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Sunday, August 16 2015

Inset is Ivan and King Lawrence chilling with 'Tiffah's' father

The game is still on...King Lawrence is back with a bang and this time around, he wants a DNA test done on Zari's baby to ascertain if the  baby belongs to him or singer Diamond Platnumz.

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King Lawrence, real name Sserunjogi Lawrence is Ivan Semwanga's half brother and for the record, Ivan is Zari's ex-hubby with whom they have three children, all boys.

Ivan was yesterday with the boys busy celebrating his first born's belated birthday at his residence in South Africa with Zari sending them the best of wishes from her new home in Tanzania. It's the first time for Zari not to be around for her son's birthday in 12 years, but it's understandable.

In January, King Lawrence told of how he had slept with Zari but the mom of four quickly responded; "That gay-eish thing of yours is not on point. Baby daddy (Ivan) failed to "wife" you all this time you've been fighting his battles you think Diamond Platnumz will?"

That was just around the time when Zari was constantly on the move between South Africa and Tanzania busy dealing with the project which we all now know. Zari went on to say;

"So it's true, when they see you happy, they start hating more huh?" Zari concluded.

It's less than two weeks since Zari gave birth to her princess but King Lawrence won't even let her be,he has gone ahead to instruct his Kampala lawyers to serve Zari with a notice that requires three DNA paternity tests to be done on the baby, one in Uganda, one in South Africa and another in the United States of America (USA).

In the letter dated Aug 14, King wants to be confirmed or excluded as the biological father, Zari has up to seven days to respond but now that the letter is circulating on social networks, Ivan's ex will respond when she receives it...For now though, she is busy in the gym trying to fight the belly and keeping in shape.

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