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Sunday, December 22 2013

Juliana and King Lawrence at White Party last Thursday
The 'Mundeke Mwagale' singer, Juliana Kanyomozi has lashed out at some radio presenter who was on her case over Ivan Semwanga's young brother, King Lawrence also based in South Africa. The two have been spotted at several hang out joints in town. At this rate, it looks like Juliana has found love in King Lawrence.

Initially, many thought it was a case of a celeb taking a pic with a fan which was kind of okay, but then, the two were again spotted together at Zari's White party with Juliana taking red wine and King sipping white wine. Realizing that the photo sessions had become too much, King tried to cover up:

"Bumped into JK and asked for a pic, " a comment that Juliana and Ivan plus 77 others liked. Seconds later, Juliana replied: "Yapppp..I seem to bump into the King a lot. Hmmm." This 'bumping' into each other has caused some eyebrows to raise though some raised eyebrows like the radio presenter won't like this a single bit.

Juliana seemed not to like the way the radio presenter was making her the topic for the day, she quickly shot back saying that she does not choose friends based on position in society. Here is her full post:

"I just heard a radio presenter up in arms because Juliana is friends with someone who apparently shouldn't be. He made a statement that: Juliana Princess waffe Omulamba, Now to you Ssebo, what does it matter whether i'm a princess or not when i'm choosing my friends?"

I don't choose friends based on position in society. I will choose who I want to be friends with and I will not have to explain to no one. Juliana concluded in her stinger to the radio presenter that:

"So to you radio presenter, I'm not going to change my friends because you don't like them, get used to it and move on."

Juliana and King Lawrence spotted on different occasions.

We hope this is not another case similar to that of Sharon O. King Lawrence and Zari don't see eye to eye as he was one of those who were very happy after Zari pulled out of her relationship with Ivan after finding them with Sharon O, she even blessed them. King Lawrence even went to the extent of photoshopping a customized number-plate in the name of SHARON O which he placed on some Range Rover.

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