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Sunday, November 21 2010
The Tusker Project Fame live eviction show left Rwanda bruised as its top dog Gabiro left the academy.

Rwanda is left with Gaelle as the only contestant and yet as far as judge Ian is concerned, she had better stick to plan B other than pursuing music as a career. Now Gabiro was a better performer, dancer and oh yes singer compared to Gaelle but as we write, Gabiro is operating from outside the company.

Paleki from Sudan kicked off the show followed by Gabiro who by the way performed very well as the crowd cheered him right from the start. Mcheku and Uganda's Davis joined him as the performance got the remix bit and danced till the end. Gabiro was so excited with boost he received from the crowd so he shouted ehhh ehhh ehhh in appreciation.

Judge Hermes said his act was fair as Judge Juliana said Gabiro is willing to learn and his performance for this week was a lot better than last week. Judge Ian simply told him that he will leave the academy a much stronger person.

Gaelle stepped on the flow with her performance and as you know Gaelle, ashe is soft, slow tender and even the dancing takes the slow approach to things but Ian simply assured her to try plan B as this one had failed.

Amileena followed with her 'Twende Nairobi' and the remarks from all the judges signaled a YES as judge Hermes liked her act, Juliana said that was amazing and from Ian, it was wonderful.

East African fans saved Amileena from Kenya as the faculty saved Paleki from Sudan leaving the two contestants from Rwanda Gaelle and Gabiro standing. This is a game and the winner takes it all though unfortunately, the best will be pushed off to make the game simpler for those who are still in the game.

This is exactly what happened between Gaelle and Gabiro. The contestants chose to save Gaelle of course being a weak link there, it would give them a fair run in the coming week. This is how Gabiro left even after a splendid performance.

Uganda's Davis Ntare and Rachel Namubiru are still in the academy tussling it out with Amileena from Kenya, Paleki from Sudan, Gaelle from Rwanda, Stephen Nyabwa(KE) and Peter Msechu(TZ)
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