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Bad Black and Bryan White

Bad Black on the case of the artists who were signed to the Podium

Socialite Bad Black while on her visit to Bryan White, who is battling with some stomach complications did not have kind words for artists whop were once signed to the Bryan White Foundation, otherwise called the podium.

Bad Black at Bryan White's

Bad Black breaks down on visiting Bryan White

"I can't forget what you've done for me since 2016, I pray that the good Lord heals you pretty fast. You built a house for my mom who was putting up in a mud thatched house then, she is now in a tiled house and can even watch DSTV, how can I forget you Bryan White."

Spice Diana lockdown goals

Spice Diana lockdown goals

It's close to five months since the country was locked down due to the Coronavirus that has not spared any sector. In Uganda, some measures have been eased and some sectors have resumed operations, though not fully as they have to observe the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in place.

Socialite Sipapa and his three wives

Socialite Sipapa real name Charles Olim has for a while been entangled with his three wives that include singers Serena Bata and Brown Shugar.

He also has another one called Sasha Samirah who is the last one standing.

Inset Sipapa is seen with two of his wives Serena Bata who jumped ship and Sasha Shamira whose parents he has just visited. Armed with a glass is Brown Shugar as Mugole Shamira enjoys her Audi ride...

Vivienne and SK Mbuga fight

Most battered women are fearful to come out and share their experiences about domestic abuse, but Vivienne Chebet Mbuga is not one of them as she came out using her wall to expose her hubby.

"Sometimes women stay with a dysfunctional partner out of fear that the next women will reap the benefit of the work she's put in. Nope."

"The next woman gets his same habits, dysfunction and pain."

Eddy Kenzo in Ivory Coast

Eddy Kenzo caught up with his fans over the weekend in the month of July 2020

Eddy Kenzo was live on Facebook talking about a number of issues, including how he is faring in Ivory Coast, a place he was supposed to be for two days, but has been for four months and he is still counting...

Zari next to her ride...

Tiffah and Nillan were being filmed by their mom as they enjoyed the latest addition to their fleet, a Bentely.

Hi Papa, thank you for my mom's car. It's so beautiful and warm..." Tiffah says while enjoying the comfort of the four seater super ride.

Im not his father, Eddy Kenzo

Sheilah Don Zella's son has the Musuuza name raising eyebrows on whether Eddy Kenzo is the baby daddy

Sitya Loss star, Edirisa Musuuza Nkonge Kiwalabye aka Eddy Kenzo, who is still in Ivory Coast waiting to return following the lockdown has issued a statement, distancing himself from the allegations that Sheila Don Zella's child is his.

Kasuku faces off with Angella Katatumba-Uncut Sabula

Kasuku and Angella Katatumba

Zari confirms it did not work out between her and King Bae

King Bae just wanted to use me - Zari Hassan

Lydia Jazmine hurt by TV presenter who has constantly attacked her

Lydia Jazmine in a white VW convertible

Zari mourning Babu Tale's wife Shammy who died suddenly

Zari mourns Shammy Tale who passed on unexpectedly

Dubai police confirm arresting Instagram celebrity, Hushpuppi

Some of Hushpuppi's super rides that were impounded

Maldives is my next destination, Anita Fabiola tells hubby

Anita Fabiola and hubby Mark Ronald

I am not pregnant for Diamond Platnumz-Poshy Queen

Diamond Platnumz and Poshy Queen

Wednesday, 24 June 2020
Big Eye threatens to sue the President over Shillings 270Million
Saturday, 20 June 2020
Buchaman arrested after disrupting a NEMA meeting
Thursday, 29 August 2019
Uganda Airlines is back to the skies
Sunday, 11 August 2019
Sheebah Karungi latest news
Tuesday, 07 May 2019
Hellen Lukoma happy to learn that she is carrying a baby boy



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Tuesday, 02 June 2020
The three artists performed so well that they reminded the fans of the defunct Blu3
Thursday, 21 May 2020
Juliana Kanyomozi pregnancy pics
Thursday, 07 May 2020
Desire Luzinda
Tuesday, 02 July 2019
Sheebah Karungi held her housewarming party on July 1
Saturday, 29 June 2019
Kenyan socialite Vera Sidika in her office and inset is Eric Omondi helping her to tuck in
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Monday, May 31 2010

Wafagio Gals, Sheila and Edith Muthoni are chest thumping after undressing their Chinese competitor accusing her of encroaching on Coco Finger's magic whopper. How it all happened. The gals posed as snoops and phoned the Chinese chic for a meeting at Iguana in Kamwokya.

On arrival, they squeezed her arse-t and tasked her to explain how she knew Coco. She stammered back in broken English; "Me Coco just friends, doing research on African Music." The gals retaliated saying: "Research, at night in a dark corner in a bar.

For us we knew him when he was still penniless and now that he is earning the dollar, every Tom, Dick and Harry, foreign and local want a piece of him." They threatened to unleash their kandahar suburbs in her face.

At this point in time, the Chinese Gal couldn't handle the verbal artillery. She grabbed her bag and down into her Escudo and drove off at terrific speed. The girls stayed jubilating saying 'tukamaze',nyambura! Edith has just composed a love song for Coco called Oh Boy.

The chic is praising him for drilling her juices non stop. Never joke with the power of a whooper!

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Saturday, May 29 2010
WTF has reliably been informed that a top and successful city lawyer working with one of the prominent law firms has been shafting his house girl for close to six years. This lawyer owns a huge flat in Kyambogo where he stays with his wife and children.

Sources gave WTF shocking dossier about this raging sex pest of a lawyer who can't keep his huge whooper in his pants. We are told he had been shafting his bummy house maid from the boys' quarters before his luck ran out after he was caught by his wife carrying her on shoulders taking her for a bonk in the rooms downstairs.

A close family source informed us, "One time this cheating lawyer stealthily left his marital bed deep in the night and invaded the maid. But as he carried the bummy maid his wife who had smelt something fishy switched on the lights only to find her husband carrying a naked maid on his shoulders."

When asked why he was carrying a maid in the middle of the night, this horny raging lawyer answered "This house maid has been good to our children so I'm paying her back by carrying her on my back"

More shockingly is that he carried the maid on his shoulders so as to reduce the sounds of footsteps in the house..Hahaaa cunning fella!
Posted by: uowd AT 08:45 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Saturday, May 29 2010
                         Singer Bella
The cold nights of self styled queen of dance-hall Barbara Ndagire aka Bella appear to be history as you read this. Snoops say Bella, who is famous for laying men down and rubbing her kandahar on their whoopers is these days romping with a Mzungu.

The sensational singer was spotted with a Mzungu at New Era Hotel in Muyenga on Wednesday. The two ordered for drinks and eats and spent most of the evening there swapping saliva and whispering sweet nothings to each other.

They later left together arm in arm with all intentions written all over their faces. Bella has been out of the limelight for sometime now. She is a real power especially when it comes to dancing erotically and turning on fellas.

We hope that since she has gotten someone to wet her beak and irrigate her wetland, she will back on stage to punish men in areas that matter most.
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Saturday, May 29 2010
While fellow artistes struggle to even afford kikomando for supper , celebrated so called grand father of Ugandan music Ragga Dee is busy splashing cash on the latest state of the art rides.

