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Monday, April 11 2011

Besigye was released after he produced four securities and Shs10 non cash

Several opposition leaders in Uganda were on Monday morning arrested for walking to town as some supporters joined them. The FDC leader is now free after being released on a non cash bail of Shs10mn.

He tried walking to the city as early as 6:30am from his Kasangati home protesting the high prices of fuel and food stuffs. He assured the first policeman who obstructed his way that, "Nobody has a right to stop me from going to earn, you understand, you earn from my taxes so don't stop me from going to earn." Besigye charged at the police officer.

Father Anthony Musaala said a prayer for him before being taken to the police station. However, on arrival at the police station, he refused to get off the police truck leaving the officers with no choice but to carry him to the CID offices. Tear gas canisters were fired disperse the crowd that had become rowdy in Kasangati.

According to police, Besigye disobeyed the orders from the IGP. The Uganda police had also not authorized the walk-to-work procession. At 2:00pm, Besigye was rushed to court, where he later produced four securities and was released.

He addressed a gathering outside the court and promised to continue with the walking just because walking is no crime. He started walking back to his home which was a few kilometres from court and it's from there that they met another tear gas battle.

In other corners of the city, Nobert Mao, Abdul Katuntu, Anne Mugisha, Moses Kasibante, Ken Lukyamuzi, and Nandala Mafabi who told one of the cops that he was ready to die were arrested much later.

In Mukono, Democratic Party's Betty Nambooze had also started on the walk to Kampala but on learning that A4C members had been arrested she jumped onto the next Kampala bound taxi.

Besigye Arrested Over 'Walk to Work' March

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