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Kenzo demands that Muzaata withdraws his statement or he quits music

Hamza and Rema Namakula on their pre-intro day

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Eddy Kenzo and Bad Black

Anita Fabiola to feature on the BBC's She Word program

Anita Fabiola on the She Word programme

Kenzo's reactions after his now ex-lover, Rema Namakula, introduced Hamzah

Rema showing off her different outfits during the Kukyala

Rema Namakula and Hamzah's pre-intro the most expensive ever

Dr. Ssebunya and his wife Rema Namakula

This is the cutest thing Rema has ever seen, the decor at her Kukyala

Rema Namakula could not believe how cute her Kukyala decor was

SK Mbuga says he is not about to separate with his wife Vivienne

SK Mbuga next to his Brabus and inset, he addresses his fans while in his Rolls Royce

Uganda's Ezekiel and Esther win $50k in EAGT competition

Ezekiel and Esther with their dummy cheque of $50k

Mercy wins Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem

Mercy wins the top N60 Million after beating 25 contestants

Bebe Cool, B2C crew to release Amatu Magule collaboration song

Bebe Cool and the Kampala boys recording a song together

Hours after sorting out her maid, Winnie Nwagi takes up boxing lessons

Winnie Nwagi takes up boxing lessons

It was a natural birth and worth it, Tanasha Donna reveals

Tanasha Donna won't reveal the baby's face for now

Alex Muhangi shows off his Najjera based apartments

Alex Muhangi apartments in Najjera

Diamond Platnumz celebrates 30th birthday as Tanasha gives birth

Diamomd Platnumz carrying his new born child and inset is new mom Tanasha Donna

Hamisa Mobetto's new lover proposes to her

Hamisa Mobetto shows off her engagement ring, but won't reveal her prince charming yet

SK Mbuga asks his fans what transpired while he was away

SK Mbuga chats with Sipapa and inset, he is seen with Bryan White back then

Maureen Nantume responds to a fan inquiring about her US performance

Maureen Nantume fails to perform in the US

Zari winds up her 39th birthday celebrations in Dubai with King Bae

Zari at a Swim up pool bar and on the right is King Bae's shoe

SK Mbuga back home after being released from a Sweden prison

SK Mbuga is back home after being released from a Sweden prison

Spice Diana outs Jangu Ondabe Swahili version ft Rosa Ree

Rosa Ree and Spice Diana on their Jangu Ondabe remix

Winnie Nwagi wanted by police for assault and malicious damage

Winnie Nwagi wanted for assault

Zari gifts herself with another house on her 39th birthday

Zari during her 39th birthday celebration

Who wore it better - Hamisa Mobetto Vs. Zari Hassan

Hamisa Mobetto   Vs. Zari Hassan

It's ok to refer to me as Mrs. Ssebunya, Rema tells fans

Rema while performing at the intro where she referred to herself as Mrs. Ssebunya to be

Catherine Kusasira's Tears of a Woman concert was well attended

Catherine Kusasira performing during the Tears of a Woman concert

The dance strokes Tanasha and Diamond Platnumz pulled for Zari

Tanasha Donna and Diamon d Platnumz pullimg off their serious dance strokes

Romantic-Rema walks on red rose petals to Hamzah's crib

Rema releases a clip of road rose petals leading to their crib with Hamzah.

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Sunday, October 30 2011

Dealers are eying that house plus some of the items like the fridge could be attached
Rumour doing rounds is that embattled mystery tycoon Meddie Ssentogo could be in for more shock, after he was released from police cells. Info coming in is that several city dealers are plotting to attach his property that includes a house and the few cars he remains with.

A source close to Meddie told us; "A car dealer based in Bugolobi has already swung into action and is ready to take back the rides he gave him on credit." In fact snoops revealed that Meddie has approximately 200m in debts and dealers are itching to take  his property like house and other items inside.

The showy 'tycoons' source of wealth was busted the moment he was nabbed by detectives at Garden City a week back for conniving with Black to swindle a Briton, Greenho's $4m.

He spent three days at Jinja Rd police cells. In Meddie's case, it is simply pouring at the moment and not raining with problems. Watch this Space!

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Saturday, October 29 2011

According to evidence presented by the prosecutors in the anti  corruption court against Bad Black, the charge sheet read that; "Black and others still at large between September 2010 and May 2011 at Kampala.... stole USD 3,824,130 property of her employer..."

While interpreting this charge sheet, critics now believe that prosecutors are compiling a long list of people who might  have benefited knowingly or unknowingly from this money. They could now be set to cough it back. Our snoops compiled a list fo guys who could fall into the trap.

