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Saturday, January 30 2010

The 'Bogolako' star singer Bebe Cool was shot twice in the thighs by cops in a hot sex brawl as he tried to block the police from arresting his aide who was having noisy and steamy sex in the car. The incident took place at 3:00am between Nakumatt shopping centre and Centenary Park.

Foot patrol police came across car number 278 UEC that was swinging up and down with funny noise bellowing from inside attracting sniffer dogs and cops. On coming closer to the car, they saw a couple having hot sex romps prompting them to stop the couple saying it was unbecoming and being disorderly.

They knocked the car windows real hard but the couple was so defiant that they continued with the sex marathon. It seems the guy was just about to hit it. He later lowered the window and asked the cops to leave him alone but they threatened to call 999.

Bebe Cool Arrives
The man who we still do not know asked the cops that he should call his lawyers before they can arrest him. "He made a call and it was not long when Bebe Cool emerged from Centenary Park with about 20 mean looking men. On reaching the scene, Bebe asked: "What are these f***n police guys doing here? You guys what is your problem?"

The scuffle degenerated into shooting as BebeCool's GAGAMEL crew pounced on one of the cops called David Oluka trying to disarm him forcing the second cop Alfred Okikang to shoot several bullets in the air. That type of shooting was not effective as the goons continued advancing on him. "The cop changed strategy and aimed for the legs and balls for Bebe," as narrated by a night guard at Nakumatt shopping center.

In the process, Bebe Cool received two bullets in both thighs but the balls survived narrowly. As he fell on the ground, his Gagamel crew that were still standing fled in disarray. One of his bodyguards Allan Masengere aka Shortcut, Godfrey Kaiza and Bosco Kabobyo aka Cobra were injured in the legs, arms and stomach respectively.

The romping couple sped away during the scuffle. Eleven used O condoms and a red G-String were discovered. Police is optimistic they will get the vehicle owner now that they have the registration number. By the time of filing this report, Bebe Cool was undergoing a deadly operation at Nsambya Hospital.

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Saturday, January 30 2010

           Desire and Shamir
Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare for shock because Desire Luzinda of the Nyumirwa nyo fame has been hooked again. Just two weeks after she walked out on city mayor Seya, we hear she's in the 'kintu' with Shamir, a ugandan businessman cum musician based in the US.

Our sources intimate that Shamir chased Desire for sometime and when he realized she was playing hard to get, he decided to inject a whooping 8m in her new video 'Tweyagale' The injection had conditions of course. One of them was that Shamir himself had to feature in the video, which Desire welcomed.

That would have passed unnoticed if Shamir had not confessed his undying love for Desire on "The Beat", a program hosted by city comedian  Richard Tiwangye on UBC TV. We have no reason to doubt after watching how he cuddles her in the videos.

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Friday, January 29 2010

Tycoon BMK aka Bulaimu Kibirige is a man going places with dime. The latest we have is that the tycoon is shopping for two choppers that he will use to ease his guests' travel from Entebbe to his hotel.

With a fleet of over 200 vehicles, the tycoon is still having a headache over the landing pad issue. Apparently, the space he has is not big enough for the facility and as we talk, he is zeroing onto Kololo Air Strip.

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Friday, January 29 2010

They say work without play makes Jack a dull boy. But for this one hmm, we are lost for words. Model Sheila Ferguson on Tuesday night missed her flight to the UK after a night out with Rabadaba. Insiders tell us that the pair that was so lost in a marathon of sorts failed to make it to Entebbe for the check-in time.

Sheila who is going to the UK for a modeling course, it is said, received a call from her mom who was wishing her a safe flight but alas, she was still tucked in bed with the hubby.We now know that she will be off by the time you read this.

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Friday, January 29 2010

Melanie Kaita is quitting Sanyu FM today. Fat Boy's co-presenter who has been with the station for four years is being asked by fans to stay for they cannot stand the show without her. the fans have gone ahead and opened a facebook page on which they are begging her not to go.

One of them wrote: ''I've been in Uganda for 5 years now, and I'd like to thank Mel and Fat Boy for keeping me sane. When I have a near miss on a boda boda, when a matatu runs out of petrol, when I find myself wearing flip flops in the rain, when water and power goes out at the same time, when a policeman tries to arrest me for smoking a cigarette on the golf course, at least I know that in the morning I'll wake up to the funny, clever, affectionate squabbles of Mel and Fat Boy.

