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Ragga Dee

Real Name Daniel Kazibwe Kyeyune was into football but turned down football for Music which indeed has paid off.Probably the richest Uganda Musician with a hummer on his fleet of vehicles but this is for his music and his fans out there..He is a comedian and if you have watched his Letter O Video you will agree with me when you see him throwing his leg around for a dance stroke..His music is not a direct attack on fellow musicians as portrayed by other musicians or failed love relationships but its about funny stuff indeed..He is behind tracks like DigidaOyagala Cash and alot more

Ragga Dee cuts off his dreads for politics

  • Danny boy London
    Your Reaction: .I just feel ya music a better you
  • Smuts in Switzerland
    Your Reaction: Man I love ur music just keep it up.
  • Rea
    Your Reaction: u ar a crash, ubig up nigger keep moving o dee u took ma heart on letter O, ure cool big up again whoooooo
  • Sarah Naava.South Africa
    Your Reaction: ragga d ilove u`r music, am waiting for u`r new songs.OYAGALA CASH ,U REMEMBER?
  • Puffman
    Comments: keep it up home boy u know da deal yo..
  • Jowl
    Comments: Dan you deserve all respect as a pioneere for the discipline you have shown in the Ugandan Music Industry all the way back since times of Bamusakata,Thank you so you have every reason to "Kubamba"
  • Abonga O Justine Canada
    Comments: Well done and keep on RD. What about Northern artists why are they not on the net?
  • Alice Nakiyemba Saula
    Comments: Such Humorous music keep it up.
  • Daniel Matatu
    Country: U.S.A
    Comments: I'm grateful to see that we have guys like Ragga Dee who have made Music with alot of meaning.I play your music to work every day Keep it up Dan
  • Bridget Navio
    Country: New Zealand
    Comments: Dan is the best Musician of all times! He is my greatest inspiration as far as dance hall music is concerned.Very lively, simple and funny at times. I dont know Dan so much but i know he is a very nice person, atleast someone you can rely on, ''(i guess)''.Hey, dont quote me wrong, iam just being realistic i remember one time i called him from Japan asking him to put 'NDIGIDA' on the internet, thou he hardly knew me, he still charted with me as if we were buddies!
    Honestly, Iam looking forward to ask him be my music adviser anytime soon. So Dan, the moment i strike into the music industry, be prepared to have a new colleague bse i hope we will be best of friends. So, There you go guy, you really rock my World!!
  • Nkwanzi
    Country: Uganda
    Comments: extrmely COMIC.
    keep it up, its your own identity..the rest sound the same.
  • Jib Katende
    Country: Sweden
    Comments: He is a man of all seasons just keep it up to the max you are still number one and the most respected artist in East Africa Uganda. Regards from Mama Africa Entertainment in Sweden Stockholm. jib
  • Tito Titus Caspar
    Country: United Kingdom
    Comments: if all ugandan musicians are lined up mwana gwe u will be the first on the line as u really know how to "okkutabulla"endonggo.kkale mwana kkonna .
  • Rouq
    Country: UK

