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Saturday, January 04 2014

Ivan, Zari together with her sisters at Guvnor during the white party

Ivan is around and not in South Africa. He has actually deleted posts from his wall that indicated he had already travelled to South Africa to 'chase paper'. Communicating from Bulenga, he noted that; 'The Untouchables- Ivan&King are partying till dawn' seemingly not bothered about being 'on wanted' for having beaten up Zari's sisters and a son to tycoon Ntake.

Zari is very bitter and these were her words following the incident; "You're a disgrace! Can't believe you beat up my sisters like dogs. Who the fcuk does that? That's barbaric. Insecurity in a man is a total turn off and an ugly trend."

Trouble stemmed from the tycoon's son who tried to squeeze juices out of Zari's butT as Ivan watched from a distance, but Zari was quick to push him away well knowing that this could be bloody if the father of her three sons spotted them. Unfortunately for her, he had already seen them.

Shortly after, Zari came to join her hubby who was then seated with his manager Kato. ''You told me that was Zahra's boyfriend,'' but before Zari could explain, Ivan tried slapping her in the face but she has been through this quite a lot and now learnt how to deal with it, she ducked and the person who was next to them suffered the ducking consequences.

Fearing to nurse red cheeks, Zari took off and the rest of Saturday night clubbing was spent through tweets. At the time, the young man had sensed trouble, so he dashed to the washrooms. The doors were forced open as he had taken a bit long and yet other club goers wanted to use the washrooms.

This was when bouncers descended on the young man on the advise of Ivan and dragged him out of Club. Zari's sisters were equally called out of the club to explain their side of the story but looks like it was not adding up, they were all slapped.

Zari doing what she does best, tweeting

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