WTF has learnt the chubby cheeked fella has acquired a state of the art Mercedes Benz ML 63 AMG estimated to have cost him a staggering Shs 123m before taxes. He adds this to a host of other posh cars  in his garage.

The singer was seen cruising in this still numberless machine along City Square on Monday. a source told us us all the windows were lowered down for all the haters to see. We are further told he is set to bring in an Escalade and a Chrysler.

This goes on to say he is class apart from other musicians because he is the only fella among the lot that could lay claim to our recent series of B-Class lister..
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Saturday, May 29 2010
Uganda's fastest mobile solutions provider Bluecube (running off 8777 in Uganda and 7888 in Rwanda) last week signed an exclusive contract to distribute and sell the music by several top artistes. Among them is Bobi Wine who sold his upcoming album "Mr. Money" (which will be launched in October) in a multi million deal that was paid to him cash.

Another artiste, Madoxx, also sold his works to Blue Cube after the company had saved him from Luzira by securing him the first installment of the debt for which he did time in Luzira. All works of Butcherman, Nubian Lee were also paid for.

These join a host of other artistes that are signed to Bluecube like KS Alpha, DJ Michael, Kid Fox, Priscilla Kaliballa, Bella and many others. Bluecube will provide their music via RBT, MTN Caller tunez, Ringtones, wall papers and other electronic forms.
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Saturday, May 29 2010
Hippy singer Juliana Kanyomozi wasn't a happy woman a few days ago. The singer who seemed in dire need of reloading her purse was shocked when the ATM machine at Garden City swallowed her card.

Juliana kept on hitting the the machine in a failed bid to recover the card. It was not until the guard told her to check with the head office that she left the machine cursing what the hell the machine had done.
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Friday, May 28 2010
                     Chance Nalubega
Ageing sexy singer, Chance Nalubega is finally back to the charts courtesy of her 'Banfudde Emboozi" collabo with the randy Goodlyfe Crew. She's now a woman out to thank her gods for a new lease of music life.

To keep the momentum flowing, we hear that for the past few days, she has been sleeping at the Goodlyfe home in Makindye; mixing out hits with the duo. But what has beaten chance, according to friends she has told, is that the two guys' weird love for booze and yes sex orgies will soon wear her out.

She says she has never seen such sex orgies in her now retiring life.
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Friday, May 28 2010
This world is surely running bonkers, no doubt about that. Former Miss Uganda Dora Mwima has once again posted on her facebook profile that she is single and seriously searching. This is hardly two months after producing a baby gal.

She posted on her wall "Dora is not in any relationship," before adding " I wonder who is that lucky man who I will get married to, God! I'm tired of waiting, give him to me please..Does that sound like a desperate come and get me call?

What WTF wonders about although is; who the bloody hell is the father of the kid that planted a hot seed in you and is he not man enough? Well guys, like we said, she is single and searching.
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Friday, May 28 2010

Her tummy may have nothing to write about, thanks to her motherly self but that will never stop singer Nakimera go for the most daring. We hear that recently after her launch she tasked tattooist Khan to cement Andre's name on her butt.

It is said that the private operation cost the singer 350k. Grace told our source that she did all that to thank and cement her love for the ace photographer.

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Friday, May 28 2010

It seems that singer Zari has finally accepted fate that she is not destined for the top charts when it comes to singing. The babe who we hear has spent a fortune trying to make it big has switched to making movies.

News around is that Zari and a troupe of Ugandans are shooting a video for home consumption in Durban. The movie is said to have sex oozing skits acted by the thigh watering Zarie.

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Friday, May 28 2010

Wanted American based singer Shamir's woes are far from ending. The guy who has been in the news over a botched car sell deal has been dumped by his fellow singer Newton.

We hear Newton who was a cop in the United States of America is afraid of associating with the lad and has even given up on recording a collaboration they had together.

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Thursday, May 27 2010

          Bobi Wine
Unconfirmed rumour has so far revealed that Uganja Republic President Bobi Wine faked his sickness to get more limelight. Sources close to the Ghetto gladiator have sensationally told WTF that Bobi realised his peers; the likes of Bebe, Chameleone and most recently, Grace Nakimera pulled in front page stories in all media houses when they visited hospitals.

He thus decided he could not loose out in this new trendy of publicity stunts other artistes had invented. We were told "He decided to go to the hospital because most artistes who have gone to prison or hospitalized of recent have all done well musically.

The public usually sympathizes with them. We have further been informed that Bobi did all this to publicise his new song 'Kataala'. He claims his rival, Bebe's 'Kasepiki' is doing well only because the public felt sorry for him.

The 'Kiwaani' singer was hospitalized two times within a space of one week at Mayo Clinic and then Mulago. Doctors couldn't diagnose any disease and he was sent home.

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Wednesday, May 26 2010
             Mario Bins Cindy over Cheating
Rumour doing rounds is that the romance between the Ayokya yokya singer Cinderella Sanyu and her white boyfriend has come to an end. Sources have informed WTF the couple separated last week on allegations of cheating and disrespect.

Cindy and Mario have been bonking non stop for more than five years. A source told WTF ,"Mario forced Cindy to pack her belongings and leave his house in Ntinda after he accused him of cheating on him with so many fellas, especially musicians"

Sources further claim Mario even delayed a business meeting to make sure she doesn't leave with his household property. "She had to pack under his watchful eye to make sure she takes off with her clothes and a few of her G-Strings only" a source added.

We are yet to confirm this rumour fully and where she is currently residing because her phone has been off since last week and we can't seem to get Mario for a comment. Remember, it has previously been rumoured that Cindy has been bonking with numerous top artistes like Rabadaba, Kenzo among others.
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Wednesday, May 26 2010
              Bebe Set for Euro Tour
Latest info reaching WTF indicates Bebe and Zuena who were involved in a car accident last week are set to go on with their planned tour of Europe. Previously there were fears the couple might not be able to go for the tour slated for this month.

That rumour has now been put to bed after it was revealed both Bebe and Zuena sustained minor injuries. Doctors though have insisted they should get time to rest so that they are able to heal completely.

A stubborn and arrogant Kasepiki singer told them off though saying he can handle his life well. We are told he will now go on with his tour that kicks off on May 28 & 29 in Sweden and Denmark, June 4 in Holland and then Germany  on June 5.

He is also set to take Zuena with him for cosmetic surgery to get rid of the scars on the face she sustained after the accident along the Lira-Kampala Highway.
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Tuesday, May 25 2010


The sleaze in town is that top city singer Leila Kayondo is set to miss her degree because she is choking on many retakes at Uganda Christian University (UCU) Mukono. Snoops say the sexy singer has accumulated eight retakes from first year to third year.

Though her course (SWASA) is up, she won't graduate because of retakes. At the the end of April, snoops say she was nabbed cheating in the project planning exam. What happened is that she had a piece of paper with notes. he excused herself to go the loos and revise the notes.

But as fate would have it, she went to the loos, checked everywhere even inside her kandahar but could not get the paper. She came back panicking, looking every where for the notes.

The invigilator saw her and asked her what she was looking for. She pretended that nothing was a miss. She went back and sat down but when the handwriting on the bullet paper was matched with hers it tallied.

Poor gal, she was disqualified from the exam. Outside the exam room, she told pals that the degree was no big deal after all she was not looking for a job. Sure Leila?

