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Wednesday, 24 June 2020
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Saturday, 20 June 2020
Buchaman arrested after disrupting a NEMA meeting
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Friday, December 30 2011

The trend of the music industry in Uganda is as divided as salt and sugar. We have artistes who can break the law and go away with it and others, even a slight mistake ends you in the coolers.

When they visit the local hung outs, they make sure that even the bar toilet cleaner recognises their presence. Below are the untouchables :

Iryn Namubiru -  WOW! Arguably Uganda's best performer on stage but how does she do it? Well if you want to find out, do not miss her shows as she will treat you to some of the most erotic dances ever.

Recently she gave our very own VP Mahogany scrotal eruptions with her wet kisses which mesmerised him. We believe that her association with the top guns makes her ply her trade in music without fearing the likes of Nsaba Buturo.

Sheeba - She has done it all. Need we say anything from what we have seen in the tabloids of recent? Well, for all our readers who may not know who she is , Sheebah os one of the former Obsessions girls who has established herself in the music industry, she has established nude dancers (Kimansulo) and since Nsaba Buturo, the Minister of Ethics had banned it in all the pubs and bars, Sheeba nad group go on doing it in different hangouts in the city and the outskirts.

Does the law affect her? May be not.

Bobi Wine - Well known for his popular music and entertainment, has had so many controversies surrounding his life inside and outside his music. From members leaving the group to beefing with fellow artistes and most notably punching up Bebe Cool some time back in a music show organized at Nakivubo.

He goes on to confess on how he bribes police men to release him after committing crimes in his Mr. Money song.

Chameleone - The self proclaimed doctor has almost biffed up with everyone including his own father. What the Hell! Chameleone has fought in pubs, bars and several hangouts beating up on everybody who annoys him without forgetting his own brother, Weasel recently, snoops landed on him trying to hit Mowzey Radio.

Truth of the matter is that the skinny musician always goes away with it without being punished. We don;t know whether his behaviour is acceptable by our law or the law is soft on him.

Bebe Cool - The self proclaimed "Big Size" had the toughest year 2010. From crying out for Zuena, fights with Bobi Wine, Shootings and many calamities which caused problems to his life to Zuena's nude pictures in the tabloid.

Well like Chammeleone and Bobi, Big Size is also known for cat fights with fellow artistes and sometimes fans that he says provoke him. The big fish in the police will never come for him and if they do, it is only for a few questions and the dude is free.

Recently he has been so close to Sevo over the shootings at the Centenary Park. The big man went on to foot his hospital bills in Uganda and the USA where he had the operations. Do we need to say anything more about his size.

Ragga Dee - He calls himself "JJAJJA Wa Music" in Uganda. Ragga Dee is one of the most respected musicians today and this of course goes hand in hand with his works. Despite the fact that he hardly involves himself in cat fights with other musicians or fans, Ragga is also untouchable of sorts amongst the musicians.

When it comes to hanging out, the dude normally moves with a fleet of guys especially in popular hangouts and makes sure that everyone around notices his presence. Talk of being jjajja and recognition.
In this article: Sheebah, Iryn, Bobi Wine, Jose Chameleone, Bebe Cool, Ragga Dee

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Thursday, December 29 2011
First Published: 02-Sep-2011
Drop the Guns - It is believed that beef has helped some of our countrymen attain celebrity status. From hard hitting songs to spending luxuriously so they can be seen as better, richer, popular, our celebs have done it.
It is more like what was originally in the western world was imported to our local scene. Some, beef on order to screen to attract media attention and stay in the spot light, others beef out of ego or bonkmates.
But regardless of the cause some of these celebs have beefed for long and today TGIF would like to see them kiss and makeup.
Chameleone Vs Weasel - These brothers Joseph and Douglas Mayanja can't cross paths without throwing venomous insults at each other. Weasel accuses his elder brother Chameleoe who he will never forgive for raping his (Weasel's) babe some time back. These blood brothers need to come to terms.

Juliana Kanyomozi Vs Iryn Namubiru - Sincerely, it has been over two years since these two aging sexy babes began beefing. Their anger against each other stems way back in the days when Iryn deserted the duo and their music career and went with Frank her French man.

But more than a decade down the road, these two have become established musicians and deserve to call a truce and move on. It is not that Iryn is responsible for Juliana's being unlucky in love! We dare Juliana and Iryn to reunite and stage a reunion concert.

Judith Heard Vs Zari Hassan - Another classic case of egos clashing! The two top city socialites disapprove of each other's status, beauty and wealth. Nalongo Heard and Zari once exchanged gut wrenching insults on Facebook.Whether they beef, slender Judith Heard will not grow as big (size) as Zari and the reverse is true for Zari. So bury the hatchet already! 

Navio Vs Atlas - The two hunky rappers do not approve of the other's rapping skills and this sparked off their beef. Sometime back, they exchanged blows outside Club Rouge.
Their music is not as hot as they are because most of their fans who by the way are babes, flock their shows and scream their lungs out not because they like what they are wrapping but rather because these guys are hot.

Sharon Nalukenge Vs Helen Lukoma - Sharon O accuses her former groupmate Helen Lukoma of poaching on her baby's father, Ronnie Mulindwa. Whether the accusations are true or not, it happened a long time a go and both have moved on.

