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Morris in the Diary Room

Morris in the Diary Room
         Morris Mugisha in the Diary Room

BB: Hullo Morris
Morris: Hullo Big Bro

BB: Big Brother is always fine
BB: How are you doing today?
Morris: Perfect.
BB: Do you like your new House?
Morris: Its warm Umm Sleeping down on the floor and I'm having quite a big problem with the fur flying in the air so I get a little congestion, besides that I'm doing fine.
BB: What do you like most about your new Home?
Morris: I Like the colour, I like the splendor, I love the people and I think I love my new home.
BB: What do you think of your fellow housemates?
Morris: Umm there are all trying to be, they are trying to fit in the new atmosphere and the situation seems to be a little bit tense but otherwise we are pushing on well as the days move on and on I believe uh we will get to know each other more and more.
BB: Is there anyone you feel you might get along with very well oh?
Morris: Yeah quiet a number uh Mimi is a great lady, Lu is fine, TK is also right I guess most of the guys are also doing fine, I don't have any problem with all of them yet, may be later(laughs)
BB:Why did those three come to the top of your mind?
Morris: because they seem nice to me and they are all warm and they are nice to be around with.
BB: Is there anyone in particular you feel you might not get along with?
Morris: May be later but not now
BB: How was you first night in the house?
Morris quick at answering: My first night was a little bit anticipatory, lots of anxiety and adrenaline running up and down, uh it took me quite a while to study everyone get them by name but I think right now I'm a little relaxed and trying to be, trying to understand every one per say.
BB: How did you like your welcome celebration?
Morris: The Welcome celebrations was a little bit uh normal it wasn't so flashy as I thought it could be, ok be kind of glamorous, girls dancing on stage, but I hope for much better show, that fire, splendour .I expect much more
BB: Did you like the sleeping arrangement?
Morris: Yea sleeping arrangement is fine though someone took my bed, I clearly put my bag there and took my bed, I did not want to complain so I just switched and wet to the next room, besides the stuffiness and stuff like that luck of fresh air everything is alright, the sheets the clothes are all fine, new fresh..
BB: Why did you decide not to complain?
Morris: I saw no reason to complain, she was already tacked in Uh I decided to let it go
BB: Are you happy with where you?ve wound up now?
Morris: Im not exactly happy
BB: Why do you say that?
Morris: Because I'm so stacked in the corner, on the floor, Every one is all up above me and they have to excuse themselves, So if you wanna, you know there is a better place for me why not
BB: Is there anything you would like to share with Big Brother?
Morris: I love to work out I'm sure as the days go by it's going to become boring so I would suggest you give us a bench press . just to make a slight Gym outside just like a humble request, will keep my days going n shining
BB: Big Brother will look into that..
Morris: Amen
Biggie: Thank You Morris, You may leave the Diary Room.
Morris: Your Most welcome, Thank you Bye.


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