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Tuesday, May 25 2010

          Wafagio Galz
WTF can authoritatively reveal that at this rate, Wafagio Galz will wake up to find several holes strewn threw their bodies. Sources have revealed to us with great concern how fellas are romping with generous Wafagio babes non stop.

Most of the guys are from the Media houses who promise publicity in exchange for parting with a leg. Surely at this rate they better slow down.

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Tuesday, May 25 2010

Fresh info coming in reveals that Congolese born Shamir Ssengendo is on hiding after car robbery charges were levelled against him by a one Mrs Tammy. WTF has it a on a good authority that he has run away from his rented  house on Salama road, Makindye to avoid being picked like a grasshopper by police.

Rumour has it that Shamir could actually be hiding ion one of the top hotels(most probably Hotel Africana) and reports indicate he doesn't come out. This fella is being accused by Mrs Tammy for stealing her vehicles (an Escalade registration number UAN 144K and a Mercedes registration number UAN 480K both worth shs 800m.

The cars have been impounded by police and and a case was registered at CPS. Meanwhile, another source claims this 'brown faced' guy is fast turning into a fugitive of sorts because apparently detectives back in the US are also hunting  him down over drug abuse related cases./ Surely, his days are now numbered.

Related: Desire Celebrates Over Shamir's Imminent Arrest

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Monday, May 24 2010
It appears Coco Finger and his squeeze Wafagio's Edith Mutoni are back to talking terms leave alone bedding terms. We hear the sexy singer has vowed to unleash her 'chamber of secrets' to Finger of the 'Mikono Wagulu' fame until River Nile dried up.

An in order to please him, Edith has also joined the band wagon of Bebe Cool and Zuena, Weasel and Lilian of Blu3 by singing a love song for  her man. She has co-written a love song with her fellow band members sheila, Janat and Agi in honour of her bonkmate Coco Finger.

The song titled 'Oh Boy' was recorded by Rinex at Dee Records and has already started to receive massive airplay on radio and in the clubs on the dance floor. In one of the verses, Edith praises Coco Finger: "Gwe Sukali nze chai ani majjani."
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Monday, May 24 2010

                        Bella-Dance-hall queen

WTF has sensationally been informed that local dancehall singer Barbara Ndagire a.k.a Bella has been denied a visa to the UK.The Shadows Angels former dancer who recently wedded her photograph boyfriend was told she didn't have enough papers to warrant her to travel to the UK.

A source at the UK Embassy, which Bella has been frequenting, told us, "She was told to forget about the Visa because her papers were lacking. She has been told to re-apply after eight months." We have further been informed she was set to travel to meet her husband who wedded her in absentia.

She hasn't stopped crying since.
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Saturday, May 22 2010

          Desire and Shamir at Club Silk Unplugged last month
You Deserve It - It's always bad to celebrate anybody's problem but for Desire she thinks otherwise. WTF has reliably been told that song bird, booty Desire Luzinda can't stop celebrating after her former 'close friend' Shamir Ssengendo's cars were impounded over robbery suspicion.

We have been informed that the very bitter Desire was overheard calling her friends as she jubilated over the news that Shamir is a wanted man. She was overheard conversing on phone, ''Emottoka z'omufeere bazikutte ate naye police emunonya hahahaaa..." literally translated as the  "The conmans vehicles have been confiscated and police is hunting him down.

The two are now sworn enemies after Desire accused Shamir of conning her of her hard earned dime. This was when she had gone on a tour in the US. We hear Shamir used that same cash to hook up other numerous babes in town thus dumping her.

We have it on authority that it's the reason why Desire had refused to perform at his unplugged show. Elvis later conviced her to attend but she performed only two songs and left Club before bleach face Ssengendo could come.

Apparently Shamir is being accused by a one Mrs.Tammy over stealing her cars woprth Shs 800m ( a Mercedes Benz, an Escalade). The robbery case is at Central Police Station.

Related: Top City Singer Shamir Linked to Car Robbery

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Saturday, May 22 2010

Omunene Bebe Cool and wife Zuena Kirema have been ordered to avoid sex for a full year. The two survived an accident by a whisker on Lira-Kampala high way when the Honda CRV they were traveling in overturned.

We are told the doctor told them it is high time they forgot about bonking. A source close to the doctors told us, "Bebe hurt his legs again and will now need more time to heal. The terrible news though is that Zuena will not have a mind blowing orgasm after she hurt her head and spinal cord in the accident.

She will need time to heal so she can be shafted." We are told in circumstances where a spinal cord is in shock or dislocated, people are advised to lay off hard work or exercises including sex.

Surely this will come as a blow to Zuena who was anticipating a crazy orgasm as soon as Bebe gets stable. They are currently admitted in the same room at Kadic Hospital.

Latest: Bebe Cool and Zuena Discharged

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Friday, May 21 2010

Photo: Bebe and Zuena at Kadic Hospital
Gorgeous Zuena Kirema suffered a terrible miscarriage soon after the accident, Red Pepper has confirmed. We have learnt from a pal that after the accident, Zuena lost a three old months foetus due to the accident shock.

The couple got an accident on Wednesday as they traveled from Lira after Bebe tried to drive against the doctor's advice. Agenze, sings Bebe cool, and this time it is not Zuena but the baby.

Bebe was informed that the two months pregnancy was no more after the wife bled like the relentless flowing rivers of the Nile. The crest fallen beauty couldn't believe her ears when the doctors revealed the saddening tale.

''She kept on sobbing and crying out, why us.....why us God," a family source told us last  night. Bebe Cool reportedly lost control as he continued to smooch his wife while driving. Bebe escaped unhurt, but Zuena was rushed to hospital while in coma.

Our sources say, the Kasepiki singer had prepared to release a new son in praise of Zuena for rewarding him with a kid. "Bebe wanted to silence critics that he is in control of the woman by planting a hot seed," a pal told us on condition of anonymity before adding: "Now the dream is shattered."

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Thursday, May 20 2010

             Shamir Ssengendo
He recently hit Kampala with a bang cruising the latest Mercedes Benz model and an Escalade to the envy of city celebrities. But his luxurious lifestyle seems to be hitting a dead end.

We can authoritatively reveal that the seemingly bleached upcoming artiste, Shamir Ssengendo, allegedly stole over Shs 800m worth vehicles from America. A case of theft has already been registered against him at Central Police Station.

Police have it on a good record that Shamir lied to his American friend, Mrs Tammy that he is a reknowed car importer in Uganda capable of importing her cars here at a lower tax rate.

Convinced with his explanation, Mrs Tammy parted with the monster machines, an Escalade registration number UAN 144K and a Mercedes registration number UAN 480K. She however became desperate when she waited for her remittance in vain. She also tried to get him through his cell phone but failed.

Police publicist Judith Nabakooba confirmed that Mrs Tammy came to Uganda and registered the case with the Police. Police raided Shamir's home in Namasuba to arrest him but they were blocked by one Brig. Wasswa leaving them with one option of impounding the vehicles.

Mrs Tammy returned to America to bring her purchasing documents. When she brings them, we shall task Shamir to produce his which we, are indeed convinced he can't get lest they are forged, said a cop privy with the investigations.