Who Benefited from Black and Meddie?

Black's Gal Brigade - She used to travel with a gang of  city babes who were hangers-on. Their job was to chew money and party non-stop on her bill. Of course by the time she was caged, she had already dumped them. They included Rasheeda, Hamidah, Halimah and Ashley Kim among others.

Sylvie Owori - Before her arrest, Black had become a fashion guru, Sylvie Owori's Best Friends Forever (BFF). They were practically doing everything together. From sharing Nigeria singer, Mr Flavour at Club Rouge to spending a staggering sum of money buying clothes from her boutique.

The latest show of their friendship was when Sylvie was spotted recently writing a cheque for Black at Serena. Word whispered quietly on the streets is that she has gained a lot from being her friend.

Mr Flavour - Even if he is in Nigeria, the Ashawo singer might be made to cough the reported Shs 28m he was paid to spend a night with Black. The two had exclusive fun while the sing was in Kampala for a show last month.

Jose Chameleone - The singer who got himself a personalised BMW ride that was purchased using Black' money is already praying that prosecutors can forget him. This is on top of getting cash from the showy Meddie. Whisper it slowly because this ride could soon be recovered.

Bebe Cool/Zuena - The two had started benefiting due to their several money issues, Black reportedly pulled out. She later branded them 'Bizibu family'. the couple allegedly chewed her dime pretending to be  spear heading a campaign for a cancer stricken kid at Mulago.

Black's Toy Boys - She had hooked up a long list of guys who would allegedly satisfy her and would in turn reward them handsomely. Top of the list is Eric Obua, city male model Solomon Ssempala, SC Villa's Eugene Ssepuya, a certain barber called Juma among several others. This whole list may be forced to refund what they got.

Casablanca Bar and Club Rouge - Word around town is that both city hangouts have been affected by Black being in prison. A story is told of how she had paid for a reserved table at Club Rouge for the whole year.

Whether she was there or not, no reveller was allowed to sit there. She wouldn't spend a night without checking out those places and she used to pay millions in advance. So the likes of Spear Abowe, Club Rouge boss will surely be affected.

Other Rouge workers like Gareth and Nickita are still mourning her downfall because they had gained a lot.

Club Silk - Just like Rouge, Meddie used to hang out at Club Silk. They are being affected by the demise that has met their two customers.

NRM Party - Through a top NRM politician, Meddie apparently donated a staggering 400m towards the mobilisation of voters in Kampala. Unfortunately, his money was never used but instead this anonymous politician channeled it to it's constituency.

City Scribes - Several city paparazzi's from top media houses are already quaking. Most , that we can't mention are at the risk of losing  almost all their possessions since they were being funded using stolen money by Meddie.

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Friday, October 28 2011

Keko and Sheebah fight again
At this rate, former Obsessions singer Sheebah Karungi might turn into a punching bag. Reports indicate that her close friend Hip Hop female singer, Keko Jocelyn yet again thumped her into pulp last Saturday outside Club Rouge.

Snoops couldn't establish the cause of the fight between the two lovebirds. A snoop  however intimated that; "Keko first locked Sheebah out of her car. But after pleading for some minutes, she was allowed in. They then sped off before returning a few minutes, out of the car and started exchanging sharp words, slaps and kicks."

This is not the first time the two have fought though. Remember, months back, they thumped day lights out of each other after Sheebah was caught talking to a guy at Buddies bar. Neighbours intervened to separate them

Related: Keko, Sheebah Fight Over Dude

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Thursday, October 27 2011

Navio and Mr. Flavor

Ugandan HIP hop star Navio looks to be destined for higher goals in the music industry. Snoops can reliably reveal that Navio teamed up with Nigerian singer, Mr. Flavour of the Ashawo fame for a tour of East African countries and he is surely smiling all the way to the bank.

The two singers had successful shows in Dar-es-Salaam and Nairobi. They also performed alongside each other at the Bongo Star Search Grand Finale at the Diamond Jubilee Hall in Dar-es-Salaam which was airing live on ITV.

As you read this, Navio yet again flew out on a United Nations Private jet to Kinshasa to perform at the Congo Music Festival. Remember, at the end of this year, the Ugandan star is scheduled to perform at the Channel O music awards show where he has 3 nominations for Best Male, Best Video, and Best Hip Hop.

Talent Africa is behind the singers move to become a big star on the continent. In Navio, Uganda might finally have some artiste able to compete on the big stage at last.

