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Bryan White and Zari

Bryan White's NGO has been deregistered by the NGO Bureau

Bryan White's Foundation is a sham according to the NGO Bureau...

Bad Black at Bryan White's

Bad Black breaks down on visiting Bryan White

"I can't forget what you've done for me since 2016, I pray that the good Lord heals you pretty fast. You built a house for my mom who was putting up in a mud thatched house then, she is now in a tiled house and can even watch DSTV, how can I forget you Bryan White."

Spice Diana lockdown goals

Spice Diana lockdown goals

It's close to five months since the country was locked down due to the Coronavirus that has not spared any sector. In Uganda, some measures have been eased and some sectors have resumed operations, though not fully as they have to observe the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in place.

Socialite Sipapa and his three wives

Socialite Sipapa real name Charles Olim has for a while been entangled with his three wives that include singers Serena Bata and Brown Shugar.

He also has another one called Sasha Samirah who is the last one standing.

Inset Sipapa is seen with two of his wives Serena Bata who jumped ship and Sasha Shamira whose parents he has just visited. Armed with a glass is Brown Shugar as Mugole Shamira enjoys her Audi ride...

Vivienne and SK Mbuga fight

Most battered women are fearful to come out and share their experiences about domestic abuse, but Vivienne Chebet Mbuga is not one of them as she came out using her wall to expose her hubby.

"Sometimes women stay with a dysfunctional partner out of fear that the next women will reap the benefit of the work she's put in. Nope."

"The next woman gets his same habits, dysfunction and pain."

Eddy Kenzo in Ivory Coast

Eddy Kenzo caught up with his fans over the weekend in the month of July 2020

Eddy Kenzo was live on Facebook talking about a number of issues, including how he is faring in Ivory Coast, a place he was supposed to be for two days, but has been for four months and he is still counting...

Zari next to her ride...

Tiffah and Nillan were being filmed by their mom as they enjoyed the latest addition to their fleet, a Bentely.

Hi Papa, thank you for my mom's car. It's so beautiful and warm..." Tiffah says while enjoying the comfort of the four seater super ride.

Im not his father, Eddy Kenzo

Sheilah Don Zella's son has the Musuuza name raising eyebrows on whether Eddy Kenzo is the baby daddy

Sitya Loss star, Edirisa Musuuza Nkonge Kiwalabye aka Eddy Kenzo, who is still in Ivory Coast waiting to return following the lockdown has issued a statement, distancing himself from the allegations that Sheila Don Zella's child is his.

Kasuku faces off with Angella Katatumba-Uncut Sabula

Kasuku and Angella Katatumba

Zari confirms it did not work out between her and King Bae

King Bae just wanted to use me - Zari Hassan

Lydia Jazmine hurt by TV presenter who has constantly attacked her

Lydia Jazmine in a white VW convertible

Zari mourning Babu Tale's wife Shammy who died suddenly

Zari mourns Shammy Tale who passed on unexpectedly

Dubai police confirm arresting Instagram celebrity, Hushpuppi

Some of Hushpuppi's super rides that were impounded

Maldives is my next destination, Anita Fabiola tells hubby

Anita Fabiola and hubby Mark Ronald

I am not pregnant for Diamond Platnumz-Poshy Queen

Diamond Platnumz and Poshy Queen

Wednesday, 24 June 2020
Big Eye threatens to sue the President over Shillings 270Million
Saturday, 20 June 2020
Buchaman arrested after disrupting a NEMA meeting
Thursday, 29 August 2019
Uganda Airlines is back to the skies
Sunday, 11 August 2019
Sheebah Karungi latest news
Tuesday, 07 May 2019
Hellen Lukoma happy to learn that she is carrying a baby boy



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Tuesday, 02 June 2020
The three artists performed so well that they reminded the fans of the defunct Blu3
Thursday, 21 May 2020
Juliana Kanyomozi pregnancy pics
Thursday, 07 May 2020
Desire Luzinda
Tuesday, 02 July 2019
Sheebah Karungi held her housewarming party on July 1
Saturday, 29 June 2019
Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika in her office and inset is Eric Omondi helping her to tuck in

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Highlights and Lead Stories from the Red Pepper Uganda's first Tabloid.


Tuesday, August 31 2010

Forgotten Lullaby singer Halima Namakula is a woman who never gives up on life no matter what obstacle including age that lie ahead of her. Rumour has it that the ever green Ekimbewo star has landed a deal with a n American NGO worth shs 700m to clear Kampala streets of ladies of the night.

Apparently, she now tours city red light districts at night doing a survey on where she will start her project. But we have been told some fellas who have been enjoying these babes at a cheap price are already threatening her to stay away. Watch This Space!

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Monday, August 30 2010

Furious Dr.Alex Heard has hired mercenaries to stalk his wife Judith every time she's out with him,WTF has been told. This is all in a bid to tame her.This follows constant reports that mom of two Judith has been dating various young boys behind his (Alex) back.

Now a determined Alex has vowed to stop all this by spying on her. "Judith is a young gal who cannot be indoors all the time. She needs to go out and have fun with pals. Alex completely understands that he can't follow her everywhere.

But he can afford to hire some people to trail her everywhere she goes and keep updating him," a close family friend told us. The pair were together in Club Silk on Thursday. "Alex never took his eyes off Judith," a snoop noted.

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Monday, August 30 2010

Last Thursday all roads led to the Industrial based Club Silk for Dr. Chameleone's unplugged show. It was fun and love as mouth-watering bummy babes and whopper wielding dudes stormed the hangout.

At exactly 8 pm, It was show time with DJ Michael acting as the curtain raiser. he ladies screamed and out-competed the high voltage speakers when the doctor of music stepped on the podium, time check 9:30 pm.

As he went through his iconic songs, the revelers couldn't help asking for repeats of most of them as they claimed to be their best of all times. In a flash, Chamilie, as his fans refer to him, summoned embattled Bebe Cool on stage.

They sang the Bogolako remix. After exhausting his fans with his good music, he pardoned their weak limbs by ending his performance at 11:00 pm.

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Monday, August 30 2010

Former Miss Uganda has warned contestants vying for the most beautiful babe in Uganda for the year 2010-2011 pageant to keep away from men. This was during the recent auditions where more than fifteen models were chosen recently to join a residential camp.

