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Monday, November 30 2015

Katsha and Shakira feeling lovey dovey

Katsha De Bank real name Katumba Shaffic is battling with a R20million fraud case in South Africa, he will appear again in court on December 4, 2015.

His pregnant bae Shakira De Banks who will be due in two-and-half months had some words of encouragement to the father of her unborn child and she is convinced their baby will have the dad's looks.

"Am very sure our son is gonna look exactly like his cute papa, I can't wait to see my two boys playing in the same house, aww I just can't wait Inshallah am blessed to call this humble, loving, respecting and caring man, the father of my unborn son, how I love him, Im sure the big Allah is gonna keep us together forever, can't wait to see you boo.."

A few hours after Katsha was apprehended, a post was made on his wall that those were just rumors, but his followers demanded that he makes a post with a pic but that was not possible at that point in time. The person running the facebook account later put up a one week old Instagram pic of Katsha in the gym but that did little in saving the situation.

Katsha's Bentley and Lamborghini
Katsha's Hummer
At the time of his arrest, Katsha had shipped in the Lamborghini and Bentley posh rides which are both gold-plated to spice up the Money Gold Party slated for December 30 at Liquid Silk. It's exactly a month to the function and it's unlikely that the TMT member will be able to grace the function.

His being a foreigner puts him in the flight risk category which is the more reason he failed to secure bail in the first 48 hours. The presiding officer must be sure that once the accused is granted bail, they do not leave the country, so those details just make it impossible for him to be in Uganda in under a month for the Money Gold Party.

Katsha's Merc and BMW

"May be 2Pac was right, may be It's me against the world," is the last post on his wall but this is not new, we've seen it with Meddie Ssentongo and Bad Black, they could still make updates from prison.

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