and charged in Kenya over issuing a false cheque. He is also a wanted man here over a string of charges. He had been in hiding for sometime before he was netted like a grasshopper by Kenyan authorities.

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Wednesday, March 09 2011

           Bad Black

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Tuesday, March 08 2011

Debby Sempaka is a mom of one and has retired from modeling, she is now trying out different business ventures like real estate.. More Stories on Debby

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Tuesday, March 08 2011

If this is not a joke then we wonder what it is? Latest info reaching our desk has it that KFM music controller Bettina Tumuhaise has withdrawn from the Big Brother Africa season 6 auditions slated for a few weeks to come.

We are told her boyfriend amd kids objected to her participating in the game. So guys out there who have been eagerly waiting to have a glimpse at her sex-liscious figure sorry the gal won't take part in the TV reality show.

Bettina Fills Forms For BBA6

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Monday, March 07 2011

Bebe and Zuena
Photo: Bebe Cool n Zuena at the TPF Party

Central Police Station (CPS), Kampala has registered local star Bebe Cool on top of its most wanted list for reportedly assaulting three MUBS' students physically and sexually. This was before he landed them in a sever accident that broke their limbs and defaced them.

We are told Wahabu Wasukira, 21 and his brother Abdullah Wahabu, 23 and a friend called Gloria Asiimwe, all students at MUBS are nursing severe injuries at Case Clinic along Bombo road respectively.

The accident occurred near the French Embassy along Lumumba Avenue on Wednesday night as the group , driving a Land-Cruiser were trying to race away from the Kasepiki singer and his goons who were pursuing them.

According to Kampala Metropolitan traffic boss Lawrence Nuwabiine the file has already been passed on to the Criminal Investigations Dept in a view of charging  Bebe Cool with so many offences.

He added, "He initially assaulted the victims before chasing them at break neck speed; a thing that landed them in trouble. We have thus  after a thorough investigation forwarded the file to CID to have Bebe Cool charged with possibly assault and causing actual body harm."

We are further told the vehicle the victims were travelling in was severely damaged and later towed to Naguru Police parking lot. According to snoops, the whole trouble started when the naughty and arrogant Bebe Cool parked his Hummer in the middle of the road at Steak Out.

His victims who were coming from Wandegeya heading to town through Lumumba Avenue found the road blocked by the showy artistes ride. Their pleas to have right of way was only met by abuses, grabbing of the drivers throat by Bebe and beatings.

His goons later chased after them till they got that accident. The singer's phones were off by press time but as you read this he has been branded a fugitive by police. Watch This Space!

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More on Bebe Cool

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Monday, March 07 2011

A new biff in town is seriously developing between singers of Goodlyfe Crew Moze and Weasel with Kenzo. Apparently the biff stems from Kenzo's new song titled 'Mundeke Numbe' which the Goodlyfe Boyz claim the whole concept of the video song was copied from their song "Talk a Talk"

A source told us, "Both Camps claim the idea of using a brass band in the video was their original makin." Goodlyfe Crew Boyz have vowed to crush him if he dares put the video on airwaves. Watch This Space!

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Sunday, March 06 2011

Some of the members of NTV's The Hostel
The latest local drama series (oe you can call it soap) The Hostel on NTV has become an instant hit to telly viewers. Some of the actors in the soap include Richard Tuwangye, Hellen Lukoma, Omara Daniel and Isaac Kuddzu.

Ever since it started one week back, it has been a favourite for many. But the question has been; who is the brain behind it. And here at WTF we have unearthed him. It is non other than Conrad Nkutu, the former managing director of Monitor Publications Ltd.

A source told us that the fella has pumped massive dime in the production of the series that will air on NTV for quite a longtime. We hear thirty episodes of the eighty have already been filmed and are awaiting airplay.

The source told us : "Conrad takes The Hostel as his child. He wants to do everything he can for the drama. He is determined to put in as much money as it takes. And he is happy with what the cast is doing so far."

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Sunday, March 06 2011

Salma Nassanga

After presumably many cold nights, looks like the former beauty queen Salma Nassanga has finally got someone to warm her and probably drill her oil well.On Wednesday, she publicly announced this on her wall that she is in a relationship.

However, we are not sure who the lucky guy is but we promise to unleash her in these pages very soon. So , all you who have been having sleepless nights over her waterzella better try your talents elsewhere.

Salma, we wish you all the best but who is that lucky man?

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Sunday, March 06 2011

Looking at the way things are going for all Ugandan music, one who says that without haters we would have music, wouldn't be wrong. The latest of these is dance-hall Crew president DJ Michael Mugwanya's song in which  he stings foe Jose Chameleone Mayanja.

The blockbuster song is titled Kilimululu. The song has been out for only two weeks but it is a major hit in bars and clubs. In the song Michael attacks self claimed Dr. Chameleone about his 'selfishness and very bad heart.'

He also describes him as a confused greedy fella. This will certainly run Chameleone on the wrong side and you can expect a fight pretty soon. At one time Chameleone and Michael used to be pals but the pair fell out so badly.

It is claimed their breakup was dur to Madame Cheri Adyeri, the proprietor of Kabalagala based bars Cafe Cheri and Cheri Royale.

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Saturday, March 05 2011

This will not come as good news to most of you who have been storming the Kabalagala posh bar to 'purchase' ladies of the night. The bar has mysteriously closed shop. We have been reliably informed by our Kabalagala based snoops who found the bar being demolished on Wednesday.

On inquiry from its neighbours, our snoop was told that actually the bar had closed a few days ago but residents thought it was for security purposes then only to see it being demolished.