"If you want to win a title, stay off s.e.xbecause the training you are to undergo needs a lot of concentration. Men will only act as a distraction." Dora is also the current Miss Uganda spokesperson.

Huh we doubt if her advice will really be taken.

Posted by: uowd AT 07:10 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
Saturday, August 28 2010
         Lillian now and then!
A source tells us pregnant singer Lillian Mbabazi is set to give birth to fellow star Moze Radio's kid next week. A close pal revealed that her doctor has confirmed 'she is getting there' and it is a baby boy.

The pal told me: "Lillian's time is fast approaching. It is a matter of days before she drops her first baby. The doc told her that next week is the time. She can't wait." Meanwhile rumour that Lillian is expecting a half caste babe has been laughed off.

The pal added that it is clear that the pregnancy is Radio's. However Radio won't be there when she drops the tot. He alongside Weasel TV and Red Banton are currently in the United States.
Posted by: uowd AT 10:23 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
Friday, August 27 2010
We have reliably been informed that Ugandan nkuba kyeyo's living in Boston US, were almost involved in a stampede trying to snatch singer Iryn Namubiru. Our sources say Iryn who is on a tour in the US left the nkuba kyeyo's scratching theur pants with an x-rated show of high quality.

"The skimpy stuff she was dressed in , the way she moved her ass and her songs brought blessedness in men's pants throughout the evening" a Ugandan who attended the show revealed.

Meanwhile, a fight almost broke out when guys started exchanging hot words in a bid to win her over for a night at their homes. We hear most of them had parked monster machines outside Club Oasis with hopes of taking her.

One of them was heard whispering to her, "How much can you chew for me to show you around Boston city." She later left in a monster GMC machine with a yet to be identified fella.
Posted by: uowd AT 04:26 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Friday, August 27 2010
We've learnt that the Goodlyfe is currently in the USA, where they went to perform. Luckily expired singer Red Banton, who's been grassing at their Makindye bonking crib managed to escort them on the trip.

However our US Snoops have intimated that Banton thanks his spirits for allowing him to secure a visa to Obama's land and as thus, he has vowed not to come back to our dusty town, where he had grassed for an untold time.

We hear prior to the trip, Banton spent sleepless nights watching over his VISA like an Askari, claiming that it might disappear in the night.
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Friday, August 27 2010
It may seem strange but true that Chili Gals group is headed for a split. The news of the split came after the group engaged in a serious misunderstanding concerning management. Word reaching us is that the group's Director Raul, has refused to fire the groups manager Judith, whom members accuse of poor management and favoritism.

When asked by our snoop, the group's team leader Peace Tyra denied the rumour, though she confessed to a friend recently that the group was on fire. It should be recalled that struggling singer Daisy was the first to quit the group to pursue a solo career and more are to follow suit. Watch this Space!

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Thursday, August 26 2010

Photo: Helen (HB Toxic) at Fashion Nite
There's a mad dash for tattoos among the upmarket chics in town. Hot gals are looking for new and interesting places for their tattoos and the lower section is an area that is being explored.

The most interesting tattoo may be placed at the front hill area. Since this skin does not continually change in the same way as the men, babes have a broader range of possible tattoo designs and pictures to select from.

Some babes also seek out tattoos on the upper inner thigh in the area. In this way, they can almost frame their stuff with their tattoos. When it comes to a tattoo in that area, it should be restricted to only the outer skin because there is an extreme risk of infection.

In addition, maintaining it, that tattoo can be difficult as hair naturally grows in the area reducing the overall appearance of the tattoo. There are truly a number of options available to those that wish to private tattoos.

With these special tattoos, the wearer can enjoy knowing that only a select few will ever get to see the tattoo and it certainly leaves their lovers with something to remember.

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Thursday, August 26 2010

Thursday night in Club Silk started quite slowly as Kenyan dancers from Nairobi Kenya wiggled their stuff for fellas. Well, the crowd seemed to be enjoying every bit of the night that had started as early as 7:00 pm.

But it was not until 10:30pm that a big booty mama who seemed to be in her late 30s jumped on to McKenzie's laps that the crowd roared. The guy started to spank her big ass as he tolled out tongue, salivated and panted seeming to be enjoying every moment.

McKenzie gently slipped his hands into the big mama's ......

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Thursday, August 26 2010

From the look of things singers Moze Radio and Weasel TV might finally have the last laugh. The two fellas were snooped from Club Silk Royale on Saturday with two big Nkuba Kyeyo chics from South Africa.

The two we were told are named Jackie and Susan. Our snoop confirms Jackie belongs to Radio and Susan is Weasel's. All the night Weasel was sharing a glass with his new catch hand in hand as they looked each other in the eyes.

The four later stormed off in the blue cab to an unknown destination.

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Wednesday, August 25 2010

Just when we thought artistes were done doing amazing things, Ssuna turns up again. The latest is that singer OS Omulangira Ssuna has been shattering a hot waitress' vuvuzela for sometime now.

We hear Ssuna has been benching this waitress at Florida Hotel along Entebbe Road. The girl has been identified as Fiona. In fact the two have been spotted recently getting cozy at Ssese Gateway Beach.

In fact close pals to the waterlogged Fiona informed our snoop that, she is planning to quit her night life job to stay at Ssuna' home in Makindye for good. This latest revelation comes on the heels of an old mama dumping a three year-old tot on his door.

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Tuesday, August 24 2010

It is not just Lillian Mbabazi, even Blu3's other girl Edith Baganda commonly known as Mya is pregnant. And like Lillian, it is not clear who the man is. But most likely, WTF has learnt it is a nkuba kyeyo fella.

This is the guy who bought her the Rav4 she usually cruises. A snoop spotted her at a wedding ceremony where she was one of the bridesmaids. A snoop noted: "Mya has been off the social scene and now I know why. She's way too big and will give birth soon."

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Tuesday, August 24 2010

The battles er rather wars between local singers Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine keep getting worse each passing day. The latest is that the 'Kasepiki' singer has yet again in bizzare and out of the way attacked 'Kataala' star's wife Barbie saying she looks like a chimp, so there's no way their women should be compared.

