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Saturday, February 28 2009

        Jose and AK47
We hear the popular Bayuda song that Chameleone has been riding on for sometime now to great heights and fame was an original composition of his younger bother AK47.

Chameleone having heard the song, he instantly  knew he could use it to make  his great come back like he has proved in the past. Word reaching us however, is that he was supposed to pay a certain amount of money to the younger brother which Chameleone has refused to do insisting that the young boy first finishes school. Now we hear the younger brother has opted to drop out of school and start performing his song ''Bayuda" and won't let Chameleone continue making money on him while he looks on.

Now Chameleone has has vowed to lock up his young brother if he doesn't go back to school; whether he can do that remains to be seen.

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Friday, February 27 2009
Anita KatusiimeAnita-G-Force
She is the co-owner of G-Force dancing group and she is simply what you would term sexy. Avery good body with right curves at the right place, I mean she has nothing extra, she has this teenagers look on her face, a goog complexion , perfect smile complimented by the right set of teeth, cute small sexy boobs, a good flat tummy and the right height. She knows how to wiggle her behind.
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Friday, February 27 2009

Bebe Cool has found life in Uganda too harsh and has decided to go to U.S for Kyeyo. Reliable info reaching our desk indicates that for the last two weeks Bebe Cool has been camping at the Nsambya based US Embassy. He wakes up very early in the morning, jumps on a Boda Bike to Nsambya and by the time the gates are open to the public, Cool is always the first person there.

We hear the reason is that he is looking for a visa to Uncle Sam's land. He has been telling friends that he feels he needs a holiday to go and cool off from his domestic problems which have become too much domestic violence for him to handle.

However, contrary to the story of cooling off, we hear the real reason Bebe wants to go to the US is that he is really too broke and right now h thinks his only choice is to go foe Kyeyo for a few years and then come back to Uganda different man with different style. We pray and hope he gets that US visa. We hear he got a loan for an air ticket from Chameleone.

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Friday, February 27 2009

           Druscilla Magezi Ndaula
Alex Ndaula renowned capital FM radio presenter and club DJ along with wife Drucilla Magezi Ndaula have been frequenting Dr.Ssali's Bukoto based fertility center for the last two months. Last sighting was last Wednesday when the presumably grief-stricken couple visited the clinic again. It is believed that the reason for their visits is to seek the expert help of Dr.Ssali to help the couple to at least be able to conceive naturally or artificially.

Alex and Wife Drucilla have been married for very many years but all these years Alex it would seem has been firing blanks, a condition that forced his wife to seek expert help of Dr.Saali. We hear the wife accuses Alex of drinking too much and not being able to do his masculine duties of creating a heir for the family.

Snoops however believe it might be Alex with the problem. As a DJ, Alex has lot of female fans at his disposal, however through our elaborative investigations, we have discovered that the only love Alex has is for the bottle rather than the babes. He has never been involved in any city babe other than his wife whom he also married after a very long time of dating.

Alex could be the one hampering their ability to manufacture kids. However since the couple is seeking expert attention , we hope that won't be a problem no more. Soon a bigger announcement may be made.

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Thursday, February 26 2009

Angenoir Discotheque had just banned Moze Radio and Weasel Tv from accessing their premises and now the latest from Club Silk is a warning to ban all musicians if they do not change the way they conduct themselves during the Tuesday Campus nights.

The warning reads in part: ''Your gross misconduct has jeopardized our business and put our business reputation at stake thus forcing us to sound our last polite warning that if any artiste conducts himself in a way that is not acceptable, we will deal with him appropriately and the matter will be reported at Jinja Road Police Station."

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Tuesday, February 24 2009

After a month in hibernation at her parents home, Zuena has been convinced to come back. Last Friday Bebe Cool of the ''Agenze'' fame left the home paving way for his run away wife and their two kids Alpha Thierry and Beata, to settle in. Bebe Cool will be renting somewhere else though not so far from his family.