You play your parts so well, and are light years ahead of the rest. And like any great team, they bring out the best in each other. Please Stay Mel for my sake"

Mel herself concluded "I totally appreciate all the support y'all have shown me and humbled more than you will ever know!! Will miss Radio bugging y'all grating at your nervous and making a few of you smile. Thanks for rooting for me even as I move on. Mob love. Shalom Melanie Kaita."

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Tuesday, January 26 2010

Straka and Sizzaman's favourite stroke
Straka has kicked off the new year fighting paparazzi. The amorphous babe turned chaotic last Sunday during the Miss Ssese beauty contest when she squashed a Coca Cola bottle on a New Vision photo journalist.

The scribe's watch was destroyed in the process as Straka just walked away minus paying for it. She accuses the scribe of taking her photos.

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Sunday, January 24 2010

Singer Toniks' days of hoofing like a cow and pleading for lifts is over. Close pals say the MUBS fella has secured a DMC green Toyota Windom UAD series from a very kind pal. A pal added "His close friend has decided to give him the DMC to save him from constant padding around the city"

He was spotted on Dewington road where he had packed the old machine. He looked excited like a kid on Christmas. Well those are the fruits of rich friends!

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Thursday, January 21 2010

A bitter fight between Sheila Ferguson and Wafagio's Sheila Sempebwa was witnessed last week on Thursday. Sheila Ferguson is Rabadaba's official lover though she has always suspected Sheila Sempebwa of romping Raba behind her back.

Ferguson confronted Sempebwa and demanded to know if there was something between her and Rabadaba. An eyewitness added: "The two Sheila's first exchanged bitter words before they went physical. The fought for over five minutes."

Wafagio's Sheila was over powered leaving her with a big injury on the face. That explains why she was missing that night at the Silk Ocean where the Wafagio's were performing at the Warid Telecom Media bash.

Sheila Ferguson has now warned Rabadaba against speaking to Wafagio's Sheila though Raba insists he can't stop talking to her. Watch this Space!

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Thursday, January 21 2010

The two rival songbirds are on the verge of burying their differences and are ready to work together. Iryn and Juliana started together as I-Jay over 10 years back, split and have not been civil to each other since then.

The latest info we have on the two is that they are in studio busy working on a Valentine song. The move was hatched by Sabrina's Hope Mukasa who even sold land to Juliana in Lungujja on which she is setting up her storied house.

We can't wait! Juliana's house is in its finishing stages, she will soon be moving from Bukoto to an opulent neighbourhood.

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Thursday, January 21 2010

                 Diamond Oscar
Goodlyfe singer survived being lynched at Club Rouge after he was caught with MTN's Gasper Mbowa Blackberry phone. Last Saturday partiers were shocked when an immediate search for Gasper's stolen phone was found with Diamond Oscar.

Brenda Nambi of HB Toxic girl group offered to call Gasper's phone now that she had seen Oscar take the phone. On calling the phone, It rung from Oscar's baggy jeans who quietly handed over the phone while sweating and left the club immediately.

He was banned from the club. Meanwhile, the singer is also undergoing disciplinary action from the Goodlyfe disciplinary committee.

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Wednesday, January 20 2010

Raunchy dancehall singer DJ Farshee's cold nights may be a thing of the past. Of late she can't stay away from DJ Shiru's music shop at Ivory Plaza. Her latest obsession is a guy named Wit Wit who works with Shiru.She visits him all the time. Angenoir's Zuba is not going to like this.
Related: DJ Farshee Feuds with Pretty Katende over Nathan

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Wednesday, January 20 2010
              Elvis and Isaac Mulindwa
Looks like the Pearl of Africa Music Awards confusion will never stop. The Awards Chairman Isaac Mulindwa is contemplating holding last year's (2009) flopped awards in March. The awards were supposed to be held in November last year but following Gordon Wavamuno court case against the awards organizing, a court injunction was issued.

