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Thursday, September 30 2010
Photo: Bina Baby at T1 Club
f her intention was to leave fellas pocketing then she did a pretty good job. Dembe FM Unlucky in love' presenter Bina Baby last Friday at the launch of E-Banking at Simba Telecom showed she is still a force to reckon when it comes to rocking men's pants.

Bina who was the MC of the day stormed the event in a yellow see through micro mini skirt with a white g-string easily visible from inside. The sight left many guys pocketing and others were seen going to the loos to ease the burning sensation in their pants.

One snoop who couldn't miss the action told us, "Age is surely a number. Bina is as good looking as a babe who has just hit puberty. She even looks so juicy...gosh! We hear as many as ten guys were seen begging for her number after the event.

Way to go gal, show them how it's done and leave them licking dust.
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Thursday, September 30 2010

Just last Friday we told of how Sheila Ssempebwa's brother New Vision columnist Ernest Bazanye is having a hell of a time at offices with babes laughing at him. Apparently, these stubborn babes have kept a copy of the Red Pepper with Sheila's pictures.

They always laugh at her huge mabira forest. All this forced Ernest to change his work station to another corner. Well, he isn't the only one suffering for her sister's transgression. We have also been told she is in tears after her boyfriend dumped her to the bins.

A close pal told us, "The guy has told her she can't expose her vuvuzela in public and he continues to dock at it. He is laughing stock among his friends." Meanwhile, we have landed on some of the texts she has been sending to her boyfriend pleading for mercy.

Below are some of the texts,

"When a woman loves, she loves for real. That is what hurts. I have got real love for you, even when you bring out the monster in you" while another one says,

"I love you so much but I can't talk it when you go through a lot. Am having sleepless nights. We have to talk and you know it even if it's going to change a lot around us."

She also posted this on her wall,

"I don't regret my past but I regret spending it with the wrong people and hurting the ones who love me most but with time everything is going to change."

Related: Sheila in Nudeland

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Thursday, September 30 2010

Uga Ragga Star Rabadaba has told pals that his fiancee Sheila Ferguson, based in the United Kingdom, is forcing herself on him, WTF has shockingly been told. He also claimed that pregnant Sheila is also being pressured by her parents to cling on him.

This certainly explains why the Mukyamu singer has been on romp form with various babes in town. A few weeks back we told of how a certain loaded babe only identified as Black paid him Shs 2.5million for a romp.

This is just one of the many romps he has been enjoying while his missus is missing him from the cold UK weather. But this latest revelation will certainly tell why he has been cheating like hell.

One of his pals told us: "We were out having a drink and Raba broke it to us. He doesn't love Sheila and he is free to say it to whoever cares to listen." This won't be good news to Sheila and family.

Posted by: uowd AT 07:34 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
Wednesday, September 29 2010
This was on Saturday at the Kisementi based bar where renowned Dance-Hall 'king' KS Alpha was seen standing outside Fatboyz in a very bad mood. Our snoops overheard him telling a couple of ''fans'' who bothered to ask him why he was standing outside that he had entered the bar without his wallet and hence he couldn't afford to buy himself a drink.

But was it really the truth? Rumour has it that he hasn't been doing well regards performances. He claims he is in a studio doing some work and very soon he will be launching his album of which songs, we are about to find out.

He later afforded to buy some chewing gum which he chewed like cud all night long.
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Wednesday, September 29 2010
Once the unthinkable happened on July 11 when Al-Shabaab terrorists hit Kampala, one of the businesses hurt most was the alcohol industry. Revellers shunned all happening places for fear of being blown up into pieces.

This affected beer sales as bars were not receiving enough patrons. One Fred Matovu of Moonberg Lager notes that low sales, high taxes on raw materials used in brewing beer like malt and hops have had a negative impact on the revenues of brewers in the market.

Two months after the horrific act, patrons are returning to their usual habit and this signals good times for alcohol makers who depend entirely on the alcohol sellers.
Posted by: uowd AT 10:24 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Wednesday, September 29 2010

           Susan Nava
She used to be notorious city party animal until she announced that she was getting maried to one Labeja, a marketeer with Transami. Susan Nava's close friends say she had even changed behaviour ready to be married.

She no longer partied till late in the night, was going home early, apparently to cook dinner for her man; something the her pals were envious about. Preparations were in high gear for the wedding in December.

However, things took a whole new ugly turn about two months back when she got to know that her precious Labeja had another chic on the side. Susan packed her bags and moved out of the house the two had been living n.

Sheeven changed her once "Susan Nava Labeja" profile name on facebook back to her original "Susan Nava". We hear she has now vowed to give relationships a break but who knows? Bad habits die hard.

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Tuesday, September 28 2010
         Miss Uganda 2010/2010 Heyzme Nansubuga
The long awaited beauty pageant event ended on Saturday at Imperial Royale with Heyzme Nansubuga being crowned Miss Uganda-Miss World chapter. However the whole event bred controversy and divisions among the organisers as well as judges.

The hullabaloo stemmed from three facts that include; Former Miss Uganda Dorah Mwima abandoned the event yet she was the one supposed to crown Nansubuga in the absence of the outgoing Maria Namiiro whose victory raised eyebrows last year at the same hotel.

Mwima was so annoyed when the judges declared Nansubuga the winner instead of her favourite Carol Serwadda. Allan Kasujja, one of the judges held a brief conference and revealed to journalists that the rightful winner was contestant number twelve, Ayisha Naguddi.

"I got shocked when I saw Diana Alinaffe grabbing the microphone to announce Heyzme Nansubuga" he said. One of the judges Kananathan seemed not to command respect since people associate him with corrupt fellas.