The celebrity couple split late last year over a girl only known as Laura forcing Zuena and the two kids leaving their marital home in Ntinda. Zuena has been constantly in touch with Barbie while in Jinja something Bebe Cool learnt of, and in a way he called Barbie to plead with Zuena to come back and indeed Barbie was touched, so she did the needful.

Zuena accepted to this and a meeting was called brokered by Barbie, Bobi Wine's wife. It was a fired up meeting. Before the meeting could commence, Zuena first assured Bebe Cool that he sits and listens or she walks out of the room and out of his life. A panicky and trembling Bebe had no option but to adhere. The confident Zuena roared: ''You have hurt me, You have cheated on me, you broke my heart and you made me look a fool. Thank your stars I even accepted to talk to you." She then ordered him to do the following:

  • Bebe acquires an Escalade for Zuena to transport the kids to school.
  • He will not visit the family but can keep in touch on phone.
  • He should stop performing his ''Agenze'' hit which does not flow well for Zuena.
  • Undergoes a social probation for six months to prove himself worth reuniting with his wife
  • A bank account will be availed for Bebe to wire a fixed amount weekly.

The meeting that kicked off at 11:00am on Friday ended at 3:00pm with Bebe Cool leaving having understood a 5 point ultimatum as outlined above. Meanwhile Bebe is hitting the studio to record a new hit "Lwaki Siyagala" translated as Why I don't want or Why I'm not Interested and he will release it with a Hummer customized with the title song.
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Tuesday, February 24 2009

              Leila of Dream Galz
Dream Galz star Leila is living a life of a real star after hooking a top beer company fella. This guy drives a company car registration number UA*256*. The tow are so much into each other and can hardly give each other space. We are told: ''Leila has never been loved this much before, she's having the best of her time." We hear she has even shifted from her place to this guy's pad and they are now at it on a daily basis.

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Monday, February 23 2009

Straka and Oimuke back in the days
Word reaching our desk indicates former WBS presenter Charles Oimuke has been arrested in Dubai Over Drugs. Our snoops reveal Oimuke has been involved in drug trafficking with a certain lady only identified as Jackie who is on the run.

Our Snoop says: "Oimuke has been netted in Dubai for drugs. He has denied the charges but there's no way he can be let out. He must pay" We hear Oimuke along side Jackie has been running a drug smuggling business ever since he quit managing a brothel.

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Sunday, February 22 2009

Stuck on the Shelf - We are concerned ! They have been around for sometime but truthfully they don't seem to hook up with one special person who they will call  My better Half". Infact some look so disinterested claiming they are too busy to think about settling down, others have hooked and been hooked countless times while others are plain unlucky. We are talking about Kampala's top cream that is above 30  and still terribly single. It is bad to ask a babe how old she is but we have reached a consensus after a long argument that the following need to get off shelves soon enough.

Desree Barlow
She has a sexy voice, tight behind and not forgetting she has just graduated after twelve years at campus. A part from the fact that guys fight for her and she is getting older each day that passes, there's nothing more to drive home. We wonder how the guys can fight for Desree and yet no one is willing to commit themselves. Something is really wrong somewhere. We can only say tough luck gal.

Sarah Zawedde
Sarah has lost it musically. She is getting older and we don't even anticipate any come back at all. The Kambele Nawe star surely has had them all since she broke onto the social scene but it seems Kampala's horny guys are now tired of her. To make matters worse she is finished as a singer hence guys don't want anything to do with her because she will be a budden.

Bina Baby - Presenter
She has very good legs, tight behind, and sexy voice and she works with a radio station. We are sorry to announce that Bina has dated countless guys in town but none has ever showed his real cause apart from hit and run sessions. She is not getting any younger so she needs something spectacular to happen or else she is loosing the battle.

Titi Tabel
No doubt she has lost the plot Musically and on the hook up font she is doing no better. Titi is getting so old fast and yet no has come up to say "would you be my wife". When one talks of Titi nowadays, they will say Titi who?? We wonder now that she has lost her appeal in music if she is ever going to get off the shelf. We blame you gal because you never used your fame to hook up. 