The awards later postponed to February this year only to learn that hey have been pushed to March on a date yet to be set. The mega sponsorship packages for the Awards have already been passed on to the relevant authorities. Zain and East African Breweries are sponsoring the show as usual.

The 2010 edition of the awards will take place in November

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Wednesday, January 20 2010

Fashion Guru Sylvia Owori has dropped a bouncing baby boy. Her previous kid is dark but at least the newly born is a half-caste. A family source said:"Sylvie gave birth to a stunning baby boy on Monday. She is absolutely excited about it and thanks her friends who were by her all the nine months she was pregnant."

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Tuesday, January 19 2010

Celebrated spin master DJ Shiru is into things: Sources close to the lanky DJ say that the loaded sugar Mummy who is into Shiru big time wants to pump loads of cash into the spin master.

''DJ Shiru is a lucky fella. Some rich lady is ready to invest so much money so that he can start up his own events promotions label'' We hear Shiru's label will be dealing in signing up coming artistes and then organizing events.

A source further reveals that Shiru has already signed top music writer Saxess Busulwa who has written songs for the likes of Blu3, Wafagio, and KS Alpha as his main song writer. The likes of Balaam(promoter supremo) and Bobkins had better watch out.

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Tuesday, January 19 2010

Juliana Kanyomozi and Cleopatra Koheirwe's territory is under attack. Dancehall heavy weight Peter Miles has a new gal. The road block studio boss Peter Miles is seriously dating former Rwampara MP Muzora's daughter identified as Phiona Bareebe Quincy.

The tow have been close for months and something is certainly going on between the sheets. A pal told us: "Peter Miles sees something special in Phiona. She's really special to him and I think she also sees something amazing going on."

Both Peter Miles and Phiona stay in Entebbe albeit separately. Nuff said!

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Monday, January 18 2010

Most Celebs are not known for their intellectual prowess but have provided words that wowed us. Whether its insight or sheer audacity, we enjoyed reading these stunning sound bites from our stars.

Zarie - Ok I might be having problems in my relationship, but dating those bu-local musicians? No way! I'm an up-market, sassy loaded woman! Some of those guys can't even afford to buy themselves deodorant! Zarie reacting to her alleged hobnobbing with Ugandan Musicians.

Desire Luzinda - You Red Pepper guys should leave SEYA alone. He has potential. This is when she was reacting to a story about her and Seya while emerging out of a hotel room at 2:00am.

Eva Mbabazi - I can have sex for lunch, super and breakfast without getting tired.

Daphne - I have slept with almost all the celebs in town but no one has taken me to and from cloud nine like Hilderman Mazongoto Daphine's kiss and tell interview about her celeb sexcapes.

Bobi Wine - Between me and Safina there's no love for heaven's sake. I didn't know her name until after she told me she was preggie with my son. I only shafted her once. Uganja President Bobi Wine reacting about his other woman.

Aisha Nabukeera - I can't tell what Kampala guys find irresistible about me. May be I have a magnet or sweets down there. Why don't you ask them? Aisha Nabukeera reacting to Walukaga, Samona cat fight for her.

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Sunday, January 17 2010

At the end of this you will bein the know of city men and women who have turned Kampala's gambling houses into their living room. This is where many dare and at times make fortunes but most lose out big sums of money.

Some of the sought after Casino's in town are Kampala Casino on Kimathi Avenue, Simba Casino at Garden City, Pyramids on Yusuf Lule around the Embassy of Ireland and the latest which is Mayfair just before Kisozi Complex.

Playing and betting on games like Roulette, Black Jack, Poker, Dominoes, cash card bet games take place in the casinos but also with lots of entertainment like strip tease by exclusive foreign dancers and of course free drinks and snacks.

At times there are ladies to offer special treats to gamblers and they go on with their business, of course at a price. In this cult, all fortune winners mus at least remit 30% of their winnings back to the revelers who on that night grace the establishment.

However, gambling can mean to be very addictive and most gamblers don't play once. Today we bring you Kampala's most top celebrated gamblers.

John Ssenseko Kulubya with huge chunks of land all over Kampala will stake money that runs most of our families for a year. On good night he stakes 10mn.

