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Thursday, May 14 2015

DJ Nimrod and Bebe Cool face off

Bebe Cool and his Gagamel Band have been performing at Kampala road based Club, Amnesia but has since been replaced with the dynamic duo of Moze Radio and Weasel.

His contract expired and he preferred not to renew it citing rehearsals for his next concert that will be held in about 14 weeks from now as he explains below:

Bebe Cool

"To all Gagamel fans, we have had to stop the band from playing at Club Amnesia because, rehearsals for the most anticipated concert of the year, Friends of Bebe Cool‬, 7th Aug at Kampala Serena Hotel‬ have kicked off. We luv u all#GMAU15," The everywhere you go singer wrote.

However, the Club's DJ Nimrod thinks otherwise;

Neem Nimrod - Radio host at 100.2 Galaxy FM and Club Amnesia's DJ

"Bebe Cool, you going to Laftas and telling people that Amnesia wasn't paying you was inadequate. Now I agree with Ziza Bafana Dyebbie who said you create wars with almost everyone. Amnesia has been your home for 2 years, you have unpaid receipts there, you drink free there, you eat free food there, and on top of that you were being paid fully."

"Even wen you were broke you would send someone there for advance for another working week, you even borrowed 10k from the manager and he wants it. So mwami Bebe Cool am giving you by the end of this week to apologize to Amnesia management and fans for your false accusations. We actually almost gave you a uniform because you had become an employee."

Bebe Cool responds

"The journey begun more than 25 years ago, music was the weapon and success was the mission.Along the way came obstacles and challenges but through all I have persevered without any scratch on my body armor."

"All eyes on me, friends and family alongside me, I have led my army to victory but my victory not visible to a naked eye, evil mind or stunted brain. I would like to officially announce to you all that I am indestructible and being NUMBER ONE I am irreplaceable, Kampala Serena Hotel 7 August."

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