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Thursday, October 08 2015

Big Brother Hotshot star, Esther Akankwasa

BIG Brother HotShots star, Esther Akankwasa was turning heads following her dress code that was befitting for a carnival in Europe, but since the whole concept is borrowed from there, we could soon see a replica of a European carnival here in Kampala.

Last Sunday was the fourth Kampala festival and 'Small Pepper' as she was fondly called in the last Big Brother house came dressed in a typical carnival costume, no doubt, these costumes will be good business by the time of the next carnival.

The dancer cum model came out to respond on reports that she was arrested for showing up in a manner that 'hurt' some of the revelers.

"Let me take this opportunity to educate a few people, on some tv stations,they said I WAS ARRESTED prior to my dress code which is not correct, secondly, people were screaming for what? I don't know!! 4yrs back, I wore a crop top and shorts, people said a lot, now crop tops and shorts are trending."

"2 years from now, I bet Ugandans will understand what to wear where!!! If I express myself in a certain manner, don't judge me because you dressed in your office or Sunday wear at a carnival, I mean a "CARNIVAL". If I didn't judge yo ignorance, don't harass my humour. So I will be watching at the next carnival. I lead, you follow."

Most revelers were embracing face masks but no doubt in a few years from now, we could see the dress code changing..

Noting Hill Carnival models posing with some of the Ugandans that attended
Noting Hill Carnival models strike a pose with some revelers

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