Sudhir Ruparelia - He simply graces casinos as a way of spending over surplus money. The Crane Bank guru will buy expensive drinks like Blue label and give out Cuban Cohiba Cigars  when he is gambling. He normally plays on Credit cards though we estimate him to command 20Mn per night.

Ragga Dee - The musician cum Kampala city businessman Dan Kazibwe aka Ragga Dee at one time drove away in a Mercedes Benz car after a fellow he was playing with staked his ride. It was only after pleas from other addicted gamblers that Dee gave back the Benz. Luck seems to follow him, a few months back, Ragga Dee won 50Mn shillings. Dee gambles with over 3Million shillings per night.

 Sylvia Owori - The African Woman magazine guru has kept her gambling crave a secret for a long time. She is known to gamble away in private reserved cubicles at one of the most affluent casinos. Sylvie is said to house the whole cubicle free drinks and snacks on nights when she is gambling. She will spend a hooping 4M on a private cubicle session per night.

 Judith Heard - We bet most of you haven't heard about this, the sexy Nalongo is a celebrated gambler around town. For Heard whose hubby is always away, she has the right to seek solace in happening joints like Casinos. Her favourite is Simba Casino where she plays games all night long. The former model is said to have her purse full with crsipy 50K notes amounting to 3M to gamble all night long. Hers is an all girl session.

 Others in the game of gambling are Andrew Kassaga Zimwe, Gen. Katugugu Jim Muhwezi, Bob Kabonero, Desh Kananura and Chandi Jamwa.

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Saturday, January 16 2010

            DJ Farshee
Sexy upcoming singers Pretty Katende and DJ Farshee, former close pals are no longer seeing eye to eye; reason being a loaded China based Nkuba Kyeyo, a one Nathan. Apparently, Nathan recently introduced Pretty Katende at their home in Gaba, after dumping Farshee, who was his long time gal pal.

However, Pretty Katende had all long been rumoured to date Omulangira Ndausi. Ndausi was said to be juggling the two upcoming stars at that time. So when Nathan arrived from China late last year for Farshee, Pretty decided to revenge by enticing Nathan into her bosom, something that didn't amuse Farshee.

The two girls are baying for each other's blood now.

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Saturday, January 16 2010

                  Arapapa's Santa Anzo
Continued credit crunched Santa Anzo, the Brain behind the Uganda Fashion week is fed up with the Gala. We have heard that Santa who has nor been  doing well financially of recent and even got saved is selling the franchise to the highest bidder.

However with her reserve price of two hundred million shillings, she is bound to get stuck with it, for the few that have been interested offered only to a tune of slightly 50 Million. Santa simply go on, have your cake and still eat it no matter how hot it is. Life at times is bollocks.

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Friday, January 15 2010

Manchester United's star defender Rio Ferdinand seems to have fallen in love with Uganda. for the latest we have is that Rio will be hitting town in June for holiday that is to be coupled by Gorilla tracking in Bwindi and a session with the Pro Line Academy of Mujib Kasule.

Rio is set to spend a fortune in our dusty town. Gals don't say we didn't warn you.

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Friday, January 15 2010

World Icon Robert Kelly who is set to blaze our country in a few weeks time is a man who takes his health very seriously. The lad who was once accused of romping teenage babes one of whom was the late Aliyah, we hear he is coming with his own private chef and all other diet needs plus a physician.

Kelly whose hotel of abode has not yet been revealed seems to even shun them and may even drop perform and leave there after. Ha Ha! Some people think they are God-like but wa they are still human beings. Ask Michael Jackson.

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Thursday, January 14 2010

The former WBS presenter is set to relocate to UK very soon. Her last project was when she hosted the stand up comedy show by Multichoice which Pablo emerged the winner taking the prize money of 10,000Us Dollars.

Rachael has been offering free services to No End Entertainment owned by her brother Hemdee and Mother Halima Namakula. Unfortunately, not very many artistes use the studio for recording and the last time she launched her album, not any single company expressed interest in sponsoring the launch.

Now the latest coming her way is a six months contract she has got with British Council's Dinners and Exhibitions London office. The star who was in Las Vegas for Christmas will be moving anytime soon.
Photo: Rachael K Performs at the Miss Ug Event

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Tuesday, January 12 2010

                Radio and Weasel
Looks like Goodlyfe stars Moze Radio and Weasel TV's troubles will never end. Word reaching our desk indicates the star pair are now wanted at Jinja Road Police Station to answer charges of assault. this comes just days after Mengo Court had issued a warrant of arrest for the singers following their court snub and failure to clear a debt.