More stories on Shamir

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Thursday, May 20 2010

Local musician Moses Ssali aka. Bebe Cool's troubles seem to hide behind his gate and follow him whenever he stretches out for business. Just days after he returned to the stage on being shot three times in the thighs by a security guard, the 'Kasepiki' singer yesterday cheated death by luck when he was involved in an accident together with his wife.

The self proclaimed 'Big Size' was on his way from Lira when his Honda CRV car swerved off the road and rolled after its front tyre burst. The accident happened in Nakasongola District at around 4:50pm.

Bebe was driving himself and his sex oozing wife was seated in the co-driver's seat. Before he left lira, DJ Brian wanted to drive the car but Bebe insisted on driving himself despite doctors warning him not to drive.

Bebe Cool had been taken to Soroti by promoter Balaam to promote Electoral Commission activities. He escaped with minor bruises, but Zuena and DJ Brian sustained serious injuries and were rushed to Nakasongola for first aid.

Zuena's head was hit sending her to coma. The cause of the accident is not yet clear, However, it is said at the time of the accident, Bebe was driving with one arm while the other was illustrating to sexy Zuena the parts of an insect which include the head, throat and abdomen and that Bebe was on cloud 9.

Although Bebe Cool's condition was not very bad by press time, Zuena was still badly off and she needs lots of prayers. The victims of the accident were later transferred to Kadic Hospital. In January this year, the singer was shot along with his body guard at Nakumatt after picking a quarrel with a police officer

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Wednesday, May 19 2010

Capt. Juma Seiko, the aide of Gen. Salim Saleh is a man who lives nine lives like a cat. He was last Friday spotted with Ex-Obsessions gal Sheebah Karungi at Hi Table. The two were walking hand in hand until they reached the bar.

Sheebah looked like Seiko's grand daughter but she seemed not to care as they drunk bottles of mineral water. They later headed to Sheeba's boutique where she used to work. It belongs to her name sake Sheebah, the ex girl friend of DJ. Shiru, who is based in London.

While there she bought some high hilled shoes at Shs 180,000/- and a dress at Shs 150,000/- Sheeba was heard thanking Seiko for making her day and for the company. Hmmmm...

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Wednesday, May 19 2010

Fire Base Crew and Uganja Republic President Bobi Wine is annoyed with the doctors advice to stop smoking 'weed' and sex before meeting the creator. The dreaded fella was recently admitted after a weed over dose with the crew members.

On Friday he made it public at the Goodlyfe Launch at Hotel Africana that no-one can stop him from smoking weed, not even Barbie.

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Wednesday, May 19 2010
        Models at Club Silk
It looks like fashion industry in Uganda is growing at a high pace. Apparently the in-fashion is not the traditional gowns but sexy lingeries. The lingerie shows were started by Jackie Klein then HB Toxic' Brenda and last Thursday it was Judith Heard's turn at Silk Lounge.

Revellers who entered as early as 6:00pm were stunned when hot models donned in lingerie hit the stage for a catwalk. They attracted the attention of male guests and left them with no option other than licking their lips and pocketing relentlessly.

The ladies in the house that were clad in ass-sets revealing outfits were excited when Judith Heard showcased Kanyamas with wielding whoopers at around 9:00pm.In an interlude of 30 minutes, Eddie Kenzo took guests through his songs and after his performance tthe catwalk resumed.

The show ended at 11:00pm and social interaction  started till the wee hours.
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Tuesday, May 18 2010


               Onyambaga Mukama  - Video


After her dark Acid attack at Club Silk, Grace Nakimera's final showdown was o last Friday at KCC Grounds, Lugogo. Grace's first concert that coincided with her nemesis' (Goodlyfe Crew) concert at Hotel Africana proved Moze Radio and Weasel TV have not yet joined the list of Big Artistes in the country.

The highly anticipated encounter which we have decided to code name "The battle of the Titans' was finally won by Grace Nakimera. This was despite Goodlyfe Crew flying in Zambian International singer, General Ozzy.

At 11:00pm the MCs at KCC grounds, JK Kazoora and Omulangira Ndausi announced the Grace Nakimera had thumped the Goodlyfe duo Moze Radio and Weasel TV according to the gate collections.

This increased ecstasy and when the lady of the night made a grand storming with fireworks taking over the skies at exactly 11:17pm, the fans ran wild. Overwhelmed by the massive turn up of the fans, she knelt and shed tears, thanking them. Some of her loyal fans were seen shedding tears of joy as she narrated her long battle with the Goodlyfe guys.

She then stung her enemies and said that 'Abantu Baswadde' literally meaning people are ashamed. Grace Nakimera who passed the acid test last Friday almost had an edge in all aspects over the 'Ngenda Maaso' concert for various reasons.

Event Organizers
The event was organised by Silk Events probably the biggest events management house in town with magnificent LCD screens at the back of the stage displaying Nakimera in action and a rotating stage for Grace to perform on while the Goodlyfe stage was out up by Event management supported by projectors but it could not match the one of Silk Events.

Spin Masters
The country's top spin master, DJ Shiru was spinning the discs at Grace Nakimera concert. He entertained the crowds without any musican on stage the way DJ Benny D did at Lugogo Cricket Oval and KCC Grounds during Akon and Blu3 shows respectively. The experienced master could not be compared to upcoming DJ Veeto who was scratching the machines at 'Ngeenda Maaso' album launch

Grace's promoter, Balaam Barugahare is apprently the best events promoter our banana republic has ever had after pulling bigger crowds while Bobkins Kibirige was at Hotel Africana. The difference between these two is nothing other than experience at the job.

Many Enemies in the Music World
The Goodlyfe Crew has created very many enemies in the showbiz world and partly this attracted all the artistes who hate the Goodlyfe to the Kawonawo singer concert. Some fans sympathized with Grace due to the behaviour of the two singers on the block.

Entrance Fee
This greatly favoured Grace over Goodlyfe. At Hotel Africana, entrance fee was 50,000 vs 20,000 while at Nakimera's concert it was 30,000 vs 10,000.Radio and Weasel have very many songs compared to Nakimera but this was not enough to divert Nakimera's concert.

Goodlyfe Crew was favoured by big companies like NBL, Warid Telecom and UBA, but this was not enough to out do Grace.

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Tuesday, May 18 2010

Grace at KCC Grounds ON 14.May.2010
There is no doubt that at one point nature is bound to cath up with us. Now for Nakimera, she looks to be already in nature's sweet ride. This was revealed at her concert last Friday when sexy Grace exposed her motherly tummy.

One fan told us: "Grace's flubby tummy really showed producing a kid is catching up with her." Grace has one kid with photographer boyfriend Andre. Well, at least she still has those yummy boobs to cancel out the stomach flabbiness

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Tuesday, May 18 2010

           Mya at the last Blu3 album launch
Where she got that Lexus, we can never tell but that doesn't matter anyway. Blu3 singer Mya turned heads on Friday at Hotel Africana when she turned up for the Goodlyfe Crew's launch in a posh Toyota Lexus UAN 260 H white in colour.

We are now wondering where Mya could have got this monster machine or who would have bought it for her. Meanwhile her colleague Lillian Mbabazi turned up in a DMC Toyota Celica whose noise was competing with the music system installed at the event.

Mya, show them that you can only play substitute when it comes to music but not beauty and machines.