Lady Mariam
Tindatine claims she is around 28 yrs but we can't go along with that.Reason being that by the time she worked in a salon at Kabwohe and as a supporting queen dancer in a band in Mbarara, how old could she be now really? We thought she would be swept off her feet when she appeared on the social scene but wapi, all that guys wanted was to have it all and move on. Pity!

The self proclaimed Queen of the dance hall and her face can reveal is way getting older. Well she can still wiggle her behind together with her queen dancers but we are not so convinced she will last long.. She likes white men but none of them has ever looked more interested to the extent of getting attached. She better pulls out a serious stunt or....

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Saturday, February 21 2009

                Zuena and Bebe Cool
The reasons for her separation -not divorce because they were never officially married are many.

Official introduction and Wedding
Zuena demands that Bebe Cool should treat her like his real wife and he can only do this by introducing her officially at his and her homes, paying her dowry price which she shall name and then wedding her officially, like other celebs wives e.g. Daniella of Chameleone or Mariam of Ragga Dee or Bobi Wine who payed for Barbie ten Friesian cows.

Bebe Cool is known to be a serial liar; he lies to everybody, his wife, his girl friends, creditors and manager. He's known to even lie to himself; a case in point is when he fooled the entire country into believing that he had taken his wife to U.K to deliver. But the truth was spilled when a Red Pepper snoop sniffed out his lie, and unearthed Zuena hibernating in a Muzigo in Kamwokya.

Vulgar Tongue & Fighting
Bebe is also known for using dirty and foul language and this has been attributed to the influence of American hip hop stars whose videos he's addicted to recently. He was appearing in court to answer assault charges in the process using so many strong words and in fact his song "Pus Pus" is rumored to have been inspired by his vulgar tongue. He was also jailed sometime back for assaulting a police woman with dirty words and touching the cops boobs. Bebe assaulted a man who caressed Zuena's bum with a barrage

Her Sisters
Beautiful as Zuena may be, she is not safe with her sisters around. He was nick-named ''mpiso teyesigamwa" by her friends which means "you can't lean against a needle it pricks". Zuena is convinced that Bebe lusts after her sisters and hadn't it been for her tight marking, he would have devoured them by now. Bebe's love for stage dancers, police women and campus girls forced Zuena to leave him.

Zuena demanded an Escalade like Bobi's or at least a surf like Barbies and Bobi's mansion. She is tired of landlords demanding for rent which Bebe Cool can no longer pay and is about to be evicted from his Semawata road pad. Bebe is so broke that recently he survived jail over 16m debt. Zuena just can't stand a broke man and whenever Bebe stages a show, she storms the gate and demands for gate collections in millions, claiming its for the children. Bebe is experiencing the expenses of beauty and he has even lost weight because he is sure there are many hungry eyes eying Zuena.

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Friday, February 20 2009

       Battle of Supremacy
                      Battle of Supremacy
They are Uganda's top artistes no doubt and they are stinking rich but who rules the other? Today we take you deep into their lives.

Both stars have got gorgeous wives back home. Daniella Atim, Chameleone's wife is a stunning brown beauty we all wish for while Bobi Wine's Barbara Itunga yet again proves Banyarwanda are really gorgeous. Each of the women has given her guy two beautiful kids but Chameleone has another kid with Belgian Graet aka Dorotia.

There is no doubt the BaYuda Singer is still ahead in music and commands the biggest number of fans in the country. Chameleone's music is more of international than this Ghetto counter part Bobi Wine and thus he has been nominated for international awards than any other Ugandan artiste. But Bobi Wine is not far behind definitely! Chameleone owns Leone Island Crew while  Bobi has Fire Base Crew and all these crews have produced good musicians who have since gone solo but it is Leone Island that has produced more and these are Chagga, Moze and Weasel and AK 47 is really promising while Fire Base has Nubian and Buchaman.