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Wednesday, October 26 2011

Bobi and Barbie on their honeymoon in USA
Barbie Itungo has hit back at her hubby's nemesis Bebe Cool over mean comments about her just concluded wedding and honeymoon. Bebe recently said that he doesn't want to have such a wedding where an individual has to solicit for funds to cater for the party in order to show off.

Referring to their honeymoon, he said the Kyagulanyi's had insufficient funds but had to have their honeymoon in USA amidst difficulties. And whereas Bobi Wine her husband was willing to ignore the comments, Barbie could not take any of that.

She lashed back at Gagamel Crew lead man saying he is a stinking and filthy hater of happy moments in life. She revealed that she couldn't even understand how an individual can question a legalized marriage when he didn't contribute to it or support it financially.

Urging the 'minzani' singer to stop poking his nose in matters that don't concern him, she said that Bebe made the comments on the wedding contributions from some bigwigs of this country yet that showed that people are appreciating the role and responsibility her hubby is taking in this land.

In fact, she revealed that Bebe, who was complaining about their lavish marriage, should worry about his instead.

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Tuesday, October 25 2011

Rasheeda, Kim and DJ Shiru
As you read this, the forced friendship between PAM awards public relations officer Pherrie Kimbugwe and city glamour gal Rasheeda Masudi could turn bloody soon. Snoops have shockingly learnt that Rasheeda and Pherrie have developed bad blood against each other over city disc spinner DJ Shiru.

It is said that  their friendship was going on well until Rasheeda caught the two together. Until then, Pherrie used to tell Rasheeda that what she was hearing were mere baseless rumours of those against their friendship.

And she vehemently denied all those allegations about her involvement with Shiru. But early last week Rasheeda read Pherrie's message in Shiru's phone. And since then she vowed to deal with Pherrie whom she referred to asa hypocrite.

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Monday, October 24 2011

It is one thing to have a monster car; it is another to have it running well Gagamel crew head boy and singer Bebe Cool is wishing he had bought a manageable car ever since he had to ditch his monster Hummer 'Big Size' because of accumulated mechanical problems

A source has intimated to us that Munene Munene singer just recently acquired a Toyota Progress to cruise around town because the Hummer needs lots of dime to get back on the road-dime the Big Size singer doesn't have!

Last we heard, Bebe had failed to buy a headlamp for it, and earlier on he was forced to abandon the same monster ride because he could not afford the fuel the machine guzzled. Inflation pinches where it really hurts! Ouch!
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Monday, October 24 2011
The hand of inflation is spreading far and wide to deal everyone a blow of misery Ziggy Dee has already been served! The flop singer who rocked the music  industry with his Eno Mic and Sunda hits, is trying so hard to make ends meet.

He was spotted at National Theatre and Hotel Africana hawking art pieces modelled out of clay. He has been targeting the partiers who go to watch comedy at these places. Ziggy Dee revealed that before he joined music he was into this craft and now that music has failed to pay off, he is back in town to his former trade.

Poor dude, he came back at the time when Musiisi had cracked down the street vendors-now he has to stealthily conduct his business at night!
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Saturday, October 22 2011

Iryn Namubiru
Diva Iryn Namubiru's life seems to be surging in the right direction. Word around is that the Birowoozo singer has acquired a shafting pad around Nkumba University fit for a princess.

A source intimated; "The crib is located in the exclusive rich area of Nkumba. It is fitted with a swimming pool, four bedrooms and a spacious compoud." However, we couldn't readily establish how much she had forked out in terms of payment.

But close pals claim she has so far moved into her new pad. Watch out for details why she moved to Nkumba along Entebbe Road!

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Thursday, October 20 2011

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Wednesday, October 19 2011
      Lilian and Moze Radio
Things are not going so well with celebrity couple  Moze Radio and Lillian Mbabazi. Pals to the couple have intimated to us that their relationship is hanging by the thread. Reason: the green-eyed monster!

We have learnt that former Blu3 singer Lilian is sad after her baby daddy Radio threatened to throw her out of their Makindye home if she continues acting jealously. Apparently, the songstress keeps provoking Radio's other zungu babe Kellen, threatening her and telling her to go back to her country and leave Radio alone.

This has not gone well with Goodlyfe singer who has sounded several  warnings to the Vitamin singer, Lillian. This tension has gotten ion the way of the couples looming introduction in Rwanda that Lillian has been planning.