He is believed to have ditched AGOA and his presence among the judges did not make good impression since people know him as a person who is not straight forward.
Posted by: uowd AT 09:51 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Tuesday, September 28 2010
Just last week we told of how serial city love rat Jeff Mugisha of the Eagen House based popular ladies salon, Jephi's had gone AWOL. Now, the latest is that after the story, Jeff was advised by friends not to run away or else he will never get used to people question where he is.

A friend told, "We advised him to get back to normal life and ignore everything because hiding will make matters worse." We hear he then decided to come out of his hiding hole and back to work.

Surprisingly, he almost shed tears when he entered, because clients had abandoned it (ladies especially) for fear of being named among the ladies he has docked. "He can't believe his salon empire is fast crumbling because if a kandahar" a pal confided in us.

Jeff now nicknamed the Last King of Kandahar was nabbed a few weeks back docking Pastor Mulinde's juicy wife Sheila Jasmine. In a related story another female pastor who was overheard saying she will not go back because they might think Jeff is devouring her vuvuzela.
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Tuesday, September 28 2010
Local singer Jose Chameleone is swimming in dimes as we talk. This is after his show that took place in Boston Last Friday sold out to capacity. The show that took place at the Best Sons of Italy, a top hangout in Boston saw all types of booze flow as the Bayuda singer rocked the whole city down.

However, even with his wife Daniella besides him Chameleone never disappoints. In an entourage of thirty cars and in company of US promoter Suudi Lukwago, they headed to Hilton Hotel's Strippers club for an after party.

A source told us, "They bought all the expensive drinks and headed to the strippers club for a real treat. Even Red Banton got two babes to take home. It was crazy." Apparently the Basiima Ogenze singer has vowed to remain in the US forever.

We are told he is now applying for citizenship because he has never seen anything like that.
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Tuesday, September 28 2010

Glamour gal Becky Emonz has vowed to render singer GNL's whopper useless if he doesn't chuck his girlfriend Ruth and start docking at her station permanently. Close sources say Emonz will not give up the Kikankane singers 'cobra whopper' that easily and is determined to do whatever lies in her powers to win him back.

We were told by a close pal, "She is prepared to drop all the charges she placed against him, forget about the money as long as he can bonk her like he used to." Short of that; she will use everything in her reach including the connections and money to bring him to his knees.

Becky, who is rumoured to be romping with former Barcelona and now Inter Milan striker Zltan Ibrahimovic jetted into the country from sweden where she is based to celebrate Eid-Al-Fitr.

She had hoped to have serious romps with GNL but was surprised to find the guy had hooked up his current gal Ruth. Close pals say she got furious and started demanding for the dime she had invested in him.

This dispute later boiled out of control at Club Silk a few weeks back.

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Monday, September 27 2010
        Capital FM's Receptionist, Top Manager in fight over sex
Our sources at the Kisementi based Capital FM is that the stations juicy receptionist only identified as Joanne Nalubwama has been involved in a sex related burst up with one of the top managers at the station.

We are yet to identify the real names of this manager. But apparently, trouble started when juicy Joanne started going around telling whoever cared to listen especially chics(who were also eyeing this guy) that she is now romping with him and they should forget about him.

However this didn't go down well with this manager who wanted to keep their romps a secret. We are told he then attacked her at the reception demanding to know why she was letting the cat out of the bag and a fracas resulted as serious words were exchanged between the two.

A source told us, "He attacked her demanding to know why she is peddling gossip of their affair at the station. They exchanged hot words."  But we have since learnt that the juicy Joanne is a maneater who has chewed more than five guys at Capital. 

We hear she is even pregnant yet the father of the kid is a mystery. Watch out for her sexual network soon. 
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Sunday, September 26 2010
           Top UPDF Officer buys Juliana a plot
Juliana Kanyomozi is surely taking a back seat from Ugandan showbiz and night life. But we can tell why. With her son Keiron set to enroll at a prestigious school in the UK, a serious mansion complete with state-of-the-art equipment already underway and a long line of guys competing for her attention, no one can blame her.

The latest is that yet again a top officer in the special forces has bought for her a prime land in Lungujja. This place will be used for the construction of first class estates in the area and she will be the sole owner when they are fully finished. 

The officer is Juliana's close pal. Watch this space!
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Sunday, September 26 2010
Whooper War hero general Jjuko Kaggwa Gaetano's marriage with juicy Enid Keishemeza is once again in question marks. The latest is that his soupy wife is having a problem with the way Gaetano is getting closer to Aljazeera Kenyan based news reporter only identified as Sophie Ikenye.

Our Nairobi based source told us; "She knows his husband has numerous female friends but the way Sophie is so close to him is getting beyond friendship. She thinks there could be something going on yet and she is not happy."

Meanwhile. another source claims Gae as he is commonly known is also close to Anne Warribui, a BBC reporter on Cultural Issues in Africa. Apparently the two met in a London Hotel as the former BBA1 rompist was on duty shooting a documentary for Studio 53.

Remember some months back, a family meeting was convened to look into their issues. Enid is the daughter to Mathew Rukikaire

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Saturday, September 25 2010
SHIRUMATIC PRO boss and Club Silk spin master DJ Shiru Kiberu has hooked up a saucy babe to nail down. We hear the pair hooked up last Friday at singer Mega Dee's launch at Kati Kati.

The small bodied fella was all happy and smiling as he tight marked the new upcoming singer only identified as Sasha. The sexy bubbling babe had to freeze down our man back stage. The pair later left together.
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Saturday, September 25 2010
                Sylvia and Zuena
This will shock the nation, but we've learnt that singer Sylvia Namugenyi has no place she calls home as you read this. We sympathetically learnt that ever since she broke up with her bonkmate cum manager Ronnie, she has been grassing terribly.

Snoops intimate that no sooner had she broken up with Ronnie than she was shamefully evicted from her muzigo in Banda, where the landlord even confiscated her bed, saucepans and mattress.