Jose Chameleone imported an Escalade Model 2004 a week ago, he has a super custom, a convertible, a premio, and an ML Mercedes Benz. Bobi Wine on the other hand has a bus, an Escalade, a Convertible and a Land Cruiser.

Both artistes have fierce dogs at their homes but Bobi also owns a horse. Chameleone's horse died of hunger late last year. So Sad!

People always argue that Ragga Dee is the richest Ugandan artiste. Hell no! It is either Jose Chameleone or Bobi Wine. The two artistes have built multi-billion posh mansions where they stay and own a fleet of expensive cars. There are no well established investments  the ownership of these two stars at present.

Public Image
Having confessed to smoking ganja and having grown up in the Ghetto, the Ghetto President has commended a large image from slum people as his music theme draws there. Bobi Wine also doesn't do well in political world in some of  his songs and that's why when the two are launching albums politicians will flock Chameleone's launch leaving out Bobi's. Having spent more time in Kenya, Chameleone's music basically involves all groups of people a reason he commands a large audience in East Africa. On a sad note though, all these guys have been caught offside feuding publicly.

Regarding Education, Bobi Wine beats Chameleone because he holds a Bachelors Degree in Music Dance and Drama(MDD) and is fluent in English while Chameleone beats him in Swahili because of the time he spent in Kenya.

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Thursday, February 19 2009

This is the most fierce war that has been going on in our society for quite sometime and we are sure its not about to end soon enough.

Ruth Wanyana Vs Mariam Ndagire
This is the longest known war of all times.It actually rivals Kony's war in Northern Uganda. It all started when these two singers could not agree on who should take the biggest share of city cassanova John Segawa. At one point it became so nasty that lives were almost lost. The have decided to keep it low but the war is still on. Segawa is the father of Ndagire's three kids.

Anita Vs Daphine
Anita is a student at UCU while Daphine is a sex bomb who is a party animal in town. Well these two are going neck to neck for the celebrated Dj Shiru. He has been using the two babes until they came to know they are sharing the disc spinner and could not just sit to sort out who was to take which part on Shiru's body.

Juliana Vs Litz
Because of Amon Lukwago, these two can't even bypass each other. Amon is the father of Juliana's kid. These two fell out but the bond has never been broken. The war started when Amon turned to Litz and for now Juliana has dated so many guys but she can't stand Litz with Amon more so when she is lonely at times.

Straka Vs Flavia

The amorphous Straka we all know likes them young but in competing with young sexy Capital FM presenter Flavia Tumusime for a youthful Tony was a big mistake.
 Zuena Vs Laura
It fianlly came to pass!! Zuena was always complaining about Bebe Cool having extra away matches but she didn't know it was the little known sexy, a daughter to the proprietor of Fire Masters who was messing up with her man. One time she followed Bebe's car up to Laura's residence on East View Road and could't belive her eyes when Bebe spent almost two hours. Since the Zuena had to make sure Bebe Cool could't get near her and actually threatened her but trust Bebe Cool he always had a way of escaping her watchful eyes. Right now their marriage is in shambles.

Judth Heard Vs Leona Tura
Tura!! If your man is loaded, make sure you keep him as far as possibkeor else you might regret for the rest of your life. Yes she is sexliciously irrestible and no doubts she likes them loaded. Thus the war that went on between Judith and Tura.

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Wednesday, February 18 2009

Capital FM Boss William Pike is making major changes at the Kisementi based radio station. Alex Ndaula and Gaetano Kaggwa could be on their way out. Former Sanyu FM presenter Mr. President is joining the station for Gaetano's spot who is very busy with Studio 53 and therefore not being able to manage the morning show.

Alex has been with the Radio station since its inception in 1993 and earns around 5m per month. He was contacted regarding the news of the reshuffle and was quick to rubbish it confirming that there are changes coming but he was not part of it at all and he is going nowhere.

Meanwhile two accountants stole over 60M shillings by altering receipt books.

