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Saturday, December 05 2015

Pallaso disses Hipipo awards

The list of nominees in the Hipipo awards was released yesterday and as expected, some are not happy with the songs or categories they have been nominated in. In most cases, many complain of not being nominated at all or being placed in the wrong category like his brother Chameleone noted a few days back, Palllaso, real name Pius Mayanja is on record for dissing the Hipipo awards, he has actually asked the team behind the awards not to ever nominate him provided they have not sorted themselves.

Pallaso also wondered how Chameleone who was voted the Best Song Writer Africa in the AFRIMA awards could miss out in the Best Song Writer Uganda.

Highlights in Pallaso's message:

  • These awards are very biased with an aim of discriminating hard working artists,
  • Fans don't vote for me, organizers can as well take me off the list,
  • They asked me to perform for free but when I said NO, we fell out,
  • Twatoba has been a great song,
  • These lunatics keep dragging me down but I won't stop dreaming big.

"Attention‬ !! I have been nominated in the Hipipo music awards for best Afro Pop song which is Kona !! I want to let you all my fans know that these awards are very biased and they are aiming at discrediting very hard working artists and bring them down while they value others that are willing to kiss their azZes!"

"Please don't vote for me in these awards and I kindly beg the organizing committee to take me out of this evil and please don't ever nominate me or involve my name again until you fix your sh!t and make it free and fair's a digital world and people are not dumb any more.. They can definitely see that you guys are making fools out your selves."

"They asked me to perform at the award ceremony for free and ever since I said No it seems like I'm at war but my fans got my back ..My son drinks milk !! I don't value them simply because they don't value me but wanna use me to bring me down !! Twatoba has been a great song this year with a very successful concert but to them NAHHHHHHH !! Tanzanians and Kenyans are busy working and leaving us behind simply because their people have learnt to love their own with no mixed emotions!"

"I work so hard for my fans and these s____d awards can't make me or break me !! Thanks to all you that love and support my music with good intentions.. No money in the world can stop me from doing the only thing I know and I won't stop dreaming big even though these lunatics keep on dragging me back to small dreams."

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