Worse still, we hear after grassing for quite a long time, she ended up at Nkuba Kyeyo tycoon Eddie Muwonge's home, who part timed as her manager and new bonkmate. However, as if dogged by misfortune, we hear Eddie, after enjoying her company for some time has also shown her the exit and she's again languishing on the streets.

Poor girl, snoops say they've met her so many times in the ghettos of Kireka and Banda on footsbishi, looking like she's spent days without a decent meal.
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Friday, September 24 2010
Photo: Esther Nabasa (Guinness 250)
Ex project fame winner Esther Nabasa might be sol talented musically but has still not made a great impact on the Ugandan Music Calendar. 

Sexy Esther dropped her government sponsored Telecommunication course at Makerere University to do sound Engineering after emerging the winner of project fame 2. Our snoops managed to catch up with her manager Ssali to find out why she has failed to impress her fans lately.

"You guys I no longer manage her because she is so complicated and wants to sing the type of music that doesn't sell in Uganda," angry looking Ssali told our team.

Meanwhile, we are told that ever since Esther called it off with her manager, things have not been going her way financially well to the extent that she is rumoured to be selling her Benz.
More Stories on Esther Nabasa
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Friday, September 24 2010

Now knowing our Ugandan Celebrity biff, we're not surprised at learning that DJ Michael and DJ Shiru are feuding. Whereas insiders have intimated to us that he biff between the two stems from a babe only identified as Brenda, who the two are said to have juggled at one time, other sources have it that they are feuding over Shiru not playing Michael's music.

We've learnt that for quite sometime, DJ Michael and Shiru have been at loggerheads, after Shiru has stubbornly refused to play DJ Michael's music, arguing that it's not worth Shiru's standards.

We've learnt that when Michael got to know of this through his Dance-hall crew members, he got so furious that when he got a chance to, he rudely told off Shiru to f**k off if he doesn't want to play his music.

The two were recently smoked out exchanging bitter words outside one f the city spots.

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Friday, September 24 2010

You have to give up for the money bags Charles Mbiire, Chairman of MTN Uganda and Aggreko power generation. A few weeks ago he was driving in his posh Mercedes Benz silver in colour while speaking on phone when he accidentally scratched a Toyota premio's bumper, a damage that he could have sorted out with Shs 20,000.

So the driver of the Japanese Toyota Premio parked and came out spitting fire, the unbothered Mbire kept on his phone call but opened his window and went for his car glove box, and pulled out Shs 5m bundle which he handed to the ka-guy, pressed his power windows up again still on his phone call.

The embarrassed guy almost fell down, considering that the 5M was almost the cost of his whole car. He ran to his car and sped off. Mbire looked unbothered still and drove off still on his call. Eye-witnesses said the incident happened neat the round about at Nakumatt Mall.

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Thursday, September 23 2010
Local singer Gen Mega Dee surely needs prayers. The latest is that after his much anticipated flopped 'Ina De Dance' (everyone expected it to) launch, the singer has decided to head to his village for divine intercession.

A snoop told us, "He thought he released in a long time, yet his launch flopped again and he can't believe what kind of misfortune is following him. Mega Dee, who is considered among Uganda's established artistes, has always struggled to convince the masses with his music.

In fact statistics reveal he is only second to Mega-flop star Kid Fox. As you read this, he is just one show from taking over the throne as the 'Master Flop'. The last time, he suffered a heart attack and was admitted to hospital while his recent show at Kati Kati was attended by not more than 70 people and most of them had free tickets or were journalists.

It's because of all these issues that he has gone back to his ancestors to plead for mercy and help., we advise you to either forget about launching or do karaoke. Period!
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Thursday, September 23 2010
        DJ Shiru with Anita Akera
Celebrated Club Silk DJ Shiru is again in the news after he ballooned a chic and denied responsibility. Snoops say Shiru ballooned Anita Akera and for about seven months the chic was carrying the pregnancy.

However, last Thursday, she tragically gave birth to a dead baby at Nsambya hospital. We hear Shiru refused to pick up when Anita called until her mum, who works with the commercial court sent police to arrest him at his office on Zainabu Aziza Plaza.

He did not have the money to transport the body to Masaka, so it was buried at the Indian cemetery on Jinja road where Late Silk bouncer Shawn was buried. Actually it was Blu3 Lillian Mbabazi's mum, who works as a nurse at Nsambya, gave them shs 20k to transport the body.

Anita is the elder sister of Dian who is dating DJ Ivan. The couple are blessed with a baby boy. We hear also Shiru is supposed to clear a bill of about shs 1.50m at Nsambya. But Shiru is telling whoever cares to listen that he will not clear it because Anita's kid had so many fathers.
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Wednesday, September 22 2010
       KS Alpha feeling Margla at Buddies
This was during Sheebah's night at the Ntinda based buddies bar last Tuesday. Margla came as a guest artiste to support her fellow musician Sheebah, however she blessed and stumbled many people.

Clad in a fitting green dress as short as a blouse that showed her T-string, she entered Buddies at 11pm. Making noise like any new artiste on the block that is so excited by just the mention of her name.

What was most disappointing was the fact that when  she was called to perform on stage, she kept trying to pull her dress down to cover her private parts as if she didn't know he dress was that short before she put it on.

Hence she was booed by some revellers whose main aim was to come and have a peaceful drink. She performed her only song and left many people wondering why she had come. However the night was saved by great performances from former Dream Gal now solo artiste Leila and the night's host, Sheebah, with KS Alpha, though it was a girls night out apparently!
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Wednesday, September 22 2010
Most of you remember Charles Oimuke who used to paint the city red with his show of love to the amorphous Straka Mwezi. Well, after serving his time (a year) in cells in the United Arab Emirates, he is back in town but terribly broke.