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Monday, October 17 2011

Talent Africa Aly and Lillian
Snoops have learnt that ex Blu3 singer Lillian Mbabazi is set to leave Talent Africa for a solo career. The real reason behind the move is not yet established though some speculate she wants to fully join and be managed under Goodlyfe Crew.

However, Talent Africa managed by Aly Alibhai released this statement; "Talent Africa wishes to let the public know that as of mid November they are no longer the day to day manager for the performing artiste Lillian Mbabazi.

Talent Africa will still have a close working relationship with Lillian as her booking agent and recording studio. There are absolutely no conflicts or disagreements between the partiers and this is simply just a change of services provided to the artist by the company."

Watch this space for details!

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Sunday, October 16 2011

And that's what this list is all about. It's not that we don't find these babes attractive. We'd probably  take any of them out for one for the road at our local kafunda. But the reality is that they just aren't as deserving as the hype they receive from both the media and from fans.

Are they sexy? For the most part. Do they deserve all the attention they get? We don't think so.

Judith Heard - Honestly what has Judith Heard done to deserve any attention? Ok she drinks. And real bad. That's all.
Claim to fame: Mbu Fashion.
Verdict: We have heard that JH, as she is sometimes called, is a fashionista but honestly I don't see anything in her that is fashionable.

Sylvia Owori - The city fashionista is fast becoming a serious cougar. Over the years, she 's brought back a notable collection of younger men to her cougar den.
Claim to fame: Fashionista.
Verdict: Now, with stories surfacing that Sylvia is currently shacking up with kick boxer Kalisa Malik, it suggests that this legendary cougar may never give up the hunt.

Straka Mwezi - The plus sized TV presenter isn't shy about  mixing business with pleasure. Pamela Oti aka Straka Mwezi hosts 'The Late Show' on WBS a program that aims at promoting local talent. The show gives her the illusion of having to make or break careers.

Therefore she gets her pick of all the starry eyed young boys hoping to make it as performing artistes who believe that they will have to foot in the front door by bedding the presenter.

Angella Katatumba - Angella is attractive, sure, but not that attractive. Is it the willingness to do countless charity projects that still makes her a constant mention in media? I think she deserves to rest.
Claim to fame: Mbu singing for charity.
Verdict: Unless you're hoping to find a female celebrity replacement for a wall mounted singing fish, it is time to let her go, fellas.

Bad Black - Latifah Nalukenge is young and if anything catches her attention whether young or old it does not matter provided she gets her wants satisfied. She recently forked out $10,000 to Nigerian sensation, Mr. Flavour to give her a more intimate performance for one night.
Claim to fame: Spendthrift.
Verdict: We love the fact that she has a large set of boobies, but being a desperado at her age is a total turnoff.

Zari Hassan -Why is this woman still famous? No one seems to know what she sings or if she can actually do so. So it has to be her looks, right? That's the only explanation I can come up with. Which brings me back to my initial question: Why is this woman still famous?
Claim to fame: Splashing dime whenever she can.
Verdict: Zari 's best days appear to be behind her though we're still holding out hope for one more comeback. That hasn't stopped her from remaining in the spotlight though.

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Friday, October 14 2011

           Bebe Cool and Zuena performing at the Minzani Launch
Go To Hell  - Tells Him To Call His 'Dad' Museveni...
Moses Ssali might soon be on his knees pleading with his father former presidential hopeful Jaberi Bidandi Ssali after the latter shunned his concert. Moses aka Bebe Cool is now a prodigal son to Bidandi's family because of the support he rendered to the National Resistance Movement (NRM) during the presidential campaigns.

It should be remembered that Bebe alongside other top musicians threw their weight behind President Museveni singing and campaigning for him to win the presidential seat. Whereas it was ok for others to openly show support to the President, for Bebe whose father was also a contender for the seat, it was a blunder. And because of that, Bidandi vowed not to set foot at Rooftop Garden City come last Friday 7, which he ably did.

Although Bebe had been bragging that this concert will reunite him with his dad, the aged Bidandi revealed to journalists that he should instead call his 'father' Museveni. Calling it a fair turn, he added that he is also neglecting him at a time when Bebe is looking for morale support like he did to him.

He even made reference to Bobi Wine who gave his brother Eddie Yawe support calling him better than his own son. And on the Dday, the former presidential candidate proved his words by not appearing at all for his son's Minzani album launch.

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Tuesday, October 11 2011
Gaetano and Enid on their wedding and also Gaetano with Abby while in the Big Brother House
Whooper general, Gaetano Jjuko Kaggwa was tight marked by his juicy wife Enid Keishemeza in Club Silk leaving horny city babes glancing from a distance. This was last week at Club Silk.

