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Friday, September 26 2014

Zari and Luswata return in round 2

On Tuesday, Zari turned 34 and over the weekend, she will be hosting her close pals to a sumptuous birthday treat.

Mary Luswata featured Zari on her show
However, that was not enough to save her from landing in the Gossip Queen's 'jaws'. Zari found herself on Luswata's show once again after sharing a piggy pic branded as ML on her wall with this caption; "Was passing by and saw her lol....waving."

The five-minute-show was way too stuffed with the Hady-Roger message (Roger does not date bleached and uneducated women) and the new Obsessions members who were advised to go and work on their looks, she also smuggled in the Zari clip which according to her could not wait.

She first warned her viewers that on the Zari clip, she will go a bit personal now that she had been equated to that ka-pig.

"Zari, this picture that you posted sort of reminds me of you as you have a lot in common with this 'jamma' in terms of complexion, so it looks more of you as opposed to me. But you know Zari, you're so boring and at times I don't even like to pick fights with you because your intellect levels are so low."

"I can't fight with a woman, a middle aged bimbo, It's very draining for me. I pick fights with people who can challenge me at intellectual level but you, you can't even communicate in English, how I'm I supposed to fight with you. And at this age, what you should be doing is taking care of yourself, because you know, you are paid for s#x at this age and you are not yet as old as some people I know, but you are already paying for s#x, imagine what it will be like five years from now, you will be spending a little more money."

My advise is that you should invest your time in things that bring you money and when you get to a point where you are have to spend a little bit more on your sex boys, go to the Gym.

She concludes with a joke about Kim Kardashian; "For Kim Kardashian, it can be like a rap concert but for Zari, you can have like a UN conference because at least many have passed there and you can have a UN summit on Ebola just down there."

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