This was last Saturday as Bebe thrilled Makerere Students. A snoop told us, "He started bragging when students asked him to bring Zuena on stage." We hear he suddenly chipped in with something in the lines of, "Abaamu beelaga ku bannene, naye bakazi baabwe bafaanana nga zzike..."

loosely translated as, "Some people want to compete with big size when their wives are like chimps" He then went on to add that he is amused with some of the artistes who say he is katala for putting his wife in the video. "I don't mind those who call me Kataala. It's because I have what other artistes don't have, so they fell jealous."

He then summoned struggling upcoming singer and his wife Zuena on stage to show her off to adoring student fans. This is the latest in a series of well documented attacks that the two singers (Bebe and Bobi) have been trading against each other for sometime.

Related Photo: Zuena, Barbie Go Shopping

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Monday, August 23 2010

Sheila Sempebwa

Wafagio sexy Sheila Sempebwa has finally quit the group over too much sex. Sheila, who recently sent her long time bunkmate Earl to the dustbin, told our snoop on Saturday at the Tusker Project Fame auditions at UBC headquarters that the guy was a sex maniac and that all he did for her was to ask for romps every other thirty minutes like a horny Boer goat.
“The guy wants sex every after thirty minutes. I have talent, let me try my luck at the Tusker Project Fame,” she told our snoop.
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Monday, August 23 2010

Judith Babirye

Gospel singer Judith Babirye has landed her as in hot soup. A certain money lender is on her case demanding she pays back the loan she acquired lest he attaches her property.

We hear this was last year when she was set to travel to the US. A source told us, “She used a friend to acquire the loan but up to now she has never paid back” The money lender is now processing documentation to attach the woman’s vast land including the one she had given to put up a church.
In fact one of the plots in Kisaasi along Sebagala road valued at Shs 160m is already being looked at.
We wonder why the gospel singer can't clear the loan putting in mind that every concert she is hired to perform at, she charges not less than Shs 2m.
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Monday, August 23 2010
We don’t know whether Goodlyfe boys have run out of steam or there is something amiss with them. A snoop says these boys are fast losing it because last weekend, they run out of fuel on their way to Mutukula where they had gone for a show.
The looked a nuisance in their Ipsum while in Kyotera and to make matters worse, they were picking fuel from the petrol station using beer bottles. They had in their company two malnourished bazungu women with one of them appearing to be pregnant.
We really wonder what is happening to these boys who once tried to live a first paced life.
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Sunday, August 22 2010
Self styled lugaflow king Rabadaba is using his young celebrity status to his fullest advantage. We are wondering if he got lessons from now faded singer Qute Kaye. The Namugongo born  Rabadaba we are told bonked three babes in a single day at Caravan Hotel on Wednesday leaving the hotel mattresses under the attack of El nino waves.

A source told us, "He first entered with two birds and they spent approximately four hours before a knackered 'Nsula Olunyiriri' singer emerged holding them by the waist with a crocodile smile cutting across his lips.

He then went straight on stage because he was slated to perform at this watering point. Later after the show, he hooked up another babe whom he took into the room for another round of service. By the time our snoop left the place, Rabadaba was still holed up in her ki-vuvuzela.

The cleaners whom we contacted in the morning confirmed how he left the sheets in a mess. Here at 3am desk, we think Bwekiri!

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Saturday, August 21 2010
Barbie and Bobi Wine at the Carolina Launch at Hotel Africana
Photo: Bobi and Barbie @ Africana
Fire Base Crew Boss Bobi Wine has finally made plans and set a date to walk down the aisle his long time sweetheart. mother to his kids and a woman whom he claims was a virgin when he met her.
Word has it that the Uganja first family will be getting officially wedded come Sept next year.

Apparently, Barbie is tired of Bobi's future wedding promises. We hear plans for the big do have already been made; one of the who is who' in Kampala and another for his fans to be held at his One Love Beach at Busabala.

An insider though says, "Bobi is ashamed because Bobi accepted the kid he had with a UK based babe Sophie. He felt embarrassed and the only thing he must do now is wed her now."

Rumour has it that during the party at One Love Beach, sticks of ganja will be used as fireworks for the day. Remember Barbie introduced the ganja crew boss to her parents in Ntungamo District about three years ago.

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Friday, August 20 2010

         Theatre Factory members acting
Fun Factory star Veronica Tindichebwa, commonly known as Tindi, is a mum. She gave birth to a bouncing baby gal in the early hours of Wednesday morning at Bugolobi based Paragon Hospital.

And by the time we went to press, both mum and baby were in fine health. Our Paragon based snoop told us:  "Both mum and girl are in amazing shape. She is really excited to be a mum for the first time."

However the man responsible is not well known.

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Friday, August 20 2010

          Bebe Cool Finally Gets Big Size number plate
Star vocalist Bebe Cool has finally acquired the BIG SIZE number plate of his new monster Hummer H2 vehicle. Ever since he bought the powerful car in February, he has tried to acquire the number plate but in vain.

In fact it has always been believed he had failed to clear import taxes. Recently the car has been carrying an ordinary number plate in the UAN series. But lately it is said the singer received a huge sum of money from President Yoweri Museveni as compensation following gunshot wounds he suffered in January 2010.

Though it is not clear how much money he received, a massive $75,000 which is around Shs 165million. However our senior snoop bumped into the singer in a bank depositing Shs 70million.

He is meant to travel to United States for a final operation on his legs.

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Thursday, August 19 2010

Our snoops were shocked at Lillies salon on Wilson road last week when they smoked out Blu3 singer Mya buying of all things, Mekako. Skin experts have revealed that Mekako helps in turning the complexion from dark to light.

Apparently , she buys the soap in bundles. Remember her Blu3 mate, Jackie Chandiru, has been known to use a cocktail of bleaching detergents in her fight to get a light complexion. Could she have leant t from her; We can't rule that out now.

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Thursday, August 19 2010

       Bootylicious Desire
Just last week in our Saturday 3am issue we reported  that singer Desire Luzinda's preparations for a splashy birthday party scheduled for (Saturday 14th Aug 2010) at Club Valentino Tottenham High Road, London was in shambles.

At the time we reported that a tycoon, who we couldn't name due to private reasons, had reportedly pulled out of sponsoring her supposedly huge and splashy birthday party. Reason given was that 'Nina Omwami' star had been lying to him that he was the only one docking at her vuvuzela.