Besides, Uganda' representative in the just concluded Big Brother Amplified Sharon O has already tight marked her territory by giving Ronnie Mulindwa a baby boy. She needs to stop being insecure  and try being friends with Helen again.


Bebe Cool Vs Bobi Wine -There's has grown from beef to biff and is a classic case of clash of egos. They were once the best back then when Firebase was just starting where they even had a collabo 'Funtula' attacking fellow singer Jose Chameleone.


They later fell out due to unclear reasons. Nowadays Bebe and Bobi can't see eye to eye without going for each other's necks because each claims he is bigger than the other but who cares, the fans know better. They forget that the two have egos.

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Thursday, December 29 2011

First Published: Saturday, 05 March 2011
Being a female is one thing, an upcoming artiste is another, but being an upcoming female musician is a bad triple fold! You see them flaunting their thinly clad bodies on stage as fans cheer on and you think to yourself: They have it easy!

Well, they don't! The things that these girls go through in the name of making it to the top is a gory tale of rape, molestation, abuse, exploitation among others. From the time they think to themselves 'I should pursue a music career' to the time they actually have their songs enjoy airplay and club play; they will have paid a big fee.

In most cases not just monetary! We explore some of the things that these girls have to go through all in the name of fame.

Music Producers - Not so many of them will need a songwriter, to begin with, because when they are starting out, they are so ambitious they write their own songs and most times they have no idea how horrible they sound (no offense!) Armed with her lyrics and bad vocals (or good), they head to the studio.

If this producer does not come out to ask for sex, he will avail studio time only at night with the two of them in the studio. Some girls have been raped in studios in the wee hours of the morning.

Exploitive Managers - When it comes to managers, they use the young upcoming artistes as their toys. This is the very reason girl groups like Wafagio have new members every three months. There are so many exploitation stories especially with girl groups which are managed by men. Sheebah Karungi left Obsessions because she was left out of songs and parts in the musicals because she did not give in to such advances.

Opportunistic DJs, Radio and TV presenters/ music controllers - It is one thing to produce a song; it is a whole other thing when it comes to have it play on Radio, TV or in Club. It is a hustle, you move from one Radio to another. And these work on the principle of 'Be good to me, and I'll be good to you!'

Being new most of these girls don't have money to give out to bribe their music onto the playlist. - So some of them or (most of them innocents) resort to the one form of payment that they don't need money for- God-given form of payment.

Graby Sponsors/promoters - Now these are the people that hold the key to these artistes making any kind of money from their music. And like everyone on the food chain, they need their cut. As if what they make on the side is not enough, they want it too.

Frenzied Fans - 'There is this group that believes you owe them for being your fans. So they will grab you, grapple, touch you in embarrassing places. Yet you don't want to snap at them because you have a small fan and you are trying to build it,' says one of the upcoming artistes.

Indecency - Do you ever wonder why HB Toxic's Hellen Lukoma and Nambi Brenda dress the way they do? Oh why most of us know how Margla dresses and we can't tell what she sings? Of late is like an unwritten rule that to get on stage to entertain, you have to dress in almost nothing.

Some of them have mastered the art of bad dressing to take attention from their bad singing or lack of entertainment skills. You will see many Lady Gaga clones dressed in a bikini on events that are not at the beach.
Harsh Environment

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Thursday, December 29 2011

Although feet are often considered as an unusual fetish, they can in fact be very sensual. Feet are incredibly sensitive, and playful couples will sometimes indulge in a little bit of 'footsie' play as a way to flirt with each other in secret, which makes it a little extra mischievous and fun.

So what is the secret behind this obsession?

Chris, an aphrodisiac - I love a gal who has nice feet. I admit I have a foot fetish. I love it when a girl gets her nails done, but a lot of girls don't really have nice feet. Its very personal but I always pay attention to a gals feet.

I like when a girl gets her toe nails polished. I once dated a babe for few months because of her feet. It's kind of lovely too. Gals please take care of those feet and wear sandals to get noticed.

Charles  - Among the physical qualities I look for in a gal....the toes come first. She has to have nice toes. Beautiful toes are a turn-on.

Babes too love nice toes and feet:

Penny - Clean and beautiful feet turn me on. I first check out the feet before doing anything. If he passes that test then I proceed to the teeth for the crowning moment.

Juliet - Why would I want ginger like toes? Of course I want a guy who has beautiful feet.

Remember, any part o your body can be utilised in a way to enhance your relationship, your love life and even your sex life. Enjoy these tips or even create some of your ownt to make your feet a neat part of your day-to-day pleasures.

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Thursday, December 29 2011

Uganda's Sexiest  Celeb Bodies

They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but we all agree that there are basic standards that cannot be debated about. Some people are simply more beautiful than others. Today, we look at who Uganda's most beautiful female celebrities are.

They may not meet all your requirements but they have something special about them that sends men talking and that's their bodies. Enjoy optically!

Grace Nakimera - She has a hot body and she is photogenic. She has nice boobs to supplement  the body although there has been debate on whether she had a boob job, but she says they are all natural. She dresses the body the right way. The 'Kawonawo'  star exudes sex appeal without compromising intelligence and independence.