Now one Sula has reported an assault case at Jinja Road Police Station. Details as to where he was assaulted are still scanty. However, of late they have been cautious to avoid arrest.

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Monday, January 11 2010

It is not the first time these babes are opting for a bodaboda instead of a cab. In 2008, Brenda and Helen were sighted on a bike at about 3:00am as the wild wind nearly undressed them on the bike. Just last Saturday, the two stormed out of Club Rouge and headed straight for a bodaboda.

The girls have a RAV4 but looks like they are failing to fuel it even after performing alongside P-Square in Kigali on New year's eve. An eye witness said: "They were offering Shs 1,500 to Fat Boyz from Club Rouge. It is unbelievable; it is an insult to all Boda Boda fellas. The cyclist at first refused but he realized these girls had no dime on them. He later accepted and rode them to Fat Boyz."

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Sunday, January 10 2010

Wafagio's Linda
Wafagios's talented star Linda Mbabazi is torn between her latest catch only identified as Engineer Herbert and her manager Emma Carlos. Apparently, they want to have a share of her. Linda who is currently preggie admitted that yes they had a thing with Emma Carlos to promote her but his time was up.

Linda says she loves her latest catch who is a senior engineer working with Dehort services and as you read this, the two are romping on a serious deadline. Word reaching us is that there has been a lot of confusion in Wafagio ever since Linda told Emma to get off her.

Emma threatened to ban her from the group and so Linda rtold her fiancee, who assured her that he was ready to sponsoer her music career if she went solo. This pledge was on condition that she gives up all her dealings with Emma. Linda who caught up with one of our senior scribes at Club Pa Lui in Ntinda confirmed that she was about to quit the group now that her fiance had pledged to sponsor her.

Although Wafagio manager Emma Mulondo denied the allegations that led to the break up of the old wafagio girl's group which later resurrected as Krystal Babes.

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Friday, January 08 2010

If you thought that New Year's eve was all about making merry, for the self styled general Mega Dee, it was all sad and blue. Apparently Mega was ripped of about 2million shillings by some yet to be identified city conman.

We hear that the 'general' who met the lad at Platinum house was told to insert the said sum in a black bag and wait for a few minutes for the money top accumulate, but the Mega whom we thought knew about Kampala's 'bafere' nearly shed tears when he checked in the bag and his dime had vanished.

Confused Dee was overheard by our snoops making frantic phone calls to a friend to save him "Muna agaibi ge Kampala gandibye! Muna ntaasa onambeyo nakasente!" Literally translated as: My friend come and help me, some thugs have robbed me.

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Friday, January 08 2010

                Phillip Luswata on the left
With the departure of theatre factory's boss, Phillip Luswata it has emerged that he has embarked on a talent search so as to form a new group. This comes after talks with so called 'rebels' failed to have a positive out come.

We have established that Luswata has already identified some young talented stars and as you read this, his popular comedy nite at the National Theatre is becoming hotter than ever before. Apparently, the other share holders in the once family group are now asking Luswata to buy them out.

It's said that even the equipment they secured recently is now up for grabs for it was bought by individuals and not the group. Way to go Phillip.

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Friday, January 08 2010

City Gal Rosette-whose pictures while romping with a Zambian information technology expatriate leaked-is preggie, we can reliably reveal. Snoops tell us that she's around three months pregnant with the expatriate's baby.

Her pal told us: "Rosette is over the moon, she is expecting her first child with her lover. She can't wait to give birth." The pair have been meeting mainly in Kigali where the fella now works with a telecommunications company.

He started Rosette a small business here in Kampala. Meanwhile, we have learnt that the randy guy's Zambian woman divorced him over his nude sex pictures.

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Thursday, January 07 2010

Stars Moze Radio and weasel TV face arrest after they defy a court order to clear a debt of shs.6.8 million. The Goodlyfe stars had been given up to end of Tuesday(midnight) to clear the money they owed an event organizer, Marsta Entertainment, and the failed to pay.

