Maxwell 'Bonks' Lerato

Big Brother Africa II
Lerato & Maxwell

Maxwell Bonks Lerato with other Housemates in the room.

Its now official the house is divided. One group was in the living room comprising of Maureen, Ofunneka, Richiana (Richard +Tatiana) and occasionally joined by Code busy dancing to the rock tunes while the other group comprising of Lerato and Maxwell who were then sleeping together, Bertha and Kwaku on separate beds in one of the rooms.

The camera left the Maureens who were busy shouting like clowns and focused on Lerax (Lerato+Maxwell) who were now kissing like there was no tomorrow. Big Brother noticed that there was something fishy going on between these two and straight on called  Maxwell to the diary room. It took Maxwell over 15 seconds to respond to Big Brother's summon. On coming back he did not put any minute to waste, simply jumped in the bed and started off with the Its hot, Its Steamy, Its BBA 2 game. While at it he constantly tried to monitor Kweku to ensure that Kweku does not notice what is going on, but Kweku kept on telling him Smack those lips, smack those lips and by now Maxwell could not resist the up and down movements with the South African girl friend, Lerato.

Biggie turned the Camera's off the bonking couple and focused on Maureen and Code who were loudly kissing the night away but Biggie noticed these were only kissing and went back to the bonking couple which was already done by now. Maxwell was like  Ahh this is the time I have kissed for more than ten minutes and straight on demanded for water, I want water ,I want water while Lerato was grabbing the nearest trunk for lip balm and a spray. She sprayed the bed for over 4 seconds to disguise whatever...

That was what was seen by the online expert but the resident experts had predicted this in there Saturday Publication that hit the streets the evening of Friday.
Short messages that followed on the screen on how the public responded will be published later but one of them was like "I would do exactly that knowing that I will be leaving BBA House the next day"

Did Max do what he did because he thinks he will be the next housemate to leave the house? Find out on 16.Sep.2007 on Ch 37 or better still check back for details.


Richard + Tatiana dancing like no one is watching
  Code and Maureen Kissing