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Monday, May 23 2016

Suzaana strikes a pose with her rides

As most South African Sangoma's are slowly going off the radar, we are beginning to see a new breed of socialites and these ones are playing a totally different game, investing heavily back home as opposed to chopping money in bars. Not very different from the ones you already know, Suzaana Namutebi joins the circles of the 'Rich but Unemployed'..


  • She started off as a waitress in Abu Dhabi
  • Taken various artists to perform in Dubai - Iryn Namubiru, Haruna Mubiru, Mary Bata, Big Eye, Maureen Nantume, Bebe Cool, Radio and Weasel among others
  • Suzana Village under construction along Entebbe - Kampala highway with about 10 apartments currently under construction.
  • She is so into music that her swimming pool is a guitar
  • Her facebook avatar is - Money Transfer Control Number - MTCN
  • Rides - Ford Mustang, Range Rover Evoque, Hummer among others
  • Commercial vehicles  - "Magulu Kumi's" code named as; Amata Ga Suzana '1 'and '2'

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Those who know her say she started off as a waitress in Abu Dhabi but she's been taking several artists to perform in UAE. The young woman is always in the country while supervising the ongoing construction of her Suzana Village which currently has over ten apartments being constructed.

In Feb 2014, this was her post; "mbazimbila mall nkoye ebyokutujerega mbu abasama bikibiki.." loosely translated as; "Im constructing a mall, I'm fed up of those who belittle us in the diaspora"

In the pic below, Suzana is seen enjoying a cup of tea right from her huge mall that doubles as her residence, It's where singer Maureen Nantume shot her latest Talemwa video recently.

In under two years, her Kitende based mall is done

The guitar swimming pool speaks volumes about her love for music and the several artists that have gone through her confirms that further. On a good day, you can't miss the noise coming out of a left hand-drive Mustang convertible cruising past you and on turning around, it's this light skinned babe fondly known as Suzaana among her circles.

Her Ford Mustang next to a guitar swimming pool

Many have appreciated her efforts and wished they could emulate her or borrow a leaf, but like other socialites, she attributes it to "luck" which in this case leaves a lot to be desired. On these very pages we saw some coming out of nowhere and shot to the very top of being tabloid magnets, but came down the very way they rushed to the top.

Suzaana loves and appreciates women who are not depending on their hubbies to make ends meet but the mere fact that she won't let them know how she got where she is does not make matters any better.

Apartments under construction at Suzana village

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