Mya Bagenda - She has that look and body every model craves for; tucked in tummy, right curves with no extra hips or buttocks. What the light-skinned Blu3 singer may lack in vocals is well compensated for in the body and looks. Surely we are missing her from the music scene as she is out on maternity leave.

Zari Hassan - Few people can give birth to three children and still look as hot as Zari. The South African based singer is simply gorgeous with that body. Her heritage involves many countries with her maternal grandfather being Indian with a Ugandan wife; her paternal grandfather is Somali with a Burundian wife.

Zuena Kirema - She is rated as one of Uganda's sexiest women. Her complexion makes her attractive with or without makeup. She has graced more newspaper pages than any other woman. The thing is that this mother of two knows her strong supplementary points- her smooth legs and big eyes. Who can blame Bebe Cool for fighting to get her back?

Desire Luzinda - She is the embodiment of African beauty. The singer has a hot body complete with hips and a flat tummy. That added to her natural dark beauty, her first name suits her. She is definitely desirable and we now know why several tycoons are craving to have a piece of her.

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Thursday, December 29 2011
         Sheebah, Lindah Lisa, Zarie, Jackie Chandiru
First Published: Saturday, 15 January 2011
A new year resolution is a pledge that an individual makes to achieve a personal goal, project, or the reforming of a habit. this lifestyle is generally interpreted as advantageous. It can also be objective someone sets out to accomplish in the year. Here is what our celebrities have set up to do this year.

Lindah Lisa - This year I am going to keep peace and harmony with everyone including my nemesis, attain all my goals I have for this year and live a better example in society not forgetting upgrading my professional skills and become a better public relations officer.

Judith Heard - Albert Enstein, "another definition of insanity is doing the same thing over again expecting a different result." This year , I intend to take positive steps in my life  that will make me a better person, wife and mother. That in turn  will help me bring positive change to the world I am living in.

Zari Hassan - I don't have lots of resolutions...I just have to be in the right place at the right time doing the right thing...let God give me wisdom. Who needs resolutions when God has the last word.

Carol Mugasha - I didn't make any resolutions per say this year, but I do hope and pray for more fruitful and a happier new year

Jackie Chandiru - I want to produce better music, broaden my fan base and be the best person I can be to my friends, family, fans and those very dear to me.

Doreen Kabareebe - This year, I intend to work hand in hand with the celebrity models and management team to make it to the top in Uganda and worldwide. I am gonna do my best.

Agatha Koffoko - To love God more not that I haven't been in love with him but to love him big time this year and continue with my afro music.

Bina Baby - My resolution this year is to buy a plot of land and build a mega house on it aftyer I fullfilled last year's of buying a car.

Sheebah Karungi - This year, I want to do more music and  hope to open up my own fashion house. I want also to do some charity work  and then have more fun
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Wednesday, December 28 2011

         Zarie during her mid year fiesta party
There are things money can buy and those it can't. For instance it can get you the most expensive producer and song writer but cannot buy you a hit song.Some musicians are born and such are the talented type.

Others are made through learning music in schools and universities but currently in Uganda, there is a new breed of those that want to buy their way to the top charts. TGIF today unearths those 'artistes' who have no art per say and are using more money than talent to get a song.

Zari Hassan - Zari is without doubt the biggest Ugandan musician, who  rides cars that are fuel guzzlers and cost a fortune. Although she masquerades as a singer, many people know her as one who pays that her song be played in club as she and her hubby dance away leaving their revellers to stare in disbelief.

Despite the media publicity her songs have not made it to any local charts. You want to know about Zari, It will be either about her showbiz lifestyle and wonder bum that her music.

Angela Katatumba - This supposed R&B songstress is the only daughter of the Honorary Consul of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, H.E Boney Katatumba and Gertrude Katatumba. Her parents are undoubtedly wealthy people and some of their dime and investments they have shared with her.

Although she claims to have started singing at the age of six, she has failed to command a really big following. Not recording for the best studios and advertising her songs has brought her a hit.

In fact she is known more as the British Council ambassador of climate change a role she should concentrate on and forget music if you ask me, seriously.

Mickie Wine - Back in the day, Bobi Wine injected dime in his brother Mickie Wine's hope of becoming a fully fledged singer. Year later, who knows Mickie for music and not being Bobi's brother?

Collabos with big artistes like Kenzo too have not helped him. It should be recalled that months ago, Bobi wanted to throw him out because the fella was \wasting' his money and not coming up with a hit.

HB Toxic - The former Obsessions babes should have remained in the group may be they would still be seen as singers. The group that comprises Helen Lukoma and Brenda Nambi has struggled to impress save for their sexy stage outfits.

Thanks to Talent256 whose manager makes sure they get to perform at high profile concerts and events as well as do collabos with established singers aside from the much publicized.

Henry Tigan - Suudi Lukwago, the Boston based owner of music promotion company Suudi Entertainment, was the one that brought Henry Tigan to the Ugandan Music Scene. And into his music. He did collabos with international stars like Marlon Usher but Tigan still didn't  give Ugandans that song that never leaves their lips.

Though the two later fell out Tigan had already failed to use the money that was pumped into him to make it to the top and has since been forgotten.