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Tuesday, May 18 2010

              Footsteps Dancing Competition
It looks like any contest in Uganda; be it beauty, dancing ior even elections are never complete without some bit of controversy about them. The latest mind boggling storm comes from the just concluded NTV Hotsteps season lll.

A rumour doing rounds is that the winner, Imam Ssali, was staying at Michael Kasaija and Natasha's home, something that hasn't gone down well with other contestants. Remember Natasha Sinayobye was one of the judges.

A source told, ''The winner was staying with one of the judges. I don't know if they are relatives or guardians but some of the contestants are not satisfied with the outcome" We are told the crowds favourites Fifi Namakula, Ssebagala Francis and Kalyn Atwooki never even made it to the top three.

We now wonder if the proximity between the judge and the winner had anything to do with the final outcome. Well it's no surprise these crowd favourites never win anyway. Is it?

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Monday, May 17 2010

Miss Uganda 2009

Reigning Miss Uganda Maria Namiro is all smiles again. After losing her contract with Mahogany, UK's based modelling agency due to her unimpressive skills in modelling, she has been struggling in UK.

She reached an extent of part timing as a waitress in a bar while doing  a flight  at Surrey college. We hear she has now scooped a contract with a vaseline company to market their products in New Castle, England.

Vaseline which deals in petroleum  products has employed many beautiful models around the UK and Namiro is among them. She is set to earn huge pounds per week.

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Monday, May 17 2010
Alex Heard

Judith Heard's husband Alex Heard was all animated last Thursday at Club Silk when a top photo journalist tried to take his photo.

This was during the fashion nite organised by his wife Judith. We are told Alex was spotted getting cozy with one of Judith;s friends who were seated at the V.I.P table.

On realizing that his photos were being taken, Alex jumped like a wounded animal and went for the photographers' neck before forcing him to delete them.

He even called in bouncers demanding this journalist be chased out of silk. Was it because you were caught pants down Mr. Alex or you are now camera shy?

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Monday, May 17 2010

Zuena during the Return of the King and the Goodlyfe Boys on their recent album launch
She is a joke-Goodlyfe Crew
We are sure the Kasepiki star, Bebe Cool won't take the this latest insult from his arch rivals, the Goodlyfe boys lightly,especially when it's directed to his lovely wife Zu. The hottest info reaching us indicates the Goodlyfe boys had rib crab cracking laughter after witnessing Zunea sing on stage.

A close source told us: "Moze and Weasel were seriously amused(pun intended) with Zuena's singing. They just couldn't stop laughing when they watched the recording of the event."

We are told they kept on saying:  "This is a joke guys. Just pure comedy and not singing." Remember Zuena had a stage appearance during Bebe Cool's Return of the King show KCC grounds singing alongside Gagmel Crew's Kiwoko boys in a collabo hit.

The Goodlyfe Crew joins the likes of Bobi Wine who recently released Katala in dissing Zuena's abilities. Well, for the first time we think these boys could be having a point.

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Sunday, May 16 2010
         Is this the horniest couple in Kampala?
It is not right to put your head where two people are in love. We feel though, we need to intervene when that love starts irritating the neighbors, thus getting out of control.
This yet to be identified horny and showbiz loving couple has been snapped at almost each and every function in town surfing each other like teenagers on a stolen romping moment.

Surfing each other isn't the problem. Thing is, when they see a cameraman nearby they start romping and touching to attract the attention of the lens men.

One pal who has sat next to them on several occasions told us: "In normal circumstances they are fine. But as soon as the realize there is a cameraman within a meter, they start caressing to attract attention"

We are told the babe is usually heard making noises as she is being surfed right, left and centre by her horny pensioner. A snoop added ''This couple loves paparrazi and showbiz no doubt"
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Saturday, May 15 2010
The Uganda queen of dance-hall, Bella who introduced a framed photo to her parents early this year, might not wed soon. She blamed the delay of this wedding on the priests who had refused to wed them because it was lent period.

However, a close pal of hers whispered to our snoops that the Ragga artistes Kyeyo pensioner, who last stepped in the country last year, might not jet in any time soon. She also added that Bella no longer receives his calls like she used to.

However, when we contacted the dance-hall queen, she said they would 'soon' wed. She added that her better half is still processing his travel papers, but when asked how much it would take, she just said soon.

We hope that she receives more calls from him , and the wedding comes to pass 'SOON'.
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Saturday, May 15 2010

        Cindy performing at Club Silk recently
Cindy is climbing ladders as a solo artiste. This was evident after winning Female Artiste of the Year at the last weekend's Teeniez Awards. After struggling on her own since being booted from Blu3, Cindy has finally started to reap big following a successful year.

Cindy also happens to be a proprietor of Cayennes Bar in Bukoto.

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Friday, May 14 2010

Ever since she got her self a cool deal with Pepsi, Halima's daughter, Rachel K, has been acting funny according to events organizers. The first is that she now demands over two million shillings per show.

We hear last Thursday, the diva once again snubbed singing at Serena Hotel after ha-ha, eating and drinking their stuff. Now that is typical Rachael, the Ugandan rock n roll wannabe.

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Friday, May 14 2010

The Zambian singer who featured the Goodlyfe in his song Potential arrived in town on Monday for the Duo's 'Ngenda maaso' album launch this weekend. One of  his first stops was at Hi Table bar where the duo hosts a jam session every Monday.

However, the foreign singer seemed bored and cold that Weasel and Radio took it upon themselves to hook him  up with a babe to warm his bed during his stay in Uganda. Snoops over heard him telling Weasel that he wants a babe with some flesh on her body.

General Oozy marveled at babes the entire evening that he could not believe he would sleep alone that night.Knowing the Goodlyfe via hooking babes, the General is going to have the best time of his life.

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Thursday, May 13 2010

          Sylvia Kyansuti
Heavy Kiira FM's presenter Sylvia Kyansuti a.k.a Busoga Dance-hall Queen must be cursing God for having endowed her with over 30kgs on her body in a period of only one month. Kyansunti was on Sunday bounced from modeling at a fashion show that was held at Crested Crane Hotel by Horizon Fashion Studio.

On Kyansunti arriving at the hotel, she asked for the attire she was to put on, Esther Kiwala, the organizer informed her she was too huge so they lacked a dress that could fit her.

Kyansuti whose fans were already at the hotel waiting for her to model since she had earlier informed them while on her radio show, almost cried on hearing that she was not going to show them her huge thighs.

But because she didn't want others to know she had been bounced, she faked a call and moved towards the hotel's reception a place where no one could see her. She the called Kiwala whom she was over heard  bargaining with by telling her that she had similar clothes at her home which she could rush and pick before the end of the show.

When Kiwala insisted  that Kyansuti was not to model, she immediately left the hotel premises and went back to her home. Kiwala was over heard telling Kyansuti in Lusoga to save her time saying she could only allow her next year since the fashion show will be taking place every year.

''Sylvia Oyida ku modeling omwaka ogwidha, " meaning you will model next year. At this rate Kyansunti is losing alot of things. Recently her long time shaftmate and fellow presenter, Akiiki Maleputo dumped her after he claimed that she had put on excessive weight making it impossible for him to access the station.

Kyansuti you better go to the gym.

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Thursday, May 13 2010

Goodlyfe Crew member Diamond Oscar is on sex rampage with a glamour gal in Entebbe. The bling bling fella on Wednesday stormed 4 Turkeys bar and hooked up a babe identified as Maggie.

