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Moze Radio, Weasle TV

Moze Radio
              Moze Radio

Weasle TV
              Weasle TV

Moze Radio and Weasle TV have proved to be an authority in the music industry today. In last years PAM Awards they got themselves 3 awards i.e.Their track Zuena was voted as the best in the category of ''Best Afro Beat Single''. Nakudatta was the song of the year a track they did with Omulangira Suuna. As if that was not enough they also emerged as the best new artistes in 2008 Pam Awards.

Weasle who is Chameleone's young brother and Radio were both members fo the Leone Islands Crew owned by Jose Chameleoene. They used to play with Jose Chameleoene before they went separate ways. Tracks like Lwaki Onumya, Nakudata, Sitani,  Nyambura, Zuena among others have been released by these guys and looks like nothing is going to stop them from releasing more hits.

They have been having issues with Bebe Cool but our only hope is for them to just keep on doing their thing and the fans will decide who is who.

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Name: Trevor
Comments: U guyz rock
Name: jjumba john
Comments: your are good artirsts but should avoid bebe coz he mighty be your down fall.
Name: Lily
Comments: hey guts ur de best on de planet of east africa now!!!make efforts to come to TANZANIA...Much lav
Name: hamlex
Comments: man you guys are just hot, feel you mob keep that pase up til riise up that no other wanna b can shuttle
Name: michael kuhira
Comments: I like your music you guys & i hope your the best now in uganda thanx keep hard
Name: Bumba Akim
Comments: I very much love your music
Name: Shirley
Comments: Hey, my name is shirley. I am ur number 1 fan en if ur not careful i will be gettin ur number en callin u soon.
Lov u guyz mob en wish u mob sucsses. 
Name: kenzoivan
Comments: hi
Comments: you guys are great and you are doing great job.I always spent my time listening to your music online.I have been in uganda(adjumani)about five months right now i'm commenting from Australia(melbourne)
Comments: you guys, i like your music coz it really thrills me.
Name: Sharon
Comments: I love those guys, evry song they release is a hit and i just love that, mwaah guys,love you!!
Name: saad
Comments: u guys are the best in uganda @the moment
Name: Paul elly
Comments: man yo songs are hitting the whole of Kampala that has admired me to join your goodlyfe crew as a friend guys have nice time in whatever u are doing love u guys
Name: abbylinks
Comments: Iam indeed interested in yo songz
Name: solo
Comments: they tell us that you steal peoples songs that r still in da studio, is it true
Name: Yadat Nisho
Comments: man you guys are on fire true dat but what do you say if we do a collaboration coz it can work out real good. ido luga flow 
Name: Andrew Chambega
Comments: You truly artists, we appreciate.
Name: Patrick lucky-lira
Comments: hey you make us so happy keep it up love u.
Name: Jose
Comments: you are hot but respect the gorillas
Name: mjafrica..baghdad
Comments: good job guys...will get you there one tym...just know are super stars...we are trying to be...keep it up!!!
Name: Julio
Comments: u guys yr music is doing well but stop wars .am a promoter in USA.
Name: me
Comments: love dem guys
Name: Steve k
Comments: we can waite you guys in uk on our indepence day special brought to us by SIP
Name: Mwisho
Comments: u guys i lyk yo hits mostly that nyumbani video and namba emu keep up big up to u guys