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Tuesday, December 27 2011
Celebs by Default

Every famous person has something that steered him or her to stardom-whether good or bad. TGIF, snoop Rowland Nkahebwa brings you some of you favourite big names on the social scenes and what they could be without what made them famous.

Gaetano - Big Brother - He was probably the first person to bonk live while in Reality show Big Brother Africa season 1. He romped with South African housemate, the gorgeous Abby. From that moment, a then unknown, clean shaven Gaetano Jjuko Kagwa sporting a channel O beard became an instant hero.

The crowds that welcomed him at Entebbe airport has never been rivaled to the extent that the President was forced to ask his security operatives whether a new rebel group had sprung up suddenly in the middle of the city or a new political party headed by (Gii-tano as he called him).

He later invited him for dinner at State House. He has since got lucrative jobs with big TV and radio companies. Well if it wasn't for his romping prowess, he would be another unknown lad in Kampala that you wouldn't turn to have a second look at when you meet on the streets.

Barbie Kyagulanyi - What is Barbie's claim to a celeb status? Because she is Ghetto gladiator, Bobi Wine's wife. Could Ugandans have known known her had it not been her hubby's music talent; absolutely not. Where would she she be? Probably married with five kids in her district of Ntungamo.

Blu3 (Lillian, Chandiru and Cindy) - They were heralded by music pundits as one of the talented group of girls to ever grace the music scene. And rightly so because all the three have gone on to forge a serious music career.

But the question is; where would they be had it not been the Coca Cola pop stars talent search in 2004? One social critic told us; "When the three girls came, were first unearthed, you could hardly believe they could make it in music. They were talented but hardly the chics you could easily market basing on appearance."

Where would they be? Probably, Cindy would still be in Tororo where she was picked. Lillian and Chandiru would also be unknown party animals in the city

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Tuesday, December 27 2011

The likes of Big Eye, Eddy Kenzo, Ronnie Banton and others won't like this. Singer Toolman has opened a war against artistes who date (or rather) bonk sugar mommas. The singer posted on his wall;

"I pity these artistes who fall for women (bamuvabulaya) who even no longer go in their mps because of age. Reason being that they artistes are looking for better life, pliz how dare you undress a woman fit to be your grand mum."

Over to you musicians....!
Related: Toolman Unleashes His Swagg

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Monday, December 26 2011

Maurice Kirya now and before
SELF STYLED Uganda's godfather of soul music has shaved his trademark - a thing that has shocked most of his females fans. We are told the 'Misubbawa' singer cut off much of his cherished hair a few weeks and later posted the pictures on his wall.

"He is spotting a clean shaven head ant totally looks different from the Maurice Kirya that city chics knew." According to his pals, when he stepped out for the first time last Friday for the East African X-plosion at Garden City Rooftop, several of his female fans could hardly recognize him.

Shockingly, those who did, never approved his new look. One was heard saying; @I don't like him without hair. He doesn't look hot." We are yet to know exactly why Maurice suddenly decided to clean his hair which he had invested so much in.

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Monday, December 26 2011
Price of Fame
Life on the fast lane is no mean fete. The flashing lights, dizzying heights and self-indulgent lifestyle are simply exciting and so addictive. The moment you are thrown into the lime light, you never ever want to leave.

You may yap about the Pepperazi denying you privacy, yet you badly need the publicity as well. Rather, you'd be dragged out kicking and shouting than give up the life of being in the peppers - pun intended.

But wait a minute, it's not for free, there is a price to pay. Here are some but a few.

Ouch ..receive a few punches - We learned that fighting is an intention to kill and two of our top most celebrated stars are equally famous for folding fists.

They have almost kicked the bucket due to a tiff gone really bad with a 'pow pow' as a sound track. We have blamed everything from yoyo wars to being under the influence and still counting. Moral of the story it hurts to be big...literally.

Sexually Starved and Lonely - They got it all, the body, the voice and even the money...basically to us lay people, they are quite a catch but nobody will have them- at least not for keeps. Apparently they don't want to be hounded by the media and who can blame them?

Wearing 2-Inch Clothes in Biting Cold - World over sex sells and we aren't going to dispute that but  if you are going to strut around in 6-inches of fabric in this erratic weather; not envying you right now..knowing that very few of our 'celebs' own cars.

High Maintenance - The road to stardom is not a smooth one. You may be a star-not really sure if that makes sense but one thing is for sure; that life on the fast lane doesn't come cheap.

Take an example of hairstyles. For one it costs an arm and a leg to to get the 'in' hairstyle at an upmarket salon these days....but most of these babes would rather die than be seen without the trendiest accessory.

That alone you need infinite wardrobe. Normal folks can get away with the same dress all year but woe unto you if you are photographed in the same g-string at different locations.
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Saturday, December 24 2011

            Sylvia Owori and Judith Heard


  • Owori Opens War on Competitors
  • Snoops Believe She is Pointing At Heard

Ladies and gentlemen brace yourselves for the newest and most dangerous beef in town. Word whispered slowly around the streets is that accomplished city fashionista and boss of Sylvie's chain of boutiques, Sylvia Owori has ripped her competitors apart with a verbal rant.