The reasons as to why it closed are still a top secret but we are working around the clock to find out why and will inform you as soon as we get information. We hope it is for renovation purposes otherwise some people might be shading tears.

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Saturday, March 05 2011

Bebe Cool Jumping like his legs were not shot at before
STAR Bebe Cool is again involved in another fight in which one person was almost beaten to death. As you read this, the fella is admitted in Mulago and is on oxygen. This happened on Tuesday at around 2pm at Lumuba Av. based Steak Out bar.

It is however not clear what sparked off the fight. An onlooker told us: "It was total war. Bottles were flying everywhere. I is hard to understand why Bebe Cool is involved in such fights.

One person was badly injured and rushed to hospital." Furious revellers wanted to lynch Bebe Cool but was saved by the bar security guard and one Mugumba. Just a few days back, we told of how Bebe was involved in a brawl with a mystery fella in Ntinda.

His entire singing career has been characterized by untold fights. He has fought so many people including fellow singers Chameleone, Bobi Wine, the Goodlyfe among so many others

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Friday, March 04 2011

Bettina Tumahaise

 Bettina Tumuhaise has taken farming to a whole new level. She is dealing in a variety of crops and animal farming on land she has bought and also hired. The former KFM radio personality deals in passion fruits, coffee and, maize the proud farmer as she prefers to be called also has pigs on her farm.

She has also started a campaign under her LIMA business that encourages slay queens to take off their heels and short outfits to gumboots and overalls to do farming with their long nails.

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Thursday, March 03 2011

Bad Black next to her BMW X6
Not that is is what we wished for but from the look of things it appears mystery city glamour girl Latifa Nalukenge aka Bad Black's coffers are running dry affecting her lavish lifestyle. Word in the grapevine has it that Bad Black is not doing well financially.

Black who had built a reputation as Kampala's most fun loving and generous socialite could be crumbling down. Black moves in a company of gals whom she actually pays Shs 3m per month to party with her.

Black and her pals have been found in top happening places around town as long as the doors are open. Our snoops reveal that splashy Black was spotted in Silk Ocean a few days a ago and an almost empty table save for for a few bottles of wine.

Originally her table would be filled with expensive liqours and other wines. A reliable source also told our snoop that Black doesn't pay in dollars anymore as it used to be the case.

She now clears her bill with what used to be pocket change and in Ugandan currency. Honestly, does this mean we could be seeing the last of her open bars? More on Bad Black

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Thursday, March 03 2011

Super FM evening presenter Rasta Rob has snubbed putting on trousers. Since his return from his failed UK Kyeyo stint, Rasta Rob has rarely been spotted in trouser. According to snoops he has instead decided to put on shorts.

"Even when he is going for a high profile party, the man is always in a pair of jean shorts!. We wonder if he didn't come back with any trouser" the source added. His workmates at the Rubaga based station can testify to that.

So over to you Rasta Rob; do you own any trouser or your legs ate too cute for girls to look at? Beware of bum drillers though!

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Thursday, March 03 2011

Jackie Tusiime
Word reaching our desk indicates Obsessions' singer jackie Tusiime could be pregnant. And interestingly she is not very sure who the fella responsible for her pregnancy is.

Lately Jackie has gained massive weight. When we contacted one of her pals, she reluctantly told us: "Hmmmm, Iam Jackie's very good pal but I do not have any right whatsoever to reveal anything in her private life but she is certainly pregnant."

Another pal added: "She is iver the moon, she can't wait to have her first baby even it means being a single mother. This pregnancy is the best thing that has ever happened to her."

Though it is claimed she is not sure who the man responsible for her pregnancy is, the rumour doing rounds is that Obsessions' Remy Lubega could be responsible for the pregnancy.

Lately most female musicians have become mothers. Blu3 duo Edith Baganda and Lillian Mbabazi are fresh moms, Miss Confidence is around six months late and DJ Farshee is a fresh mom among others.

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Wednesday, March 02 2011

Bebe Cool is fast turning into a drum of some sorts, and this looks to be just the beginning. We have sensationally been told that the singer was given a through beating by a mean looking fella outside Ntinda Shopping Centre last week.

Now this is what transpired: According to eye-witnesses, Bebe had parked his Hummer outside Quality Shopping Centre and went inside the supermarket to buy a few items. Upon return, he found another car parked so close to his car and it became a problem reversing out of the parking lot.

We are told a furious Bebe then decided to attack a chic who was seated inside the car. That is the same time that the well built guy who had left the chic in the car was just returning from the supermarket where he had also gone to pick a few items including condoms that were later dropped in the scuffle.

A source added, "The fella told Bebe to back off his car but the arrogant singer kept asking him who had authorized him to park next to his Hummer. A scuffle later ensued and Bebe was given a few punches before he ran to security guys for help."

This latest thumping follows another beating the Kasepiki singer received recently at the hands of his former Gagamel Crew members, Kiwoko Boyz who kicked his during the NRM celebrations at Kololo.

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Tuesday, March 01 2011

Either she forced him to or Ragga Dee has learnt a lesson from the likes of Jose Chameleone, Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine. Finally, the self claimed grand father of Uganda Music Dan Kazibwe aka Ragga Dee outed his wife.

They partied pakalast in Guvnor on Friday. The sexy Mariam Mbabazi seemed to have enjoyed every bit of their outing. Ragga Dee who previously rarely moved with his wife Mbabazi seems to have returned to her marital home after we reported in our pages that she had left for Kigali late last year.

She looked excited as she joined her hubby and Capt Mike Mukula on the dance floor. They left together at around 5am. Ragga Dee was clad in a military outfit with a Ugandan flag while Mbabazi was clad in a khaki top and black trouser.

They looked every inch happy and enjoying each others' company.

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