Oimuke had quit Kampala for Kyeyo stint in Abu Dhabi but was caught in  drug and alcohol related crimes before being thrown in jail. Our snoops spotted him at Sunset Arcade trying to negotiate for a cheap phone of Shs 50,000

However, his stay in the country will not be long as we have been told that he is planning another take on Kyeyo. But apparently he is planning to fly out for another stint at kyeyo abroad.

Whether he will be granted visa is yet to be seen.
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Wednesday, September 22 2010

Zamba and friend
We knew there was something fishy the moment we learnt that lugaflow singer Ernest Nsamba aka GNL Zamba had been locked behind bars over allegations of assaulting a woman hanging in his neck.

Now we can exclusively reveal that the babe at the centre of all this is none other than Sweden based Ugandan glamour girl Becky Emonz whom we have been reporting on our gossip pages that he was devouring former Barcelona and now Inter Milan Striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Apparently, Beck (Mirembe) and GNL were bonking before he hooked up his current girl friend Ruth.And all along she was the one bank rolling him. A source told us, "The money she claims GNL diddled was meant for him to chuck his chic Ruth and dock at her station.

He took the dime and never dumped his gal, so she is furious. So is it a situation of a kandahar mission that was aborted midway leaving behind some wounded casualties. In fact w had reported sometime back how she had clashed with Ruth.

Emon who jetted into the country to celebrate Eid el Fitr, clashed with the Kikankane singer on Tuesday last week at Club Silk where she claims he assaulted her. His case was registered under file no: SD Ref: 03/15/09/2010 at Jinja road police station.

She has vowed to take him on till he surrenders his whopper. For that she wins the accolade of Maneater of the year.
More Stories on GNL

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Tuesday, September 21 2010

It was booze all through at Goodlyfe's Makindye Neverland home as singer Moze Radio threw a bash to celebrate the birth of his son with fellow singer Lillian Mbabazi. We broke the story that Lillian gave birth to a baby boy when Moze Radio was in the US on a musical tour.

A few days after the birth, Radio and his singing partner Weasel returned. A close source told us that Radio threw the bash on Sunday for friends and close family. Radio publicly revealed the worst kept secret about Lilly's son.

Earlier we told of how Radio sent Lillian a message congratulating her upon successfully giving birth.

The Boy is Radio's-Lillian Confesses
More stories on Moze Radio

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Tuesday, September 21 2010

HAHAHA...VETERAN singer Halima Namakula never ceases to steal the show. At 50 years the 'Ekimbewo Singer' is still counting. Just last week we told of how she had contested for 'Miss World' and how she parties hard like a teenager who has just hit puberty.

Well, Halima as expected was at the biggest event of the weekend during the Ascot Goat race at Munyonyo having a blast in a company of fellow old mamas. But what shocked our snoops was why of all clothes in her wardrobe she decided to choose a skirt that was visibly chewed by insects.

A snoop told us, "Her long white skirt had a big hole on it and it was visible." We are now wondering if it was torn on your way to Munyonyo or your wardrobe is heavily infested by cockroaches. If you need a fumigator, just give the 3am desk a call.

More Stories on Halima Namakula
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Monday, September 20 2010

Former Obsessions dancer cum solo singer and fashion designer Sheba Karungi is nursing a broken heart. Rumors have it that she was chucked sometime last month and since then, she has been drinking herself silly as she tries to nurse her broken heart.

She is not the kind who sticks to one man but this time around she was in love for real and thought he was the one, but unfortunately, it wasn't the case. She was overheard telling her friends in Club Rouge one Tuesday that she is done with "love" for the meantime.

She says she is going to concentrate on her talent and love will come to her when it feels, its the right time. Good luck finding Mr. Right dear Sheeba.
More on Sheebah Karungi

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Monday, September 20 2010

Wisdom is power. It is said that at a time when Elvis and group were going to open their discotheque in Kampala, his dad tycoon Gordon Wavammuno told him to register it internationally with patent rights, and exactly that's what he did.

Some years down the road this is going to be a fortune. Four years ago, Elvis was told that some Nigerians had opened Club Silk in London. He instructed his attorneys to sue, well knowing he had registered his in 1995.

The Nigerians opted for a court settlement, giving Elvis a share holding in their business. Now understand Elvis owns a club in London that way.

More Stories on Club Silk

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Sunday, September 19 2010
We recently told of how faded Nonya Money singer Red Banton had disappeared on the streets of Washington, US. Banton had traveled in a contingent of artistes that included Goodlyfe Crew Singers, Samalie Namatovu among others, to perform at the just concluded Uganda North American Association's convention.

He had told pals before he left, "There's no way I am coming back to Kampala's hard life. I would rather die on the streets here." Now the latest is that the 'Abayimbi Balogo' singer has turned himself into a seer and is seriously minting buckets of dollars.

Sources claim he recently healed a certain loaded Nkuba Kyeyo woman identified as Hawa of a life threatening disease. "He cured  a strange disease that had attacked her leg" a source told us.

Apparently the disease was threatening to make Hawa go lame. Banton has since appointed himself a doctor and vowed never to come back to our dusty streets.After his Balogo hit, who can doubt his abilities. He is officially a seer(mulogo).
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Sunday, September 19 2010
Local Lugaflow singer Rabadaba's estranged lover Sheila Ferguson is set to drop tot come the October 14. News coming in from our UK based snoops is that Sheila is under tight supervision from her family doctor to make sure she encounters no problem in the few remaining weeks.

Meanwhile, we are told romping Rabadaba who has been shafting city town babes will not be by her side. This was after Sheila's mother told him to forget it because his behaviour between babes' pants is unbecoming and unwelcome beside her grand child.