According to snoops, Owori is not happy with 'fake' fashion designers who steal and copy her ideas. She posted her rant on her wall that; "Some small minded business people have the nerve to hire my former employees so they can have access to my clients database and company secrets.....

I am flattered that you're a fan and want to be like me when you grow up but slow down on the copying. You have to do the time in the Industry to earn the respect and name. I've done business for over 10 years, you?"

While, she was busy ranting, our snoops got down to the streets to inquire who Sylvie might be firing her missiles at. Though the results are not conclusive yet, our sources believe the most famous fashion designer in the city with over ten years experience in the industry was directing her veiled attack towards city socialite Judith Heard.

"It's possible that the barbed verbal assault could be directed to Judith Heard. The two of course have never been known to be best of friends." Remember, the former model recently opened up her JHFYS Boutique at Forest Mall, Lugogo and snoops say she is employing some of Owori's former models.

Meanwhile, Judith herself posted this on her wall a few minutes after the ex Miss Uganda boss had put hers. She wrote; The essence of competitiveness is liberated when we make people believe that what they think and do is important and then get out of their way while they do it."

Well the stage is set and open for the new beef - Just watch this space for who will win it!

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Friday, December 23 2011

KB REACHING us from the land of honey and milk is that city model Debby Sempaka's romping guy has been identified as Bossa Kazibwe. Debby and Kazibwe, the LC3 flop for Kakoba Division in Mbarara Municiplaity were spotted together while attending Golola Vs Nagy's kick boxing fight at Hotel Africana.

Snoops have revealed that ever since Kazibwe lost the LC3 slot to Rashid Mukasa, he has decided to relocate to Kampala from where he resorted to terrorising the chic's Kandahar.

Back in Mbarara his pals are shocked because of the way heir man is partying. Many thought he had run broke after over spending during elections and that's where he decided to relocate.

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Friday, December 23 2011

All I want for X-Mas.......We love this time of the year- the scent of christmas is in the air, the malls are packed with aggressive shoppers, and everyone is busy bustling to get last minute presents for their friends and family.

But what are our celebs doing at Christmas? What do they want dropped under their Christmas tree this year? So here it is..Willy Byarabaha gets first hand information on what our starts want.

Agatha Kaffoko - An inspirational book would do for me. On Christmas day I will be in Mbarara working at Big Fun Entertainment Centre.

Iryn Namubiru - A watch, Valentine perfume, new car, membership in Serena Health Club and more affection would make Christmas just great.

Judith Heard - I would love to have a 10cart diamond ring this Christmas. My family will visit Sanyu Babies Home and the cancer ward at Mulago.

Liane - I'll have lunch with my family then dash out for performances. I would love to have sexy heels for the day.

Cleopatra Koheirwe - My ideal X-mas gift would be a nice gadget such as iPod, iPhone, iPad etc. I love gadgets but to keep it simple and girly, a classy perfume will do. I do not know how I will spend the holiday....I have not celebrated Christmas in a long time since my mum passed on. It's like she took it with her but I am trying to rekindle my festive spirit.

Jackie Klein - If I get to spend my day with all my family and friends that would be gift enough.

Nambi Brenda - Happiness..i f it can be delivered at my doorstep, even better! But I will be spending time with my family. I will probably have my parents to my house and spoil them a little. I haven't seen them in a while.

Susan Naava - Well, I don't really have an ideal Christmas gift in mind this year...but I've worked hard this year so I'll spoil myself a little. I hope to celebrate the day with my loved ones.

Priscilla Ray - I don't really care much about gifts - it's the thought that counts;). I will be in Thailand for Christmas.

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Wednesday, December 21 2011

                 Priscilla Ray
City Thugs showed UK glamour gal and former model, Priscilla Ray how it's done back home in Uganda.According to snoops, Ray who secretly sneaked into the country almost cried like a baby when goons vandalised her ride as she watched a basketball game at YMCA last Friday.

"She could barely believe it when she found most of the car lamps. side mirrors and other accessories missing." a snoop told us.

In fact Ray took to social network to vent her anger. She wrote that; "Went to watch the game at YMCA and my car got freaking pissed off ...bloody thieving bastards!"

We have since learnt that after the incident Ray jetted out of the country. She added; "Off to Dubai, Thailand and Hong Kong for Xmas holiday and very far away from the Kampala thieves."

But snoops believe goons were welcoming her back home after several years in the UK where rumour is that she even hooked up a loaded not so young guy.

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Monday, December 19 2011

We are certain that you are in the mood to count down that last days of 2011. There have been so many memorable events that rocked the year. Today we take you through some of the most memorable happenings of the last twelve months.

January - Mid January, two of Uganda's heavy weight artistes; Chameleone and Bobi Wine buried the hutched and held a joint concert at Kati Kati dubbed 'Battle of Champions' to celebrate ten years in the game.

The presidential campaigns are also worth mentioning for they disorganized the entire country in that some candidates looked for votes in regions beyond the borders of Uganda.

February - This was the month that H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was declared the president of the Republic of Uganda; making it his third term in the office. He beat Dr. Kizza Besigye, his strongest challenger by over sixty percent.