We hear they stormed the happening night spot at around 1:00am holding hands. However, it looks like Gaetano has been put in line because he avoided all temptations and passes chics were making at him. "She was by his side the whole night. She wasn't giving him breathing space to interact with different chics who were itching to hug him." a snoop added.

After downing several pints, Enid whispered something into his ears and the two immediately stormed out. The ex Big Brother star and Studio 53 co-host got married to Enid Keishemeza, daughter to Mathew Rukikaire in a low key ceremony at Ranch on the Lake.

Gaetano became famous for being the first African to bonking Abby live on the reality show Big Brother Africa.
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Tuesday, October 11 2011

Hooked - Man-eater Faridah Ndausi has hooked a white lad who is feasting on her vuvuzela these days. Faridah showed whoever cared to see how she is now swallowing a white whooper.

The couple was attending Bebe Cool's Minzani show. A snoop intimated; "You could clearly see that Faridah was sending out a message to his ex lover Omulangira Ndausi that she has moved on. She was all over the zungu the whole night."

Faridah Ndausi who has been in Nigeria acting in 'Bi Nigeria' movies shot to fame when pictures of her semi-nude, while performing at Imperial Royale Hotel were published in one of the local dailies.

She is more known though for her comedy strip (Mukyala Neighbour) and as a senior actress in Bakayimbira Dramactors. She was once married to Omulangira Ndausi of Radio Simba.
Photo: Faridah Ndausi at the Minzani Show

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Monday, October 10 2011
Malik and Sylvia Owori recently
When city fashionista Sylvie Owori pumped in mega bucks into his toy boy Malik Kaliisa's to go for boxing contest, hardly did she know how it could affect her sex life. According to close pals, rumours is that Sylivie is starving after Malik decided to camp at her beach side crib so that he can train for undisturbed for his big kick boozing fight with UPDF's Titus Tugume.

"She thought he could wake up on the match day, get into the ring and kick Tugume's ass. She never anticipated that he would spend days in a training camp without servicing her." Remember, Malik a black belt holder in taekwondo is training around the clock in preparation for a  fight slated for Oct 29 at Kati Kati against Titus.

If he wins that contest, Malik is set to take on loud mouthed Golola Moses. Owori who also acts as his manager and promoter has staked  a staggering $20,000 for him if he kicks Golola's ass. Watch this space for more details.
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Sunday, October 09 2011

Life in the fast lane is not easy. Ask upcoming singer Leila Kayondo and she will tell you more about it. The 'Kuzina Nawe' singer was smoked out by snoops at a top Mulokony joint known as Omukiimese situated just below the 9Degreez bar.

This was on Thursday. However, there was one remarkable thing about her. Leila gobbled two huge plates of cow hooves in record time. A snoop intimated to us; "She came in when they were almost closing and she was given the last hooves. She couldn't believe her luck."

By the time snoops left; Leila was holding the last plate swigging her last sip of the soup

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Saturday, October 08 2011

Word reaching us has it that short-lived sports philanthropist  Mike Ezra has been homesick in South Africa with desire to attend Cranes VS Kenya match at Namboole today. We hear Ezra has been calling friends in the media wanting to know the anticipation of the Saturday match.

Ezra was a great fan and supporter of the Uganda Cranes and at one time in 2007, he jetted in with a chopper to watch the Cranes math against Nigeria and gave the team millions after their win.

Ezra has been out of the social circles and the last time he was in town, he displayed a purported 3m dollars at Emin Pasha for whoever cared to see.

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Saturday, October 08 2011

Former Big Brother Amplified Housemate Sharon o may be a normal gal down here but looks like the continent is taking her more seriously. Snoops reveal that  on Monday, the Channel O crew were here filming her footage about life after BBA.

The documentary will be broadcasted live on Channel O this Sunday when Uganda celebrates its independence. She will also talk about the beauty of the Pearl of Africa.

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Friday, October 07 2011

They are loaded, handsome and of marriageable age, at least by the standards of our nation and what babes want. Problem is they are still single or are not known to be officially bound to some babe out there.

TGIF brings you some of Kampala's most suitable candidates who need to get over their commitment phobia.

Roger Mugisha - He is the typical 'been there seen it and done it all' type of guy. From the time of defunct Shadows Angels to getting saved and making movies one thing remains, Roger Mugisha is not bound to any babe or other wise.

