Ofunneka Kisses Code

Ofunneka & Code Kiss for 20 seconds

The Housemate from Nigeria has until now not had any strange happenings but this is not the case anymore. During the truth or dare game it was decided that Ofunneka kisses Code for 20 seconds and this she did without hesitation. She actually grabbed Code and the next thing Code realized he was being taken on and had no choice but to be part of it. Meanwhile Maureen was cheering them up all the way and in some instances pulling Ofunneka's dress down.

Meryl was back again with the lapdance with Kwaku and this section of the shooting shot to 18. Meryl again pulled Jeff Anthony towards her center folds which Jeff could not resist. Tough as he is we thought he was going to push Meryl away but man the guy is human too. Ofunneka (Nigeria) and Jeff Anthony (Kenya) were the only housemates who had played it cool and reserved but these moments proved that they can actually be more dangerous than the likes of Meryl and Maureen who are openly doing whatever...

Richard Kisses Tatiana for over 40 seconds
More on the Kissing News in the house Richard kissed Tatiana for over 40 seconds and after that he was happy to have received the best kiss ever. Richard and Tatiana are the latest couple in the house after Meryl and Kwaku, Lerato and Maxwell. Code and Maureen are on and off and Code at times is seen seeking solace from Bertha and the latest kissing of Ofunneka by Code will infact leave him more confused.
Jeff feeling Meryl
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