"What incensed her the most is the singer's recent connection with a sugar mum only identified as Black" a close family pal told us.
Read Also:
Wafagio's Sheila, Ferguson Fight for Rabadaba
Sheila in Nudeland
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Saturday, September 18 2010

Shentie Joe

We have learnt that city man eater and man snatcher Shentie Joe has devoured top video music producers. Apparently, the likes of Kimxp and Jah Live have all docked at her juicy waterlogged vuvuzela.

Apparently, the two video producers have no idea they are chewing the same babe because she knows how to play her game. Then in a twist of events, Shenti was yet spotted by our eagle eyed snoop on Thursday at Emin Pasha with two different Zungu pensioners but at different times of the day.

"She first came at lunch time and they had lunch before dissapearing arm in arm. Then later she appeared yet again but this time with a different old yet muscular white guy" a waitress at a posh hangout told us.

Shockingly, she was spotted again that day with another guy at Manhattan Restaurant having a blast. There's no question that this babe is here to make masters of the game like Daphine look amateurs.

Related: Shentie Stole Ma Man-Friend

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Saturday, September 18 2010
              Straka Mwezi
Socialite Straka Mwezi and her newly born diabetic baby have finally left hospital, WTF has learnt. Ever since the WBS star dropped the baby at Kisubi Hospital, she has been admitted in Nsambya Hospital with some complications.

Her kid was born diabetic has been in the hospital nursery kangaroo unit 4 for premature babies. But now she has been discharged and went to her home in Bunamwaya with her new tot.

She left with singer Backsama who is supposed to be the best man. This will certainly make doubters believe that the kid is singer Ssizaman Kayemba's. Meanwhile, Ssiza was sighted romancing another babe at Lido Beach.
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Friday, September 17 2010

Sheila Sempebwa
Wafagio dancer Sheila Sempebwa is one daring babe we have come to fall in love with. This babe who possesses a pair of lips is surely determined to become a celebrity no matter what circumstances and hurdles lie ahead. And what a way to capture her targeted audience.

We have landed on exclusive pictures of the generous Wafagio. The pictures taken in the environs of a slaughtering ground reveal her well-shaped behind, firm pointed centerfolds.

From close sources we have further learnt that she takes comfort in being like that at least from guys who have docked at her station. 

From the evidence before us, Sheila has acted in five x-rated homemade videos with guys. The search is on for guys who have been to places as far as the Wafagio dancer is concerned.

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Friday, September 17 2010

Lillian and Moze Radio
Photo: Uganda Online Photo Gallery

Lillian Mbabazi has finally told pals that her six day old son is fellow singer Moze Radio's. Ever since it emerged that she was pregnant, many fellas have been linked to her. Even Radio's close pal and fellow artiste Weasel TV had been linked.

Lately there were suggestions that it was a mzungu who impregnated her, but earlier this week, she confessed to a few pals that Radio is the one. As soon as she gave birth on Saturday, Radio who is currently in the United States, sent her a congratulatory text message.

It read: "Congs. He will a be a great son. C U soon Lilly." The baby was delivered by caesarian section. Both mum and baby are in fine health.

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Friday, September 17 2010
Western Music Diva, Lady Mariam aka Tindatine may soon be off the entertainment calendar for a while, since it has emerged that she is baking a ban in her oven.We are yet to establish who is responsible for her pregnancy, but for now all we can say is that Tindatiine is baking a live seed.
Our western based sources said Tindatiine was overheard telling friends that she was confused after missing her pees for the last two months. We hope this doesn’t ruin her career. You and me know she has swallowed several tycoons within Mbarara, Kampala and Southern Sudan.
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Wednesday, September 15 2010

Photo: Dizzy Nuts
Former Ugandan model Eva Mbabazi has officially dumped local singer Dizzynuts Galiwango. This was after Eva got wind of the news that the deep voiced singer had hooked a juicy babe and the two spend hours in his rented muzigo in Kireka bonking non stop.

A source told us, "She couldn't  believe he has been docking juicy kandahars behind her back for the last two months." We hear she was tired of having sleepless nights thinking about how Dizzy is feeding his huge whopper on other babes.

She told friends back here in Kampala after the split, "Let him get and take his whooper somewhere because he is never gonna see my p**y again. Iam through with with him." Remember, Dizzy once bonked the faded model into pulp at Kireka Sports View Hotel.

The romping mission code named by our snoops as "Kandahar Desert Storm" took a staggering two days, making it approximately 48 hours.

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Tuesday, September 14 2010
           Iryn and Markville
Local artiste Iryn Namubiru and Blueprints Markville are surely up to something. We have learnt that the two are getting close to each other, each passing day. A source told us, "They have previously been spotted at Sheraton's Equator bar kissing and touching each other in almost all private body areas.

You could clearly see there is a game going on between the two." Apparently  the two got close during the shooting of one of Namubiru's videos and the two have been inseparable since. In fact, we are told by Iryn's close pals that she thinks a world of him and is even ready to kiss him in public.

Surely this will not go down well with another city maneater, Racheal, who has been devouring Markville's whooper after her Mzungu pensioner dumped her. We hear now that she is in the US for shows, Markville hasn't stopped talking about her.
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Tuesday, September 14 2010

Sexy Lauryn

Word reaching our desk is that UBC's Vogue Magazine presenter Lauryn Katusiime Ntare has gone back to school. However with all the booze in her head we really doubt she will handle.

Our snoop spotted Lauryn at UMCAT and was told how she had turned up to pick her admission form from the institute where she is ready to resume studies as soon as possible. 

We hear she has been enrolled for a certificate in journalism. But the big question is will she manage to do this certificate or she might end up not completing it due to her drinking sprees. Only time will tell....