With all the babes saying they have failed to find potential husbands, the KFM D'mighty breakfast presenters should one of these days commit to one chic because he has seen all there is to see.

Being on radio and several city events is an added advantage for him to hook up with his ideal babe.

Navio - Arguably one of the most sought after guys in the entertainment fraternity, Daniel Kigozi aka Navio, needs to settle down. The rapper has constantly denied dating anyone although recently it was revealed that his baby maama Sophie Rusoke whom he has kept secret for years dropped another tot for him.

Guess it is about time he proposed and walked his baby mama down the aisle.

Patrick Idringi-This comic fella is one of the most sought after gentlemen in town at the moment, Salvado as he refers to himself needs to get hitched when he is still the desire of most city babes.

The shrek lookalike has been rumoured to date several city babes including Mimi Kirema among others and therefore should settle down and stop the offside romps. 

Mukasa Mbidde - Though he claims to be in a relationship, the Democratic Party legal; advisor and lawyer is a serial dater who has been linked to a number of babes. If his claims are anything to go by, Mbidde needs to legalise his romps with his alleged bonkmate.

The politician is a hunk, loaded and is in position to offer any beauty whatever she demands in marriage and therefore should seriously consider settling down once and for all.

James Onen A.K.A Fat Boy - James Onen cuts an edge with his intellect and ability to find a light side in every situation however serious it may be. The Sanyu breakfast presenter needs to stop confusing people especially his listeners that he is abstaining and get hitched.

Fat bot is funny, good speaker and earns handsomely and therefore should find someone to spend his dimes on.

Richard Tuwangye - Good looking and funny are the best words you can use to describe this comedian. Tuwangye needs to get married because he has been on the entertainment scene where he gets free publicity for some years now.

He has got free coverage to advertise himself on NTV every Monday evening when skits of Fun Factory are showed. We think it is about time the funny man got hitched to one of his many rumoured about babes in town.

David Obua - He has been around the sports scene for long and it's high time he found himself a lady to settle down with although his age is subject to debate. With the foootballer's fame, surely he cannot fail to get one babe to keep him at bay.

He has been romantically linked to several babes but he has not had any  intentions of  walking them down the aisle. Those interested can flock Namboole tomorrow and make the loudest noise, just may one can get lucky. just maybe once one can get lucky and he notices her.

Meddie Ssentogo - Although lately he is lying low on the social scene, Meddie Ssentogo needs to get married too. He is not bad looking and at least has got the money(at least that's what he says) to sustain a family.

His age just like the source of his money is just mystery but going by his appearance, Meddie is one of Kampala's few left eligible bachelors that need to find themselves a lady an say I do.

He has been linked to Latifah Nalukenge, Shantal Ruby, and it is rumoured that Meddie is trying  to get back together with Bad Black.Hopefull you will settle dowm with her.

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Thursday, October 06 2011
                  Navio being received at Club Silk recently
Revellers were shocked to see rapper Daniel Kigozi kicking a fan off stage. This was last Friday at Entebbe based S&S bar during the Nkumba University fresher's ball where Navio like he is commonly known was the surprise guest performer of the evening.

Before the Klear Kut rapper hit the stage, sexy student models were brought to excite revellers. When Navio finally came on stage, horny Nkumba University babes almost fought just to shake hands with him.

After three songs, Navio requested the models to come back on stage to morale boost him which they did. Trouble ensued when one unidentified dinka fan came on stage to tip Navio and instead tried to get close to the models.

Navio was not about to let the tall dark guy to lay hands on the models therefore pulled him by the shirt before kicking him offstage.
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Thursday, October 06 2011

Snoops have been informed that Sylvia Owori will be donating 250 pairs of her shoes to charity. The celebrated fashion guru through her Sylvia Owori foundation is organizing a charity event in which people shall also run in high heeled shoes.

If the rumour is anything to go by, the unusual event is slated for October  15, at Serena Hotel. It has also emerged that all the proceedings from the event will go to HIV/AIDS patients and that she expects to raise Shs 150,000,000 from the charity event that shall all go to Alive Medical Services(AMS) to help purchase the h=necessary drugs for AIDS patients.

The races are the most interesting bit about the whole event because men are also going to run in heels.

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Wednesday, October 05 2011
Sexy HB Toxic singer and actress in the local NTV series 'The Hostel' celebrated her '24th' birthday at Club Rouge last Saturday evening. It was a private party mainly attended by close friends like Brenda Nambi and Hostel actors and actresses.