We were told, "He was planning to sink in approximately USD 120,000 (Shs 240m). But on realizing that he wasn't the only one financing the party , he suspended the whole project"

But fresh sources have informed us that booty Desire's party flopped terribly. "There were a handful of people that it looked embarrassing, "a source in the UK added. To hide the embarassment, she now blames food poisoning for ruining her party and she has now rescheduled it.

She wrote on her wall, "Dear lovely fans, It's a pity I missed my own birthday party due to some food poisoning.Must be one of those damn plane meals. I feel better now and will have my party this saturday 21-August-2010 at my favourite Club Valentino without fail and expect a live concert after I cut that cake and pop champagne. C you when u get there."

Some of the guys reacted; Jean Baptise Akol said "It sounds like a made up story to me Desire"

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Wednesday, August 18 2010
         Chagga and Bobi Wine
Chagga on how Star Bobi Wine nabbed his new lover Carol
Fading singer Chagga Yaga opened up to pals over the  the weekend and told of how star singer Bobi Wine snatched his new 'sweetheart' and love of his love only identified as Carol.

Teary Chagga was talking to pals on a night out at the weekend. Just a few days back, we told of how Firebase Crew leader Bobi Wine had snatched fading singer Chagga Yaga's new smashing lover only identified as Carol.

Gorgeous Carol is Rwandan. She had been dating Chagga for two months but their relationship was strained as soon as Bobi came into the picture. We spotted the pair looking like newly-weds on Kampala road based Hi Table some time back back.

Now Chagga accepts he can't compete with Bobi for Carol but has been around telling whoever cares to listen that Bobi started with Carol by first getting her phone and claiming he wanted her to feature in one of his latest videos.

According to Chagga, however, Bobi later made an appointment with Carol and as they say the rest is history

Related: Bobi Snatches Chagga's New Gal
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Wednesday, August 18 2010

Singer Brenda Nambi of HB Toxic twosome is seriously rivaling Straka Mwezi in the swine rib crushing business. Our snoops have been shocked on two separate occasions they have bumped into Brenda at Kololo based Lawn Restaurant.

The singer can crush pork ribs like a grinding machine. A source told us, "She usually visits pork joints and restaurants for this delicacy." We are told she usually crushes five to six sticks and for the fried one, she can wallop 2kgs on a good day. 

Apparently, close pals say she has no mercy towards the 'cursed' animal

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Wednesday, August 18 2010

Cleopatra Koheirwe
We don't know if this si true but our highly placed sources have landed on a rumour that fast rising and former obsessions star and actress Cleopatra Koheirwe is set for a movie stint in the US.

We hear a Mississippi based over 18 movie maker only identified as  Miria Nair of the Masala films has offered her a role. Apparently the scenes of the movie will involve touching, kissing and er...just may be romping at times.

A source told us,"She will ear millions in this deal but the problem is she still thinking about whether to sign or not because she thinks there are repercussions." The movie will be shot in India and Pakistan.

By press time we had tried getting in contact with her but couldn't get her on phone. Remember she recently starred in a local movie, Yogera. But in her new role better be warned because it will only be for the 18 and above guys. Watch this Space

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Tuesday, August 17 2010
         Exodus and Prisca
Former Dream Galz singer Priska Mikami always never disappoints. Her dating sequence is well documented and in fact our recent series she was categorized among Kampala's free lancers. Well, our snoops smoked out the sex goddess at the Kololo based Nanjing Restaurant last Friday having a good time with a fella we are told is an Israel.

Our snoop told, "The guy was well built and mean looking and was all over her as they downed expensive wines." In fact some we have concluded he could be among the Mossad guys who are in town along with FBI to help out with terrorists.

Remember the dating queen almost caused a rift between singer Kyangulanyi and his wife after it was reported the two were close friends.
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Tuesday, August 17 2010
RnB singer Toniks has sensationally quit talent 256 music label, WTF Exclusively reveals. Talent 256 is owned by Ally Alibhai and manages the likes of Michael Ross, Blu3 and HB Toxic.

It is not clear why he quit but a source tells us he was not happy with how he was being managed. A source tells us he is set to sign with Kenya's Ogopa DJs. Watch This Space!
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Friday, August 13 2010

This will shock the nation but Nakawere Naila Salim we hear is stranded with her new born bay. Trouble began when she failed to reveal the true identity of the kids father, something that has rendered the kid nameless.

To add injury to salt, we hear Naila, who is not known to have been employed anywhere, save for the time she featured in Chameleone's VUMILIA video, is so broke and has no dime to even feed herself and the baby.

Her boob milk is soon running out now that she is not feeding well. We have also learnt that though the bay was rumoured to be Chameleone's, Bobi's and Unique's names have also been suggested by a close family member.

Snoops intimate that one of her aunties has advised her to go for a DNA test, so as to prove the paternity of the kid. "The poor girl doesn't know the kids father and is terribly stranded," added our snoops who spotted Naila breastfeeding her baby recently.

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Friday, August 13 2010

New Star on the block Margla is one woman who will always keep us on our tenterhooks, thanks to her craving of the lady Gaga kind of lifestyle. This randy babe whom we now know loves it more than food, we've learnt, is an addict of giving guys all the best there is.

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Thursday, August 12 2010
Phina Mugerwa
Just a few days back we reported that self-styled Ugandan 'Shakira'  Phina Mugerwa could quit dancing after giving birth through C-Section. We were right because the doctors told her to stop gyrating her waist line like she used to do because the effects of the C-section are always long lasting.

But there is one thing that should be noted; Phina has come out looking hotter than ever. In her new tantalizing sexy pictures we landed on recently, the former dancing queen shows off her post-natal figure.

A snoop commented, "I couldn't  believe she just dropped a tot. She looks too hot for a mother who is still breast feeding." We can't agree more.

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Thursday, August 12 2010

Caldina Kamulenzi

Desperate City Glamour gal Caldina Kamulenzi is off to Benin to look for greener pastures. Er men. The sickly but gorgeous Caldina left early this week and it is not clear who took her. But surely it has to be a man.

Caldina has spent most part of this year bedridden  with a deadly infectious disease. And ever since her sickness became public knowledge, most fellas have been avoiding her. A few weeks back we spotted her in Ange Noir Discotheque dancing by herself.

Notably she has dated Eagles Production singer Mesach Ssemakula and late Capital FM deejay Ronnie.