Name: Allan lodiong - Australia(melbourne)
Comments: u guys are great and talented plz keep your talents because i know u will become as talented as your big brother(heavywight jose chameleone)
Name: Dolly
Comments: Hey, am a great fan of yours 'n i sure believe u would wanna have a brief evening date with this one lady that's got potential. Big up for u guys.
Name: Gerald
Comments: why is it that u have to pay back to Bebe I think u have to do ur own way to be more better than the way u are plz do you own way not to some people plz a re-quest to u bigup
Name: Cliff
Comments: you guys we love you music much but you should stop fighting with fellow musician, BIG UP GUYS.
Name: Jonah
Comments: man big is big but dem guys are so hot.tell him(bebe)u guyz have the talent big up en stay cool.
Name: jack bruno m
Comments: you guys why dont you act mature and focus on yoour music other than provoking singer bebe cool???????????
Name: john kaweesa
Comments: yo bros its nice that you have nice music but men stop the keyos and run music big one love ja bless
Name: bondo james ob
Comments: I just pray u people do not go for the "VZ" we still want your music.
Name: ahmed
Comments: i wish to join in good lyfe
Name: Bones
Comments: I just like yo guys' hits. They make me feel@ home now that I am away from UG!
Name: sarah
Comments: you gayz r hoooooot. Big
Name: rahaman
Comments: we really enjoy your music. the goodlife you are the best reason why i say so it is because of that song ability
Name: mpenda raha
Comments: muziki huu ni poa
Name: Chela, Kenya
Comments: Hey! u guyz r jst the BOMB! Ur music rocks! radio ur voice is angelic n weasle ur a gud MC. keep up th good work guyz. n wen will u do a show in Kenya? We'l b waiting.
Name: Zinzi
Comments: hey guys u rock,if only you try as hard to avoid beef
Name: Van Edwin
Comments: I luv u guyz. I ope no body else now can defeat u in music
Name: Spy Wee
Comments: Yo Music is so good
Name: Stella
Comments: Good Artists
Name: DEno
Comments: U a good bt stop being proud, i believe u can make it more massive and great
Name: wren
Comments: no comment but u really booming guys keep up
Comments: Your on top and your music is touching our feelings we are now up coming Artists.
Name: Cassandra
Comments: you have made it. I wish I could meet you one time.
Name: Caesar
Comments: hi guys nice time I love your music more than myself
Name: Mysterious
Comments: i lov radio, his voice {blocked}s me
Comments: Thanx 4 good work u guys r doin'coz among the ugandan singers u must be the only ones who knw what u r doin' and want 2 achieve yo' career.
Name: Emmanuel
Comments: we love you guys keep it up we are there coaz of u guys [Iraq]
Name: Bobi rig
Comments: Their music is great but they miss one thing and if they make it, they will be greater, they should stop the kind of hatrade otherwise one of them may fail just due to hatrade created among other artists
Name: Grayc
Comments: u guys thnx 4 those romantic songs
Name: Damba Geoffrey
Comments: Men your music is good pliz keep it up its unbelieveablethat u r rising at such a pace
Name: Princesa
Comments: Radio that voice just moves to the dance floor and you guys you are the best that Uganda has got. Keep on rocking till it hurts.I L.O.V.E. YOU GUYS.
Name: Frank.Kamwiine
Comments: what's up ma bros? I luv ur music so much!! keep it up men.may God bless u!
Name: Olive Bitariho, Kansanga
Comments: you guys rock!!! i just love your music. keep it up and together. chao
Name: P.ricky, chicago
Comments: You guys hoter than fire,u are da best this season & forever u will be. am ur damn fan. lov u thanx
Name: jonathanmugie
Comments: I Love you guys you shine and rock
Name: Boggie
Comments: Guyz thanx for the beautiful music.
Name: dj dave
Comments: hi guys we love you n you are so coooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
Name: Ibra Mubiru
Comments: keep it up and know that money come and goes,put it to good use.
Name: JC Johnie
Comments: I love your music. Keep up, we suport U.
Name: Karitas
Comments: hey ma boyz, cool aint the word to use, you guys are really hot, thanx for the great zikie
Name: Namara Priscilla
Comments: I really like your music. you are the Best in Uganda
Name: Ojay
Comments: honestly your hit single and searching makes me feel like im in paradise
dudes, keep up
Name: Em Omuntu
Comments: All the above combined, you guys are the Ugandan new kids on the block. All your lyrics are {blocked}er.keep it up. Be blessed.
Name: Hassan
Comments: hey guys you have really brought life to the music industry in Ug and i love you.but don't you think this beef business should stop
Name: Moze South Africa
Comments: you rock africa i need your T.shirt ma mail is
Name: Princess
Comments: stop fighting with ur fellow musicians least you lose it. {blocked} you!
Name: Asaph
Comments: Hey guys thanks.
Name: Gro0ve Street TaliBanz
Comments: I dig Radio ur so natural but ur homie is gat to pull up some game man he aint cool at all brav. Groove Street is behind u wiv full support bredrin. dont release too much u might Fed like GnL, the dude gat one flow we kinda gettin fed up. Peace
Name: Wycliff K
Comments: hey guyz just keep on moving till you get their.we real miss though we are out of the country cheers
Name: Hamza .M. Mubs
Comments: You so good keep it up no one should scare you let the fire burn for ever boys.
Name: Samalie
Comments: you guys 've de music de babes want.plz keep it up
Name: Ariyo
Comments: these guys are so talented compared to any other up coming mucisians keep it up boyz show ur true colours I wish u the best and more pam wards
Name: Robert
Comments: you are really doing good and we really enjoy your music and we would like you to keep it up. thanks.
Name: Deborah
Comments: you guys are great just keep doing your thing and radio "damn"your so sweet your voice makes one want to fall in love with you.
Name: Stella
Comments: I came back to Norway from a two weekS trip to Kampala an hour ago. On the way to the airport, while on the plane, on the train home and now in my room (Dagala), your music has been the only thing streaming on my mp3. You were one of the things that truly restored the nationalistic feeling I'm sitting with right now. My biggest wish throughout my vacation was to be at your launch on 15/05/09, but it didn't come true. Please keep doing what you do so that that wish can one day come true.

