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Friday, July 17 2015

Maggie Kiweesi seeking police protection

AK47's baby mama, Maggie Kiweesi has rushed to Katwe Police station to have her security beefed up following life threatening messages she is receiving on her phone.

In one of the messages, the sender talks of how they are vying for her head..This is coming at the time when pics of Maggie and Isaac leaked on the internet. In the pics, Maggie is seen with Isaac doing those little things that lovers do, Isaac is also seen with the twins, which is alright, but this has paved the way for a DNA test, the Mayanja family want to be sure that the children are for the late AK47.

In the message, Isaac is next once they are done with Maggie. The mom of AK47's three children has not taken the matter lightly thus bringing it to the attention of the authorities.

Maggie says that Issac is just a good friend of her's and they do a few projects together, AK47 was the father of her children and before his death, he had never denied fathering them. We also pray from the same church with Isaac, she added.

"I have never stayed at that house, AK47's dad said that since I was not married to his son, the house will be given to all AK47 children in a meeting that will be held this December.." However, this position contradicts with what her father-in-law, Gerald Mayanja said during the requiem service at Lweeza.

"I have no problem with doing a DNA test to ascertain whether the children are for Emma (AK47) or not provided, it's done in the UK.." Maggie concluded.

It's not clear how Uganda Police will handle this particular case as police does not guard individuals unless when they are top government officials like Ministers and the likes, police ensures that all is well in communities.

Meanwhile, Maggie has indefinite leave to remain in the UK and so are her children who were born in the UK, which entitles them to child support and a house, her colleagues are now  wondering why she is caught up in this confusion that is even putting her life in danger.

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