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Thursday, September 15 2016

Sheila reveals why she split with Big Eye

Singer Big Eye is one Ex that Sheila Don Zella won't get over. The two have a son together. Sheila is still trying to get over her ex-boyfriend Ibrahim Mayanja aka Big Eye. Time is supposed to heal all the wounds but from her latest post, it's clear the Tabu singer hasn't done much healing. Sheila makes it very clear that she is failing to move on.

In her tantrums, Sheila seems to maintain one thing...Big Eye was a nobody when I got him from Eddy Kenzo's Big Talent Crew. 

Sipping on her white wine, Sheila made a post that was aimed at none but her ex-lover, Big Eye, something that forced his fans to bash her..She then bounced back with a 50min vid clearly explaining what led to their break-up with Big Eye.

"I used to take care of over 20 people including his own people and friends but it got to a time and I could not take care of everyone...My little girls were growing up and I was not comfortable seeing them grow with all these people around them. This upset Big Eye."

Sheila with Big Eye and her then Zungu lover

"He then went on to look for another house for his buddies which he got and also decided to stay their with the boys..At the time {I was pregnant with his twins} but unfortunately got a miscarriage."

"Big Eye was not supportive at all. I buried my own kids and he does not know where I buried my twin babies. He never believed in me. He later shifted to his house in Makindye and a week at that house, the car that I bought for him was burnt by unknown thugs..." Big Eye's Car Torched by Arsonists

"Every little penny I got, I made sure he had the best of it, I left my Zungu hubby for him but he still let me down after taking care of all his relatives, paying all the bills...but he got upset that I expelled his buddies from my home."

"Big Eye ...You know what I did for you...I gave you the first child, I put you on the first plane, I bought you the first car, I sponsored your first Indicator video, Zella Events sponsored your first concert...and for seven years I was taking care of you and your relatives...but you've not even bought a diaper for your child?"

"I bought you an air ticket to come and witness me push your baby???what did you give me in return? I truly loved to the women out there, be warned, some men are a real nuisance..."

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