However, the shocker of the night was that she claimed to have turned 24 instead of 29 that her friends believed she had. In 2009, Helen celebrated what she termed as her '21st' birthday at Silk Lounge and that time her close pal revealed that she was actually 27 years back back then.

If her pal's claims are anything to go by, the singer should have turned 29 years now. During her party, clad in a short pink dress, she was seen tight marking her date Dean Nsubuga. The former Obsessions singer and Dean are rumoured to be an item.
Related: Helen at the Shoe Party
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Wednesday, October 05 2011
                Keko and Sheebah
Months back, it was reported that singers Keko Jocelyn and Sheebah Karungi had fought over struggling singer Pretty Glo while at Effendy's. And now info is that recently the two fought and did not leave anything in the house unturned.

It all started at Buddies bar when Keko caught Sheebah red handed kissing a dude in the parking lot. At first Keko didn't say anything or speak to anyone but kept ordering for shots of Red Label.

But minutes later she left the bar and went home and waited for Sheebah to return upon which they started fighting immediately she returned. The two broke everything in the house before the gal who had escorted Sheebah home screamed and called the neighbours who intervened.

It is said that since then, Keko has threatened to leave the house since the two are no longer on talking terms.
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Tuesday, October 04 2011
Sue with fellow FabClan member Judith Heard
It's the worst kept secret that Susan Ochola aka Sue O'chola de Roy like to live a magazine or music video life, taking photos walking a Poodle, enjoying champagne, wearing designer nightgowns and jewels in front of a dressing table filled with designer make-up.

However, snoops think she has taken her obsessions with beauty too far. Snoops have shockingly learnt that Sue commonly referred in social circles as Arab money pumps her behind with fake bums.

This is after she was smoked at Club Silk last Thursday with what looked like an extra muscle on her bum. A snoop intimated; "Her ass looked to be abnormal." In fact a close scrutiny off her behind shows it's not proportional; something that justifies a snoops point.

So over to you Miss Arab Money- have you also started dressing in fake bums since it's the in thing with so many socialites?
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Monday, October 03 2011
Judith Heard, Tracy Bora, Rachael K and Bad Black
As it is Uganda babes have proven they can do anything to dive in the pants of international stars with the way the flaunt their ass-ets in their faces. However, there are those who beat the rest since they have dime to pay the celebs to spend time with them; they are either beautiful or just well connected.

A story goes that when American based Jamaican dance-hall artistes Shaggy came here in 2008, a gal who went for his show at Munyonyo with her boyfriend was immediately dumped when she scrambled for a hankie the hunky star had thrown in the crowd after wiping his  crotch with it.

We now take a look at some of the Kampala gals who will do anything and I mean anything to get close with the stars.

Susan Owori - This city socialite and UK based hair stylist will be remembered for keeping American RnB star Akon's bed warm for the time he was here in 2008 on his African tour. Sylvia laboured to convince all and sundry that she was involved with Akon before and his baby boy.

Tracy Bora- This sexy gal was the talk of the town when Nigerian sensational singers Paul and Peter aka P-Square came to town to perform along side Akon dubbed Celtel Temptation concert in 2008.

She truly portrayed the virtues of a good mannered gal as she never hesitated to be kind and generous with the group.

Rachael K - This one has even tried to be one of them! Wannabe pop star 20-something old US born ish-ish singer got the chance to show her generosity to the famous K-CI and Jojo when they were in Uganda in March 2008.

She took the opportunity to cozy with the fellassince her Big Brother Hemdee Kiwanuka was the promoter f the flopped show. She easily mixed and rubbed shoulders with them till late at their hotel rooms.

Judith Heard - City socilaite and glamour gal Judith Heard might have traveled to various cities around the world but that hasn't stopped her from behaving like a commoner. She was literally in Nigerian football ace Nwankwo Kanu's pants when he was in Uganda for the Africa Cup of Nations Qualifier in  2008 and to open a branch of his Kanu Heart Foundation.

Bad Black, Sylvia Owori - Bad lack and her new found friend Sylvia Owori were the center of attraction at Club Rouge last Thursday during the Swagger Night in company of Mr. Flavor. They were all over him like a paint on the wall despite the fact that may gals were dying to have him.

Bad Black is said to have paid Mr. Flavor  US$ 10,000 for a one night stand. All this time Sylvia's tomboy Malik was nowhere to be seen as Flavor had taken the front seat.