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Thursday, August 12 2010

Rachael Kay is the new face of Pepsi
Photo: Rachael Kay - New Pepsi Ambassador
Word from the corridors of power at Crown Beverages is that singer, singer Rachael K's contract is hanging in balance. We have been told after her current contract as Pepsi's Goodwill Ambassador expires in a few months time, the beverages company might n ot renew it.

A source told us, "We are looking at a drafting new fresh talent whom our customers can associate to easily." Raised in the US, Racheal K has appeared in different Pepsi Promotions and commercials including the 'Oh Africa' 2010 World Cup song where she featured alongside American Superstars Akon and Keri Hilson.

Apparently Crown Beverages is closely watching another female artiste to take over the role. Watch this Space!

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Thursday, August 12 2010

Fire Base Crew head boy Bobi Wine has snatched fading singer  Chagga Yaga's new smashing lover only identified as Carol, WTF exclusively reveals. Gorgeous Carol is Rwandan. She has been dating Chagga for the last two months bit it looks like the relations hip is doomed after the more famous and rich Bobi picked interest.

We spotted the pair looking like newly weds at Hi-Table bar on Monday. An eye witness noted: "The pair looked very cosy, ensconced at the VIP Table. While other revellers danced around them, they preferred their own company, and remained seated chatting all night.

Carol seemed absorbed in conversation with the star singer as they leaned in close whisper to each other." It is said that Chagga is gutted. It must be noted that Bobi Wine is not new to offside romps.

He has a three year kid in an outside relationship with one Safina who stays in the UK. Bobi Wine's phone was unavailable for comment.

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Wednesday, August 11 2010
    Eva shows of the father to her daughter
Former model Eva Mbabazi has finally showed off the fella who docked at her station live. We have been informed he is a former DJ at Capital and Sanyu and apparently he hooked her up while she was still darting Nick Ssentamu, a former model with Ziper models.

A source tells us, "Eva was head over heels for the guy to the extent that she dumped her boyfriend Nick to romp with him." Remember those were the days of her infamous fish net dress and she was the hottest model on the social scene.

The two had a daughter together but the fella later dumped her for hotter babes after she faded. Eva now stays in the UK with her daughter while the fella is in Sweden and the two can't see eye to eye.
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Wednesday, August 11 2010
       Newman Kavulu looks on as Sylvia models
Celebrities who are fast fading out on the social scene have often been accused of making stunts to regain their past glory. Last week we revealed that Sylvie Owori and her 14-year fiance, Pur Munk-Nielsen, broke up after, their affair got stuck at Kwanjula levels for more than a decade.

Those of you who think it is yet another stunt are highly mistaken . After Sylvie packed her belongings and quit their marital home in Luzira, she confirmed that they had indeed broken up but would continue doing their joint business together.

However, it seems Sylvie is determined to completely kick Pur Munk-Nielsen out of her life. A few days back she hired a fuso truck and emptied her African Magazine office and workshop located on second street, Industrial area.

She loaded her computers, cabinets, chairs, tables, sewing machines, unsold magazines etc. on the truck. We are yet to identify where she relocated. Meanwhile, Munk-Nielsen arrived for work a few hours later and found a huge solex padlock on the door, and on peeping through the window ha almost collapsed when he saw an empty room. Sorry, poor man, the gal is gone for real!
Read Also:

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Tuesday, August 10 2010

Nigerian Music stars Bracket of Yori Yori song are in town. But wait a minute; its not because they have a music concert, here on holiday or to promote their music. The boyz are in town to hook up Ugandan babes for marriage.

We bumped into them at Subway Restaurant near Crested Towers in the company of Dizzy Nuts Galiwango and they assured us they are in town single and searching for hot Ugandan babes for romps.

They told our snoop, "We are in town to look for gals. They told us Ugandan women are waterlogged and that's what we are here for. To show other Nigerian men that Uganda is truly gifted by nature."

We left them gazing at two hot birds who had just stormed the eating joint. So gold diggers; the only requirement is being waterlogged. Take your chances.

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Tuesday, August 10 2010

      Cindy and Mario
A saying goes 'better the devil you know than an angel you don't". It looks like  that's a lesson singer Cindy is having serious thoughts about. Rumour doing rounds is that Ayokyayokya singer has been begging fromer boyfriend Mario Brunette to get back with her.

And this could be true because she has been spotted several times at Cayenne bar in Ntinda where Mario is a manager. Our snoops spotted her yet again getting cozy with Mario on Saturday.

Our snoops left them there still whispering sweet nothings into each other's ears.

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Monday, August 09 2010

We have been informed the relationship between mates Lilian Mbabazi and Jackie Chandiru is on the verge of crumbling over their new collaboration songs. One told us Radio and Weasel are not happy with Chandiru because of her collabo with Jose Chameleone.

As a result Lillian has been strategically distancing herself from Jackie. She doesn't  want to fall out with Goodlyfe especially now that she is pregnant with Radio's baby. We hear Chandiru's efforts to get Lillian have been futile as she hasn't been picking her calls.

Blu3 was set to reunite next year after their one year break but that now looks more unlikely. Another Blu3 member Edith Baganda aka Mya is very inconsequential in Blu3 and  since she's currently doing er nothing, there are high chances she will be pregnant by the start of the year.

It must be noted Blu3 is a three member group.

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Monday, August 09 2010
Ghetto vice President Buchaman is wanted after his whooper trespassed and terrorized the Kandahar of a student. Our snoops can now reveal that Buchaman has been telling this babe only identified as Ritah Semanda studying from St. Johns SSS, Mukono how he is set to marry her; a thing that made her surrender to the Lwaki Temumatira singer.

We hear the babe is now baking a bun in the oven and her father has vowed to hunt Buchaman's head. Ritah was in Senior six.

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Sunday, August 08 2010

Chamili and Bebe
This is shocking but true. Uganda's top two singers Jose Chameleone and Bebe Cool have been told they won't be given visas to travel to the US for the Uganda North American Association slated in two weeks time.

We hear there are three main reasons why the American Embassy refused to authorize them. Firstly, its because these singers have been involved in various fights with fellow artistes and even with fans.

A case in point is Chameleone's recent thumping of Vamposs which is heading to the courts of law while Bebe's ugly scenes during his tour of Europe prompted the embassy to flush them.

Then we are told most of the members in their respective crews they travel abroad with disappear(remember Dizzy Nuts, case) while unconfirmed rumour claims that some of the members they take on pay some dime to include them in.