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Wednesday, February 18 2009

Singer Jose Chameleone's monster vehicle , a Cadillac Escalade 2004 model is in town.The car was in Busia at the border on Friday and was driven to Kampala on Saturday. This happened after the star had been involved in a car accident that involved his ML and an old Suzuki.

Chameleone joins Bobi Wine in the class of Escalades though Bobi Wine's is a model 2000. Meanwhile this makes the total number of Escalades to three with one still stuck in the bond. ''Iam leaving a dream, this is a car that every artist should drive. I respect Bobi Wine so much. He inspired me to buy this car," Chameleone said. ''I hope it will inspire upcoming artistes to work hard, " he added.

He bought the car at $40,000 before taxes and paid close to $9,000 in transportation costs and paid approximately $18,500 as taxes. This Friday the pimping accessories will be arriving aboard Emirates Cargo which were bought from the same guy Bobi Wine bought accessories from only identified as Lorenzo.

The Bayuda star who will certainly customize his escalade with either ''Bayuda'' or ''Leone'' number plate will unleash the monster on Saturday at Club Silk Reggae/Ragga Night.

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Monday, February 16 2009

It's now official RnB sensational trio Blu3 is back with a bang. In a collabo with Goodlyfe Crew members, Moze Radio and Weasle TV, they are soon releasing a hit that might probably top East Africa's music charts for a long time. ''Where You Are" a fine mixture of English and Swahili language, is rumored to have been worked on secretly by these galz for quite a long time and the results are predicted to be overwhelming.

Although Mya stepped in after firing Cinderalla Sanyu aka Cindy, she did not impress the fans while Cindy has been enjoying all the attention and fame from her Mbikooye hit. To silence those in doubt, they did a collabo with the new boys on the block (Radio and TV). The music experts who have listened to this hit, were not only amused but also excited.

Their blockbuster hit will be aired and viewed on various local FM stations and televisions respectively within two weeks time.The Video which is estimated at a whooping 7.4Mn was shot in the middle of Kakira Sugarcane Plantation in Jinja.

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Sunday, February 15 2009

         Loaded Kampala Babes
They are the envy of many: Sexy, Sophisticated, well pimped and live lavishly. They date the rich, famous, and loaded guys only. Most guys want to have a piece of them but unfortunately only loaded ones have access to their territories. Today, we exclusively bring you Kampala's top babes Ugandan Wanainchi can't handle.

Desire Luzinda:  When you talk of Desire Luzinda and Seya is within the vicinity, you might hear words like what, where, from the Mayor. You know why, he simply loves the babe and he is not alone, so many guys want a piece of her monologue.Curvaceous, tall, complimented with a sweet voice, Desire hooks the top loaded guys in town. No doubt those who have, will always get more than they bargained for.

Meg Lusembo: She simply likes white guys. From one white guy to another, Meg knows them inside out. The reason she enjoys their company is because they have what she loves most, dime and expensive life to offer. She is now dating a certain Dan Wallace of Reuters.

Karitas Karisimbi: This one needs no introduction. She has been there and done it all. If you are not a high ranked army officer or loaded and handsome fella, don't waste your time. She has the most natural smile, very good voice and er twin tower wise, she is among the best in the land.

Judth Heard: She is Uganda's most famous and loaded model in the past decade. You have to trust Judith in this sector. hen it came to who to marry like many of these babes, she hooked up a white loaded fellow a one Dr. Heard. The guy is so loaded that Judith who is expecting their first child is spoilt for choice of which car to drive. Ranging from Mercedes ML to sport cars. She is a chain smoker but don't think about your ordinary cheap cigarettes, these are special imported cigars from abroad. That\s what we mean when we talk of high maintenance.

Sylvia Owori: She is the proprietor of Sylvia Owori boutiques, African Woman magazine and was the proud organizer of Miss Uganda for close to a decade. Truth be told, she is really loaded but the fact is she couldn't miss this list. Well she is married to Pierre Munk Nielson, they have a son together but to maintain Owori, you need to have more than what that guy owns. Hope you see our reasons.