March - The 'Temangalo' saga was on every one's lips. As a result of this bribery scandal, former NSSF boss David Chandi Jamwa was sent to Luzira for allegedly embezzling over Shs 3bn.

He was sentenced to twelve years in 'University of Understanding' but spent there a few weeks and applied for bail which was granted to him. However, Jamwa's case is still pending after he appealed against the case.

Japan's most powerful earthquake since records began struck the north-east coast, triggering a massive tsunami. Cars, ships and buildings were swept away by a wall of water after the 8.9-magnitude tremor which struck about 400km (250 miles) north-east of Tokyo.

April - Kampala was not a good place to be during this time as this was the time when members of the opposition decided to protest high prices for goods and services by walking to work. It was during these walk to work (W2W) riots that Dr.Kizza Besigye's right hand middle and index finger got shot by police trying to calm the situation.

No nonsense police officer Arinaitwe Gilbert Bwana smashed Besigye's window car and sprayed his eyes with pepper spray. In the same month, South African based Ugandan socialite, Zari threw an all white part at swanky Guvnor and treated guests to free booze until the wee hours of the morning.

May - May 12, 2011 Ugandans woke up to horrible news that local Luga-Ragga singer Rabadaba real name Faisal Seguya had stabbed Goodlyfe crew member Thaddeus Buyengo.

Thaddeus underwent two operations for the wounds he sustained and the 'Mukyamu' singer got arrested but was later released; it's believed that Rabadaba paid his way to freedom.

June - Local singer Jose Chameleone was voted sixth biggest African singer. The list showed that Senegalese born American singer Akon in the number one position, followed by 2face Idibia, P-Square in position three, Nigeria's D-Banj in number four and then South Africa's Yvone Chaka Chaka comes at number five giving Chameleone the sixth position. It was not just Chameleone's joy but Uganda at large.

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Sunday, December 18 2011

All you young fellas step aside. Tycoon Charlie Lubega has finally opened a new club only for the oldies. Guvnor 40+ is the latest section of the posh Guvnor/Ange Noir. Snoops can confirm that the club opened on Wednesday and like expected is simply magnificent.

WTF has learnt that only people above the age of forty will access the place.

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Saturday, December 17 2011

LOVE BATTLE - The waging war between diva Jackie Chandiru and city lawyer Alaka's former lover and mother of his kids is threatening to be bloody. Snoops have reliably intimated that ever since Linda Namuli who boasts of having produced Alaka's four children came back to town from Denmark, the 'Gold Digger ' star has known no peace.

According to the former Blu3 singer's close pals, Linda has been threatening her with all sorts of violence and intimidation tactics. ''Not so long ago, Linda almost plucked out Chandiru's teeth and eyes with a bottle of beer at Ntinda based Club Palui'' a pal intimated.

How Alaka Met Chandiru - According to Jackie, the two met while she was still with Blu3. At that time the loaded Alaka had gone through so much 'mistreatment' under the hands of Linda. ''He never lied about having another woman while trying to win my heart. But I took three years studying him before finally allowing to date him'' she told a snoop.

The couple has since been painting the city red with their love before Linda intervened. Now an introduction which was set to take place has been cancelled.

Who is Linda? - She is a muganda lady by the name of Namuli Linda, born in Nsangi along Masaka road. The details of her education are a little bit scanty but close pals intimated to us that Linda stopped in senior six. She claims to be Alaka's officially wedded wife although info is that the two have never tied any knot.

The former lovers had four kids together before they separated.

Cause of Fights - Before Linda left Alaka for Denmark, it is said that the two used to fight constantly late in the night. "Sometimes, she could lock him out of his Namugongo house and Alaka would be forced to climb over his own gate to get inside'' a source close to the family added.

We are now told upon reaching Denmark, Linda employed one Grace who kept track of Alaka's movements and would report direct to her. When word reached her that he was dating Jackie, Linda decided it was time to reclaim her man.

She has already succeeded in taking back one house and has been constantly harassing Chandiru both physically, and psychologically by sending her very obscene and abusive text messages, Watch this space for more details.

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Friday, December 16 2011
Gorgeous Sweden based Becky Emonz is back in town. According to snoops, Becky stepped into town on Monday evening and is ready to run the city again. "She will spend a whole month around because she is setting up a real estate business" a close pal added.

We are further told she will be shooting her second song titled 'Twebike'. Becky burst into the limelight when he faded singer GNL Zamba behind bars after assaulting her at Club Silk last year.

She later did a song called 'Kafodongo' that tells off the 'Kikankane' singer.
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Thursday, December 15 2011
              Real name Anette Kahude
Gossip Gal Annette, real name Daniella Kahunde, has left television series the Hostel. This comes just days after Isaac Kudduz aka Sober left. Snoops have established that Daniela will be going abroad for further studies. On the other hand Sober's contract expired.
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Thursday, December 15 2011

Days after Briton, David Greenhalgh splashed millions buying his lover, Bad Black a brand new Audi Q5, she tells him, 'I don't love you'. After Greenhalgh had handed over the keys to the sleek black Audi Reg no UAP 355U last weekend at Garden City, Black took to the social network to voice her opinion.

