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Friday, May 15 2015

Bebe Cool's new album dropping soon
Bebe Cool and Irene Ntale performing at Club Amnesia

The Gagamel Band has stopped performing at Club Amnesia but that does not mean the guests won't dance, Moze Radio and Weasel have since replaced the band as dangerous substitutes.


However, the war of words continues with Bebe Cool's camp retaliating after the Amnesia DJ, Nimrod, accused Bebe of having lots of freebies from the club ranging from food, drinks and yet he is fully paid for his services. In fact, he adds, Bebe Cool was short of becoming their staff member given the time he has worked with them.

Innocent Nahabwe - Proprietor, Amnesia, Blue Cube and Galaxy FM

"When you fight with one person, once, then the problem might be either of you. If you fight with two people, then again the problem might be either of you but if you fight with everyone. ...then who is the problem," Innocent asked leaving the fans to complete that for themselves.

The latest to join this war of words are the Gagamel Crew fans. These are like the reserve force who are on standby and ready to serve when called upon, they are always clad in '100% Bebe Cool'  inscribed T-shirts, and  in their statement they say;

"Club Amnesia, we've put up with a lot. We the Gagamel Phamily are very understanding people but after what you have put our boss through, you have left us with no choice but to expose you. You need to work on your toilets, work on the seats too and also the outside security is lacking among others."

"A mere DJ earning 0.8 per month can not start claiming that Bebe Cool who earns between 5 to 7m per show owes you Ugs. 10,000/- The biggest crowd to the club has always been Gagamel members but they are now gone.."

It's now not clear when or how this will end but with the 'Gagamel army' joining, another hit could be born out of this and the title could take the form of Everyone ---something as it has been with Bebe's previous hits.

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Bebe Cool and Irene Ntale

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