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Tuesday, September 14 2010
All is not well between fake city tycoon Meddie Ssentogo and Uga-Ragga singer Faisal Sseguya aka Rabadaba.
We have learnt that Meddie is not happy with how Rabadaba has been close to his (Meddie) new catch only identified as Black. Just last week we told of how Meddie had split with his long time lover Dora to be with Black, who is more loaded.
However we have now learnt that Black had previously hoped to bonk with singer Rabadaba. In fact she offered shs 2 million for him to bonk at her station. Instead our source tells us, Rabadaba demanded for shillings 4 million.
The gal refused and hooked up with Meddie. A few days later, Rabadaba gave in and accepted to to bonk her for shs 2 million. It is not clear whether he bonked her but Meddie has warned him (Rabadaba) to stay away from her.
Recently in Club Silk Royale during Campus nite, Meddie almost beat up Rabadaba when he greeted Madam Black. A few years back, Meddie knocked another singer Jose Chameleone accusing him of destabilising his relationship with Dora. Chameleone spent a week nursing head injuries at Kampala Hospital. Watch This Space.
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Monday, September 13 2010
Just a month and a half after dropping tot, city glamour girl and maneater Naila is back to her wild partying lifestyle. Shock gripped our snoops when they spotted her at Club Rouge on Friday looking hot and sexy.

A snoop told us: "She was swallowing pints and wiggling her butt like she has never produced. You could mistake her for a virgin." Meanwhile, we are told Kenyan singer Fidempa who we told got stranded in Kampala over money issues was by her side all night long.

The look in his eyes told of a horny guy who simply wanted to see what lays inside Naila'a pants. We are yet to know who she left her young tot with but from the way she was having fun, she doesn't care about it.
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Monday, September 13 2010

Secular singing Dembe FM presenter Prossy Patra is expecting a pastor's baby, WTF has learnt. Just a few weeks back, it emerged Patra who is singer Ragga Dee's young sister was preggars though she is not married.

But a Dembe FM source tells us she's expecting pastor one Patrick's baby. The pair are workmates at the Nakasero based radio station. In fact, they stay together as we talk.

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Sunday, September 12 2010
Prossy Kankunda
Word reaching our desk indicates that 'Akalulu' star singer Prossy Kankunda Bantariza is doing badly financially. Our snoop says that after the singer left Kampala for greener pastures at B.FM a Bushenyi based radio station things have not been good on her side.

We hear the moment she stepped foot at the station she became wild after she started romping with one of the DJs there. As if that was not bad enough, sexy Prossy, who had been recruited to work as a news anchor became a drunkard in Bushenyi and forgot what had taken her there.

We hear she even resigned the job because the bottle had taken a toll on her. Since then, the singer has been seen around Bushenyi sleeping in bars. These days we hear she is paid booze to sing at parties. Typical fall from grace to grass!
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Sunday, September 12 2010
Shentie Joe
A friend to close city man eater, Shentie Joe aka Rosette Manhattan has been crying rivers after she snatched her man. Shentie who has been described as a whooper war hero and is in a class of her own, hooked up her friend Jenny's white boy friend leaving her in untold tears.

We are told the generous Shentie is now staying with her friend's man after she successfully booted her out. Apparently she is so watter logged and has this irresistible charm that is hard to ignore.

The two friends no longer see eye to eye. Next Friday we will unveil how many guys she has chewed and who she really is.

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Saturday, September 11 2010
Nemesis Jackie Chandiru and Cinderella Sanyu have buried their hatchet and it looks like they are friends again. We bumped into the pair at Ntinda based Buddiez together. In fact they were singing each other's songs as they performed. This was Wednesday in a new celebrity night.

It has always been said that it was Jackie who led to Cindy's expulsion from the Blu3 and ever since her (Cindy) departure over two years back, the pair fought when Cindy featured some guy who had appeared in Jackie's song video.

But it looks like they have settled their differences.
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Saturday, September 11 2010
They say when trouble comes, it comes in bundles. Well just after Swangz Avenue singer Vamposs was floored by Jose Chameleone with thunderbolt punches, he is set for another fight but this time to be settled in court.

We have learnt that Jamaican reggae singers Syon and Bongley are set to sue Vamposs for stealing the beats of their song named school Bell and out them in 'Kwekunyakunya' without their consent.

Syon and Bongley who were in Dar-es-Salaam for a few shows were shocked to hear and watch a video on EATV with almost the same beats as theirs. Now thy have vowed to come over and take him on in the courts of law or report him in international courts fro plagiarism. Watch This Space!

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Friday, September 10 2010

Linda Lisah seated on Anita
Club Silk's PRO Lisa is one girl that confuses our snoops. Some times she is spotted making passes at guys and on other times she gets cozy with girls. Her sex orientation became even more questionable recently when our Snoops spotted her getting touchy feely with a babe at the club.

Lisa and this babe identified as Anita were shockingly baby sitting each other, as the giggled and pecked on a sofa. now knowing that she has also been very close to Jackie Klein we wonder what she's really up to with girls. 

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Friday, September 10 2010

Prossy Patra

If you bonk a gal live these days, you will certainly impregnant her. We have learnt that Dembe FM presenter and Ragga Dee's sister is preggie. In fact her pregnancies is in its latest stages.

The singer also a dance-hall singer we are told is expecting her fellow presenter's baby. We hear the pair is now staying together as they await the arrival of their first kid. Prossy Patra has been off the social scene for sometime. Blame the pregnancy.

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Friday, September 10 2010

Oh Oh, Oh we were left speechless when our snoops' spotted HB Toxic Helen swapping Saliva with a fella at one of the Industrial Area based hangout. The two had been around to attend Comedy Night.

Snoops who smoked them out told us, "The two stepped out together and headed straight for a black progress ride and within a few seconds she was on top of him as the two swapped saliva like their lives depended on it."

