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Thursday, March 07 2013

Pherrie Kim and her lover and Doreen at a top hang out joint
Doreen Kabareebe has hit out on all those who make their affairs public claiming that it is a sign of insecurity. "
Making yo relationship public doesn't mean yo in love, It's a sign of insecurity"

A closer look at Doreen's circle of friends narrowed on Pherrie Kim, the Publicist and Guest Relations Manager for Guvnor. These two are so close that she was one of those who advised Doreen about the Raunchy Butt Show before Doreen told her that the paparrazi just stormed the back stage.

Pherrie Kim recently thanked her exes for having given her the space that enabled her to find Mr. Right: "I just wanna thank you all for paving a way for me to find my magnet, my Scorpio, my husband, my LA...if u hadn't let go...I'd never have found such happiness!!"

Today, the publicist was asking her close pals on what live bands they could recommend or better still what their views were on having a live band at her wedding.

Doreen who claims that she has only had two men in her life and currently not seeing anyone strongly believes that, that is a sign of insecurity. A few days back, a list of men in Pherrie Kim's life were published in one of the leading tabloids, but according to her, that is hogwash as summarized in her latest tweet.

"It Doesn't matter what the Tabloids say.. the only truth in tabloids is the date. I know that it takes a real man to stand for his country..and I'm proud of this man and always will be. God bless Ug,God bless America, God bless Mr. Lubs oh yeah, and God bless the tabloids too...they need it the most"

Meanwhile, Pherrie Kim has embarked on perfecting the 180 leg-stretch which is one of those tips that must have been given to her by her senga's as she prepares for her introduction ceremony next month.

Kim doing rehersals for the 180 degrees leg-stretch.

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