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Friday, October 11 2013

Mukono MP Betty  Nambooze on Bebe Cool with the way he does his thing during the Talent XP auditions
Mukono North Member of Parliament, Betty Nambooze Bakireeke has come out strongly saying that she is not happy with the way Bebe Cool was telling off the Talent XP contestants who failed to prove a point in the last auditions.

"I saw the young men and women trying hard to impress in their hot pursuit of stardom. As much as I commend NTV for the opportunity they have given to our youth, I was so disappointed with Judge Bebe Cool, the way he handled these desperate youth, how he would bark and dismiss some as talentless left me wondering what the motive of the search might be..."

The legislator wondered if Bebe could have made it had he been subjected to such a competition in his early days. The Mukono MP is of the view that, Bebe Cool could have delivered his message in a more polite way other than using a line off one of his songs; ''Ebyo Biyamba Gwe Tomalira Budde''.

"What is your opinion of a judge who sings back to a participant that "ebyo biyamba ggwe tomalira budde" so if you're not patient with a participant to hear what they have to give, how do you come up with a winner? Fairness demands that you listen to all participants, give them equal treatment and then in a sober way come up with a clear judgement on winners and losers," the Mukono MP wrote.

The legislator was left with no choice but to switch off NTV. However, some were quick to defend Bebe Cool, claiming that like any other Talent show, there must be a rude judge. Bebe Cool is trying to do his thing like judge Ian Mbugua of Tusker Project Fame.

Meanwhile, Bebe Cool's wife Zuena Kirema was equally under fire when she started off with her latest job at NTV as Life Stories' host, but she seems to be getting her grip on the show.

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