They were hired to perform in Mbarara last year but failed to honour the agreement. After failing to recover the dime, Marsta Entertainment took the singers to court. Radio and Weasel were first arrested on Monday afternoon from, their new home in Makindye and produced in Mengo Magistrate's court presided over by Grade One magistrate Jolly Nkore.

However, they were released after depositing a cheque of Shs 2million. The magistrate then gave them up to the end of Tuesday afternoon. They never appeared and by Wednesday, they had not cleared their debt. Now we have learnt that court has ordered the singers' be committed to a civil prison.

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Thursday, January 07 2010

             Pair set same date for their album launches
There is a silent war between singers Dr. Jose Chameleone and Mesach Semakula over their album launch date. Close sources tell us the pair accuses each other of sabotage. Both artistes are set to launch their albums on 19 next month(February).

Originally Vumilia star was set to launch this month on the 29.Jan.2010 but with Zain setting the R.Kelly 'I believe Concert' for the same date (January 29), he had to reschedule his. And now Eagles Production star Mesach Semakula says Chameleone is just trying to fail him. On the other hand Chameleone argues that 19 February is always a free day for any artiste.

Both artistes have so far refused to reschedule their concerts. Mesach will be launching from the People's space at Hotel Africana while Chameleone will opt for the spacious Kyadondo Rugby Grounds. This rivalry could turn out to be like last year's Bebe Cool/Bobi Wine Oct 2 album launches. Watch This Space.

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Wednesday, January 06 2010

Jomayi property consultants PRO and WBS Africa Rhythms presenter Prince Dennis Mawanda is nursing cheek pain after his fiancee Julie gives him a dose of slaps, we have learnt. We are told that after hosting the Club Silk New year Street Jam, Mawanda went with an unidentified chic to Silk Lounge and cozied up with her.

As they were in the middle of happiness, fiancee Julie found them. She instantly became mad and was furious Mawanda had not joined her on the dance floor in Silk Oxygen. He then tried to explan that he was trying to sell the mystery lady land from Jomayi.

But before he could finish his explanation, a furious Julie slapped him thrice in the face as blood gushed from his nose.Luckily for him a nearby bouncer separated them. Hmmm!
Photo: Dennis Mawanda with Hot Babe

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Tuesday, January 05 2010


The crippled relationship between South African based Zari Hassan and hubby Ivan is again on the verge of total collapse. Last month we told you of how the pair had split and Zari had decided to shift to Kampala. But somehow, the pair got back and have been sighted together on different occasions.

However, a close source now tells us the pair could be about to break for good. Ivan accuses the mom of his three kids of extravagance and dating various men, particularly musicians. And because of this, he has denied struggling, er, singer Zarie access to his heavy bank accounts. Ivan is a South African based  Ugandan businessman and its from this that he mints lots of dime.

Our source told us: "Ivan thought Zari was setting up a construction company in Uganda. But when he came there was nothing. All Zari was doing with the money was to hangout and house musicians. He was very pissed. Even work on her Makerere Hostel has stalled. She has blown all the money."

Music experts are worried Zarie might never achieve her dream. "It is no secret Zari loves singing. But singing isn't part of her. She should try just something else. She can't sing." She is set to launch her album soon.

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Monday, January 04 2010

           Theatre Factory members acting
Comedy outfit Theatre Factory has sensationally split. This will certainly come as bad news for most fellas in town who have been enjoying the group's comic acts at National Theatre every Thursdays. We can reveal the group split over poor artistic management and financial differences.

Now only left are Phillip Luswata and Julius Lugaya, the proprietors. All the other starsw ho include Emma Kakayi, Kwezi Kaganda, Frobisha, Nina Katamba, Anna Kansiime, Veronica Tindikyebwa, Veronica Namaganda, Gerald Lutalo, Dickson Zizinga, Richard Tuwangye, Hannington Bugingo, Cathy Bagaya, and Bestine Mutasa have quit.

They have formed their own comedy outfit called Fun Factory. They will be performing every Thursday at Pan World Motors on Dewington Road just opposite National Theatre. We hear they will be holding their first show on 14th January.