She posted this on her wall; ''dis Mzungu luv's mi soooo much heeeheee...& I'm not sure if I do.'' According to snoops, Greenhalgh bought her this new baby ride so that she can forgive him for taking her to Luzira and that Black is ready to pin Meddie Ssentogo as the one behind diddling the Mzungu's $4m.

In fact, as you read this, word around is that Meddie is now panicky after learning Black wants to record a statement giving him in. ''He is contemplating hiding or running out of the country as the tables seem to have turned'' a source tol d us.

So over to you Black; do you love him for his money or...!

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Wednesday, December 14 2011

Esther and Nusrah split over dude
City socialites Esther Akankwasa and Nusrah are said to be on the verge of a bitter rift. The two best friends' forever (BFF) pals are rumoured not to be on talking terms after apparently squabbling over a dude.

According to sources, each wanted the yet to be identified loaded guy for themselves. A source added; "It is the reason they have rarely stepped out or been see together of late. They had an ugly bust up."

In fact snoops have reliably revealed that both sex oozing chics have enlisted new pals. Esther has a new girlfriend pal while Nusrah is these days seen moving with a 'girly-looking' young guy."

The two friends used to paint the city red with their sexiness moving from party to another skimpily dressed in their attire. They had reached an extent of looking like inseparable twins - until recently when we started seeing each chic alone.

Over to you both; what's the truth!

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Saturday, December 10 2011

OTUNNU Won't like This !
Singer Sarah Zawedde is dating s top manager at Civil Aviation Authority(CAA). And this will be bad news for the likes of UPC president Olara Otunnu who recently threw a birthday bash for the singer at Fairway Hotel.

The pair has been so close for quite some time. Snoops reveal that Sarah and this fella always meet in Nkumba off Entebbe road at a bar called Club Jekkers. This dude who works at the airport headquarters was last spotted with the singer on Friday Dec 2 as they drunk, held each other and kissed.

At around 3:00am, the pair held hand in hand into the dark air to probably get to know each other more. Again, Otunnu won't like this...
Filed under Sarah Zawedde

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Thursday, December 08 2011

Big Brother Africa Amplified finalist Sharon o knows she has a hot bod and she is not shy to flaunt it. Sharon in the company of Obsessions Group mate, Jackie left guys licking their lips as the two put on a massive show of their behinds.

This was during the flopped and chaotic Elephant Man show at Kati Kati last Saturday. An excited fan said; "Their songs might not be that much of head spinners but at least on a cold night like this, we can do with looking at such nice ass-ets."

On such a bad night when everything at the show went wrong. It looked like Obsessions singers skimply dressed in tight black shorts, tight tops and knee length red boots were the only members to light up the mediocre event.

However, our beauty expert has revealed that Sharon's hot bod is showing signs of stretching to the limits. He said; "There are signs that her legs have stretch marks and it's not a good sight."

Experts say stretch marks are often as a result of the rapid stretching of the skin associated with rapid growth or weight gain especially during pregnancy, muscle building or rapid gain of fat. So over to you Sharon; could you be baking a tot?

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Wednesday, December 07 2011

                 Over Shs 150M lost in flopped Elephant Man gig
Music experts believed the Elephant Man 'Let's Get Physical' concert was meant to flop from the onset.Only a handful of revellers (around fifty) turned up for the gig at Kati Kati Bar and Restaurant on Saturday.

The Jamaican singer did not even show up with everything a mess. Local star Coco Finger, who was at the venue also as a reveller, offered to entertain the crowd when the news filtered through that Elephant Man would be a no show.

The organisers, who fronted Wine Garage's  Allan Ntanda, were arrested for duping Ugandans. The show was originally meant to take place at  Cricket Oval in Lugogo but organisers failed to pay the Shs40 million renting price.

This is the reason they shifted to Kati Kati. However, they had already paid Shs10million to the Oval management. And Kati Kati though cheaper was worth Shs 7million. WTF has learnt that Silk Events, which was to provide stage but later pulled out, had been paid around Shs 10 million upfront.

The makeshift stage provided by Uncle Mitch's Eclipse and one Henry pocketed around Shs 4million. The artiste alone was paid a mammoth $20,000(around Shs 50 million) and yet he did not perform.

All these costs are minus security, advertorial and miscellaneous. Combined it all cost around Shs 150 million.

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Monday, December 05 2011

Previous: Alaka, Black Clash Over Dime
At the moment the Mercedes Benz with personalized number plate 'Black Gal' was taken away by city businessman one Sekatawa, a dealer in real estate who is a son to late Abu Mayanja.

It is alleged that Black had financial problems and borrowed money worth Shs50m from Sekatawa. It is reported that she handed over the log book, the car card plus the car. That she failed to pay back the borrowed money and car was taken.

About BMW X6 and the Range Rover, it is reported that before her arrest, Black had borrowed Shs80m from Sekatawa alleging that her accounts had been frozen. She agreed to mortgage her BMWX6 vehicle registration number UAP 304 D as security.

She declined to hand over it's log book and the car card saying that it was with her mother. Sekatawa asked her to issue him a cheque in the names of Ismail Mpanga, which she did on cheque number 800038..

She handed him  a Range Rover log book on the understanding that she would avail Sekatawa with the X6 log book later. Black was arrested before she handed over the logbook as she was driving the Range Rover which police impounded.