Their action lasted for about ten minutes before she emerged from the car with her hair looking all unkempt. The vehicle later sped off towards Lugogo.

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Thursday, September 09 2010

Desire Luzinda

This is surely a shocker. Just a few days ago, we shockingly learnt that WBS' Straka Mwezi gave birth at Kisubi clinic; we have now been told that booty-ful local singer Desire Luzinda could be pregnant.

Desire's close pal told us, "All I can say is that she could be pregnant." We are yet to confirm if it's really true but our investigative team has learnt that a certain loaded and well connected guy is going around claiming he is the power that rocks between her vuvuzela.

Remember Desire is already blessed with a beautiful baby girl. Well, who could have thought Straka of all people could be pregnant. In the romping world anything can happen. Watch This Space!

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Wednesday, September 08 2010

HB Toxic Singer Considers Him 'Heaven Sent' It has been confirmed that siren singer Brenda Nambi of HB Toxic and the CEO of Nambi Fashion House is seriously dating a Crane Bank manager and the pair are 'cooking something'.

A reliable source identified the Crane Bank guy as Stephen Rubanga. The pair have been seeing each other for quite sometime and can't wait for the right moment to make their relationship clearer.

He is head over heals and she considers him God sent, the source told us. On Friday, the pair were spotted leaving Crane Bank with unbelievable grins on their faces as they walked hand in hand. "They were certainly going to have fun," the source added.
This new shocking revelation will certainly send HB Toxic manager Alibhai into a complete meltdown. He has been known to date the stunning girl. However she has also been dating the muzungu general manager of SDV Transami, Jerome Benoit, Watch This Space!
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Wednesday, September 08 2010

Dance-hall singer Bella has stoked the fires once again after she declared 'I'm not single'. It is now common knowledge that she introduced her UK based man by shockingly presenting his picture to her parents.

Then the said wedding which was slated to take place never materialized after the fella dumped her. Well, she has of late been telling whoever cared to listen that her 'picture husband' is still with her and docks at her station every night.

She has been quoted, "I'm engaged and not single. In fact my husband and I communicate everyday. He even docks at my vuvuzela." How someone who is miles away from here does that is still a mystery.

Guys who wanted free things from her had better coil their huge balls into their pants.
More News on Bella

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Tuesday, September 07 2010
Singer Bebe Cool will dump his crutches and be able to walk and be bale to walk freely this Friday, Boston medics have told him. The Agenze singer started his physio and had surgery on Thursday and so far the results are encouraging.
Our USA snoop told us: "His doctors have told us the singer is already feeling much better and come Friday, he must dump crutches. The snoop told us: "His doctors  have told him he must not use the crutches again. They deter his recovery process."
The singer returns next month. Bebe Cool suffered around five bullet wounds this January.
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Monday, September 06 2010

Roger Mugisha and Judith Heard at Cayenne Bar
This was the question that many people continuously asked themselves or where heard murmuring on Thursday night at Cayenne bar in Bukoto during the forever young celebrations.

The Radio pastor  and presenter was spotted sipping a nice cold bell Lager and in the company of very skimpily dressed babes which left many people wondering what was going on with the man formerly known as 'The Shadow'

He didn't care who was looking at him , as he stared at the very juicy looking babes that surrounded him and he looked like he was enjoying the attention. He was also in the company of serial dater Amon, Juliana's ex/current, who constantly showed Roger which chic was hot or not.

If Roger drank very little , they were about five bottles.

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Monday, September 06 2010

Jose, Bebe, Radio and Weasel
Mother of Wars:
Without a doubt Ugandan artistes have taken their beef and fighting to another level. The latest from the land of Obama is that they held their shows on the same day but in venues near each other.

Our Washington based snoop told us, "There was chaos all over after the rival groups put up shows on the same date, at the same time and at venues adjacent to each other." Remember, the Goodlyfe were performing at the UNAA Convention where they had been invited by Ugandans living in the US while Chameleone and Bebe had been snubbed by the same UNAA guys.

"To get back at them, Jose paid his own ticket to the US and then decided to team up with young promoters Zink and Robert Kasule to put up a show on the same day the Goodlyfe boys were to perform." Our source added.

The shows took place last Saturday in Washington. We hear Moze and Radio couldn't believe Chameleone had just sabotaged their event. To make matters worse, the Bayuda singer teamed up with Bebe Cool who is in the US for an operation.

Now to give a clear picture of the situation, Imagine one group having a show at Kyadondo and a different one at KCC Grounds at Lugogo. We hear it was chaos in the US as Nkuba Kyeyo's couldn't decide where to go.

The two champs have since then been threatening each other. Meanwhile we have been informed that Moze Radio survived jail and deportation after he got into a fight with a lady. "After the show he was leaning he was leaning on her car and she politely told him to get off.

But all of a sudden he started abusing her; how her car is so cheap and how she was messing with a celeb." We hear he was sternly cautioned by police after he had begged and apologized to her.

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Sunday, September 05 2010
Remember the famous kakokolo song? Now the chief architect of this song Shanks Vivi D now called Gumurous Atwooki is an oil excavating truck driver with Tullow oil based in Masindi.

Well we have been wondering where he has been considering members of the twentieth century we published yesterday had disappeared to. According to our reliable sources, while on his kyeyo stints in UK, the situation became so tough that he had to enroll for lessons on how to operate these trucks at the last gasp alternative and that is how he got the opportunity with Tullow oil having grassed on the streets for a long time.

More so he could not compete in the music industry with already established young generation.
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Saturday, September 04 2010

The collabo between  Jose Chameleone and Maggie Kayima is doing well no doubt but not without controversies surrounding it. After a rumor surfaced that the Bayuda singer was paid more than Shs 3m to do a song with gospel star Maggie aka Nabbi Omukazzi, another row has erupted over the terms of payment.