I have to say that as a creative writer, I was impressed to the maximum by ALL your lyrics. Probably the reason I fell in love with your music, not to mention your voices. Your songs are going to make me feel that much closer to home. Gotta bust a move, Bread and Butter is the track playing now.
Name: Dennis
Comments: You guys are very talented. Go for it guys: your best has been omugati gwa butter and lwaki onumya.
Name: Bakkabulindi Geoffrey
Comments: radio weasle mwanaa mbamatira nnyo naye radio bwokwata kumuwala takuwona omanyi omukwano sebo ndi UK tukumatira
Name: Edimonton .slu
Comments: I luv u guys may god bless U 
Name: Rob
Comments: hi guys u are great keep it up!
Name: Labzi
Comments: you guys rock!! keep up with the nice music
Name: Druscillah
Comments: hi guys u guys r great so keep it up
Name: Muna
Comments: You rock and I love your music to bits but get a stylist..
Name: Basiima
Comments: big love to radio and weasel
Name: Tony
Comments: hapa tz. radio na weasele wanapendwa sana. kua hivyo msikonde
Name: Saba
Comments: I like moze's voice but i cant stand weasle 4 not having beef with chameleon. these guys are supposed to be brothers. I pray that one day Moze throws u out.......... moze keep it up.........
Name: Berria
Comments: You guys have it all.en thanx for puttin' Uganda's music indusrty on the globe.Neva thnk of brekin' up.. keep the lighter blazing!
Name: Musaazi Julius
Comments: u where given a wrong award!it was 4 kapapala.all the same your music is good keep it up.
Name: Moze
Comments: He is asinger whom am adimire to be like since am up coming artist. Songs like nyambula,nakudata,mugati gwabata, and jenier took my heart and minds to vote mozey radio as my hero in the field of music.
Name: Biriggwa
Comments: you really make me more proud of ma country Uganda, en u guy shine always.
Name: Mad Corea
Comments: guyz thanx people I love yo music radio & weasle come on I know u wanna do it for us dud, man I luv yo muzic stick on dono say burn demn
Comments: well you guyz do well for my only doing this just because she loves you guyz .job well done.
Name: Mzee Margaret KM
Comments: You are young, handsome and well talented. Your voices and style are unique.I bet you will conquer Ug music.
Name: Noah United Kingdom
Comments: Bread n Butter video is the best video mixing that has ever been produced from Uganda. Its simply splendid. Cheers guys for the excellent work.
Name: mugenyi mike
Comments: u gays ur puting zuena on fire yet ur forgeting ur own gals u better drop Bebe alone do ur thing zuena is aliability in life thats why bebe has not introduced her so boyz aim for the better not for already fought for
Name: Mike
Comments: I like u but just do ur thing instead of fighting for Zuena as if she’s food to feed on
Name: hamz
Comments: hey buddys i appreciate for yr g'd hits mostly Nakudata $ zuena
Name: Lidz
Comments: You rock and I love your music to bits but get a stylist..ur fashion sense sucks..same goes for Chameleon and the whole of Eagles production. Those guys still manage to look like they are looking for jobs..shame

Name: Haabwa Moses
Comments: Good life it's like it will hit the whole of Uganda in music, but i doubt Moezy & Weasel can hit Bobi in terms of money. Bobi is bigger than the two but Moezy $ Weasel are now becoming way better than the heavy weight.

Name: Wamala Edwin
Comments: These guyz have come up to save ugandans in music but they need to improve on videos.

Name: Marion
Comments: Moze and Weasle, U guys are simply Hooooooootttttttt!!!!! We love u so much, keep up the spirit and as for bread and butter, just brace up for another award in this year's PAM awards. i'm sure u have one for that one. Bigup to u my boys, go on and do yo thing. Big love

Name: Marihitta
Comments: u guyz rock, ur songz get me dancin all e tym. so irrestible just like bread wit butter.mwaaaa.

Name: Sadah Lah
Comments: man radio how I wish you did it the way I like but man you are trying to throw the known ones out but man get prepared for miki and kenzo BIG UP TO GUDLYFE

Name: Robert
Comments: They are my best singers and I think one day I will also be like them.