A frustrated Basiima Ogenze singer tried to intimidate them by saying State House had sent him but the guys stuck to their guns. A source at the embassy told us, He claimed State House had sent him but he didn't even have a letter from the high authorities he claimed had sent him"

We can now confirm that Samalie Matovu of Omukwano Gunyuma fame, Juliana K, Hilderman and a few others were the only ones allowed.

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Saturday, August 07 2010
Just in 2008, they won three Pam Awards with club banger NAKUDATA, winning Song of the year at the PAM Awards. Word on everyone's lips was that the boys had arrived with a swagger.

Ugandans embraced them the way the jesuits did to Jesus. For a moment, the sky appeared to be the limit for Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel TV and Moses Nakintigye aka Moze Radio. The boys who formerly plied their trade as singer Jose Chameleone back up singers had in a twinkle of an eye become men; celebrities; they were the hottest property on Uganda's music scene.

Everything they touched was turning gold from 2008 and 2009. They chumed out top hits after another from Nakudata, Zuena, Nyambura, Bread and Butter to duets like Ability with Rabadaba, potential with Zambia's Gen Ozzy and Where You are with Blu3 among other songs.

But since the turn of the year we have noted a downward trend in their musical graph, their performance price per show has lowered tremendously (they were recently paid Shs 1m at a show in Mbale; money they wouldn't take in their hey days) while their new songs are yet to win over their doubters.

Biff, Biff and More Biff
A saying goes "Be good to people on your way up the ladder because you are bound to meet them on your way down." Now the fact is, these boys have clashed with most guys in town.

From fights with their mentor Jose Chameleone(they baptised one of their dogs Chameleone recently) after they quit his Leone Island Crew; the never ending wars and battles with the Bebe Cool to top club Managers like AngeNoir CEO Charlie Lubega among many other top music promoters. They have clashed with them all.

At one point after their biff had gotten worse, they did a song 'Chidula' dissing Charlie; a thing that led to their music banned from ever being played at the club again(though Charlie later revised the punishment) while other clubs like Silk at one point had also put a ban on them ever entering because of the chaos they were causing.

Battles with Bebe
Their battles with Bebe Cool are well documented. To say it loud and clear their songs are based on fights with the Gagamel Crew owner. One music critic says: "The problem with the Goodlyfe is that most of their songs are talking about Bebe and his wife Zuena. You see people can take in such songs for a short time but over a long run they will get used to them and then you will eventually find there is nothing new to offer to your fans. That will signal your end to music.

Ego and Arrogance
There's no question that the boys are talented. But however much talented one is; discipline is paramount to success. And surely Moze and Radio's discipline leaves a lot to be desired.

The same audience that had embraced them now looks at them with contempt just a couple of years down the road. One fan wondered, why they don't respect fellow artistes they found in the industry. This is their number one downfall and it's the reason why most of their fans are fast running away. 
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Saturday, August 07 2010
Singer denies rumour that Naila's Kid is his
After a lot of speculation and counter rumours of who Naila's tot is, we have learnt that singer Jose Chameleone has come out denying any rumour connecting him to her. 

This follows continuous  media reports and rumours saying the Bayuda singer was actually the dad of sexy Naila's baby. A close pal to the singer told us: "Jose thinks what is being said is totally out of place. He knows nothing about the baby."

In fact we are told he claims all this is being fronted by his haters who want to destroy his marriage with wife Daniella. Remember Chameleone once thumped a scribe over an article that said, "Jose Dumps Naila in Mabira" and she is the same babe that has appeared in many of his videos.

Our snoops are working round the clock to bring you pictures of the baby so that you can tell us if it has any resemblance to the 'Vumilia' singer. Surely we don't know what to believe.
Naila's Kid is Chameleone's Photocopy
Preggie Naila Leaves Hospital
Naila Salim is Preggie
Saturday, August 07 2010
          Halima Namakula
WHAT! VETERAN singer Halima Namakula has been told by her boyfriend he needs a kid with her. We are told the 'Ekimbeewo' star has been dating this unknown fella for sometime and only stopped getting hitched to him because she wanted to raise her kids. A close pal informed 3am desk,

"Now the kids are grown and looking after themselves, the fella thinks it's right time Halima conceded his penalty." Halima is blessed with three lovely kids; Rachel K, Hemdee K and some other fellow who likes to keep his profile low.

And she was married to Mr. Kiwanuka who sadly passed on. What is ringing in our heads though is  whether at fifty years of age, Halima can still push tot out of her vuvuzela. We wish her the best!

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Saturday, August 07 2010
Exclusive information reaching our desk indicates Nile Breweries will take over he once prestigious Pearl of Africa Music Awards next year 2011. A source tell us Nile Breweries and PAM Awards Chairman Isaac Mulindwa have a verbal agreement of the deal and now it is a matter of time before the agreement is made more concrete.

The Awards are currently sponsored by rival company Uganda Breweries Limited and telecom company Zain which has since been taken over. But last year the awards failed to take place with sponsors accusing the organizers of poor management.

This year we are made to believe the awards will take place but it is unlikely.
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Friday, August 06 2010

       Alpha and Zuena
Singer Bebe Cool's recent misfortune has now turned to his family and latest news on our desk indicates his son Alpha Thierry Ssali is nursing a broken arm following a freak accident at their home on Wednesday.

Alpha was playing with his younger sister Beata when the terrible accident occurred. As you read this the boy's arm  is in plaster and he is experiencing a lot of pain. His mom Zuena confirmed the accident to us tearfully said:

"I don't know what is happening to me. When will I ever be out of hospital?" But by the look of things, Zuena won't be out of hospital soon. Bebe Cool is set to trave; to Boston USA for further medical attention following the bloody shooting where he suffered from major wounds in January this year.

Ever since the start of the year, Bebe Cool has been on and out of hospital. After the shooting, he spent weeks lying in St. Raphael Hospital in Nsambya. Then weeks later, he was involved in an accident with hi beautiful wife Zuena when they were traveling back to Kampala from a show in Northern Uganda.

Slightly after he was discharged, he was involved in a fight in Denmark. Now this fresh Alpha accident will bring more debate as to what is really happening to Bebe Cool. The singer has a new song titled 'Trouble' in which he stresses that every man should handle his troubles. But can he handle his?

