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Monday, October 28 2013

Christopher Thomas has shot back
Christopher Thomas has now removed his gloves.

First, he said he was not behind the postings on his wall that branded the Princess of Tooro all sorts of 'things' with claims that his account had been hacked.

This morning, the Princess came up with a dossier saying that she cannot stand an abusive relationship anymore citing one occasion when her husband called her to a hotel room to enjoy a one-million-dollar view only to find him with another woman in a towel looking knackered, implying that they had been at it.

"Before I knew it, he went on Facebook and posted wild and false allegations to damage my reputation and force me to do what he wants," Ruth wrote. In her message, she confirms that Christopher was the person posting what she is terming as humiliating and painful lies.

For now though, Christopher's good looks and charm have not saved him from being dumped and divorce proceedings are underway. However, from his account, he seems to say that he was the one who initiated the divorce process, Ruth never loved me she only wanted a green card.

"I have been in DC working my butt off while Ruth broke butt takes money out of my account. Her family is broke they have no money. Everyone knows this. It's no secret. But Ruth wants to come on here and tell u lies with no proof."

Chris has said a lot which we will skip for now. Talking to one blogger, he said that: "I started on the divorce process in January which takes a year, and now that it's about that time and she is a public figure, they don't like it." He then thanked all those that contributed to their wedding.

"Yes for all the people who gave money for the wedding, I'm sorry but you know how Tooro is run by kids and a mom who don't know what business is and that's in 10 years or less you will see why people in Tooro so against the QM and the brother who likes to stay indoors playing video games but he is doing better now."

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