The whole issue started when Jose refused to shoot the video in the church. Instead both artistes shot their video parts from their different locations and they were synchronized.

Now Jose is demanding a cool shs2m for doing the Yantuma video, yet Kayima claims she violated the terms and conditions by failing to appear in Church. Apparently all the born again guys have vowed to curse him if he dares keep demanding for the dime.

It should be remembered local music experts have analyZed that the Basiima Ogenze star rarely does videos for collabo songs. But he only does so when he has an interest. So is there bad blood brewing between the two camps? Watch this Space!

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Saturday, September 04 2010

             Leila Kayondo
Just like Blu3, Chilli Gals group is having a terrible breaking up time. The problem according to our snoops seem to be hurting the gals so much. The latest is that Leila Kayondo the ex-Chilli gal was on Friday spotted drinking like she was under a tight deadline to finish all the booze in club.

"It was about mid night when Leila and fellow Chilli Gal Sheila stormed Ange Noir and the twosome took to the counter where they galloped loads of booze like there was no tomorrow.

Later visibly excited Leila blacked out before she was shown the exit by Sheila into a waiting car that saw them off," an eye witness told our snoop. Poor gal, she must be going through a hard time. 

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Friday, September 03 2010

We've learnt that ever since a story about their woes was run, fashion designer and African Woman Magazine's Sylvia Owori and hubby has kept a low profile. We hear fearing that more of their secret affairs would leak to the press, the two troubled love birds decided to burry their hatchets and to portray to the public that they they've made up as hubby and wife, so as to protect their images.

Since then, they've been making effort to be seen in public as a happy family. Snoops contend that the two were last spotted outside Sylvie Owor's shop's at Garden City on Saturday, cuddling and playing with the kids before they disappeared into the shops.

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Friday, September 03 2010

Joan and Wasswa
The saying that if you play pu**y you get fcuked seems to be losing meaning if we are to go by UBA man-eater Joanita Mbolanyi's philosophy. After we exposed her as a real man-eater when her hubby Christopher Wasswa nabbed her in bed with a city sex pest, distraught Joanita first disappeared from work for 10 days.

But when she came out of hiding, she told pals that she does not give a fcuk because the pu**y is hers and she makes the rules on when,how and who it should swallow. She claimed people were framing her and argued that since the kandahar was hers, she had the onus to determine who it should swallow at any given time.

She actually told those who felt concerned to go hang.

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Friday, September 03 2010

Photo: Anita Tushabe
Former Dream Galz singer Anita Tushabe is not in the United States as earlier thought. A close pal has told us that she is based in Malaysia where she works at night as a glamour girl. Ever since she left the country, we have learnt that, she has been making lots of dime in vending.

In fact she is the one that influenced her young sister Edith Muthoni to quit Wafagio singing group. Earlier reports had indicated that she had gotten married to a Congolese witch doctor in eastern DRC.

But now we can confirm that saucy Anita is in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. The source told us: "Anita is mainly friendly with Nigerian loaded fellas. They geive her everthing she needs and she is not complaining although they can be stressing at times.

But she is really happy and contented." Hmmmmm!

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Thursday, September 02 2010

Folks in Wandegeya were left speechless when star Bebe Cool parked his Hummer car at a small store selling CD's and ordered for over twenty X-rated movies. Over the weekend Bebe stormed the city suburb at around midday with his nowadays raging BIG SIZE hummer and parked it on this shop close to the University hall small gate.

An unidentified dude jumped out and did the ordering while the big man chilled in the monster car. On realiZing the stir he was attracting Bebe cruised off and left with some scores of movies.

The singer left for Boston USA on Monday with his wife Zuena. They will be there for a month. What a ROMANTIC holiday they will enjoy.

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Thursday, September 02 2010

A kikuubo based flamboyant businessman whom we can only reveal as Josh claims that he wants to clear  bootylicious Brenda Nanyonjo's hospital bill. Remember, we told of how African woman magazine's Brenda who was among the casualties during the twin bomb blasts at Kyadondo on July 11, required more than Shs30m for an operation to remove shrapnel's that were lodged in her head.

Now we are told this loaded fella wants to pump in the dime to cover all the costs of the operation abroad. But just when we thought a good Samaritan has come out with a helping heart, we have been told his money comes with a condition.

A source told us, "He wants to help but with strings attached in that he wants to dock at her station when she fully recovers." He is yet to come out clearly with his proposal but we are sure it will be thrown back in his face.

Meanwhile, though she is still in need of an operation, the good news coming reveals that Brenda is recovering steadily. We hope you get a quick recovery and our hearts are with you.

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Wednesday, September 01 2010

     Desire and her Lebanese friend
The fella who rescued bootyliscious singer Desire Luzinda from further embarassment during her recent birthday party has been positively revealed. We are told he is a Lebanese and top fashionist around the world.

A source told us, "The two have been great friends for sometime and when he is around the country they spend a lot of time having a blast together talking about their likes and dislikes."

Apparently, he is the fella who contributed a huge sum of dime after the tycoon who was formerly sponsoring her withdrew over a romping difference. We hear he owns a boutique opposite Kampala Casino.

Meanwhile, it should be remembered that he is the same fella who was spotted having a good time with Nina Omwami singer at Effendys. To make his point, he was among the few guys who attended her recent bash in London.

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Wednesday, September 01 2010

This is really too bad for guys that love their bitter stuff in a conducive and exclusive joint. One of the best places to hang out and take a babe for a date, the Good fellas bar and restaurant at Grand Imperial Hotel is no more.

Our snoops confirmed that the joint finally shut its balls out a few days ago. The guy who has been the manager, one Robert has been pushed to the coffee terrace. Sorry fellas

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