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Friday, February 13 2009

       Sanyu FM Evening Drive Presenter(Wine Bottle) and Friend
Sanyu FM Evening Drive Presenter, Crystal Newman is pregnant with quadruplets. Crystals's hubby shot four live bullets and now the couple is expecting four kids.

A source says: "Crystal and her man have always spent time in bars drinking but now they have proven to the whole world that their sex life is much alive. Four babies is not easy at all, it means they are really fertile"

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Friday, February 13 2009

If there is any musician who has faced the credit crunch, then its Bebe Cool. Amidst the endless tears, the BAFUDDE boss has been crying over Zuena's run away love and now here comes a terrible financial crisis. A few days back his bafudde car was put up as collateral to clear up the debt that almost resulted into his arrest.

Zuena demands for a new brand new Escalade on top of a money furnished wedding and a house. All these financial demands have left 'Munene-Munene' boss singing more than the ''agenze'' song.

On Thursday at around 2:00pm the BAFUDDE boss with a few friends of his drove his super custom mini bus towards Seguku(Chameleone's Home) to seek for his intervention in the accruing matter. An insider revealed to us how the message that was delivered to the BAYUDA boss included the theme of reconciliation and brotherhood. The loan requested by Bebe Cool must have been approved because the next day Bebe Cool spent some good hours at Stanbic Bank along Kampala road. Hmmmm Congs Bebe..

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Thursday, February 12 2009

Helen and Toniks
Former Obsessions star Helen Lukoma and RnB star Toniks are having a steamy affair which has been on since last year. The two are students at Makerere University Business School and to make matters worse they sit together during lectures.

A source says that the Beera Nange star drills skinny Helen's station like a true champion after their lectures at 9:00pm. Helen and Toniks were sighted at Club Rouge's Renaissance party last Friday and if these two got a son, he would be a great musician.

The affair has left one model Neola Kappa a computer Science student heart broken. Neola and Toniks have been dating since high school days but with Helen blowing Toniks off his feet, it is not the same for Neola anymore. 

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Wednesday, February 11 2009

Talent booking star Emmanuel Mulondo aka Emma Carlos finally sees some sense as he dumps the bottle and does something sensible. Word reaching us indicates Emma is writing a book titled X-Factor based on Uganda's top musical acts Jose Chameleone, Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine, Juliana Kanyomozi and Iryn Namubiru.

We hear the book will be mainly about their survival tactics, defence mechanism, projections and the secret weapon to their dominance. Says his close pal. "Emma has been close to these guys for quite some time. He really believes he can write something about them that the public would find interesting.

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Tuesday, February 10 2009

Stunner Fatuma has quit Obsessions, we can reveal. Insiders tell us Fatuma quit the group after a disagreement with a male boss who wanted her. This guy wanted to sleep with her but she was unwilling. As a result, she was no longer a favorite. She was sidelined, she had to quit. Efforts by the other group members to have her back hit a dead end as she was vowed never to work under this guy. Mow we hear she has joined the Kampala road based night spot Club Sway as a Marketer. And as if to celebrate her new job, gorgeous Fatuma hit Lumumba Avenue based bar, Chi Bar last Thursday and danced the night away alongside pals.

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Monday, February 09 2009

          Who is Juliana?
Many have been wowed by her sultry voice and mellow tunes. Well listening to her talk in her calm unhurried way gets you captivated as well. It's no wonder she commands a large fan base. She has several hits and a couple of awards tucked under her belt. This 28 year -old sensation scooped the most coveted award of 2009- the artist of the year award when she became the first female in the history of PAM Awards to win artist of the year. Find out in this interview what it is like to be Juliana.

Who is Juliana?
JK: Juliana is a 28 year old Mutoro from a family of seven; born and raised in Kampala. I have a six year old son, Keron Rafael Kabugo.