Oscar rubbed the babes orange boobs and bought her booze that nearly sent her packing. We hear Oscar has vowed to shift to Entebbe to dock at Maggie's station everynight.

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Thursday, May 13 2010

Singer Geoffrey Lutaaya and wife Irene Namatovu seem to have rekindled their love ever since the couple introduced last month. We hear they have changed the ways they used to live because they are these days always spotted together in shopping malls, a thing they never used to do.

Lutaaya now calls Irene 'sweet love' while Irene calls him 'hubby my catch'. Snoops also say that they no longer eat cooked food at home and have now specialized in eating Luwombo. They at times spend the whole day at Hotel equatoria making love.

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Wednesday, May 12 2010

Wafagio's, Edith Muthoni has vowed to changer her kandie pin code and throw out his Coco Finger of the 'Mikono Wagulu' fame. The sex oozing chic is furious after Coco went on romping mission with a Chinese glamour gal on Friday.

The two love birds had made an appearance at Bebe Cool's Return of the King Show at KCC Grounds. After his performance, Coco joined Edith who was seated in the VIP section, but shortly, he stealthily walked away with a white Chinese gal.

He later sent an SMS to his manager, Emma with whom he had left behind with Edith. The text read as follows: "Please inform Edith that I have gone to the studio for a mission, Okimanyi rasta."

Like bad luck would have it, the message went to Edith's phone because Coco over communicates to these two numbers. On receiving the message, Edith went Amok and started accusing Emma of foul play.

The called Coco who was hesitant to pick the pick as he was having fun  in the thighs of the Chinese chic. He later picked after four hours and pleaded with Edith that he had cancelled studio and that they should hook up at Iguana in Kamwokya.

Several reconciliatory meetings have been held but the chic has stuck to her guns. Coco recently admitted in an interview that him and Edith are inseparable.

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Tuesday, May 11 2010

          Chameleone gives company to ailing Bobi Wine at Mulago Hospital
Self acclaimed Ghetto President, Bobi Wine aka Robert Kyagulanyi was last night rushed to Mulago Hospital where he was admitted in ward 6B, Room 14. Bobi who collapsed for the third time last evening, has been frequently visiting Mayo Clinic since 9th May when he buckled at his Busabala Beach.

Although the doctors later diagnosed him with mild malaria, sources say he was severely dehydrated after a series of ganja overdose. Before any treatment, the doctors put in him countless bottles of water for him to gain his consciousness. Last Thursday, the Namusanga Ndeeba singer refused to follow instructions of the doctors by leaving Mayo Clinic direct to Kati kati for performance.

To add salt to an injury he went further to flaunt the doctors advice by downing several bottles of Guinness and of course sever pieces of Ganja. Prior to this admission last night, the singer was admitted twice at Mayo Clinic due to excessive drinking, fatigue and Ganja smoking.

His wife, Barbie who recently dropped a tot, buddy Chameleone were by his side together with his subjects from Uganja republic. By the time we went to press, Bobi Wine had gained his senses. He bragged: I can't sleep here man, give me my guitar and I play music.

Dehydration is lack of enough water in the body and among its causes are excessive drinking of spirits, smoking and insufficient rest.

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Monday, May 10 2010

Model Meg Lusembo
Celebrated man eater, model Meg Lusembo is at it again. It has been sometime since we last spotted Kampala's top model with white fellas with speculation arising that she had lost her touch.

This time around though, Meg looks to be back at what she used to do best. She was spotted at Roof top cozying up to her new catch, a white guy. The two looked smitten and ripe for each other.

A close pal told us, "The two are an item and it looks like Meg is back in the business. Don't be surprised when you see her driving the latest wheels." Meg is famed for dating white pensioners. At least this time round, the fella looks a bit young.

Meanwhile, Meg was in the company of her partner in crime, former Miss Uganda Salma Nassanga who looked lonely all though.

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Sunday, May 09 2010
              Rabadaba, Cindy and Mario
The one and only star' Cinderella Sanyu is evidently someone who doesn't practice what what she preaches. This was revealed recently at Club Silk street Jam, where Cindy, who had arrived in the company of Rabadaba, quickly sidelined him when she saw her longtime bonkmate Mario.

Cindy who had been cozying around with Rabadaba all along surprised our snoops when she surprised our snoops when she hastily jumped from his embrace on seeing Mario. Cindy and Mario were later spotted whispering sweet nothings to each other, before exchanging quick lip surfs. Later on, the randy love birds were were spotted leaving hand in hand, heading for some where, Rabadaba didn't want them to.
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Sunday, May 09 2010
               88.2 FM's Seanice Kacungira
Sanyu's programme's director and morning show presenter, Seanice Kacungira must be on a slimming diet these days. Scribes were on Wednesday shocked by the worrying tiny size of Seanice. This was during Multichoice's  launch of the High Definition Decoder and World Cup Coverage at Serena Hotel.

Although the presenter looked a million dollars in her pencil dress and peep toe hills, snoops kept on asking themselves whether Seanice who was the MC of the night really takes time to eat food.

Her pals told us she actually eats one meal in three days and wondered at this rate, She is bound to collapse in the studios if she does not check her eating habits. The snoops are now wondering if Seanice's other things are also small in size. Gal, what's up, we are worried.
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Sunday, May 09 2010

They are referred to as celebs just because they are in Uganda. It is only in Uganda where we have celebs driving cheap Toyota’s of 1980’s or early 90s model. Meanwhile, those are the blessed ones because others are too broke to afford coins for Boda Boda’s.
The count down goes:

Goodlyfe Boys
Their fast ride to fame made them instant ‘celebs.’ Their hit, Zuena, was replica of P-Square’s No-One Like You. They have successfully made more songs out of their endless feuds with fellow artistes. Then when they featured on Zambia’s General Ozzy’s potential, they thought it better to think along the same lines with Ability. And the killer of all was, Abatesi! For God’s sake, how, of all musicians to have ever graced this country, could these guys do a Chance Nalubega song?

This puts their creativity in question. Either they cause trouble to get themes for theirs dongs of duplicate some song from somewhere. Nuff said.

Rachael Kiwanuka
About four years ago when she appeared on the scene, she was only known as a daughter to an ageing musician. Now, Rachael is struggling with a bleak music career and unlike her mum whose kindergarten rhymes had a drop of humour, she has unsuccessfully penetrated the music scene. We hope she will use her name as the face of Pepsi to propel into another field where she’ll fit.

Daphne Basiima
She became a ‘celeb’ because of her, Kandahar generosity! And perverted Ugandans have since then given her a position in society because she is out and about, prowling for the next celeb to lay. Celebrity status sometimes costs nothing as long as you utilize what God endowed you with. It’s just as simple as that.

Shamir? Shamir who? The guy owes his meager popularity to Desire Luzinda. Aah, that one! Well, he’s nowhere near the others mentioned, but he should have every reason to thank Desire. His Unplugged show at Silk Last Saturday proved him as another struggling fella who thinks that holding a mic on stage can turn himn into a ‘hit’ wonder in a country where the word celebrity carries no meaning. It ain’t an easy task, dude. Even Ugandans can at times eeerrr.. have taste.

