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Sunday, September 20 2015

She wants him dead, WHO???

Big Eye is a scared man these days, hours back, he made a post that left a lot to be desired, in the post, he revealed that some lady wants to bump him off..

"Please pray for me my people, Am scared she wants me DEAD, she wants me to stay alone, she wants me to go down, she doesn't want me to work, this is serious my people. Am scared, please help me God."

The above statement put Big Eye's baby mama, Sheila Patience, in the spotlight and without wasting time, she came out to clear the space.

"I will never sacrifice my family for anything we can have ups and downs like any other family but I stay strong each person in this picture here have a story and memory in my book behind our journey we will stick together many people are fighting to break us but my soul is strong to keep us together. .......... You can't erase these memories they are forever attention is just part time."

Sheila of Zella Events with her family

Meanwhile, the Zella Events boss who is pregnant with her fourth child and Big Eye's second went ahead to show signs of a cheating spouse;

"Signs of a cheating spouse, very disrespectful, late coming, non appreciating, rude, always angry at you, non caring, non loving if you have kids he will not have time for them either he will always make excuses of going somewhere, lastly he will not want to have s#x with you that's a super cheater."

Sheila is all smiles in her Maroon ride...

In November, just days after Big Eye's Toyota Noah was torched, Sheila added a maroon Hummer to her fleet and now, she is yet to join the Range Rover Sport family.

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