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Friday, August 06 2010

News COMING in reveals that singer Jose Chameleone has been lined up for Rwandan President Gen paul Kagame's election victory party. The unconfirmed reports claim that Jose, fresh from his performances at the FIFA 2010 World Cup final in South Africa, will now head to Kigali to perform for Kagame's supporters to celebrate the victory next week.

The Rwandan tough General is expected to sweep the votes come Monday and preparations are in high gear. A source told us, "Kagame is a big fan and friend of Chameleone. So he will grace the occasion to entertain his voters and say thank you to his people for the landslide win that is expected."

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Friday, August 06 2010

         Alpha and Sheebah
We know they have a song together but is there something going on between dance-hall star KS Alpha and former Obsessions singer Sheebah Karungi? The two were spotted enjoying each other's company last Wednesday at Theatre Labonita.

A snoop told us, "They like each other's company and actually have started hanging out together quite often."

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Friday, August 06 2010

Jackie, Sheebah who left the group and Sharon
It's definitely not good news for their fans but it's sadly the truth. We have sensationally learnt that Obsessions dancing and singing group is finally set to announce that they are closing shop.

We are yet to know the reasons behind the closure of the group that at one point was the most sought after entertainment group at all big functions around town. A close source to the few remaining members like Ronnie Mulindwa, Sharon and Jackie told us,

"The group has no business since most of the core members departed. So the only way it is to finally forget about it. It can't stand without having business because two babes(married) can't pull the crowds alone."

Remember most of the hot babes that comprised the group like Sheebah Karungi, Cleopatra, Natasha Sinayobya and Fatuma Gulam all departed amidst controversy and irreconcilable differences while strong guys like Michael Kasaija also left.

In fact most of the babes went out amidst allegations of sexual abuse from the top managers. Now we are told the current three-member Obsessions Group can't hold out any more thus deciding to close the curtains on the project.

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Thursday, August 05 2010

           Steak Out Bar
Lumumba Road based Steak Out bar has surely stepped up war against HIV in this country. In a move to ensure that their patrons visit Kandahar and come out safely without contracting the HIV Virus, the bar has installed a condom dispenser in the toilets where by you throw in a Shs 500 coin in the machine, and a packet of O condoms is at your disposal.

But now the problem is Steakout revellers are roasting each other like crazy. We are told every after twenty seconds; someone is seen pressing the machine for a packet of condoms and management is worried that at this rate, the machine could soon break down.

The famous UTL sponsored Rock night on Thursday is when the machine in the men's loos is busiest every second a man is pressing it for condoms to ROCK somebody's daughter.

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Thursday, August 05 2010

     Stella and Sylvia
Ugandan Fashion Guru left in Dark for New York Fashion Week

Celebrated Ugandan fashion designer Sylvie Owori who has for a long time been regarded the best our banana republic has ever produced finally has a competitor. This after the emergence of Stella Atal as the new face of Ugandan fashion.

Now we have reliably been informed that organisers of New York Fashion week that took place in the US last week snubbed Sylvie for Atal. And the talented designer didn't disappoint with her top of range African designs and Fabrics; a thing that didn't go down well with the African Woman CEO.

A source told us, "The organisers thought she is the only hot property in Uganda, the reason she was invited alongside Africa's creme de la creme of designers."

Now we are told Sylvie is unhappy because the rookie designer could be out to get her crown as the best in East Africa. In fact we have been informed she won two projects of designing Miss Africa US and another one we are yet to know.

Could Sylvi'e split with fiance Munk-Nielsen after fourteen years be affecting her. Watch this Space!

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Wednesday, August 04 2010

Dancehall Crew President DJ Michael has moved in with her preggie fiancee despite recent rumours about another gal claiming he destroyed her future. A few weeks back, former singer Brenda claimed the Kwata Kwata singer had shattered her education and dumped her.

But despite the claims, preggie Ndagire has moved in with Michael. The pair now stay together in Makindye. Meanwhile DJ Michael's new song Kili Okay is currently number one on most of the local charts.

And it has been earning him lots of dime lately because of its appeal.

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Wednesday, August 04 2010
If there is anyone suffering most because of the anti-terrorism measures being taken after the July 11 bomb blasts then it is none other than curvy singer Desire Luzinda.
As you are all aware, these days it is almost impossible to enter any building in the city without going under a metal detector test.
When the machine detects a metal, it sends out a loud beep and you are told to remove whatever the machine is complaining about.
As for Desire, things have not been easy and she has been wasting a lot of time arguing with security guards over ever-lasting beeps after removing her earrings and the pin on her nose.
If you have seen some of her pictures in our pages, you must have noticed she has a pin on her navel as well. But that is not all, those who have had the privilege of seeing her in Adam suit claim she has pins in other hidden parts of the body as well and that is what is making metal detectors scream as if she is carrying a bomb.
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Wednesday, August 04 2010

A source tells us singers Jose Chameleone, Juliana Kanyomozi, Radio, Weasel and Bobi Wine are on the verge of signing a multi million shillings deal to compose a song for the Ministry of Finance.

Each artiste/group will compose a song of their own for the ministry's new campaign set to kick off before the end of the year. The singers are set to meet with finance officials and slap out deals where each artiste/group will pocket around Shs 25 million.

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Wednesday, August 04 2010

           Joe on his last vist to Uganda and Nicholas Oneal

The times of renowned New Vision top lensman and party animal Nicholas Oneal chasing skirts and bonking whoever parades his kandahar are over. He has decided he is fed up with the various kandahars and has settled for one.

He has decided to legalize his bonking sessions with a yet to be identified babe. The fella is holding his last introduction meeting this Friday at Blue Bar centenary Park starting at 5:00pm.

We wonder what he will tell his many girlfriends once they discover he has dumped them. Watch This Space!

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Tuesday, August 03 2010

Battered Ragga singer Vamposs aka Vampino wants to give fellow singer Chameleone a 'hair drier treatment'. We have been told that after a thorough thumping at the hands of Basiima Ogenze singer Jose Chameleone and his gang of hooligans, he has declared war on him.

A close pal told us, "He has already lined up a team of lawyers who will fight for him in court if the police don't help bring Jose down, he is ready to open up a full bloodied  war on him even if it means loosing a life"

We hear the Bayuda singer who has countless charges of assault at police has been trying to get in contact with Vampino to settle the case of assault through Ras Tadius but all in vain.

