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Now in Uganda

Subscription Vouchers – In the past paying for your pay TV required to go physically to the respective offices but not anymore. Call centers close and offices too close but the subscription vouchers can be got from late night shops or even 24 hour shops depending on your location. This is a great tool for upcountry users who have no offices for the service providers in their vicinity.
Parking Machines – Parking machines have been installed by Multiplex to ease the paying of your car parking ticket as opposed to shouting to an attendant who is miles away or better still hooting at the expense of others. The machines accept coins and you can pay for what you have used or consumed as opposed to buying tickets of 2,000/- which end up giving you more than you require.
Rotating Restaurant – There is a rotating restaurant in Kampala now. You do not have to read about it or watch the same from movies. This time round you just have to go to garden city and look out for 7hills and there you go to be able to view the seven hills of Kampala just from your dinner table.
Credit Cards – A few banks now are offering credit cards. If your bank is convinced you should have one then there is no point in not having one. Barclays Bank is one where I can confirm this service is in the offing. All the banks now should be offering debit cards. May be for information’s sake we should have a line on the difference between the cards.
Debit Cards will allow you to access your bank account from anywhere in the world where you find a Visa sign and a credit card is for you to be able to make transactions in a supermarket, on the internet etc even when you do not have money on your account.
Websites for Companies – All reputable organizations and companies have now a presence on the internet. Like you have noted the ease of doing business with a subscription voucher, Parking Machines or better still a credit card as explained above is the same with a website. Let someone looking for information from your company just Google it as opposed to walking to an office only to find that the only person to avail that information is on leave or sick. For heavens sake a website is open 24hours, wont close at five and will not have lunch breaks either and nor will it fall sick but humans will do all that. So get a website and do not forget to have it promoted with us because yes we do promote websites at a nominal fee though.
Digital Processing Labs – Times are changing and technological advancements are taking the same shape. In the past you had to take photographs from paparazzi but now digital cameras and phones are in place. This has forced photo processing centers to upgrade and take care of the new demands.
Internet Car Buying – In the past one had to go to places like Japan and identify a car. This means a car was a lot more costly because the cost of the air ticket was included in the cost price but now you use a computer with internet to identify a car of your choice and just arrange for it to be picked from Mombasa for the case of Uganda. All that will be paid for is the Free on Board charge plus the shipping cost and some money for that guy who is driving it or car carrier.
Dance Clubs – In the past we used to have Angenoir and Club Silk but right now almost each street has a night club and now they have shifted to locations. Very soon you will not require to leave your home looking for a dance hall because there will be one outside your door.
Supermarkets – In the past we used to have shops which could get a bar of soap and slice it into six pieces so that the same bar is sold to six different people. The same applied to sugar where a kilogram was split into 1/4kg. Not anymore. Supermarkets are all over and have brought in a few changes. For example you do not have to buy one toilet roll you simply have to buy a pack which has 10 rolls so that you do not have to rush to a shop to replenish every used up roll. The rolls are still available but you buy them at your risk. Quality Supermarket has set up shop in Lubowa, Ntinda and Old Kampala and others like Capital shoppers and Kenjoy are pursuing a similar plan. In commerce you must have come across survival of small firms against the big ones. The small shops still exist and they will continue why? If you are a loyal customer on a good day when you are broke they can extend credit to you but Supermarkets do not entertain that nonsense.
Sports Betting - This was unheard of but now many are coming up.
Casinos – In the past we used to know Kampala Casino as the in thing for gamblers. Now we hear of Mayfair around Kisozi complex, Pyramids around the Irish Embassy, Simba Casino located at Garden City.
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