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Monday, May 05 2014

Juma Seiko and John Kaddu both claiming Desire Luzinda's daughter

      DA GAL IZ MINE ! - Juma Seiko

Desire Luzinda is in the news again. Two men are wrangling over her daughter's paternity. Juma Seiko, a UPDF officer and John Michael Kaddu are the men at the centre of this controversy.

While Desire was at university, the two men had an affair with the 'Equation' singer just about the same time. Talking to one publication, Juma Seiko was boasting of the hot steamy moments they used to have at Buganda road back then and wonders what would make it so difficult to make the curvy singer pregnant.

Desire's father halted assisting her when he learnt of the pregnancy. This was a move that Juma Seiko embraced with open arms leading to Desire's moving in at Juma Seiko's Buganda road based flat where the two could explore 'without boundaries'. When Desire gave birth to Michelle, the two, Juma Seiko (JS) and John Kaddu (JK) were busy footing bills.

Michelle is now 10 years and doing very well at Namagunga. According to school records, (JK) is the known father and keeps checking on her every now and then, and some teachers actually say that they have never seen (JS) at all. However, Juma Seiko says he is ready to foot DNA costs and also prepared to refund all the money Kaddu has spent on his lovely daughter.

Kaddu says that in times like these, it's the mother who knows the biological father and that Desire should come out and clear the space.

Earlier on, former Kampala Mayor, AlHajj Nasser Ntege Sebagala aka Seya, a close buddy to Desire was approached on this issue and he said that, by the way, they just have a working relationship with Desire just because her dad is a very good friend of his, so that was all and nothing more than that. Regarding the child, he said the father was John Kaddu, but also promised to talk to Juma Seiko to establish the facts.

Desire Luzinda will be launching her next album on 6 June at Kampala Serena. Her previous concert was in 2008 fully sponsored by her ex, Ken Ntaro.

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