Zuena Kirema and Crew- She might be wife to let's say an International artiste but she ain't different from the rest of the Kampala Glamour gals. She shocked the nation when she and her crew tight marked the RDX of DJ Renigade (Carlton Williams) and singer Delomar (Andre Bedward) aka Bend Over stars who came to Uganda early this year.

It was a tag of war for those who wanted to mingle with the RDX as Zuena and her crew were the bouncers of the night.

Faridah Kumba- The former Miss uganda Salma Nassanga's sister Kumba is a renowned partier and her love (or lust) for celebrities is unquestionable as she trails them everywhere like a fly.

Fortunately for her, she magaged to hook up with Sean Kingston 's DJ and it is believed she showed him just how generous and hospitable Ugandan gals can be.

Sheila Nvanungi - Sometime back this radio presenter cum actress was all over Nigerian actor /Scripts writer Zack Orji when he and crew came  to shoot a movie in Uganda.  Nvanungi was practically pasted forever in Orji's sight every minute and made sure no other gal got close.

Meanwhile, she also kept the lead actor in the Last King of Scotland' Forest Whitaker busy when he was in town in 2007 shooting scenes of the movie.
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Sunday, October 02 2011

Forget the likes of Zari Hassan, Judith Heard, and Sylvia Owori who have been flaunting it in the social scene in Uganda. The new crop of Kampala gals to succeed the turned busy socialites is here. Check them out.

Esther Akankwasa - She used to be a humble girl when she was a dancer. She would dance and then head home after the show. But since she quit dancing, she has totally turned into a party animal.

Last week, Bad Black smashed  her face with a glass of whisky at Acacia Avenue based  Casablanca bar and compensated  her afterwards. The pains of being a socialite.

Zahara Toto - Since Chilli Gaz ceased to exist, this young sexy babe decided to remain on the social scene but not as a musician but a party lover. She has made it and never misses out at any function.

Anita Mbalire - She came into fame  after her famous Kandahar display Bad Black's Party at club Rouge a few months ago. Ever since then, she is always moving around town from club to club.

She retires in the morning and spends the whole day sleeping before resuming partying later in the evening.

Sheebah Karungi - When she was in Obsessions as a dancer, she used to keep a low profile but since her quitting life has changed. Time check 7pm, she heads for the dinner to prepare her stomach for hard stuff at night. She keeps moving up on the ladder.

Doreen Kabareebe - Her father Amon Muzoora tried to desist her from the social life but all in vain. Doreen chose to do modeling and this put her on the social scene forever. She moves from hang out to another till dawn.

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Sunday, October 02 2011
            Meddie and Bad Black

All indications show that short time tycoon  Meddie Ssentongo must be doing badly cash wise. Our snoops reveal that these days  Meddie keeps hiding from places he used to go for fear of meeting people he used to hand out dime to in show offs.

Last week he was smoked out at Grand Imperial Hotel seated in a dark corner seemingly waiting for someone because all the two hours he wa in the place he kept trying calling someone on his mobile phone.

It is said that he has been trying to re-unite with his former bonkmate Bad Black in a move that seems to be targeted at getting dimes from her.

Since these days Meddie fears getting in public places because of his infamous Interpol scandal which is looking for him, he keeps meeting Black in secret hideouts like recently at Casablanca on a Sunday when the bar has few revellers.

Recently Meddie planted a story in the papers that he had traveled abroad yet close friends leaked info that he was hiding in his Ntinda pad to keep out of the social scene.

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Saturday, October 01 2011
                   Jackie Klein
Details have emerged about Jackie Klein; a renowned socialite supposed fashionista and former Fat Boyz bar manager's real origin. About two years ago while in an interview with this paper, she revealed how she was mixed blood saying her father is a mzungu from UK.

But it has now emerged that bootylicious  Jackie who usually doesn't  say much about her family is of Rwandese origin. It is said her family is in Rwanda and that's where her father has been staying with her step sisters and brothers.

Unfortunately word on the rumour mill is that her dad passed on two weeks back (R.I.P) and was buried in Rwanda. Why she kept it a top secret-It is said her relationship with her real family is rocky.
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Saturday, October 01 2011
Big Eye and Sheila Patience
Info from Big Muzik Entertainment has it that singer Big Eye is now a free man after his cougar Sheilla Patience left the country over the weekend to Dubai from where she is expected to drop tot.

It was reported that poor Big Eye had almost turned a houseboy for the time Sheila was around but when snoops bumped into him in Club Silk last Tuesday and he was partying as if there was no tomorrow.

However, the question still remains whether Sheila's pregnancy is his or for her Pensioner back in Dubai.
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