Police impounded it under the guise that they would use it as an evidence of stolen money and is up to now being parked at Kibuli CID headquarters. Black has since remained with no vehicle and when she was arrested; she called Sekatawa to continue with the facilitation as she had plans of settling the debts after.

It is reported that Sekatawa was not cooperative because the matter was very sensitive yet he is press shy. Black was desperate to get out of prison yet she needed the money. She feared taht she would not get a non-cash bail and decided to contact Abowe for money through Daudi Balondemu, advocate with WEB who was initially her lawyer asking him to lend her Shs60m.

"Because Alaka was being hunted by the Law Council over the dime he allegedly diddled from clients, he immediately ordered Abowe to release the money," said the source.

Sekatawa got information that Black had got money from another source after depositing the same log book. This did not go well with him. Attempts to meet Black were all in vain as she was in jail. He then waited until she came out of jail. Abowe, sensing that he would not recover his money, opted to go to commercial Court where he filed a case.

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Monday, December 05 2011
Bad Black and her lawyers
By Benon Tugumisirize - Black Meets Green, Asks for more dime.
The mystery tycoon Latifah Nalukenge alias Bad Black who was recently released on bail from Luzira coolers has terribly clashed with her lawyer Caleb Alaka over dime.

The sex oozing Black, after her release from Luzira where she spent a month, was approached by her sureties demanding for Shs30m as their facilitation.

She allegedly attacked Caleb Alaka, over her failure in bail grant from the side of money she borrowed from Spear Abowe, the proprietor of Rouge Night Spot and Lance Investments Ltd, a money lending firm that issued the money to facilitate her bail.

This did not go down well with Alaka. "I was in court and was granted a non cash bail, I now demand to know the accountability of the money to facilitate my bail. I expected these people to be covered by now," said Black.

Two days after Black was released, Alaka approached Black with a requisition of 430m as the amount of money he wanted to be paid for his legal services since he took over from Web Advocates.

When she returned top Alaka, she gave him only Shs2m claiming that it was the remaining balance. Green on Thursday returned from the US where he had gone to settle issues with his family.

As soon as he arrived in the country, he called Black and they met at Garden City where they enjoyed some drinks. Later in the night our snoop spotted them kissing and after Green reached for his wallet and pulled out some notes and offered her.

He was heard saying: "Take this little and settle some of the debts you still have." Black was seen in a blue Toyota Noah with Green as they drove towards Effendys.
>> Why Black Has No Vehicles at the Moment
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Saturday, December 03 2011

Word in the corridors has it that Fenon Records Boss Steve Jean is not impressed with his former employee producer and singer Benon Mugumbya of Swangz Avenue Studios. Word reaching WTF has it that Benon has left Steve Jean in tears after snatching a multimillion renewable contract from Africa Broadcasting U Limited to handle the new sound of NTV stations.

Our snoops reveal that the Muyenga based Swangz Avenue studio signed a $20k to rebrand the new sound for all the station demos. For those of you who have been keen you will realize that there is change in all sound of NTV news and other station adverts and demos.

An insider has intimated to us that this is not the only deal Swangz has snatched from Fenon. We hear these days the two producers and their companies are fighting for big advert deals which used to be monopolised by Steve Jean's Fenon Records most especially some of top telecom companies adverts.

Insiders reveal that Swangz is not only doing better at snatching big deals but also via artistes on the Swangz label has very unique qualities. The studio is currently leading in dropping top hits on the music market that are ruling all airwaves.

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Saturday, December 03 2011

Uganda's most accomplished female singers Juliana Kanyomozi and Iryn Namubiru are set to step on one stage since they resumed their bitter rivalry. Fresh details coming in is that the two artistes have confirmed their attendance at the Superstar Kids Xmas party slated for December 18 at Kololo Airstrip.

A snoop told us; "Both singers have agreed to perform for the youngsters to make their Christmas memorable. But the question is whether they will be able to share the same stage after renewing their beef." Both singers have kids who are expected to attend.

Remember, the two superstar mums long standing beef is said to have resumed immediately after Iryn was named PAM Awards Artiste of year 2011 earlier in November. According to sources, when Juliana won artiste of the year 2008 she apparently taunted Iryn.

But after scooping four gongs including artiste of the year 2011, with her hit album Birowoozo, Iryn hit back in their tussle of supremacy. The two have not seen eye to eye since their days under I-Jay all girl group back in 2000. Kid X-mas party might re-unite them.

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Friday, December 02 2011
IN THINGS! - A few months back Desire Luzinda resigned her job at Dembe FM and many thought she was running nuts. Hmmm, who tells you the shapely singer needs a full time job to survive? Snoops can reveal the Mubite singer has flown to Canada for a one week shopping tour.


Snoops can confirm that she flew out of the country on Friday last week and returns this Saturday. While in Toronto the singer, WTF has learnt, has toured the whole city and has even shopped for designer clothes she will be using in the video of her new techno song titled 'Buli Wendi'

Curvy Desire will be shooting the new video next week from video producer Kim XP. But now the question on everyone's lips will be who the man behind this trip could be. Luzinda has been linked to a series of loaded fellas in town.

Clearly Luzinda doesn't need employment....More on Desire

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