We are told he even offered him Shs 2m but Vampino rejected it.

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Tuesday, August 03 2010

Preggie Lillian throws baby shower for pals at Bukoto based bar Cayenne but her Man Moze Radio is nowhere. This was on Saturday. Lillian pals were all in perfect mood as they partied with their mom to be pal all night long with pints and eats in plenty.

Blu3's Lillian has given  music a break as she awaits the arrival of her first born with Radio. Meanwhile singer Radio and his music partner Weasel were in a show at Comprehensive Bar in Nateete. They recently returned from Kigali Rwanda where they had shows.

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Tuesday, August 03 2010

Former Dream Galz singer Rena Nalumansi who is on and off the social scene has hooked a Kenyan tycoon. The booby Rena we are told hooked this tycoon while on a show in Mbale.

A close pal told us, "She is over the moon and totally in love with this guy. She also thinks he treats her so well." Meanwhile, we have been informed that this tycoon from Kikuyu land deals in shipping cars to East African countries has ordered a state of the range Nadia for her and has also vowed to sponsor her music career till she becomes the most sought after female star in Uganda.

We hear all this is for her good antics in bed matters.

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Tuesday, August 03 2010

Charles Mbiire, the Kabale born tycoon a few years back spent lots of dime on a song that was a birthday present for his mum. The song 'Mama Mbire' sang by music diva Juliana Kanyomozi and the Ghetto president Bobi Wine was a hit that topped charts in this country.

Now we have heard that the tycoon is again in the process of having another one done for his loving mum. But this time round it will not be either Juliana or Bobi Wine but rather from either Chameleone or Bebe Cool.

Mbire is the wealthiest indigenous Ugandan, with an estimated net worth in excess of US$ 65 million as of Dec 2008. Watch This Space!

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Monday, August 02 2010
Former Kampala Tycoon and spendthrift Justus Kashoma, who run out of luck when he attempted to defraud Shs 10bn in Stanbic Bank at Garden City in 2008, is facing it rough in his young marriage.

Justus is married to a very beautiful woman, Suzanne Kasingye. It is an open secret that before he came back from London in 2005, Suzanne was a long time girl friend and fiancee of Griffin, a nephew to first lady, Janet Museveni.

In 2006, Suzanne met Kashoma in one of a friend's wedding meeting at Hotel Africana. The showy Justus impressed Suzanne and they fell in love. Little did he know that the instruments he used to lure Suzanne from a friend Griffin were not constant to him.

A few years later, Kashoma is busted from his shoddy deals, all accounts frozen because of money laundering. He first sold off his Muyenga house, then closed his offices at Kiira Road opposite police, and his apartment in Bulgolobi, then his Land Cruiser.

Friends say that despite all this, Kashoma remained indiscipline with his lavish spending and all the dime went. In fact they are now renting in Ntinda that's why his favourite hangout is Fatboys at Kisementi where he is always playing pool.

Friends say the last money he got from selling the Bugolobi Flat, he bought a Harrier and the remainder, he gambled it. Now Suzanne no longer sees any reason to be in Kashoma's armpit. She has steadily drifted.

It is an open secret that Suzzane was close to Kashoma's one time best friend Chris who works with ISO; Now snoops can confirm that Suzanne is best pals with a city hunk called Bagashe, who also separated with the wife a few years ago.
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Monday, August 02 2010
We have learnt that former Wafagio singer Linda is cursing why she quit the group after the Nigerians that  had promised to fund her career disappeared. We hear Linda was contacted by some Nigerians who promised to promote her and she quit Wafagio and then convinced Edith to also quit.

But a source now tells us the Nigerians have disappeared after they analysed the girls vocal abilities are quite wanting. Now we are told Edith and Linda are stranded with their music careers seemingly over.
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Monday, August 02 2010

You all thought we have been lying all along. We can now confirm that Western Uganda's singing sensation and unlucky in love singer Lady Mariam aka Tindatine's grasp of the Queen' language is surely wanting.

We are told she begged an interview to be done in Luganda as she was being hosted on NTV's Rendezvous show. Apparently she had tried her luck with English before the show kicked off and she hurt her jaws badly with a series of classified buffalos; a thing that would have made Mayor Seya look a class apart and proud og himself.

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Sunday, August 01 2010
We have sensationally learnt fashion guru Sylvie Owori's 14 year old relationship with fiance Per Munk-Nielsen is in tatters. Close sources to Sylvie have revealed that trouble stems from Sylvie's celebrity status and the fact that  she has been connected to different cit guys; a thing that made her fiance jealous and annoyed.

Apparently the break point was when we published a picture of Sylvie in a snogavitch with the controversial Andrew Mwenda early last month at Boda Boda during the MTN VIP World Cup Party.

In her next issue of her African Woman Magazine she wrote on her editorial column that being a celebrity comes with pressure and a price to pay. She was quoted then, "after finding my picture on the front page of a tabloid, I had to answer some weird questions."

Remember that was after we had exposed the African Woman CEO that she had hooked up an energetic young fella only identified as Malaika, formerly Lady Tycoon Mumpowe's bonkmate. We hear she had gone ahead to buy him a Toyota Premio reg. no UAN 612C.

The two had been spotted coming out of Nakumatt after a shopping spree together. We are told that all this and the fact she was getting too busy for her relationship have contributed top the split.

She now resides at a posh pad in Kololo after packing all her belongings at their marital home in Luzira. Efforts to get a comment from her were futile after she hung up when we told her we are from the 3am desk. So fellas the bubbly Sylvie is up for grabs.

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Sunday, August 01 2010
 Hardly days after singer Sylvia Namugenyi quit Bebe Cool's Gagamel Entertainment citing poor earnings, she has come out yet again to say that Zuena has issues with her. A close pal told us, "Namugenyi clearly knows Zuena has issues with her but she doesn't know what they are.

She has never abused her or anything." We hear Bebe's wife has now resorted to threatening her. Remember just this week we told of how Zuena has assured the 'Akembarara' singer that she doesn't like her one bit while on a European Tour with Bebe in Denmark.

In fact a story is told that the Gagamel Crew first lad controls most of the singers under the label and she demands maximum respect from all of them at all times. Watch This Space because it could be the latest biff in town.
Related: Namugenyi Quits Gagamel Crew
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