Maureen in Love with Code.

Code and Maureen getting very close

Maureen in Love with Code.
Maureen came out and admitted that she has a crush on Code, the DJ from Malawi.Maureen told Code that he blows hot and cold towards her and it was annoying her. He in turn accused her of playing games with other housemates to get his attention..

Maureen then tried a different track, questioning Code's relationship with Tatiana. Code played Coy, telling her that she would have to discuss with Tatiana.

In the end Maureen came out and admitted  that she was attracted to him. Code thanked her for being honestand told her he was "absorbing it" but refused to take it any further, at least for a moment. Meanwhile Maureen does not want to hear anything to do with Gaetano and every time Richard brought up the name Gaetano, Maureen was quick at saying shhh..

Maureen Namatovu, Uganda's representative in Big Brother Africa 2


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