Mike Ezra
He wouldn’t be on this list if Ugandans new the source of his income and out to rest the various questions about his wallet status. Otherwise, he’ll always be viewed as a broker who cracks a deal, appear to impress poor Ugandans and vanishes off the scene faster than someone bathing on a veranda before running broke.

Mickie Wine
For starters, we know that Wine is not a family name. He like many other new artistes couldn’t think of anything better to launch his career with. So he opted to use his brothers name to propel himself. Doesn’t he know that he need to toil rather than being referred to as Bobi Wine’s tot brother? Hope he won’t end up being a copycat, or worse still feud with the bad boy from Kamwokya over songs in the near future.

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Saturday, May 08 2010
He might be the number  one artiste in the land who is almost everywhere in the media but you don't tell that to Tooro Princess, Ruth Komuntale. Despite the singer being king Oyo's number one artiste it looks like Komuntale isn't a fan of Jose.

Last Wednesday both the singer and the princess attended the rock night in Club Rouge and when the singer spotted the princess he went to say hi but she couldn't recognize him at first until friends asked for the singers autograph, that is when Komuntale came to her senses and realized who he was that she looked baffled and tried to talk to him once again for at least 10mins.

This was because the singer had un-plaited his dreads donning  puff hair fashion and was putting on eye glasses that night giving him a different image.
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Saturday, May 08 2010
Uganda's only Akora player almost drowned in booze and women on Tuesday night at Steak Out Joel Sebunjo appeared with two white chics but before he knew it, he was approached by a swarm of Ugandan glamour gals saying they loved his works, not knowing they just needed a drinks sponsor for the night.

And he gladly flooded their table with drinks non stop. However, it didn't go down well with the white ladies he had come with They chose to storm out in anger and Joel tried to calm them down by begging them to stay but the plea fell on deaf ears. This however didn't bother him as he continued partying with these newly hooked up babes.

But to his surprise, the girls excused themselves one by one and that's when he realized he had been de-toothed. He left Steak Out looking a deflated boy. Lesson: you may have the international recognition, but you need to learn the manners of the people in your own country-especially hot chics claim to be your fans!
Related: Joel Sebunjo's first concert in Uganda
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Saturday, May 08 2010

Lady Luck looks to have  run out of Nick Nola just like previous lovers. The latest info reveals that young and talented singer Nick Nola has run away from Straka after she was arrested once again for failing to clear debts.

Straka who had hooked the young boy as her toy boy was left wondering what had befallen her after being arrested, reached home after getting bail to more sad news that Nick Nola had also thrown in the towel.

We hear she is annoyed by Nola's disappearance and has promised to teach him a lesson. But apparently the young musician who has been feasting on Straka's fatty Kandahar of late run away for fear of being implicated in her long standing and un ending debt scandals. We hear that's what scared Sizzaman off.

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Saturday, May 08 2010

Close pals to singer Rabadaba have come out with claims the 'Bwekiri' star is set to fire his managers. Sources claim Rabadaba is set to wield the axe after his managers failed to reach an agreement with Orange Telecom Company that was set to sign him up.

We were told Orange wanted to sign Rabdaba for close to Shs 20m per month for more than five months so they could use his Bwekiri song to promote their 'Gyekiri' promotion. Apparently his manager Ssali convinced him the money offered was very little and he shouldn't take it since he now belonged to the big money league stars like Chameleone.

Orange cancelled the deal and the grassing Rabadaba lost out. Now close pals who pumped sense back into him saying he is still a young singer with a huge future, so he should not let anyone confuse him.

We hear the back-toothed fella is still sketching for words to tell them. Watch This Space!

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Saturday, May 08 2010

Kampala's B-Class lister and highly rated tycoon Moses Matsiko's biff with Hi-Table co-owner Simon Rusoke is on the verge of of being termed dangerous. Apparently the two are feuding over Kampala Road Based Hi-Table bar.

It is no secret Simo has been claiming sole ownership of this posh hangout since its inception. Now the situation has since escalated when it was revealed Matsiko, who also owns industrial based T1 Club, is actually the highest percentage share-holder in this bar.

This caused the former marketer Simo to retaliate with several media interviews in which he has vehemently denounced the young Tycoon. Close sources though reveal Matsiko's revelation has made life hard for Simo because he had been staking Hi-Table to secure loans and babes had been all over him thinking he is too loaded.

We have now been informed the two don't see eye to eye with everyone claiming Hi-Table Hi-Table is theirs. Problem is juicy babes no longer trust Simo saying he lied to them.

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Saturday, May 08 2010

Kella Mckenzie

It appears WBS show time presenter, Mckenzie has now fallen into the trap of a hot chic in Nkumba. Snoops have s[potted the fella in Nkumba on a daily basis in company of a horny babe identified as Miriam Teta.

Teta recently used to dish her kandahar to UN officials at Turkeys for just pocket change.

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Friday, May 07 2010

Is unlucky in love songbird Juliana Kanyomozi and city tycoon, Mujib Kasule up to something? The two who were once an item were spotted at Kabira country club last week at night chatting up a storm all by themselves.

Though we didn't get to know what they were really up to, make no mistake that what they were discussing must have been so important because they were all smiles during the two hour meeting punctuated with little poses to smitten-ly look at each other like old do.

May be it was strictly business. However reliable sources have informed us that Juliana is currently romping with a top Colonel attached to special forces in State House.

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Friday, May 07 2010

Zambia's music maestro, General Ozzy is set to storm town on Monday next week for Mowzey Radio and Weasel concert next weekend. General Ozzy sang with the Goodlyfe boys two duets of 'potential' and I need a gal.

The general will be rocking Kampala town dwellers during the 'Ngenda Mumaso' album launch.

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Thursday, May 06 2010

Gift of Kkaddo

It appears some people have magnets on their whoopers otherwise how would one explain a situation where Mak babes were seen fighting for the ownership of Gift's gologo.

The incident happened at Ground Zero last week when Gift of Kaaddo stormed the Wandegeya based night spot and caused what snoops termed as a kandahar war of World Cup proportions.

Gift who popped in the bar in the company of two pals; Babylon Jimmy and Diamond Oscar caught the eye of two sex oozing Mak babes who were guzzling smirnoff in some assassination corner.

Gift and his group sat with them and swallowing them pints for several hours. But what shocked the revellers was that as he tried to vacate the place, a fight broke out between the two horny girls as each of them wanted to go with him at his home for more fun.

The two babes reached an extent of exposing their kandahar suburbs to whoever cared to see. Had the club Manager, Edmond Mwesigye not intervened by ordering the bouncers to throw them out of the club, we would be writing a different story.

Gift did this behind the back of his girlfriend Vivian.

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Thursday, May 06 2010

Cindy, Jackie and Lillian
For the first time in three years Cindy is set to sept on the same stage with former pals turned nemesis, the Blu3. We have reliably been informed the Ayokya Yokya singer who was booted out of Blu3 by Lillian and Jackie are set to battle on the same stage by the Buzz Teeniez Awards on Saturday.

The Blu3 will have a cameo appearance at this event, where Cindy is expected to sweep the Buzz Tweeniez Awards 2010, after being nominated for for Teeniez Female Artist, Teeniez Break out Artist, Teeniez Hottest Video, and Teeniez Dance-hall Artist of the year.

