Meryl Evicted, Bertha & Kweku Kiss

Meryl, Richard & Maureen

Meryl, Richard and Maureen were up for Eviction and at the end of it all Meryl had to leave. May be the East African spirit saved Richard and Maureen. It was an emotional moment for all the housemates that after the count down was over for Meryl to leave the house she was still there.She shouted to the Housemates "I Love you" before the gates were open for her to be received by the waiting crowds. She shouted right in the ears of Kabelo the MC.

Meanwhile Bertha and Kweku are already kissing and their friendship started shortly before Meryl had been evicted. Infact had Meryl remained in the house this week, this was going to be the second fight after Code, Maureen and Bertha that resulted in Maureen being nominated leading to a 7 votes for Jeff and 6 Vote for Maureen. She almost left the house because Jeff was ahead by only one vote.

Maureen was again nominated the second week after that but luckily enough this week has been a relief for her as Richard, Tatiana and Maxwell face the axe.


Richard Intimately dances with Tatiana

Richard Feels Tatiana

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