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Monday, January 04 2010

Moze Radio and Weasel TV
It looks like loaded Ange Noir boss Charlie Lubega has finally forgiven rebel singers Moze Radio and Weasel TV. Their music, which had been banned from the Industrial area based club has finally been played.

On New year's, Ange Noir partiers got a taste of the Good Lyfe music as songs like Kuku for the first time played in the posh hangout. We hear the singers have secretly been asking Charlie to forgive them following their split.

Though their music has finally started playing there, it is not yet clear whether the pair's ban from the club has been lifted. Watch this Space!

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Sunday, January 03 2010

Model Meg Lusembo and Sylvia Owori
Preggie Sylvie Owori of Sylvie' Boutique is a woman going places with fashion designing. The now elusive Sylvia we hear has embarked on a new project that is dedicated to pregnant fashion. The beauty Queen who is now almost bursting we have readily established is working around the clock to have an exhibition soon.

Meanwhile we also hear that Sylvie is contemplating retiring from her social calendar until she gives birth. We only pray that all her wishes are not foolish thinking. Nice maternity leave Sylvie.
Blog: Sylvia Owori

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Sunday, January 03 2010

Wedding Blued Straka Mwezi is a woman who will always have things her way. We bumped into the TV presenter at Bebe Cool's Kiwatule fete, where she super glued onto the boy like she was and endangered species.

The bulky Straka kept on planting silly kisses onto the poor lad's lips who seemed less interested in the whole process. But oops he had no option, for it seemed Straka who is known to be broke was footing the bills.

It seems she borrowed big, for she spent close to twenty thousand on her sugar boy Sizza. Ha-ha. Hehehe Straka baibe you got yourself a boy!

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Saturday, January 02 2010
           Phina Parades Lover
Singer Phina Mugerwa also known as Masanyalaze stings ex lover and manager Emannuel Serugo in her new song Mufere. The pair split early last year after a misunderstanding over dime and sex rationing.
Bampasude star Phina moved on and hooked a South African based Ugandan witch doctor one Kenneth Muyiisa who is now responsible for drilling the singers oil well. But it looks like she's not yet done with Serugo. In her new song, Phina directly stings Serugo calling him a fraudster. The song will be hitting the airwaves soon.
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Friday, January 01 2010

       The Ayokya yokya QueenPhoto Gallery
She is the new Diva Awards queen and she is the Ayokya yokya Queen. But when it comes to matters that have to do with the nine months life of near hell, she is simply a coward. The singer who must be having live shafting marathons for some reason had to rush to Abii Clinic in Wandegeya of all places, for a privacy pregnancy test.

Our snoops at the clinic say that the moment it was her turn to see the Doctor, she began sweating like a cornered frog. It is said that she had to first compose her self before seeing the doctor, but a few minutes later, the star came out smiling from ear to ear telling friends of how she was scared so much about being pregnant.

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Friday, January 01 2010

                The Late Dj Ronnie(RIP) with Carol
Yes the waiting is over. Fallen Capital FM presenter DJ Ronnie's fiancee, Carol, is a proud mom of Ronnie's baby boy. She dropped the baby and late Ronnie's pals posted on facebook congratulatory messages. She dropped the baby from International Hospital.

Both mom and baby are in fine health. Fallen Capital Radio Late Date presenter Ronnie and Carol were supposed to wed last weekend (26 December), had it not been for his untimely death in September. She was four months pregnant when Ronnie died.

Carol's boy is DJ Ronnie's sixth child
Related: Late DJ Ronnie's Babe to Drop Tot Anytime

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Friday, January 01 2010

          OS and Campbell performing
Singer of 'Obama' Omulangira Suuna a.k.a O.S was caught red handed kissing dancer Campbell's butt back stage last Sunday at Calendar Rest House. Rumour has been spreading around that the two are in hot passionate love and though they deny, all their actions.

The way the two dance and erotically stroke each other on stage leaves much visibly unsaid. Just last Sunday, while at Makindye Rest House, before climbing the stage, Suuna was smoked out by our snoops kissing Campbells big butt, before pecking her full lips.

We don't know why he did so, because when he was caught doing it, he pretended to be doing it for fun, though it was rather a romantic gesture. He the jumped on stage, as if bum kissing gives him stage confidence.

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