Blu3 members who are on solo music projects this year will be getting together to entertain the youth on that day only they now have to share the same stage with a babe who has taken the Uganda music Industry by storm ever since the two (Jackie and Lillian) dumped her out of the group. They surely must be envying her success.

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Wednesday, May 05 2010

It was drama at Parliamentary Avenue based Cafe Pap on Tuesday morning when singer Bebe Cool in the company of his wife Zuena and their driver failed to clear his bill.

The 'Kasepiki' singer who ignored the menu and straight away asked for juice, African tea before ordering for food got a shock of his life when the waitress brought a bill staggering Shs 105,000.

Cafe Pap is considered amongst the expensive restaurants in town where the corporate fellas strike their deals from. Now Bebe being a star, It couldn't have been a surprise that he ended up there.

The vage platter which he ordered goes for Shs 12,000 each while a glass of juice, irrespective of the type, goes for Shs 6,000 and tea is at Shs 5,500 respectively. A salivating Bebe ploughed into his meal not knowing there wa pay time. And the time everyone was waiting for arrived.

Since he likes to raise standards of fellow musicians (these guys rarely visit corporate hangouts), we never thought the worst. But it dully arrived. Bebe couldn't believe the bill of Shs 105,000 when the waitress put it on his table.

He started going hysterical, shouting and complaining before calling for the menu. After a long time of arguing, Bebe and Zuena complaining about the bill, they paid and left the place cursing.

Bebe, Its a lesson. Ask for the menu before you eat anything.

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Wednesday, May 05 2010

Top socialite and K-Files presenter Karitas Karisimbi who arguably has done everything there is to be done in terms of having fun has turned one new chapter in her life. We have now been told Karitas has turned into a top link in town connecting very beautiful babes to high profile fellas.

A close pal informed us, the K-Files gal is set to make it official and it's set to expand it to Rwanda.

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Wednesday, May 05 2010

The owner fo Cafe Cheri and Cafe Royal pubs in in Kabalagala and a very close pal to singer Dr.Jose Chameleone, Lady Cheri proved a point on how close the two are.

Word reaching our desk indicates she fully sponsored the Bayuda singer's birthday party to a tune of shs 5m. We hear the lavish party held on Monday night at Cheri Cafe left everyone speechless.

Some who attended the party claim it was a huge statement in favour of Chameleone in terms of a long standing feud between him and DJ Michael for Cheri's favours. Remember the two have engaged in numerous fights over her.

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Tuesday, May 04 2010

Word in town reveals singer Grace Nakimera is in hiding after unconfirmed reports emerged yesterday that she is behind the attacks against her. The Kawonawo singer who was attacked by a one Mande Robert on Sunday morning after she had performed at the Silk Street Jam, is the first suspect in the master minding and execution of the now famed "Cooking Oil Attack" plan against her.

Sources from Jinja road police station where the attacker is being held, confirmed to us that getting in contact with her has been fruitless since all her phones are switched off. She has reportedly also disappeared from her home in Namugongo.

A police officer investigating her case said: "We wanted her to come over here and make a statement but we have been unable to reach her since no one seems to know where she is."

The latest development though is that after doctors at Paragon waved her off for having nothing to treat, Grace has since disappeared amid rumours that police is looking for her to explain allegations against her and record a statement over the alleged acid attack.

Police say if she is found guilty, she is set to face a jail term. Watch This Space!

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Monday, May 03 2010

Silk's Lindah Lisa

Sexy Lindah Lisa, the PRO of Club Silk was seen in club on Thursday night during the unplugged show of Shamir showing off her engagement ring to her friends, among them Jackie klein.

Nothing surprising here, only that she had spent months feuding with a babe called Tasha who she accused of turning her boyfriend into a delicious side dish. "They used to be the best of pals until Tasha started devouring Jack as a side dish.

Lindah went ballistic and the two girls faced off on facebook," a pal said. They exchanged foul mouthed insults (Lindah calling Tasha a b$&:@)t and pals on facebook were shocked.

But it is now apparent Lindah had won the whooper war now that an engagement has been finalized. We believe Lindah's heart is at rest that the man is hers for keeps. The dude in question has only been identified as Jack, a nkuba kyeyo guy who comes into town once in a while.

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Monday, May 03 2010

Grace after the attack, the attacker and before the attack
Stunt of the Year - After repeated claims by singer Grace Nakimera that she was being bombarded by threatening messages over her upcoming album launch, Police are now set to investigate her.

This follows an incident at Club Silk on Saturday where a fella reportedly attacked Grace by pouring only stuff previously thought to be acid. Police sources now claim Nakimera is set to face an investigation after claims surfaced that she could actually be faking all these attacks to get media attention so as to hype up her upcoming album launch.

Police spokeswoman Judith Nabakooba told us: "Claims have been reported that she could be the one master minding all these attacks. So if such a report comes in, that means as Police we have to talk to Grace."

Just a few weeks back, Grace reported to police that she was being threatened with SMS' but on Saturday, she was reportedly attacked by Robert Mande, a resident of Kabalagala during the Smirnoff Street Jam at Club Silk.

The police have detained the fella at Jinja Road Police Station under SD REF Number 04/02/05/010 with intention to murder charges. Grace was rushed to Paragon hospital in Bugolobi. We have since learnt she is doing fine and it was not an acid attack but rather an oil attack.

Could it all be planned out? Police will let us know. Watch out for more details tomorrow

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Sunday, May 02 2010


The latest news reveals that Ugaflow Hip Hop star Navio's mum, Maggie Kigozi has purchased a mega pad for him at Pearl Estates Spring Hill at Lubowa Entebbe road valued at Shs 200m.

We hear Maggie who contributed the entire dime for the purchase of the pad has now ordered him to get a girlfriend, settle down and produce kids. Maggie wants to see her son settle down with one lady than run around with Kampala babes.

She needs grand kids to play with when she retires. Daniel Kigozi a.k.a Navio is now set to have a big house warming party before embarking on his mum's wish of searching for the one. Kampala girls are already opening up their legs to win his heart.

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Saturday, May 01 2010

Uganda's first hip hop artiste to be taken seriously, GNL Zamba seems to have earned big from his music. Word has reached our desk hat the Luga flow king is set to start a clothing line of his own.

Celeb Wire connectors have learnt that he is setting up a shop in Ntinda, at the new building opposite Semawata road. His clothing line will include hip hop designs like caps, T-shirts, baggy jeans, and bling bling stuff. We hear GNL is following the foot steps of hip hop legends Diddy who owns Sean John Label and 50 Cents G Unit label.

If all goes well, the shop will open next month. The singer will name his line; The Baboon Collections. Celeb Wire connectors wish the 'Kikankane' boss good luck.

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Saturday, May 01 2010

        Grace Nakalema
Music deserter Grace Nakalema of Nsaba Ontodele Omuntu ' fame who abandoned her music career for her marriage is regretting her decision after her continuous cat fights with her hubby. Word reaching us has it that the former singer  has been having numerous quarrels with her hubby who forced her to quit her music career and her job at Dembe FM to stay at home and cook for him.

The Hajj had prohibited the singer from leaving their marital home to go for shows. However, it was said Grace failed to heed to this ban by going ahead to interact with her friends at various shows.

Hence this sparked off the numerous fights and quarrels. Don't be surprised if yo hear the latest version of Nsaba Ontodele Omuntu' from Grace.

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