Name: DJ Kezra
Comments: They are my best with Zuena and Bread and Butter
Name: Peace
Comments: you guys are so hot
Name: Watta Ivan
Comments: Hey guys well done you make love Ugandan music
Name: Carolyne Mutebi
Comments: You Guys your music is running me crazy, continue with it. and never let me down. Mulina lagoooooooo.
Name: Phina
Comments: I love omugati gwa butter I can't stop playing it
Name: Mulwanyi Andrew-indonesia
Comments: Moze and Radio are uganda's best.i enjoy your music keep the fire burning
Name: Jo
Comments: Hey Guys, I think your music's bearable...ur BEEF issues n dress code....SUCKS!!! Cant u guys find better things to do with urselves save 4 the beefing! U need a stylist too!!!
Name: Ivan
Comments: guys never stop to rock us

Name: Flavo
Comments: u guys a doing gud. Keep it up.
Name: Flujdx
Comments: those guys are really good
Name: Baby Julio
Comments: u guys no one can stop u. Just continue with yo thing. Bread n Butter is Kampala`s anthem.
Name: Shina
Comments: I love yo music more especially nyambula & bread and butter. Keep it up.
Name: Costantine
Comments: U gyz Ilike ur song of bread and butter en of sitan +onumya
Name: arsenal boy
Comments: I love you guys because you sing well keep it up men.
Name: Ug Princess
Comments: OMG!!!!!!!!radio n weasle, u guyz noe evrythin abt will u marry mi? u r so damn cute, i love u.cnt wait 2 see u soon.keep it up guyz, bt stop da beef with chameleon n bebe cool plzzzz, love u guyz laters
Name: Jennifer

Comments: Hey Radio, I think u rock, keep it up. Jennifer 4m Australia, mean u real rock

Name: Ali Rama
Comments: Guy's do your thing, I really love your hits... 1 love, Jah bless

Name: Cathy
Comments: i love nyambura cant stop playin it

Name: Kate
Comments: ur music is the best

Name: Michell
Comments: nice show in Denmark. u know we love ya :D see ya in Ug in September

Name: Nannyange Sidat
Comments: u guys I still say  I selected ur songs 2gether and listen 2 them day by day time by time but i really need 2 talk to u(moze) romantic voice you have their keep it up.

Name: Henry
Comments: hi man I like your style and your music

Name: Sudat
Comments: Moze and Weazle are the best singers and I like them, they are so romantic

Name: Mayer Samson
Comments: Hey guyz I love yo music just keep on.

Name: Hilary Babiha
Comments: I love your music and u've got great voices conitnue with ur had work luv ya.

Name: Obbo Ronald (Canada)
Comments: Radio & Tv yo music is to to good But stop enemity with yo bro Jose Chameleone..nice touch

Name: Gaucho
Comments: you guys I love your music from gaucho.

Comments: Guys you're on form

Name: Pamela Nanteza
Comments: Radio ur burning me on fire my friend ur so cute and have a good voice luv. Weasel ur really good at singing boy luv my sadda boys lwaki munumya guys...Guys ur burning us on fire continue bringing in all the hot hits and we are continuing to be supportive. Hope u come and do a concert in Australia guys all Ugandans here and the whites are crazy over ur music u all no the zagga ganja boys and girls/sadda tubagala nyo.

Name: Tores
Comments: man you two keep it up

Name: Fareedah.
Comments: Mbamattira...nyo love!!!

Name: Ivan Woods
Comments: Your Music is so Good. Keep it up.

Name: Student
Comments: Weasle u've a nice voice.

Name: Kakeeto
Comments: man mukuba omiziki gwanulembe nyo eno iraq bakona bona omanyi tubalagako man wange. naye man mose wakwanila demu wange mubeleo yaye!!!!!

Name: anicodemusdydimus
Comments: you are really big so far. keep it up

Name: Shanassi
Comments: I love your music plus your ways, keep on never give up I luv u guys

Name: Jojo Sweet
Comments: keep going guyz...the sky is the limit.

Name: Alexsenior
Comments: guys we appreciate what ever you do maintain but get rid of parasites besides you

Name: Cathy
Comments: ur music burns in ones head.

Name: Muzafar
Comments: these guys think they are doing big, l like weasle but radio is crazy, l have heard the new song of bread and butter and things seem to be going well for them, l live in Montreal with a big East African society full of Burundianz and Rwandese am half Ugandan with a Rwandese mom grew up in slums of Uganda understand my language very well, but to tell u the truth l have been surprised by the reaction of my Bundianz and Rwandese friends to Weasle and Radioz songz if it was possible they should be thinking of a concert in Montreal Canada, l really hope that they keep movin not to stop, kubanga bamalako.

Name: Wilber Bakulu
Comments: Nice voice and beats has won my Heart.Indeed they are my best artists of 2008-9

Name: Hassan-Iraq
Comments: Those guyz burn like Iraqi desert!

Name: Rachael
Comments: I love you guys, your Music is excellent.. Muah!

Name: Semo boyzboyz
Comments: hi guys we love your music keep going leave all the babylons. Jah bless goodluck one love.

Name: Baby
Comments: I really love your music

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