You have come to great heights with your music. Tell us about your music Journey.
JK: I started singing in 1996. I was just doing Karaoke then. My music career officially started in 1999 when I did my first song; the millennium song. I was with I-Jay(Iryn and Juliana) for a year. I went solo in 2001. It's been a number of amazing things.

What has been your lucky break in your music career?
JK: I have had two lucky breaks. One is when I did a song with Bobi (Tata w'abaana). It gave me a whole new identity. People didn't know about me so they said I was lucky. I needed to prove to them I was capable of making it alone.

My second break was "Nabikoowa". It was not even meant to be the lead song on that album but it became a hit. People loved it very much.

Are the songs you sing about your life/love experiences?
JK: I don't know why people connect my songs to me. Why can't they connect Abarungi Balumya to Bobi? Music is a language that brings the world together. I sing songs that are about things that have happened to people.

Other than your voice, what has made you successful? Some people have actually said it is your looks rather than voice.
JK: The drive, the passion and the hunger to succeed. Devotion and the voice of course matter. I couldn't see my self falling. When you love something you do it with passion. I don't do music for money or for fame. I do it because I love it. May be the looks have contributed....but I don't count on my looks. If the fans appreciate the looks, I'm grateful.

You are a beautiful woman and anyone would want you. So do you get stalkers?
JK: I have stalkers and the funny part is...some of them are women.! I even wonder how they get my number but somehow they do. Sometimes they go beyond.

How do you deal with ''big'' people; loaded guys and those in power? They are not that easy to put off.
JK: First of all I'm lucky I have many of them who are just friends. I respect myself and it becomes hard for you to say something silly. So what if you are big or rich. There has been such people but I would talk to them the same way I would do to a high school boy.

There has been talk that you are pimping for Amon. How true is it?
JK: Excuse me! Did you say pimping. How can I start pimping for Amon? I'm really busy...I mean I can't do that. It has no value for me. The only thing Amon and I talk about is KERON.

 Are you seeing anyone?
JK: I'll disappoint you. I won't give that kind of information.

Are you Freinds with Iryn Namubiru?
JK: Let me define for you a friend; I have a few friends-my mother, my best friend Sharon. The person I'm in love with is a friend. Our relationship is: you are doing your thing I'm doing my thing. That thing that people have of us...I don't know where it comes from. I don't know about her but I don't have any negative feelings towards her. I wish her the best in her career, her family.

Tell us about Mujib.
JK: I need to set the record straight.You people have given me so many menand I hate it when the media uses me to say whatever they want to say. Mujib is a very special person to me. I won't say why and I'll keave it at that.

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Sunday, February 08 2009

Monela - G-Force Dancer
Monela is just one of those women you're glad to know. She's humble and private, not interested in impressing anyone or becoming big and famous. She has a good head on her shoulders, loves to try new things and is very independent. And guess what? she loves hanging out, looks like an African Paris Hilton(But even Prettier) and loves to play rough.

People describe Monela as sweet and Innocent, which is true. But don't make her mad! she's got a temper and can be impatient at times, but she swears she's working on it. We're glad because the girl's a dancer with G-Force dance group and a model as well.

Monela keeps her all-natural body on shape with dancing. She also eats a healthy diet consisting of lots of fish, chicken, veggies and herbs.

She likes to just be able to be herself with a guy. She's into big hands and great smiles, and she hates overactive egos. One days she sees herself being happily married with kids, but for now, this beauty will continue steaming up the dance floor and letting us watch.
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Saturday, February 07 2009
         Uganda's Shakira

Phina Mugerwa fondly called Phina Masanyalaze by her fans is our pinup for the day. We must confess that Phina is a tiny jolly beautiful babe. Her talent in dancing and is singing is not in question, the reason most men pocket and experience uncontrollable zip cord expansion whenever she does her shakira-like moves on stage.

She joined the music industry after droping out of school. Her turning point is the day when her dad told her that there was not enough money for her tertiary education. She cried a lot but people came to her rescue like Hajji Meddie Sebagala who sponsored her Masanyalaze video. In 2006sje won the accolade for ''New Artist of the Year" and that was the time she got her first million.

