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Thursday, February 18 2016

SAD - Idris and Wema lose their twin babies

Ex Big Brother Star, Idris Sultan and Diamond Platnumz ex, Wema Sepetu, had been dating for a few months, she became pregnant. In fact, many came to learn that these two were an item through the pregnancy. The actress and Tanzanian ex-beauty queen was 3 months pregnant but the sad news coming in is that she has a miscarriage.

Wema was so excited about this pregnancy as it had somehow silenced the rival camps that were widely spreading trumors on social media that she can't give birth and it's the reason they split with Diamond Platnumz who she dated for oven ten years but were childless.

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Matters were made worse when Zari conceived just days after meeting the Bongo flavour star, so Idris coming to Wema's life and getting her preggie was probably the best way to forget the man who had disappointed her.

Idris has revealed the sad news in a touching message off his wall;

"To my unborn twins,There's so much I want to say. All these thoughts running through my head,Though you lived only 13 short weeks,You were loved so very much. I wish that I could hold you,I long to feel your touch. I pray that in another life, We get the chance to meet."

"God brings and takes as he plans and we cannot complain but only pray that all that was for a better reason and a better plan in store for us. We have learnt lessons painfully but wont stop trying again and again and do swear by the time your brothers and sisters are made to come to this world we will be more than ready for them, Sincerely Your Dad."

Then came one who told Idris that; "There was no way a 13 weeks pregnancy could be visible..."

"There's no day I will stand and watch anyone speak sh!t about my woman on my face and expect me to take it irrespective of whether what you say is true or not," Idris responded.

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