    Comments: Dan,
    Unlike other artists who get excited and end up taking people's support for granted, you are one of a kind who has stood the test of time. Many have come and gone off the scene but you keep on adjusting to the mulembe.I think you ought 2 be called chameleon not in the sense as the real one is {turning against those he has begun with }but because of your ability to be able to adjust and accommodate and help other musicians unlike others whom exploit others and turn round to make records despising the exploited.Dan you are the best of all seasons and Chagga you have the most soulful voice in Uganda.
  • Senyonga
    Country: Sweden
    Comments: You are my favourite Ugandan musician.And you are the master of the stage.
  • Tukwasiibwe Kennedy
    Country: Uganda
    Comments: Ragga dee is the musician of Uganda
  • Grace Mutumba
    Country: UK Brighton
    Comments: my boyfriend is just jealous with ya music. May be u should nkuba mpeta, u rock
  • Diana
    Country: USA
    Comments: nice job, D
  • Mutumba Mark
    Country: Uganda
    Comments: I want to get photos of raga dee
  • Diana
    Country: USA
    Comments: I dont want Cash, but u cool
  • Dav
    Country: South africa
    Comments: Man what the hell do you put in your music, im addicted to it like a cigarette . Anyway you rock and got no scandals behind u, a real inspiration to young ones and a good role model. Keep it up, we shall continue to kudigida to your music.Its great, i love it to bits. You must be the best after Philly that Ug has produced so far !!Keep it up Bro
  • Davi
    Country: UK
    Comments: I think other musicians are just jealous of the guy. I love his music and cant help  laughing whenever I hear it.
  • Miranda
    Country: GERMANY
    Comments: Daniel is simply the best entertainer of all times. I love his music and he has the best videos.
  • Mbabs
    Country: Canada
    Comments: Hello owenyonyi, keep flying high. You make the Nyonyi Clan proud. You are a cut above the rest because you do not engage in petty issues or attacking your colleagues. You have style man. Kale digida.
  • Daniel Kazibwe
    Country: United Kingdom
    Comments: Well done my name sake. Remember those early days at Wimbeldon nga tomanyi nakusala makubbo.
    Country: UGANDA
    Comments: You are a strong man !!!!! Good Luck in every touch
  • Zinkone
    Country: Toronto
    Comments: wama waleta letter O OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Ragga Man of all time U will pick your Award on  MANH. 46 Street U Know .
  •  Henry
    Country: Canada
    Comments: Hey Dan!Man yo amazing,and I respect u for your calm and the self-respect.Your beats ROCK many of us.Keep the great work going.Liiso ddene akukume bulaza
  • Mohamed Kasumba
    South Africa
    Comments: Keep the Nyonyi (clan) up and shining. Oyagala cash, Digida etc etc are part of my daily break-fast menu. Your foot-work is amazing. Keep on entertaining the world Ragga Dee. Your success is Uganda's success. makes sense doesn't it?
  • Ric Kintu
    Country: Uganda/Sweden
    Comments: Woow!! wow! you a my best artist in East Africa and I wish you all the best in your career. keep on ma men ua de best 4me there, i luv u men
  • Mukasa T
    Country: Canada
    Comments: Ragga Dee Nkubuza nti Nkuwe? Nga odamu nti mpaaaa...Ok, Now my man I will just say keep it up there, Enugu is too much in other musicians but you're special amongst all, balagge touch, then they will follow when you're almost done with your fame at wange I love your music coz it?s really music not kwelaga like other Junior singers like B***, B***, whatever...naye Chameleone is great munange tomugaya guy oyo.
  • Lubega Steve
    Country: Maharastra,India
    Comments: Mr.RaggaDee, I salute u man and please keep it high always.Because u are a man of peace u wiil always be on top.U are an inspiration 4 many youths today as regards hardwork 4 a successful life. Go ahead man!!
  • Maureen
    Country: Uganda
    Comments: I like but i wish you would open your door for christ to come in and you go gospel
  • Murtah
    Location: Uganda
    Your Comments: U guy i like what u do coz everything u do am like.
  • Nsubuga Lydia
    Country: Uganda
    Comments: Yo the most well behaved musician in respect yo self keep it up and we love yo music.Could you also sing about poverty pliz
  •  Armstrong
    Country: USA
    Comments:He's the Ugandan number one ragga artist
  •  Joe
    Country: uk
    Comments: pp lov ragga dee coz is fummy and da wichea music he produce lov him!
  • Sophie
    Country: London
    Comments: I like his music and he should keep on singing and never give up coz he has alot of funs out there who love him so much.
  • Jalin
    I think You're a nice guy that has refused to become a stereotype as the other musicians.Ur a good exampleto upcoming Musicians.Wish you all the best Go Ragga Dee Go !!
  • Arnold
    Country: uk
    Comments: he is da best of all time.with araga muffin style number one
  • Luke
    Country: ug
    Comments:  I like his music he has art and creativity
  • Damulila
    Country: ugandan based in europe
    Comments: I think ragga D is among the few orignal musicians in ug. He started the luganda rap making luganda music appreciated at home in those days when everything american was gold. Thanx body. His hit bamusakata proved he was a genious and empeta was a masterpiece. I like him personally but letter O lets all be frank it hit amess.(crap) beera wo.
  • Prof.Kabugo
    Country: England
    Comments: You're so talented but try to put more content in the music.Love u Ragga D
  • PP
    Country: Belgium
    Comments: He is gifted with innovations and inspirational talents!!; I love his music and fun!, Bravo Raa Dee!!
  • Kaaya J
    Country: Uganda
    Comments: Ragga, ijust like your simplicity in your approach, your aim is to entertain and you do just that, go ahead man....Music wo gyali.....
  • Raymond Kiyaga
    Country: Australia
    Comments: Ragga Dee,you're the best comedian star in the music industry. Thanx for the wounderful music videos, they really make my white friends very happy, more especially Digida and Letter 'O'.Keep it up brother for the best artist of 2007.
  • Kasule
    Country: Ireland
    Comments: Many people enjoy your music including myself. It is from a creative and good musician like you. Oyagala Cash Digida are excellent and wonderful


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