You could be wondering when and how Phina does to keep up with the moves. Uganda's Shakira rehearses her moves in her bedroom and goes to the body shape health club everyday and to package it better she watches Shakira and Ciara's videos to learn new moves.

Phina who has just released another video dubbed "Funduukululu" attributes her success to her composer who she prefers to call Mr. Success.

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Tuesday, February 03 2009

         Linda Bazalaki
Shocking info reaching our desk indicates that the high profile proposed marriage between 1992/93 Miss Uganda beauty queen Linda Bazalaki and her Muzungu fiance Curtis Lahti is off.

Reliable sources tells us that this came on the actual wedding day last Thursday when a stunned Linda nabbed her man Curtis getting hot and steamy with shockingly her (Linda) younger step sister only identified as Baz. This was at her step mom's place in California, where she and Curtis' $ 37,000 (Shs 74million) wedding was supposed to take place.

The wedding was previously slated for 20th December but was shifted because of unavoidable circumstances. Our source says: "Linda could not believe her sibling could do this to her. She was hurt, angry and in disbelief. She just stormed out with tears rolling down her cheeks. We are told the cheating pair was nabbed right in the middle of action. Fortunately for Linda the, the final vows of their marriage were not yet done.

Linda, a loan consultant based in Arizona we hear has put off her engagement to Curtis. Linda Bazalaki got a sweet shock of her lifetime at the Arizona Diamond backs against Washington Nationals baseball game on May 31, 2008 when the smitten Curtis Lhati proposed to her on a Giant screen for everyone in the stadium to see. She excitedly jumped and screamed Yes, Yes, Yes but all that has turned into a brutal shock.

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Tuesday, February 03 2009

United Kingdom based Ugandan model Eva Mbabazi underwent brain surgery after being poisoned, we can reveal. This stunning and shocking news comes a week after we published a story (Eva Mbabazi on the Brink). Eva who turned up in the fishnet at Rock Bar in the late 90's was poisoned through booze and the poison went directly to her brain.

What is not clear is whether she was poisoned by a love rival. But her pals can't rule it out. Her pal tells us in Europe especially UK, bazungu have a craving for black gals. Eva was one hell of a styled up model who was a major force in men's pants. A jealous girl could have harmed her to get her out of the way. It's completely possible."

Doctors have ordered her to stop drinking or she looses her life and Eva has been sensible enough and chosen life.

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Monday, February 02 2009

Finally the future looks bright for Big Brother Africa I's Gaetano Juuko Kaggwa after it has been revealed the brother is set to walk down the aisle. And of course not with Abby, the South African babe he made he mercilessly bonked while in the BBA1 house but with Enid Keishemeza, Mathew Rukikaire's daughter.

The Capital FM Big Breakfast presenter we are told will wed this stunning girl on 6th of June. ''It is a done deal, these guys are in love and they have agreed to walk down the aisle in June. Gae is so smitten and knows she's the girl for the rest of his life," their pal told us.

We hear the pair has been secretly dating for around two years. They made their first public appearance at a JAZZ concert a few months back.

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Sunday, February 01 2009

      Toyota Corsa
You must have witnessed Richard Tuwangye aka Monkie of UBC and Theater Factory fighting for taxis at Esso Corner or walking in the scorching hot sun on his way to work.

Well those days are over as Richard has now bought himself a car. Ok it is a DMC but its far better than nothing. Snoops tell us that he has bought a corsa registration number UAH 529 X. His pal tells us: ''Iam really happy for Richard, he has been saving for the last ten years and look, what the ten years of saving have done him, a car. Iam really excited for him."

Nowonder these days we bump into him speaking to himself repeatedly that I have a car, I have a car I have a car ....Meanwhile we are told his colleagues in theater factory are mad at him as he always runs from rehearsals just to check on his car. ''It's taking him ages to grab his line, all he always says is Corsa, '' his colleague said. Hmmm!

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