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Sunday, May 06 2012

             Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool at Kyadondo during the battle of the Champions
The Battle of the Champions is now behind us as we prepare for Big Brother starting tonight but the question on everyones' mind is who won? Like we said earlier, it will be the fans to decide who won based on what transpired.

Artistes Arrive
Bobi Wine with his entire Fire Base Crew came in a Pioneer Easy Bus UAR 581J followed by Bebe Cool ten minutes later who came in his Hummer with a military pickup ahead of it clearing the way.

Bebe Cool was the first to perform according to plan followed by Bobi Wine. Initially Bebe was using a CD but later turned to real singing after being pressured by Bobi's fans. This move made Bebe Cool perform close to 50 songs as Bobi did just half that number.

Bebe Cool did more music as opposed to Bobi Wine who made it a point that for everything he had to sing/say, it was an attack on Bebe Cool. The fans were also organised in a way that, when Bebe Cool was on stage, they could cheer him on and the moment Bobi got on stage, the booing him down was heard from a huge crowd.

The booing of Bobi Wine was mainly caused by the way he kept on referring to Bebe's wealth, wife and personal life generally.

At some point, Bebe Cool brought some disabled children on stage and Bobi Wine's supporters out rightly told him off as this was not a charity event but a music battle, so all the fans wanted was music.

At about 3am, police declared that the event should stop. Bobi Wine was performing at the time but he kept on telling off the police officers and asking them to leave the stage. Bobi Wine did this for close to 30mins.

All in all Bebe Cool tried as much as possible to keep his cool but at times the missiles from the Omubanda Wa Kabaka were too much that he had to retaliate. At the end of it all after police had stopped the event and yet the two artistes still wanted to perform, they both declared themselves winners.

However, when Bobi defied police orders to leave the stage, Bebe Cool simply granted him the win for the sake of having peace because defying police would easily result in running battles and tear-gas for the fans who had come in large numbers that some were following the event from outside.

The winner can only be decided by the fans.

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